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When thinking of boutiques (精品店), we often imagine jewelry and clothing shops that women frequent. But are there boutiques for men? Yes! Nestled (坐落于) in the Hualong Mountain area of Hsinchu County lies a men's boutique. That is ________Kevin Lo, sales manager at Musclecar GT, describes this company ________ reproduces high-quality parts for classic cars. The average customers are 40-to 65-year-old men from around the world.    

Finding spare parts is________(big) problem for collectors of classic cars. But this company can help collectors overcome this challenge because they deal with cars built from 1932 to 1974.

Using reverse engineering, Musclecar GT builds a copy of each car. When making a car, they ask that the original car be shipped to them ________(check) and repaired. Afterward, they do a 3-D scan of the car to find missed flaws. Molds (模具) of the parts ________(develop), and necessary machinery for the production line is made. The edges of the machines are hand scanned so no faults will occur on the final product.    

Skilled workers are needed for the entire production process. Knowing that only older workers had the needed skills, owner Lo Hsiuhsien then ________(encourage) them to teach young people what they knew. These young employees, who are enthusiastic about cars, know that quality comes first.People can order furniture or decorations for their restaurants to give them a 1950s diner feeling. They can also have couches or tables in their houses made from classic car parts. Those interested in getting a feel for ________ this is like can easily find it at Lo Sir Classic Car Manor near Bei Pu. Visitors can stop by ________a cup of coffee or lunch and view some of the classic cars.

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After 10 years in the spotlight, country-music star Carrie Underwood is still enjoying herself, still growing and still staying true to who she is. But these personal accomplishments are not easy, even when you're living a dream come true.

Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, Underwood currently lives a life that is many miles removed from her childhood, literally and figuratively (象征性地). She grew up comfortably on a cattle farm, but her interest in performing was clear from the beginning as she sang in church and talent shows. Proving to be a more than competent singer, she was offered a record deal at 14, though it fell through.

Underwood's proper music career began with her audition on the TV singing competition American Idol at age 21 in 2005. After impressing the judges, Underwood competed in Hollywood. Show producer Simon Cowell made a prediction: "Not only will you win this show, you will sell more records than any other previous Idol winner." Indeed, Underwood did win that year's competition and has managed to outsell even Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

After winning American Idol, Underwood debuted (首发) the album Some Hearts, which was a great success, now seven times platinum (白金). She has released four other albums, most recently Greatest Hits: Decade #1, implying she's far from finished, though she's not interested in stepping on familiar ground. "I don’t want to make the same album over and over again... Then I've gotta decide which version am I gonna be tonight – country Carrie or Pop Carrie? I'd rather just make country music that anybody can get into no matter what they listen to."

As Underwood continues to grow her fan base (Australia and the U.K. have become significant followers), she knows her situation is rare. "...If I hadn't made my place in country music via American Idol, I probably could have tried to make it for the rest of my life and never made any progress," she says. Country singer Brad Paisley has also heard her express that she feels she is a star for no reason, that others are annoyed about her smooth success. "I told her she was one of the greatest gifts we have been given in Nashville," says Paisley.

78. According to the passage, Underwood's present life and her childhood are _______________.

79. How do you find Underwood's first record deal? 

80. What does Simon Cowell's prediction mean? 

81. Underwood named her latest album Decade #1 because ______________. 

(Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS)

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When young people begin to live independently, home-hunting can involve some stress. But they would do well to remember that a new__________ is available --micro-homes.

Called "tiny houses," these houses have all living necessities in a small __________ , including kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Generally under 50 square meters, most tiny houses accommodate just one or two people though some claim the space for more. What's lost in size is not lost in design as these homes are often quite unique and modern in design.

Besides an attractive appearance, tiny houses can also boast__________ practical features. Making the best of urban space, the 72-to 122-centimeter-wide Keret House in Warsaw, the world's narrowest home, filled in a corridor. The prototype (原型) home Ecocapsule uses solar power, wind power and rainwater collection to enable its owner to live __________  anywhere. A system of rails allows the DALE micro-home to adjust room size and number as well as adding the option of an open or __________ courtyard.

Visually__________  as micro-homes are, there are a few drawbacks to consider before getting comfortable on a mini-couch. Moving into a tiny house requires the__________ of most non-essentials, no matter the emotional connection to them. Guests will also mostly be out of the question as the__________ space may even cause an unaccompanied individual to experience some cabin fever. And finally, a micro-home is likely a(n) __________  living option for most people since they will probably start families and acquire more possessions.

Though the limitations will scare some, there is usually a benefit. A small size results in a small price tag and small bills, making tiny houses easier to save up for and budget. And though you won't have much stuff around the house, this can provide the comfort of simple living and maintenance. Micro-homes are also practically mobile and boast eco-friendliness that can't be__________  by other homes. They probably aren't for everyone or forever, but when it comes to your next (or first) home, they could be just what you need.

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 The most common mistakes __________(lead) to a bad back are poor body mechanics and unhealthy habits. How you move objects, your posture, not stretching before exercising and the wrong kind of shoes all contribute to one of the most common medical problems today. Back pain affects eight out of 10 people in their lifetime, according to the National Institutes of Health.    Dr. Douglas Won, founder and director of Minimally Invasive SpineCARE and Star Medical Center in Plano, Texas, offers some tips to improve back health:    First, maintain proper body mechanics:

Stretch __________ exercising or doing any tough activity. Push heavy objects across the floor instead of pulling or lifting them.

__________lifting is necessary, lift with your knees, not your back.

Avoid sudden movements and "twisting" motions when carrying objects--even a bag of groceries can do serious harm when __________(handle) improperly.

Maintain good posture as often as possible. When standing, your weight__________ be balanced smoothly and regularly on both feet to avoid injuring your muscles and joints.

Wear proper shoes. High-heeled shoes are common criminals, but even tennis shoes can be __________ problem if they don't provide you with proper support.

Next, adopt healthy habits:

Exercise regularly: The best programs for back health include basic __________ (strengthen) and cardiovascular (心血管的) exercises.

Reduce stress: When stressed, the body tightens __________ muscles. This can result in spasms (痉挛), "muscle twists" and stressed nerves that are painful and can lead to more serious problems.

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面对越来越严重的恐怖袭击,许多国家决意联手铲除恐怖组织。 (determine)

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You know the feelings of operating on autopilot, running from one meeting to the next--or skipping from one email distraction to another.

Before you know it, the month has passed, the season has changed and you're left scratching your head, wondering how to bring meaning back to your career and life.

Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey productivity expert and co-author of The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, says the problem is widespread. In fact, an international six-year study by FranklinCovey found that 40 percent of respondents indicated they spent 40 percent of their time on things that were "not important" to them or to their companies.

Based on the timeless principles of human productivity and backed by the latest neuroscience (神经系统科学) research, Kogon's co-authored book aims to help people increase productivity at work and in their personal lives by making wise choices on a daily basis.

"Our attention is under attack, and people feel overburdened like never before," Kogon says.

Kogon says the condition is that people live with the effects of a productivity paradox (悖论). Technology has left individuals feeling overburdened with the number of decisions they must make during the day, the number of tasks that require their attention and the drain of their personal energy.

Adam Merril, another co-author of The 5 Choices, says that the book research made him much more aware of how these challenges make harmful impact on individuals.

"You can see the cost of this on our daily lives, on our relationships that have not been cultivated and on our goals that have not been met," Merril says. People waste time, attention and energy on things that don't drive the most important results.

Before jumping into the specific choices, it's important to note that the book builds on the FranklinCovey principles of time management, specifically the idea of fitting activities into quadrants (象限) based on what's urgent, not urgent, important and not important.

Quadrant 2, the home of activities that are important but not urgent, is seen as the place of extraordinary productivity. Kogon says it's in this quadrant that you can focus on doing proactive (积极主动的) work, achieving high-impact goals, creative thinking, planning, relationship building and learning.

"Unlike the other quadrants, where things come at you, you have to consciously choose to be in quadrant 2," she notes.

But to get there, you must learn to rewire your brain, which has become accustomed to responding to the urgent and feeling that dopamine (多巴胺) high. Kogon says that the latest brain science shows that individuals can overcome "urgency addiction" by taking time to pause and consider what's actually important.

The strategy, which the authors call "pause-clarify-decide", puts emphasis on the difference between the "reactive brain" and the "thinking brain".

When you can pause long enough to ask yourself if something is important, you can clarify and decide what will give you the best return on every moment of your day.

74. The expression "scratch your head" in the second paragraph refers to _____.

Aseize your head firmly

Bstrike your head violently

Cthink hard about something

Drecall something in the past

75. According to the passage, what is the book The 5 Choices based on?

AThe theory of Extraordinary Productivity.

BThe latest science research.

CThe effects of a productivity paradox.

DPrinciples of time management.

76. The best title for the passage is _____.

AMake Time for What Matters

BThe Functions of The 5 Choices

CFour Quadrants of Time Management

DThe Aspects to Affect Productivity

77. What can be inferred from the passage?

AExcept things in quadrant 2, other things need to be done immediately.

BIt should be importance not urgency that guides your workflow.

CA good way to overcome urgency addition is to take your time.

DThe strategy, pause-clarify-decide focuses on reactive brain.

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70. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

AMovie fans won't get excited this year.

BSnoopy has two enemies, The Red Baron and Charlie Brown.

CArlo is afraid of his human friend.

DJames Bond is faced with a dangerous situation in the new film.

71. Why do Alvin and the Chipmunks stop Dave from what he is doing?

ABecause they are afraid Dave will leave them once he gets married.

BBecause Dave gives his girlfriend proposal in New York.

CBecause Alvin and the Chipmunks return.

DBecause Dave misunderstands them and will probably attack them.

72. What can we infer from the passage?

AIn Creed, Rocky's friend Apollo Creed is one of the leading characters.

BPeople showed great interest in the boxing film Rocky 40 years ago.

CRocky Balboa is the trainer to his friend's son in Creed.

DRocky is a boxing film while Creed is not.

73. How many kinds of film can you choose to see according to the passage?





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Located in northern Manitoba on the west side of Hudson Bay, Churchill is out in the middle of nowhere. But polar bears like it that way. They spend summers on the tundra (苔原) around Churchill. In the fall, they wait anxiously along the shore of Hudson Bay for the ice to form. Then they go out onto the frozen sea to hunt ringed seals -- their favorite food. October and November are the best polar-bear viewing times. From tundra vehicles, visitors to Churchill observe the bears. Some enjoy day trips or stay overnight on large tundra vehicles that have private cabins and eating facilities. Others stay at a wilderness lodge on the bears' migration route to view the vigorous creatures. These lodges can be reached only by air and feature luxury food and living arrangements.

Despite the large number of polar bears that visit Churchill each year, there is growing concern about the animals' future. Because the earth is getting warmer, the ice forms later in the year now and disappears sooner in the spring. As a result, polar bears have less time to hunt for seals. Polar bears can also find smaller animals, bird eggs and berries on land, but this kind of food is not sufficient to support the animals.

Polar bears are also affected by plastic and chemicals that get into the ocean. A research project carried out in northern Europe has found high concentrations of both plastic and chemicals in the tissue of polar bears. These materials and substances can damage the animals' internal organs, especially when the animals are not yet mature. Many people are researching polar bear health. Their goal is to gather the information that is needed to help save these animals.

66. What does this article imply about Churchill?

AIt's located in a very remote area.

BIt's attracting fewer tourists now.

CIt's surrounded by smaller towns.

DIt's dependent on the oil industry.

67. What does this article explain about polar bears?

AThe ways in which they threaten people

BThe most important elements of their diets

CThe mating behavior that they exhibit

DThe time of year when they give birth

68. How is the polar bears' seal winter hunting season changing?

AIt's starting earlier.

BIt's becoming colder.

CIt's finishing later.

DIt's getting shorter.

69. What can we learn about polar bears from this article?

AHow they avoid traffic accidents

BHow they learn good habits from one another

CHow they're endangered by pollution

DHow they find a hiding place during bad weather

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完型填空 本大题共15小题,每小题 2.00分,共30分。

Let's face it: while we go to the office to work, no one is expected to keep their head down the entire time they're there. Yet companies expect _ out of their employees: that's why they're paying you to be there. No talking or socializing at all is one _, while the other is being able to talk to whomever you want, whenever you want, about whatever you want, even if you never quite manage to make it to your desk until 11:00 a.m. Both examples are unrealistic. So first we have the entire gray area in between those two, and that's just during office time.

The phrase "people-oriented" is generally used to something that vaguely represents a company where everyone is pleasant and happy. It's fun to work there, everyone likes his or her job and each employee is well and fairly. Know any companies like that? People-oriented is a traditional and unclear phrase that needs to make sure your definition is the same as the company's and that you can spot a if there is one.

So what do you mean by people-oriented? Do you want a company that promotes from within and doesn't gathering at the water cooler? A company where management makes a practice of being ? A place where customers are of great both in philosophy and actuality, or one that is involved in its community and requires each to join or participate in a specific event once or twice each year? When you look closer at what this phrase means to you, you'll discover that some aspects are more important to you than others. Knowing what you mean by this phrase gives you the power to discover if the company's is the same as yours.

Why bother leaving a message that may not be for days when you can reach someone instantly with a text or instant message? That seems to be increasingly dominant viewpoint, anyway. When texting and instant messaging for needs, keep in mind some tips from workplace and career experts.

Marla Harr, a business etiquette consultant and trainer, says that when relying on texting and messaging for work, you should that the person you want to send a text message wants to receive and communicate in that way.





































Aconcern about

Blook into

Cdisapprove of

Dcharge with




































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书面表达 本大题共25分。

学校学生会将举办一次题为"LIFE BALANCE"的征文活动,请根据下面活动举办方提供的图片写一篇征文。你的文章必须包括以下内容:




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