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简答题(综合题) 本大题共50分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


I went through a very hard time several years ago, when my daughters were nine and six years old. Though I had just divorced and had very little money, I managed to get a job in a nursing home as an aide(护工) for the elderly and moved in with a “friend” to share living expenses.

But one day, when I came home with my daughters after work, I found the whole house empty. And later, I found that my “friend” had run away with the half of the rent I had paid her the day before and the deposit(押金) of $300.As a result, I had to leave the house, because I had only about $11 left, and payday was three days away—I was unable to pay the rent, and I didn't know anyone to turn to. I slept in the car in a park nearby with my daughters for the night, and called the manager of the nursing home the next morning, hoping that she could pay me early. Fortunately, she agreed.

Then I bought something for my daughters for breakfast, and when we sat down at a table in the park, an old man—dirty, needing a shave, and smelly—sort of a beggar, handed me all the money in his pocket, saying that he was sorry to overhear my story and that he wanted to be of some help. I started crying, and I folded his hand back over the money, hugged him as tightly as I could and told him we were going to be just fine.

I will never forget that day, when God showed me what true generosity meant and when he showed me love from the most unexpected place, in the most unlikely way. On that day I saw the face of an angel, and the way I viewed others changed forever.


21.What can we learn from the first paragraph?( )

AThe author had just lost her job.

BThe author had a friend working as an aide.

CThe author had broken up with her husband.

DThe author was going to give birth to a baby.

22.Why did the author leave the house that evening?( )

ABecause she didn't like the house.

BBecause she was angry with her “friend”.

CBecause her daughters wanted to sleep in the park.

DBecause she didn't have enough money to pay the rent.

23.According to the passage, we can conclude that __________.

Athe author got her pay ahead of payday

Bthe author had met the man who helped her before

Cthe author got a large sum of money when she left her husband

Dthe author was driven away with her friend by the owner of the house

24.The author wrote her experience to teach people to ________.

Atreat others equally

Bmake friends carefully

Cwork hard to make a living

Dhelp each other and be grateful

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Parents often believe that they have a good relationship with their teenagers.But last summer,Joanna and Henry noticed a change in their older son:suddenly he seemed to be talking more to his friends than to his parents.“The door to his room is always shut,”Joanna noted.

Tina and Mark noticed similar changes in their 14-year-old daughter.“She used to cuddle up(蜷伏)with me on the sofa and talk,”said Mark.“Now we joke that she does this only when she wants something.Sometimes she wants to be treated like a 1ittle girl and sometimes like a young lady.The problem is figuring out which time is which.”

Before age 11,children like to tell their parents what’s on their minds.“In fact,parents are first on the list,”said Michael Riera,author of Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers.“This completely changes during the teen years,”Riera explained.“They talk to their friends first,then maybe their teachers,and their parents last.”

Parents who know what’s going on in their teenagers’ lives are in the best position to help them.To break down the wall of silence,parents should create chances to understand what their children want to say,and try to find ways to talk and write to them.And they must give their children a mental break,for children also need freedom,though young.Another thing parents should remember is that to be a friend,not a manager,with their children is a better way to know them.

【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。作者讲述了一个现象:随着年龄的增长,父母发现孩子不在像以前那样黏着他们,而是喜欢和朋友和老师交流,在孩子们的思想里沟通第一对象为同学,第二对象为老师, 而父母被派到了第三位。为了改变这种状态,作者给出了建议,改变和孩子的交流方式。

25.“The door to his room is always shut” suggests that the son________.

Ais always busy with his studies

Bis angry with his parents

Ckeeps himself away from his parents

Dbegins to dislike his parents

26.What troubles Tina and Mark most is that_______.

Atheir daughter isn’t as lovely as before

Bthey can’t read their daughter’s mind exactly

Cthey don’t know what to say to their daughter

Dtheir daughter has grown up so quickly

27.Which of the following best explains “the wall of silence” in the last paragraph?( )

ATeenagers do not talk much with their parents.

BTeenagers do not want to understand their parents.

CTeenagers talk a lot with their friends.

DTeenagers talk much about their own lives.

28.What can be learned from the passage?( )

AParents are unhappy with their growing children.

BParents have suitable ways to talk with their teenagers.

CParents should force their children to talk with them.

DParents should try to understand their teenagers.

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Fear may be felt in the heart as well as in the head,according to a study that has found a link between the cycles of a beating heart and the chance of someone feeling fear.

Tests on healthy volunteers found that they were more likely to feel a sense of fear at the moment when their hearts are contracting(收缩)and pumping blood around their bodies, compared with the point when the heartbeat is relaxed. Scientists say the results suggest that the heart is able to influence how the brain responds to a fearful event, depending on which point it is at in its regular cycle of contraction and relaxation.

Sarah Garfinkel at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School said:“Our study shows for the first time that the way in which we deal with fear is different depending on when we see fearful pictures in relation to our heart.”

The study tested 20 healthy volunteers on their reactions to fear as they were shown pictures of fearful faces. Dr Garfinkel said, “The study showed that fearful faces are better noticed when the heart is pumping than when it is relaxed. Thus our hearts can also affect what we see and what we don't see—and guide whether we see fear.”

To further understand this relationship, the scientists also used a brain scanner(扫描仪)to show how the brain influences the way the heart changes a person's feeling of fear.

“We have found an important mechanism by which the heart and brain ‘speak’ to each other to change our feelings and reduce fear,” Dr Garfinkel said.

“We hope that by increasing our understanding about how fear is dealt with and ways that it could be reduced, we may be able to develop more successful treatments for anxiety disorders,and also for those who may be suffering from serious stress disorder.”

【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。作者通过讲述一个实验,阐明恐惧不仅在头脑里被感觉到,也会被心脏感觉到, 并且心脏的循环频率和恐惧的感知是有关联的。

29.What is the finding of the study?( )

AOne's heart affects how he feels fear.

BFear is a result of one's relaxed heartbeat.

CFear has something to do with one's health.

DOne's fast heartbeats are likely to cause fear.

30.The study was carried out by analyzing   ________.

Avolunteers' heartbeats when they saw terrible pictures

Bthe time volunteers saw fearful pictures and their health conditions

Cvolunteers' reactions to horrible pictures and data from their brain scans

Ddifferent pictures shown to volunteers and their heart-brain communication

31.This study may contribute to    ________.

Afinding the key to the heart-brain communication

Bexplaining the cycle of fear and anxiety

Ctreating anxiety and stress better

Dunderstanding different fears in our hearts and heads

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For as long as they can remember Jynne Martin and April Surgent had both dreamed of going to Antarctica. This winter, they each made it to the icy continent as guests of the National Science Foundation (NSF).But they didn’t go as scientists. Martin is a poet and Surgent is an artist. They went to Antarctica as participants in the NSF’s Artists and Writers program. The NSF is the government agency that funds scientific research in Antarctica. But it also makes it possible for artists, including filmmakers and musicians, to experience Antarctica and contribute their own points of view to our understanding of the continent.

The mixing of science and art in Antarctica isn’t new. Some of the earliest explorers brought along painters and photographers. Edward Wilson was a British painter, doctor, and bird expert who journeyed with Robert Falcon Scott on two separate Antarctic expeditions more than 100 years ago. Herbert Ponting was a photographer who also accompanied Scott on one of those expeditions. In hundreds of photos, Ponting captured the beauty of the continent and recorded the daily lives and heroic struggles of the explorers.

Today’s scientists write articles for scientific journals. Unlike the early explorers’ journals, scientific papers can now be very difficult for non-scientists to understand. Writers in Antarctica work to explain the research to the public. Peter Rejcek is editor, writer, and photographer for the Antarctic Sun, an online magazine devoted to news about the U.S. Antarctic Program. Rejeck began his career in the Antarctic in 2003 by spending a year at the South Pole. He has returned every year since,interviewing, scientists about research at Palmer,McMurdo,and South Pole stations.

There are also scientists in Antarctica who work hard to explain their research to the public. Scientist Diane McKnight wrote The Lost Seal,a children’s book that explains the research she and others are doing in an unusual ice-free area in Antarctica called the Dry Valleys.

Antarctica is full of stories and wonders that are scientific, historic and personal. People such as Martin, Surgent, Rejcek, and Diane McKnight are devoted to bringing those stories to as many people as they can. “Some people are going to be scientists,some people are going to be journalists,some people are going to be artists,but we can all work together.” says Surgent, “to celebrate,this extraordinary place.”

【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。作者讲述了Jynne Martin 和 April Surgent作为艺术家和作家去了南极,像这种将艺术和科学融为一体的现象在南极并不少见,而南极也是充满艺术和科学的地方。

32. What do we know about the NSF? ( )

AIt is a government agency.

BIt only funds scientists in Antarctica.

CIt encourages the understanding of human nature.

DIt enables the mixing of science and art for the first time.

33. Why didn’t some earliest explorers bring writers along?( )

AWriters were not funded at that time.

BWriting can’t capture the beauty of the continent.

CWriters were not interested in popularizing science.

DEarly explorers ’journals can be easily understood by the public.

34. By mentioning Diane McKnight, the author may try to suggest that_____.

Ascientists should explain their research to children

Bwriters are not necessary since scientists can tell stories as well

Ctelling stories to children is more important than knowing the truth

Dno matter what role we play, we can work together to appreciate Antarctica

35. What would be the best title for this article?( )

AAntarctica: A Land for All

BThe NSF: A Program for All

CAntarctica: A Land of Beauty and Stories

DThe NSF: A Program for Artists and Scientists

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One of my father’s favorite ____ (say) as I was growing up was “Try it!”. I couldn’t say I didn’t like something, ____ it might be, until after I tried it. Over the years I’ve come to realize how much of my success I owe to my ____ (accept) of those words as one of my values. My first job was just one I decided to try for a couple of years until I determined what I wanted to do as a career. ____ (actual) I believed I would work for a few years, get _____ (marry), stay home and raise a family, so I didn’t think the job I took mattered that much. I couldn’t ____ (be) more mistaken. I mastered the skills of that ____ (begin) level position and I was given the opportunity to move up through the company into _____ (differ) positions. I accepted each new opportunity with the thought, “Well, I’ll try it; ____ I don’t like it I can always go back to my ___ (early) position.” But I was with the same company for the past 28 years.












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I’m so glad to have received your letter. Your letter reached me yesterday. You said in your letter that you are punished for using cell phones, that puzzled you.

It is no doubt that cell phones can bring us much convenient. We can keep in touch with friends and families wherever they are. Besides, playing with the cell phone is a great fun. However, there are some problems with using cell phones. The ring of phones must disturb teachers and students in class. It has proved that often using cell phones do harm to health. And another problem is that some students can spend too much time and money in cell phones, thus result in poor scores in study.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

One month ago, my daughter started kindergarten. As usual, I wished her success. I was telling a lie. What I actually wish for her is ______. I believe in the power of failure.

Success is ______ in a sense. Success is proving that you can do something that you already know you can do, or doing something correctly the first time, which can ______ be a problematic victory. First-time success is usually a fluke (侥幸). First-time failure, _____, is expected; it is the natural order of things.

Failure is how we learn. I have been told of an African phrase _____ a good cook as “she who has broken many pots”. If you have spent enough time in the _______ to have broken a lot of pots, probably you know a fair amount about ______. I once had a late dinner with a group of chefs, and they spent time _____ knife wounds and burn scars. They knew how much credibility (可信度) their ______ gave them.

I earn my _______ by writing a daily newspaper column. Each week I am _____ that one column is going to be the worst column of the week. I don’t just set out to write it; I try my best every day. ______, every week, one column is inferior (较差的) to the others, sometimes extremely so.

I have learned to _______ that column. A successful column usually means that I am treading (踏) on _______ ground, going with tricks that work, or dressing up popular ideas in fancy words. Often in my inferior columns, I am trying to _____ something I’ve never done before, something that I’m not even sure can be done.

My daughter is a perfectionist. She will feel her failures, and I will want to ________ her. But I will also, I hope, ______ her of what she learned, and how she can do ____ next time. I probably won’t tell her that failure is a good thing, because that’s not a(n) ______ you can learn when you’re five. I hope I can tell her, though, that it’s not the end of the world. Indeed, with luck, it is the _______.


















Ain addition

Bon purpose

Cby contrast

Din demand




















































Aget through

Bfigure out

Ccomment on

Dtake in


























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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

“As easy as falling off a log” is often used to describe a job that does not take much effort. You might hear a student say to her friend that her spelling test was “as easy as falling off a log”.  ___. It is easier to fall off the log than to stay on it.

___ . One is “easy as pie”. Nothing is easier than eating a piece of sweet, juicy pie unless it is a “piece of cake”.

“Piece of cake” is another expression that means something is extremely easy to do. A friend might tell you that his new job was a “piece of cake”.

Another expression is “as easy as shooting fish in a barrel”. It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to shoot fish in a barrel. But, clearly, fish in a barrel would be much easier to shoot than fish in a stream.  ___

Sometimes, things that come to us easily also leave us just as easily. In fact, there is an expression—“easy come, easy go”—that recognizes this. ___ Easy come, easy go.

When life itself is easy, when you have no cares or problems, you are on “Easy Street”. Everyone wants to live on that imaginary street.

___It means to treat a person kindly or gently, especially in a situation where you might be expected to be angry with him. A wife might urge her husband to “go easy on” their son, because the boy did not mean to damage the car.


AYou may win a lot of money in a lottery, and then spend it all in a few days.

BEvery person has its own way of saying things, its own special expressions.

CAnother “easy” expression is to “go easy on a person”.

DThere are several other expressions that mean the same thing.

EAnd one last expression, one that means do not worry or work too hard.

FIn fact, it would be as easy as “falling off a log”.

GIf you ever tried to walk on a fallen tree log, you can understand what the expression means.

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填空题 本大题共20小题,每小题1分,共20分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

71. expect →(n.)_______________

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72. prefer → (n.)______________

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73. necessary→ (n.)______________

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74. credible→ (opp.)______________

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75. conscious → (n.)______________

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78. endanger → (a.)______________

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77. access→ (a.)______________

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76. explode → (n.)______________

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79. patient → (opp.)______________

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80. consult → (人)______________

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81. 为。。。负责

分值: 1分 查看题目解析 >

85. 满足。。。

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84. 使某人相信某事

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83. 优点和缺点

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82. 可供某人使用的

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86. 高度赞扬

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87. 出于好奇

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88. 使失望;辜负

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89. 把。。错当成。。。

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90. 欣喜若狂

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书面表达 本大题共25分。


1) 尊重习俗; 2) 不高声喧哗; 3)其它。

注意 1)词数100左右; 2)可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3)开头语已为你写好。

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