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  How will you celebrate New Year's Eve? By having a party with your classmates? Going to the karaoke for a singing competition? Many people around the world celebrate the day.  Let's have a look at what people in other countries do.

  In the United States, thousands of people jam into Times Square in New York to welcome in the new year at midnight.  The change from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is very exciting. People count down(倒计时) the seconds to welcome the new day as the New Year ball slowly gets down and lights up the area.

  In Spain, when the clock strikes midnight, everyone eats 12 grapes. They eat one grape for each toll(钟声) to bring good luck for the next 12 months of the new year.

  In Scotland, fireworks are set off in front of the Edinburgh Castle. Immediately after midnight, people sing Auld Lang Syne. The words are in Scottish and mean “days gone by”. The famous Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the song.

  In Brazil, most people wear white clothes on New Year's Eve to bring good luck for the new year, If they live near a beach, after midnight, people go there, light candles in the sand, throw flowers in the sea and make a wish.  They say that the goddess who protects the sea will make their wishes come true.

  Did you know?

  The date January 1 was picked by the Roman leader Julius Caesar(凯撒大帝) as the change of the year when he established his own calendar in 46 BC. The month of January was named after the Roman god, Janus. He is pictured with two heads. One head looks forward and the other back. They represent a break between the old and new.

(1)What's the best title of the passage?

A.The history of New Year

B.New Year joy all around the world

C.Where to celebrate the New Year's Eve

D.12 grapes, 12 months

(2)In Scotland, you will probably see __________.

A.the famous poet Robert  Burns sings the Auld Lang Syne

B.most people wear white clothes

C.people go for a singing competition

D.fireworks set off in front of the Edinburgh Castle

(3)We can learn from the last paragraph that __________.

A.Janus established the calendar

B.Julius Caesar made the month of January the start of a year

C.the calendar before 46BC was the same as the one today

D.Julius Caesar was the Roman god

(4)What does the underlined word “jam” in the second paragraph mean?

A.Come in a large number.

B.Walk up and down.

C.Rush from time to time.

D.Come now and then.

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  An Australian company, Smart Car Technologies, has developed a system that lets drivers know when they're speeding. When the technology becomes commercially available, it could help lead­footed drivers avoid tickets and also save lives. The company that developed the product hopes to convince Australian government agencies to put the technology into use in their automobile fleets.

  The product, called Speed Alert, links real­time location data and speed obtained with the help of GPS to a database of posted speed limits stored in a driver's PDA or programmable mobile phone. The setup of the product does not need to be hooked up to a car's speedometer(速度表). In fact, it is entirely portable. It will also work with newer phones and PDAs that have built­in GPS receivers. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, the speed is shown and an alert sounds.

  Michael Paine, an Australian vehicle design engineer and traffic safety consultant, was hired to analyze the product. He told Live Science that his colleagues in the road safety field are “very enthusiastic” about what they're now calling “intelligent speed alert”. Other research, according to Paine, shows that 40 percent of all traffic deaths involve speeding. There is also a potentially controversial future use: “Since the system is so portable,  it would be easy to make it a requirement for teenage drivers to always use a speed alert device when driving,” Paine said.“The system even has the capability to record speeding violations, so parents can monitor their teenage drivers.” The product will soon go on sale in Sydney.

(1)What's the purpose of the new product?

A.To inform us of the new car system.

B.To introduce some improvement in cars.

C.To limit certain drivers to safe driving.

D.To popularize the built­in car system.

(2)The second paragraph mainly talks about __________.

A.the project of the built­in product

B.why the system becomes popular

C.the functions of GPS in cars

D.how the product is programmed

(3)What can be the best title of the passage?

A.Speed Alert and Its Future Use

B.Progress in Car­making Science

C.Warning for Adventurous Drivers

D.New In­Car Device Against Speeding

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  With only about 1, 000 pandas left in the world, China is desperately trying to clone the animal and save the endangered species. That's a move similar to what the Texas A&M University researchers have been undertaking for the past five years in a project called “Noah's Ark”.

  Noah's Ark is aimed at collecting eggs, embryos (胚胎), semen and DNA of endangered animals and storing them in liquid nitrogen. If certain species should become extinct, Dr Duane Kraemer, a professor in Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine, says there would be enough of the basic building blocks to reintroduce the species in the future.

  It is estimated that as many as 2, 000 species of mammals, birds and reptiles will become extinct in over 100 years. The panda, native only to China, is in danger of becoming extinct in the next 25 years.

  This week, Chinese scientists said they grew an embryo by introducing cells from a dead female panda into the egg cells of a Japanese white rabbit. They are now trying to implant the embryo into a host animal.

  The entire procedure could take from three to five years to complete.

  “The nuclear transfer (核子移植) of one species to another is not easy, and the lack of available panda eggs could be a major problem,” Kraemer believes.

  “They will probably have to do several hundred transfers to result in one pregnancy (怀孕). It takes a long time and it's difficult, but this could be groundbreaking science if it works. They are certainly not putting any live pandas at risk, so it is worth the effort,” adds Kraemer, who is one of the leaders of the Project at Texas A&M, the first­ever attempt at cloning a dog.

  “They are trying to do something that's never been done, and this is very similar to our work in Noah's Ark. We're both trying to save animals that face extinction. I certainly appreciate their effort and there's a lot we can learn from what they are attempting to do. It's a research that is very much needed.”

(1)The aim of “Noah's Ark” project is to ________.

A.make efforts to clone the endangered pandas

B.save endangered animals from dying out

C.collect DNA of endangered animals to study

D.transfer the nuclear of one animal to another

(2)According to Prof. Kraemer, the major problem in cloning pandas would be the lack of _____.

A.available panda eggs

B.host animals

C.qualified researchers

D.enough money

(3)The best title of the passage may be ________.

A.China's Success in Pandas Cloning

B.The First Cloned Panda in the World

C.Exploring the Possibility to Clone Pandas

D.China—the Native Place of Pandas Forever

(4)From the passage we know that ________.

A.Kraemer and his team have succeeded in cloning a dog

B.scientists try to implant a panda's egg into a rabbit

C.Kraemer will work with Chinese scientists in clone researches

D.about two thousand species will probably die out in a century

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  Homework and stress are rarely reduced inside the classroom. Meanwhile, outside the classroom, the pressure is on to find scholarships for college.

  According to Braintrack, a higher education database with worldwide reach, more than 3 billion US dollars(18 billion yuan) in private scholarships are awarded to college students annually. Average awards range from $2,000 to $3,000.

  The scholarship application process is similar to the college application process: forms to be completed, test scores and transcripts to be sent, essays to be written and often interviews to be prepared for.

  A few great places to start looking for scholarships are:www. fastweb. com, www.finaid. org and www. collegexpress.com. Check out the annual scholarship guidebooks Scholarships, Grants & Prizes by Peterson's and The Ultimate Scholarship Book: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes by Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe.

  Be selective. Thoroughly research the qualifications required by each of the scholarships. Don't waste your time applying for those that are need­based if you can't produce the appropriate documents.

  Research past recipients(接受者). Check out the websites of the organizations sponsoring the scholarships. Many post the biographies of past recipients. You don't need to have cured cancer, but if you don't think your résumé(履历) measures up to the past winners', you might be better served by moving onto the next scholarship on your list. Prepare for the interview.

  You'll want to dazzle them with your personality, but above all you'll want to be prepared. Find someone you trust to conduct a similar interview with you—someone who will be honest with you and provide valuable suggestions.

  Let your personality shine through in your essays. The essays are the best way for students to share who they are, where they've come from, what they've overcome and so on. Tell your story in an interesting and persuasive way. And if you do have an interview, send a thank­you note afterward.

      By Lee Bearer

(1)What is the author's main purpose in writing the article?

A.To explain where to find scholarships for US colleges.

B.To inform readers of the scholarship application process.

C.To introduce some typical scholarships offered by US colleges.

D.To give tips on applying for US college scholarships.

(2)If you want to learn about past recipients of a scholarship, you can use ________.


B.the annual scholarship guidebooks published by Peterson's

C.the websites of the organizations sponsoring the scholarships

D.The Ultimate Scholarship Book:Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes

(3)The underlined word “dazzle” in Paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to “________”.





(4)To increase your chance of winning a scholarship, you are advised to ________.

A.apply for as many scholarships as you can

B.tell an interesting story in your essay

C.do a similar interview to help you prepare for the real one

D.have a talk with past recipients and try to talk like they do

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  The jobs of the future have not yet been invented. __(1)__ By helping them develop classic skills that will serve them well no matter what the future holds.


  Your children need to be deeply curious. __(2)__ Ask kids, “What ingredients (配料)can we add to make these pancakes even better next time?” and then try them out. Did those ingredients make the pancakes better? What could we try next time?

  2. Creativity

  True creativity is the ability to take something existing and create something new from it.__(3)__ There are a dozen different things you can do with them. Experimenting with materials to create something new can go a long way in helping them develop their creativity.

  3.Interpersonal Skills

  Understanding how others feel can be a challenge for kids. We know what's going on inside our own head, but what about others? Being able to read people helps kids from misreading a situation and jumping to false conclusions. __(4)__ “Why do you think she's crying?” “Can you tell how that man is feeling by looking at his face?” “If someone were to do that to you, how would you feel?”

  4. Self Expression

  __(5)__There are many ways to express thoughts and ideas—music, acting, drawing,building, photography. You may find that your child is attracted by one more than another.

A. Encourage kids to cook with you.

B. And we can't forget science education.

C. We can give kids chances to think about materials in new ways.

D. So how can we help our kids prepare for jobs that don't yet exist?

E. Gardening is another great activity for helping kids develop this skill.

F. We can do this in real life or ask questions about characters in stories.

G. Being able to communicate ideas in a meaningful way is a valuable skill.

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  My husband Jeff and I moved into our new home in Scottsbluff last year just before Christmas. I did not have the __(1)__ or energy to carry out my traditional Christmas decorating and baking activities. What was the point, anyway? It was going to be a __(2)__ Christmas after all. __(3)__,the neighborly nature of west Nebraska residents started to trickle (陆续临近) in.

  There was a __(4)__ on the door one evening. It was Jeff's new colleague, John Smith, and his wife, Phyllis. The Smiths had stopped by to __(5)__ us to town with a loaf of homemade bread. They pointed out a __(6)__ on the porch (门廊). Apparently the doorbell wasn't working in the cold snowy weather and we had __(7)_ a visit from the Browns, our across­the­street neighbors, who brought us a Christmas card and more Christmas cookies.

  The __(8)__ feelings brought by these thoughtful gestures lasted longer than the food.

  As Jeff and I were clearing pre­Christmas __(9)__ from our driveway, Ernie Guzman came over from next door to __(10)__ us to dig out.

  Then, we received an invitation to __(11)__ a Christmas Eve meal with our neighbors, Ernie and Nancy Sommer, and their __(12)__—a 90­year­old lady, who also had no family in the immediate area with whom to spend the holiday.

  Our Christmas Eve was quite merry, thanks to our __(13)__. Our Christmas morning __(14)__ was special, thanks to the Smiths' gift of bread. I was so __(15)__ for these gestures of welcome, especially during the holidays.

  This year, we were again unable to be with our families for Christmas. The __(16)__ and work schedules just made things too difficult. __(17)__ that sense of Christmas isolation (孤立) all too well, we decided to try to round up some other folks who were __(18)__ in the holidays.

  Lonely people are all around us, but most of us __(19)__ notice them. Just take a look around you. Sometimes, the smallest __(20)__ gesture can make a world of difference.

(1)A. chance    B. anxiety     C. time      D.ability

(2)A. lonely     B. free    C. merry     D. usual

(3)A. Therefore    B. However    C. Somehow    D. Meanwhile

(4)A. sign     B. knock    C. card     D. note

(5)A. invite     B. welcome    C. drive    D. send

(6)A. tree    B. flower    C. mail    D. package

(7)A. forgot    B. missed     C. arranged    D. received

(8)A. warm     B. deep     C. true    D. mixed

(9)A. rubbish     B. snow     C. dust    D. leaves

(10)A. teach     B. urge    C. help     D. forbid

(11)A. prepare    B. share     C. taste     D. exchange

(12)A. guest    B. aunt    C. maid     D. partner

(13)A. folks     B. relatives     C. neighbors     D. colleagues

(14)A. call    B. greeting    C. meeting    D. breakfast

(15)A. sorry     B. eager    C. grateful     D. ready

(16)A. season     B. expense    C. distance    D. situation

(17)A. Knowing    B. Showing    C. Studying    D. Discovering

(18)A. happy    B. busy     C. alone    D. active

(19)A. always    B. usually     C. finally    D. seldom

(20)A. careful    B. kind     C. pretty    D. patient

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  Have you heard of Lake Titicaca? It is a famous lake in South America, which __(1)__ (locate) on the border between Bolivia and Peru. But the lives of the ancient people who once lived around the lake and __(2)__ culture was thought to be highly advanced, have long remained a secret. Recently, __(3)_, scientists __(4)__(take)part in an exploration project at the lake have found what they believe to be a 1000­year­old temple under the water.

  Divers from the study group have discovered __(5)__ building scientists think is the remains of a temple__(6)__ (build) by the people who once lived beside the lake. The project leaders hope to begin raising important materials from the site later this week unless bad weather forces a change in their plans.

  “The scientists have not yet had the opportunity to study the materials__(7)__(careful),” said project director, John Aubi. “But some have put forward the idea that the remains date from this period because of their __(8)__ (similar) to those found elsewhere.”

  The research team have so far this year _(9)__(make) more than 200 dives into water 30 metres deep. During these dives, they have been recording the ancient remains on film. There will be a meeting starting later this year __(10)__ (review) the film.

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注意:(1) 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词。


  Last week I went to visit to my former neighbor, Mr. Yang. He and I used to living next to each other for many years. About half a year ago, an order came which the old building, along with many other similar ones, were going to be pulled down to make room for a main street.

  So I had to move apart. Mr. Yang now lives in the suburbs near a beautiful park. His new apartment is much big than before. The only problem is that it took quite a long time to get to the downtown area. Therefore, Mr. Yang doesn't seem to worry about the long distance. He says that new subway line is to be built in a few year and he is sure life will be better in the future.

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(3)住宿家庭 host family

Dear Sir,



                   Li Hua

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