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简答题(综合题) 本大题共95分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

Munich sincerely invites you to join the 2016 0ktoberfest—the biggest celebration of its kind in Europe. Drink beer by the liter, eat traditional Bavarian food, listen to traditional Bavarian music as well as more up-to-date music, and enjoy yourself with hundreds of other people from all over the world, dancing and singing the hours away.

Oktoberfest 2016 begins on Saturday 17th September and runs through to Monday 3rd October 2016. Don't miss the events during Oktoberfest!

Grand entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and breweries

Date: Saturday, 17th September 2016

Duration: about 45 minutes

This is the official prelude to the opening of the Oktoberfest and involves about 1,000 participants, including the landlords' families in decorated carriages, the magnificent horse-drawn drays, waitresses on decorated floats and all the beer tent bands.

Oktoberfest Costume and Riflemen-s Parade

Date: Sunday, 18th September 2016

Duration:2-2 1/2 hours, about 8000 performers,7 km distance

A varied succession of regional costume groups, "troops" in historical uniforms, marching bands, riflemen, thoroughbred horses, oxen, cows, goats, floats displaying typical local traditions and historic carriages all pass by in a 7-kilometer-long procession through the streets of the city center.

Open-Air Oktoberfest Music

Date: Sunday, 25th September 2016

Place: on the steps of the Bavaria statue

At the traditional open-air concert on the second Sunday of the Oktoberfest, all the instruments that make up typical Bavarian wind band music can be heard. The bands from all of the tents come together at the steps under the Bavaria statue to play the most well-known songs and marches of Oktoberfest together while being conducted by distinguished Munich personalities.


21. What can we learn from the passage?()

AOktoberfest 2016 is mainly celebrated in October.

BParticipants can drink beer for free during Oktoberfest.

COktoberfest provides a chance to drink, eat, and dance.

DThere are usually about 1000 visitors to "Grand Entry",

22. When will visitors see costume soldiers marching on the street?()

A17th September 2016

B18th September 2016

C25th September 2016

D3rd October 2016

23. People who want to participate in the open-air concert should go to_ ___.

Athe streets that the Parade passes by

Bbeer tents put up by old breweries

Cdistinguished Munich music bands

Dthe steps of the Bavaria statue

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I discovered the power of fear when I became stuck to my driveway, as if my feet were crazy—glued to the cement(水泥).As much as I tried, I could not move them. The realization that my daughters were playing in Nancy's house, just one-half block away, paralyzed(麻痹) my legs, making me unable to move when I neared the end of our driveway. Dense, black smoke was rising from behind the Sycamore Maple trees on the other side of the street and was enveloping three houses, making them barely visible. Nancy's house was one of them.

I tried to call out for my daughters hoping to see them run safely to my arms, but my voice was also stuck - stuck in my throat with no intention of coming out. There I stood, helpless, paralyzed and silenced by fear, unable to protect the two little girls I loved more than even I had realized.

Although trapped in a body that couldn't move or speak, I could still hear. I could hear other mothers anxiously calling their children. I could hear a frightening silence that covered the neighborhood instead of the usual happy voices of children. And, finally, I could hear the alarm of the fire engine. As the alarm announced, "We're on our way," it instantly dissolved the crazy glue that had held my feet to the cement and it unlocked the soundproof box that had silenced my voice. I was free to make sure my daughters were safe.

As I continued down the driveway, two little girls, my two little girls, ran toward me from across the street. They had come home to tell me about the fire in the garage next to Nancy's house. Not only did my feet and voice work now, but my eyes were also in good working order and had no trouble producing tears.


24. Why was the author stuck to her driveway?()

AShe was too tired to move her legs.

BThick black smoke blocked her view.

CThe cement on the driveway was still wet.

DThe fear for her daughters' safety struck her.

25. What made the author able to move and speak again?()

AShouting from other anxious mothers.

BStrange silence in the neighborhood.

CThe alarm of the coming fire engine.

DThe courage to protect her daughters.

26. What does the author suggest at the end of the story?()

AShe burst into tears of relief and happiness.

BShe was really thankful to see her girls saved.

CShe was too excited to believe what she saw.

DShe overcame her fear and fully recovered,

27. What is the best title for the text?()

ALove in Fire

BStopped in Silence

CA Narrow Escape

DThe Price of Fear

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At the entrance to one of the ruined temples of Petra in Jordan, there is an inscription(题字) in the soft red rock. It looks as if it has been there for centuries. It could have been carved by one of King Herod's soldiers, when they were imprisoned in the town in 40 BC. But closer examination reveals that it is not so ancient after all. It reads: Shane and Wendy from Sydney were here. April 16th 1996,

The ruins of Petra were discovered in 1810 by a Swiss explorer, and a recent report has just concluded that they are in grave danger of being destroyed by the unstoppable march of tourism". More than 4,000 tourists a day pour into Petra's rocky tombs. They wear away the soft red sandstone to powder and (occasionally!) scratch their names into the rock.

It is not just Petra that is under threat of destruction. With more than 60,000 visitors to Venice each day, cruise ships that have made Venice tourists' top destination bring one of the most significant dangers to the city, leading to tides that are further damaging the foundation of the Venetian structures.

The prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux in France were being slowly ruined by the breath and bacteria from 200,000 visitors a year. The caves have now been closed to the public and a replica(复制品) has been built, Will there be more replicas like in Lascaux? There already are. Heritage theme parks are springing up everywhere. Many of the great cities of Europe are finding that their historic centers are fast becoming theme parks, filled with clicking cameras and whirring camcorders, abandoned by all local residents except for the souvenir sellers.

Until recently, we all believed that travel broadened the mind, but now many believe the exact opposite: "Modem travel narrows the mind".


28. What do we know about the ruins of Petra?()

AThere was an ancient inscription at the entrance.

BKing Herod was kept there as a prisoner in 40 BC.

CThey have been popular tourist attractions for over 200 years.

DTourism is responsible for the damage being made to them.

29. Which solution to Venice's problem would the author agree with?()

AMake regulations to control tourists' behavior.

BReduce the number of cruise ships in the rivers.

CBuild solid dams along the rivers in case of flood.

DPromote tourism and redecorate traditional structures.

30. What is mainly talked about in paragraph 4?()

ACave paintings at Lascaux in France have been ruined.

BReplicas have to be made to protect cultural heritage,

CMany historic centers are too crowded with tourists.

DTheme parks keep historic places away from destruction.

31. What's the author's attitude towards tourism?()





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Many people hate wet, sticky August, but to some, it's an especially bitter time. A new working paper finds that, March and August are the months in which divorce filings peak.

For the paper, the University of Washington's Brian Serafini and Julie Brines analyzed the most recent years of divorce filings in Washington and drew their conclusion: divorce rises sharply in March and August. The result is supported by some nation-wide, anecdotal evidence. Online searches for "divorce" and "child custody"(抚养权) dramatically grow early in the year, peaking in March, they point out.

The authors guess that unhappily married couples schedule their divorce filings around both the winter holidays and Valentine's Day, as well as summer vacations. (More Americans vacation in July than any other month.)

There are a few explanations why people might time their marital dissolutions this way, It might just be too difficult to announce a divorce around family-oriented Christmas time, especially if there are kids involved, so many couples weigh the decision to divorce around the new year and progress from there. February is a period in which couples tend to look around for representation on legal sites. And by March, they're prepared to file for divorce.

But the authors think the more likely reason is that people decide their differences are irreconcilable right after a big trip. It could be that people don't want to ruin a family getaway, or that vacations are so stressful that they drive the already-dissatisfied to divorce. ("I told you to pack your suitcase last night; now we've missed the train!")

Then there's the "broken promise" theory. “People are discontent with their marriages, they look at vacation as an opportunity to give it one last shot, and what they were hoping would happen didn't occur,” explained Brines, an associate professor of sociology.

It's not you; in other words, it's your failure to print the boarding passes.


32. Which of the following can support Brian and Julie's conclusion?()

AThe divorce rate rises sharply in March and August.

BThey carried out online surveys and analyzed the results.

CMore people search for key words about divorce early in the year.

DConflicts in marriage tend to get more serious during Christmas.

33. According to Brian and Julie, why does divorce rise in March and August?()

APeople need time to decide and prepare before they divorce.

BMany couples want to have a new beginning in a new year.

CKids are less involved in winter and summer vacations.

DCouples see more marital problems in their vacation trips.

34. What does the underlined word "irreconcilable" in paragraph 5 mean?()

AUnlikely to be settled.

BUnable to be mentioned.

CPut aside for a while.

DStressed too much.

35. What does the writer want to express in the last paragraph?()

AIt may lead to divorce if one doesn't print 'boarding passes.

BUnimportant things like boarding passes cannot cause divorce.

CConsidering a trip as the solution to marital problems is not wise.

DCouples should talk about their marriage sincerely before a trip.

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Children and adults need to develop six important skills to succeed in the modem global economy.

Those skills all begin with the letter C. They are:

Collaboration: the ability to work with others, to have social-emotional control, and to form communities. Collaboration is the starting point for human learning. bd blank

Communication: the ability to develop strong reading, writing, listening and language skills.

Content: competencies in subject areas, but also in learning to learn.

Critical thinking: the ability to gather information intelligently and to weigh evidence.

Creative innovation: the ability to use information in new ways and to solve problems.

Confidence: bd blank

With these skills, children and adults can better function in the 21st century.

Thus, we should reconsider what success in education means. bd blank As a result, many people view educational success in a narrow way: a good score on a reading or math test. One problem with this view is that children learn to be parrots rather than human beings. bd blank

Experts advocate for changing the education systems of many countries around the world, Education should aim to develop people who will be the creators, collaborators and citizens of the future. bd blank


A. the ability to have a strong belief in strengthening a skill.

B. the ability to learn from failure and to persist in a problem.

C. It will sharpen your skills and make you more and more creative.

D. It is also a highly desired skill in both public and private sector jobs.

E. Most education currently focuses on reading, writing and basic math.

F. Therefore, schools need to help people develop a broader set of skills man just reading and math.

G. In other words, people learn to memorize and repeat, but do not learn to think creatively, find information, or collaborate.






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Rosa Parks is called the mother of the American civil rights movement. She was born in 1913 and left high school bd blank to care for her bd blank grandmother and mother. She married Raymond Parks, a barber, who was a civil rights activist.

On Dec. 1,1955, Rosa Parks and three other black people were bd blank in the middle area of a bus bd blank a white person got on the bus and wanted a seat. The bus driver bd blank that all four black people leave their seats so the white person would not have to sit _ bd blank any of them. The three other blacks got up, but Rosa bd blank , She was arrested.

Until 1960s, black people in many parts of the United States didn't have the same civil rights as white people. Laws in the American South bd blank black people to attend separate schools, live in separate areas of a city and sit m separate areas on a bd blank . The first rows of seats on city buses were for white people only. Black people sat in the bd blank 0fthebus.Both groups could sit in a middle area. bd blank , black people sitting in that part of the bus were expected to leave their seats if a white person bd blank to sit there.

Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat just because she was tired of accepting bd blank treatment. This act of bd blank disobedience started protests in Montgomery that continued for 381 days and bd blank legal changes in minority rights in the United States.

Rosa Parks died on Oct 24, 2005. Her body lay bd blank in the United States Capitol building in Washington. She was the first American woman to be so honored,

Some people say that Rosa Parks' bravery serves as a(n) bd blank of the power of small acts. But her small act of bravery meant bd blank for many American people. She sat down in order that the others might bd blank and she opened the doors on the Long journey to bd blank .

【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。作者介绍了美国人权运动之母Rosa Parks的一生。



























Anext to


Cfar from











































Aresulted from

Bled to

Cheld back

Dput off


Aon time

Bfor sure

Cin honor

Dat once








Ba little


Da lot


Alie down

Bstand up

Crun off

Dturn away






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Think about the different ways people use the wind. You can use it to fly a kite or to sail a boat. Wind is one of our cleanest and richest power bd blank (resource), as well as one of the bd blank (old). Evidence shows that windmills began to be used in ancient Iran back in the seventh century BC. They were first introduced to Europe during the 1100s, when armies returned from the Middle East bd blank knowledge of using wind power.

For many centuries, people used windmills to grind(唐碎)wheat into flour bd blank pump water from deep underground. When electricity bd blank (discover) in the late 1800s, people bd blank (live) in remote areas began to use them to produce electricity.

This allowed them to have electric lights and radio. However, by the 1940s bd blank electricity was available to people in almost all areas of the United States, windmills were bd blank (rare) used.

During the 1970s, people started becoming bd blank (concern) about the pollution that is created when coal and gas are burned to produce electricity. People also realized that the supply of coal and gas would not last forever. Then, wind was rediscovered. bd blank it means higher costs, there is still a global movement to supply more and more of our electricity through the use of wind.












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注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

In recent years we have seen a tendency tourism is growing fast in China. According to a recent survey made by some experts, about 47% urban residents travel regular, and 28% rural residents also make his tours across the country. The survey also shows that more people are interested on tourism, and will join the army in the future. Facing this tendency, we can't help explore some underlying factors that are responsible. First, Chinese people's living standard had been greatly improved, that allows most of them to travel around. What's more, it is believing that people now take a more positive attitude to tourism, and regard it as a life style. In an addition, transportation develops faster, and many scenic spots are available now

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书面表达 本大题共25分。



1)地理环境; 2)社会影响力; 3)教育特色。

注意: 1)词数100左右,信的开头和格式已为你写好。


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