• 英语 青岛市2016年高三期末试卷
简答题(综合题) 本大题共120分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

In the past,my hometown was very sma11.People there lived poor life and the houses were very old and shabby,even some of them were shaking in the wind.

As for the traffic,it was very inconvenient that almost no tourists came.However,there has been many changes in my hometown until now.Life has become better. The houses become larger and brighter, but more people get their own cars.

Everywhere is decorated with green trees and beautiful flowers and grass.What’s more,thousands of tourist from the world came here every year,which is really splendid.I believe my hometown will become more and more developed and beautifully.Everything in it will represent the advancing science,and technology.

At the same time,I will always keep it in my mind that my hometown must be greater in the future.

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High school is regarded as the best time in a person’s life.As a senior 3 student,it won’t take long before I graduate.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Environment Awareness Week

Regal Convention Centre,Halls 1-424-30 March 2015 10:00 am—9:00 pmFree admission for all!

Save the environment,Save our futureOur environment needs help with the participation of more than 50 organizations.Environment Awareness Week is the biggest public education event dedicated to environmental protection and conservation.Don’t miss it! Come and know more about:   

The Threats to Earth(Hall 1)—What is global warming? How serious is pollution? Learn about different environmental problems  from  our university students.Protect our    environment!

The Search for Renewable Energy(Hall 2)—can we get electricity from wind,solar energy waves,rivers and underground heat? Get the answers from Solar Ace,Teflon,Touch Wind Resources and other participants.

The Quest for Freshwater(Hall 3)—Is the shortage of freshwater worsening? What are    Singapore’s solutions for treating waste water? Hear from.Flow Technologies,Hydro Max    Solutians and other participants.

The 3 Rs to Save Earth(Hall 4)—How can we REDUCE,REUSE and RECYCLE to cut    down household wastes? Find out from the Global Gaia Network,Green Earth Foundation and other participants.

21.The organizer of the event is_____________.

A.Global Gaia Network        

B.Clean Energy Agency

C.Green Earth Foundation         

D.International Environment Fund

22.What’s the purpose of“Environment Awareness Week”?

A.To support environment protection.

B.To advertise for environmental friendly products.

C.To make money by attracting visitors.

D.To educate people about environment protection.

23.The“3 RS”stand for_____________.

A.Read,Realize and Remember    

B.Global Gala Network

C.Reduce,Reuse and Recycle         

D.Green Earth Foundation

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Trapped on the 37th FloorMelinda Skaar wasn't expecting any phone calls.Skaar was working late in her office at the First Interstate bank of California.By 10:45 that night she was almost ready    to go home when the phone rang.Picking it up,she heard a guard shouting.“There is a fire! Get out of there!”Skaar didn’t panic.She figured that it was just a small fire.Her office building was    huge.There were 62 floors and her desk was on the 37th floor.Skaar called out to office mate Stephen Oksas.who also stayed late to work.But when they got to the hallway, they were met by a cloud of black smoke.

Rushing back,Skaar shut the door and filled the space at the bottom of the door with her jacket to keep the smoke out.Then they called 911.

Before they could call their families,however, the line went    dead.That meant that they were completely cut off from the outside world.All they could    do was wait and hope someone would come to rescue them.Minutes ticked by.Smoke began to float into the office.Soon it became hard for them to breathe.Looking around,Skaar noticed a small workroom.It seemed to have cleaner air.

So    they crowded there.That helped for a while,but in time even the workroom was filled with deadly smoke.Hopeless,they tried to break the windows,but the glass was not breakable.Everything they threw at just bounced back.

Defeated,they struggled back to the workroom.They felt weak and dizzy.Soon Skaar found Oksas had passed out.As Skaar and Oksas lay near death,rescuers were rushing to find them.At last,at about 4 a.m.,firefighters found them.Skaar and Oksas knew they were lucky to be alive.“Sunday is my birthday,”Skaar told a reporter. She would be turning 29.But she knew she had already got the best present possible—the gift of life.

24.What did Skaar and Oksas do when they were stopped by the fire?

A.They called their families.            

B.They waited where they were.

C.They rushed back and shut the door.    

D.They tried to run down the stairs.

25.The first sentence of the passage is to_________.

A.get the reader’s attention        

B.introduce Skaar and Oksas

C.explain the cause of the event        

D.tell the background information.

26.The following helped Skaar and Oksas survive the fire EXCEPT_______.

A.calling 911 for help

B.breaking the windows to get some fresh air

C.crowding in a small workroom for clean air

D.shutting the door and keeping the smoke out with a jacket

27.What can we conc1ude from Skaar’s action in the fire?

A.She is cleverer than Oksas.

B.She was trained as a firefighter.

C.She remained calm in the face of danger.

D.She had had the experience of being caught in fire.

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Earlier this year,my oldest daughter got braces(矫正器)on her teeth,and let’s just say she did not go quietly into that dentist’s chair.Fear and hate pretty much describe the days leading up to her first appointment.So when she finally walked out with shiny teeth,a sore(疼痛的)mouth and a broken spirit,I told her I was proud of her and took her to Ben &Jerry’s for an ice cream reward.Two weeks later,we returned to the scene of the crime.The dentist spent about 45 seconds checking her teeth before sending her on her merry way.

Before I could start the car, she was placing her ice cream order.She was shocked when I told her that she wasn't going to get a reward every time we get her teeth checked.Clearly,she’s not alone.

According to some parenting experts,kids are easily addicted to a benefit—producing system of parental rewards and bribes—it’s not all ice creams,candies and cool toys.Some parents are offering their children prizes to just let them sit down and behave in a restaurant—or sleep in their own beds—or score a goal in the next soccer game.While the experts agree that occasional awards are okay, the danger lies in the system’s overuse.

Kids quickly gain a sense of entitlement(应得的权利),where they come to expect a big reward for every good thing that they do,no matter how small.To keep things in check,experts say parents should reduce the number of rewards they offer,make sure rewards match the behavior and explain the real benefits of behaving for the sake of behaving.   Have you used bribery or a reward system with your kids? Was it successful? Do your kids expect more because of that system?

28.The intended readers of the passage are_____.





29.What does the author mean by saying“the scene of the crime”?

A.He/she doubted whether the dentist was skilled.

B.He/she felt very sorry for his/her daughter’s illness.

C.His/her daughter suffered a lot from her illness.

D.His/her daughter had a bad feeling for the dentist’s.

30.Similar to the author's daughter,children__________.

A.are often troubled by bad teeth,      

B.expect more reward from their parents.

C.are afraid to visit a dentist.        

D.receive certain rewards when becoming i11.

31.Misguided by the parental reward system,children easily think_______.

A.their parents must be far richer than others’

B.they can be successful as long as they work hard.  

C.they should benefit from their every desired behavior.

D.their parents will feel happy when they behave well.

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In Britain and other countries,young people sometimes take a“gap year”,a year off between high school and college.This idea never gained a big following in America.Recent news reports have suggested that interest may be growing,though there are no official numbers.    Charles Deacon,.Dean of Admissions at Georgetown University in Washington,D.C.,estimates that in the current first-year class of 1,600 students,only about 25 decided to take a year off.He says this number hasn’t changed much over the years.

Mr.Deacon says the most common reason for taking a“gap year”is to have a chance to travel,but he says international students may take a“gap year”to meet requirements at home for military duty.Some high school graduates see a year off as a chance to recover after twelve years of required education,but it can also give students a chance to explore their interests.Students hoping to be doctors,for example,could learn about the profession by volunteering in a hospital.

Many colleges and universities support gap-year projects by permitting students to delay their admission.

Expels say students can grow emotionally and intellectually as they work at something they enjoy.The Harvard admissions office has an essay on its Web site called“Time Out or Bum Out for the Next Generation.’’It praises the idea of taking time off to step back,think and enjoy gaining life experiences outside the pressure of studies.

It also notes that students are sometimes admitted to Harvard or other colleges partly because they did something unusual with that time.    Of course,a gap year is not for everyone.Students might miss their friends who go on directly to college,and parents might worry that their children will decide not to go to college once they take time off.Another concern is money.A year off,away from home,can be costly.

Holly Bull’s job is to specialize in helping students plan their gap year.She notes that several books have been written about this subject.She says these books along with media attention and the availability of information on the Internet have increased interest in the idea of a year off, and she points out that many gap-year programs cost far less than a year of college.    

32.What is the passage mainly about?

A.It is likely that taking a“gap year”is becoming popular in America.

B.More and more American students are choosing to take a year off.    

C.If you want to go to an American university, take a gap year first.

D.Americans hold different opinions towards students’taking a“gap year”

33.How many reasons for students’ taking a“gap year”are mentioned in the passage?





34.The essay“Time Out or Bum Out for the Next Generation.”suggests that______.

A.every student must take a“gap year”before applying for a famous university

B.some famous universities encourage students to gain more life experiences

C.taking a‘gap year’Can make students free from life learning    

D.the stress of studies does harm to the students’ health

35.What can we learn from the passage?

A.Charles Deacon doesn’t support the idea of the students’taking a“gap year”

B.Parents might disagree with the program,concerned about their children’s future.

C.Books and media have contributed to the students’interest in school learning.

D.Experts agree taking a year off will benefit the students emotionally and physically.

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The Effects of Stress

There is a famous expression in English:“Stop the world,I want to get off!”This  expression refers to a feeling of panic,or stress,that makes a person want to stop whatever they are doing,try to relax,and become calm again 36 It is one of the most common causes of health problems in modern life.Too much stress results in physical,emotional,and mental health problems.There are numerous physical effects of stress.37  It can increase the pulse rate,make the heart miss beats,and can cause high blood pressure.Stress can affect the respiratory system.It can lead to asthma.It can cause a person to breathe too fast,resulting in a loss of important carbon dioxide.Stress cilia affect the stomach.38 These are only a few examples of the wide range of illnesses and symptoms resulting from stress.Emotions are also easily affected by stress.People suffering from stress often feel  anxious.They may have panic attacks.They may feel tired all the time. When people are  under stress,they often overreact to little problems.For example,a normally gentle parent under a lot of stress at work may yell at a child for dropping a glass of juice.39 Long-term stress can lead to a variety of serious-mental illnesses.Depression,an extreme feeling of sadness and hopelessness,can be the result of continued and increasing stress.Alcoholism and other addictions often develop as a result of overuse of alcohol or drugs to try to relieve stress.Eating disorders are sometimes caused by stress and are often made worse by stress. 40

A.Stress can make people angry, moody or nervous.

B.“Stress”means pressure or tension.

C.It can cause stomach aches and problems digesting food.

D.It is obvious that stress can cause physical problems.

E.Stress can affect the heart.

F.So stop the world and rest for a while.   

G.If stress is allowed to continue,then one’s mental health is put at risk.

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Sophia was a saleswoman,who drove all over the city five days a week.When all the freeway lanes were at a dead stop,she would drive quickly along the emergency lane.While driving she usually 41 on her cell phone.Drinking a soda or eating a sandwich—her hands,legs,and mouth were always 42 while she was driving.Last night she got 43 in Friday evening rush hour.She was going to be 44 for her date.She was already 45 when things seemed to be getting worse and all me traffic stopped.Sophia drove 46 over to the emergency lane.Soon she saw the red flashing lights in the mirror.She had to 47 her car.A good-looking officer walked up.“Officer, I'm pregnant.I have constant morning sickness.I'm just trying to get to the nearest store to buy my  48 ”.She looked at the officer with 49 eyes.He looked at her pitifully, then said 50 .“Okay, ma’am.Take the first exit you come to.I hope you’11 be feeling better.”The officer walked back to his car and Sophia drove on.This was the second time that  51 had worked for her.She had one more thing to do before she got home.She had to mail a package.When she got to the shopping mall at 7 pm,no parking was 52 ,except for the handicapped(残疾人的)space.Sophia drove right into it.It would only be a minute,and she told 53.All she had to do was 54 the mailbox store,get the package 55,and pay the clerk.Fortunately, there was no 56 in the store.Everything was done so 57 that she was whistling while she walked back, out to her car.Then she stopped 58 .There was all envelope on the windshield.She opened it slowly.She knew 59 it was, but not how much it was.She screamed when she saw the 60 .A dog started barking.


















































B.the guard            

C.the worker     

D.the clerk

54.A.take out            

B.run into            

C.get out         

D.push into

























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Forgiveness is really a gift we give to ourselves.A 61 (power)way of forgiving is to see past the adult behavior to the little innocent child within the person we would like to forgive.    Betty was having a particularly hard time because her father had acted wrongly.Yet 62 (continue)to hate him was causing much unhappiness in Betty’s life.I asked her to find a picture of her father as a young child and put it in a place 63 she could see it often.She found a photo of him  64 (take)at the age of six.As she more and more studied the photo,she began to see the sadness and loneliness in his eyes.A month 65 (late),Betty found a photo of her father at ten years old.His eyes were still full 66 sadness and loneliness.Through studying these 67  (photo),Betty was able to feel compassion(同情)for her father’s childhood.This compassion did not make her father’s actions right, 68  Betty could now understand the pain in her father.Betty’s heart was free of the bitterness and hatred(憎恨)she 69 (carry)for most of her life.Forgiveness for her father was a gift she gave to herself.Perhaps there are similar gifts you could give yourself. You should 70 (full)feel your love and not have it covered by past hatred.

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