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单选题 本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

1.—Flight 331 is being ________.I’d better be on my way.Goodbye.

 —Bye.Happy landing!





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10.The conference was _______ fixed for the 10th, August, but later the unexpected landslide(泥石流)in Zhouqu in Gansu province, made us put it off.





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9.“Separate” is the most ________ misspelt word in the English language, according to a new study of 3,500 Britons.





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8.It’s likely that she will be ________ from punishment, as our teacher has been convinced by her excuse.





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7.With the help of some witnesses, three criminals were caught and asked to aid in the ________.





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6.The doctor told Mary that too much ________ to the sun is bad for the skin.





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5.Nowadays, to lose weight, more wise ladies prefer to ________ regularly rather than take expensive weight-losing pills.

Ahang out

Bturn up

Cwork out

Dfigure up

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4.It was reported that 115 miners ________ in the flooded mine for eight days were pulled out alive at last.





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3.I feel sorry for those young people who don’t ________ their aged people as I do mine.

Asend for

Btake for

Clook for

Dcare for

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2.Unemployment is on the increase.A growing number of young people, ________, are finding themselves out of work.

Ain case

Ball in all

Cin particular

Din total

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共110分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


(1)“Only through people becoming wealthy________,”said Professor Wang at the conference.(get)


(2)________,you'd better not go hiking.(consideration)

考虑到你的健康, 你最好不要去远足。

(3)The two popular stars________during the shooting for their new TV drama last Friday.(burn)


(4)The company hired two men to write________the Guinness Book of World Records.(what)


(5)His suggestion________the environment while developing economy is highly thought of by the government.(protect)


(6)________the forest fire the other day is worth praising.(put)


(7)________(每一次我参加讨论)or try to speak English to someone,I find it difficult to express myself.(take)


(8)My family________if you can help us out of trouble.(appreciate)


(9)A small allowance is provided________such as food and clothing.(cover)


(10)This is the first time that I________for months.(relax)


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  Though “nanometer”(纳米)is now a fashionable term all over the world, few people know exactly what it is.It has become a new favorite of manufacturers and sellers in recent years.Many “high-tech” products bearing the name “nano” have entered the market, bringing more mysterious feeling to surprised consumers.

  Nanometer is a very small length unit of measure, and is very small.One millimeter is 1000 micrometers, and one micrometer is 1000 nanometers.That is, one nanometer is one billionth of a meter.Nano materials are solid materials composed of particles(粒子)or crystallites(晶体)of less than 100 nanometer in size.Then, is a cup made of nano material really any different from an ordinary cup in function as far as how it works?

  Are nano cups really so wonderful? A reporter went to the Institute of Nanomedicine, which is the first such institute of such a sort in the world and the only one in China, specializing in researching the investigation of the application of nano technology into medicine.

  A water molecule(分子)is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.It can be changed only by special working skillfully of the atoms.The material making up the cup can have nanometer particles .But it cannot change the chemical and physical of the water contained in it.The water in the cup is still water.When people drink it, it will produce no special effect on human body.

  Professor Ji who worked in the Instiute of Nanomedicine told the reporter, so far, the investigation of nano materials is still limited in the laboratory.No commercial micro products can be produced yet.With the present level of science and technology, the time of everyday goods made of nanometer materials is still years away.

  The products labeled with nano marks in the market now are only traditional products coated with a thin layer of nanometer material, which makes them more abrasion resistant(耐磨), much easier to be cleaned, or oil resisting or moth proof(防蛀).

  Professor Ji explained that nano cup is a real cup.It can also be included in the list of nano products in a certain sense.But the nano cup has not changed its property and function as a cup.It is not a magical medicine for curing and health care.

(1)Which of the following shows the right relationship?





(2)It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

A.real nano products are being produced by some companies

B.nano materials have been put into use in daily goods

C.the nano cup is very effective in curing and health care

D.real nano products haven’t become available for people

(3)The underlined word “properties” in the fourth paragraph probably means ________.





(4)What would be the best title for the passage?

A.High-tech Products

B.Nano Materials

C.High-teach Research

D.Nano Cups

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  Real Christmas trees on farms would not exist if people stopped buying them. Just one acre of growing Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirements for at least eighteen people.

  Christmas tree farms protect water supplies, stabilize soil, and help protect wildlife. The forests of North America spread over roughly the same area of land as they did a century ago and in the past ten years have in fact expanded by almost ten million acres. Furthermore, to guarantee a steady supply, one to three new seedlings are planted for every tree they harvest.

  With global warming being such a major concern, developing woodlands is an essential part of the fight. While potted trees are a better alternative than artificial(人工的), they require a certain amount of care. But it would be a better choice than a plastic tree which will remain under the ground for centuries once it's .

  On average, it takes a Christmas tree five to sixteen years to become mature. Before the Christmas tree industry appeared, people used to cut trees from forests, sometimes unlawfully, and usually with no concern for the possible harm to the forest. But today, Christmas tree growers plant as many as fifty million trees per year.

  Several districts have recycling programs that turn Christmas trees into mulch(覆盖物). For a small fee, the Boy Scouts will deal with it. Fake Christmas trees can’t be recycled, while real Christmas trees support life. We shouldn't add more pollution to our earth.

  If you know a needy family in need of a Christmas tree, buy them a real one. Give a live Christmas tree to someone this Christmas and what you do will help protect the environment.

(1)The underlined word "discarded" (in Paragraph 3) can be replaced by __________.





(2)According to the passage, real Christmas trees __________.

A.can't be recycled

B.need much care .

C.will stay under the ground

D.make the global warming worse .

(3)We may infer from the passage that the Boy Scouts will___________.

A.buy artificial Christmas trees

B. sell real Christmas trees

C.make artificial Christmas trees

D.recycle real Christmas trees

(4)The purpose of the passage is to call on people to _________.

A.plant real Christmas trees

B.stop cutting down Christmas trees

C.top buying fake Christmas trees

D.deal with plastic Christmas trees

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  “I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days.” – Hery David Thoreau.

  When Thoreau wrote that line, he was thinking of the Walden. Pond he knew as a boy.

  Woodchoppers(伐木者) and the  had not yet greatly damaged the beauty of its setting. A boy could go to the pond and lie on his back against the seat of a boat, lazily drifting from shore to shore while the loons dived and the swallows dipped around him. Thoreau loved to recall such sunny hours and summer days” when idleness was the most attractive and productive business.”

  I too was a boy in love with a pond, rich in sunny hours and summer days. Sun and summer are still what the always were, but the boy and the pond changed. The boy, who is now a man, no longer finds much time for idle drifting. The pond has been annexed by a great city. The swamps(沼泽地)where herons once hunted are now drained and filled with houses. The bay where water lilies(睡莲) quietly floated is now a harbor for motor boats. In short, everything that the boy loved no longer exists—except in the man’s memory of it.

  Some people insist that only today and tomorrow matter. But how much poorer we would be if we really lived by that rule! So much of what we do today is frivolous and futile and soon forgotten. So much of what we hope to do tomorrow never happens.

  The past is the bank in which we store our most valuable possession: the memories that give meaning and depth to our lives.

  Those who truly treasure the past will not regret the passing of the good old days, because days protected in memory are never lost. Death itself is powerless to still a remembered voice or erase a remembered smile. And for one boy who is now a man, there is a pond which neither time nor tide can change, where he can still spend a quiet hour in the sun.

(1)The underlined phrase "Iron Horse" (in Paragraph 3) probably refers to_______.

A.a means of transport

B.a type of animal

C.a kind of factory

D.a mud-rock flow

(2)In what way was the author similar to Thoreau?

A.Both of them tried to stop woodchoppers from cutting the trees.

B.Both of them enjoyed playing at a pond in summer.

C.Both of them were good at rowing boats.

D. Both of them were from rich families.

(3)The author thinks that it is wrong to_______.

A.forget the past.

B.damage the forests

C.ruin natural beauty

D.have hope for the future

(4)Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

A.Neither Today nor Tomorrow Matters

B.Memories of the Past to Be Treasured

C.Sunny Hours and Summer Days

D.In Love with A Pond

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  The first two and a half years of American control of the Panama Canal were devoted only to preparation for human- living.Energies were committed to establish suitable- houses, hotels, and kitchens.Food supplies were.built up and the ability of the existing Panama Railway system was increased.In addition, a large Panama Canal labor force was enrolled (招收) and organized under a civil government.With all this activity, the need for improved sanitation soon became apparent.Improving the unclean conditions was one of the greatest difficulties in building the Panama Canal.Colonel William C, Gorgas stepped up and took charge of improving these sanitary and working conditions.

  With the leadership of Gorgas, many new departments of sanitation were founded.Separate departments each undertook different tasks.Some health departments were in charge of hospitals, others in the management of health matters, and still others took charge of sanitation inspections.Committees were also formed to look after the basic welfare of the laborers.

  The sanitation work included clearing land, establishing quarantine(检疫) facilities, and taking care of sick and injured laborers in hospitals.On top of this, an operation under Gorgas1 command aimed to destroy the yellow fever and malaria carrying mosquitoes.

  The big wetlands surrounding the canal in certain areas were a great breeding(繁殖) ground for mosquitoes.In an attempt to solve some of the mosquito problems, the surrounding wetlands were drained (排干水) and filled.Various methods were used.This task was so big that the first two years of building the canal were largely dedicated to getting rid of the mosquitoes.In the end, these efforts were a success.By 1906, yellow fever was virtually wiped out in canal areas and the number of deaths caused by the other top disease, malaria, was also reduced significantly.

  With all these new health measures, the canal area has become one of the healthiest regions in the world.With the leadership of Gorgas, the department of sanitation helped to make the canal construction possible.

(1)This passage is mainly about_______.

A.the health measures during the construction of the Panama Canal

B.the leadership of Gorgas in the construction of the Panama Canal

C.the first two years of American control in the Panama Canal

D.the process of the construction of the Panama Canal

(2)Led by Gorgas, many departments were set up to do various tasks except_______.

A.inspect sanitation

B.watch over health matters

C.take charge of hospitals

D.enroll labor force

(3)What Colonel William C.Gorgas thought most important was to_______.

A.remove the grasses and bushes

B.establish quarantine equipment

C.destroy mosquitoes

D.attend to sick laborers in hospitals

(4)The author tells the readers-that_______.

A.yellow fever and malaria are caused by waters and wetlands

B.the wiping out of yellow fever reduced the number of malaria deaths

C.the climate in the canal areas was suitable for mosquitoes to grow

D.the two-year sanitation work stopped the outbreak of yellow fever

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  Vampire stories go back thousands of years.The acts we now associate with vampires, such as rising from the grave and drinking blood, were popularized by eastern European stories.

  Most early cultures created stories to explain things they didn't understand.For example, hair and nails continue to grow after people die, which has already been proved possible by modem science.

  These facts were unknown to most people in the 19th century, however.As a result, the legends surrounding such mysteries were kept alive.

  Count Dracula

  In 1897, Irish writer Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was published, spreading the vampire stories to a mass audience, hi the novel, the Count Dracula of Transylvania, a 500-year-old vampire, has drunk his country dry and must move to England in search of new victims.Dracula means "son of the dragon" or "son of the devil" in Romania.


  The story of a half-man, half-wolf beast is as old as that of vampires, and almost as varied.In most werewolf stories, however, a beast would silently enter settlements at night and steal a young child or an animal.

  The most common explanation of werewolf stories is that the beast was usually an ordinary wolf.The genetic disorder, which causes too much body hair, may also have helped to popularize the story.


  This is a fictional scientist created by British writer Mary Shelly in 1818.Dr Frankenstein lives in a castle and is so addicted to making living beings from parts of dead bodies that he refuses to marry.

  The story of Frankenstein may have been planted in Shelly's mind since she visited Castle Frankenstein in Germany, where an alchemist(炼金术士) tried to do experiments with the aim of making people live longer.

  The Invisible Man

  In HG Wells' 1897 story, a young scientist called Griffin, manages to make himself invisible.But he cannot find a way to become visible again.He then wants to make use of his super power but finally has gone mad.Wells' tale owes a great debt to Greek philosopher Plato's book Republic.

(1)The best title for this passage should be_______.

A.Origins of Ghosts

B.Tales of Horror

C.Exciting Stories

D.Science Fictions

(2)The people in the 19th century did NOT know_______.

A.why vampires drank blood

B.why dead people rose from the grave

C.that vampires always kept their nails

D.that hair could continue to grow after people died

(3)What do most of the werewolf stories have in common according to the passage?

A.The beast often silently entered settlements at night and stole a little child.

B.The werewolf was in genetic disorder and so had a lot of body hair.

C.An ordinary wolf would enter settlements at night and steal a child.

D.The beast was sometimes a half-man and sometimes a half-wolf.

(4)Which of the following statements is right about Frankenstein and the Invisible Man?

A.They were produced based on the writers' real experience.

B.They were the producers of science and technology.

C.They were not well suited to their surroundings.

D.They were folk legends in the writers' homeland.

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All 34 0f my students I taught at Saint Mary's School in Morris, Minnesota were dear to me,    but Mark was one in a million. His happy-to-be-alive attitude made even his occasional naughtiness(1)_______.

Mark(2)_______constantly in class. I had Io remind him again and again that talking without permission was(3)_______.What(4)_______me so much, though, was his sincere response every time I had to(5)_______him for misbehaving "Thank you for correcting me, Madam!" I didn't know what to make of it at first, but before long I became(6)_______hearing it many times a day.

One morning my(7)_______was growing thin when Mark talked once too often. I(8)_______Mark,

“If you say one more word, I am going to tape your mouth shut!"

It wasn't ten seconds later(9)_______Chuck blurted out(脱口说出), “Mark is talking again.” I hadn’t asked any of the students to help me(10)_______Mark, but since I had stated the(11)_______in

front of the class, I had to act on if.

Taking out a roll of masking tape(胶纸带)from the drawer(抽屉)of my desk, I(12)_______to Mark's desk,(13)_______two pieces of tape and made a big X with them over his(14)_______.I then returned to the(15)_______the room.

As I glanced at Mark to see how he was doing, he winked(眨眼)at me naughtily. That he did so funnily! I started(16)_______.The entire class(17)_______as l walked back to Mark's desk,   (18)_______the tape, and shrugged my shoulders. His first(19)_______were, "Thank you for correcting me, Madam!”

Several years passed until one cold rainy day when my father(20)_______the news to me that Mark was killed in Vietnam war, I broke down and cried in my heart, "Mark, l would give all the masking tape in the world if only you could talk to me!"

(1)A.attractive B.delightful C. striking D. annoying

(2)A.talked B. argued C. quarreled D. disrupted

(3)A.troublesome B. shameful C. irresponsible D. unacceptable

(4)A.annoyed B. impressed C. puzzled D. delighted

(5)A.punish B. blame C. correct D. scold

(6)A.accustomed to B. unbearable of C. fond of D. curious in

(7)A.body         B. patience    C. confidence      D. spirit

(8)A.warned B. advised C. asked D. frightened

(9)A.then B. when C. after D.until

(10)A.criticize B. report C. watch D. inform

(11)A.opinion B. view C. punishment D. evidence

(12)A.threw B. flew C. walked D. pointed

(13)A.tore off B. put up C. cut into D. took out

(14)A.face B. mouth C. hand D. head

(15)A.back B. center C. front D. entrance

(16)A.screaming B. laughing C. complaining D. criticizing

(17)A.cheered B. protested C. froze D. disturbed

(18)A.stuck B. fastened C. recovered D. removed

(19)A.expectations ' B. responses C. movements D. words

(20)A.indicated B. broke C. presented D. unfolded

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As the College Entrance Examination is drawing near, ……

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