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单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

21. The fast popularity of cloud computing means netizens will need to take added measures to make sure their data stay __________in the digital age.





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27. — Well, lost again!

— It is not very important . We _____ forget about it. OK?

Acannot but

Bhave to

Cmight well

Dmight as well

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26. More and more people prefer jogging in the morning, _______ benefits for health arise from the air rich in oxygen.





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25. After graduation from college, Joe ______ for a year seeing the country before he went to work in his father’s business.

Aknocked about

Bknocked over

Cknocked down

Dknocked off

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24. — Dad, we _________ the zoo-trip you promised us last week.

— Sorry my girls. I _______ to take you there this week, but I’ve been too busy.

Aexpect; intend

Bhad expected; had intended

Care expecting; had intended

Dexpected; intend

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23. __________ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later.




DTo base

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22. What Chinese lawmakers begin to consider is a proposed revision to the country's Food Safety Law, ________ includes mandatory(强制性) labeling of GM food.


Bone which

Cone that

Dthe one that

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35. — Ken, ___________, but your TV is going too loud.

— Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll turn it down right now.

AI’d like to talk with you

BI’m really tired

CI need your help

DI hate to say this

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34. Owing to heavy traffic jams, many people would like to choose the train ______ driving.

Ain preference to

Bin addition to

Cin answer to

Din relation to

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33.    — Thank you very much for giving me a hand when I was in trouble.

— Don’t mention it. I only did what anyone else _______ in my place.

Amust do

Bcould have done

Cwould do

Dcan have done

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32. As to the long-term effects of global warming some believe that the damage has been done, ______________________.

Aotherwise we take steps to make up now

Bnow that we take steps to make up

Cwhether we take steps to make up now or not

Dunless we take steps to make up now

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31. He glanced through the guide book, ___________ only those pages __________.

Areading, concerned

Bto read, concerned

Chaving read, concerning

Dreading, concerning

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30. What best quality ______ most people _______ in others is the willingness to admit one’s mistakes.

Awhich, approve

B/, appreciate

Cthat, impress

Dwhere, regard

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29. Theoretically, a good screwdriver should last a lifetime, but it rarely___________, usually because it is used at one time or another as ___________ some other tool.

Ashould, a favor for

Bshould, a lack of

Cdoes, a way of

Ddoes, a substitute for

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28. Not until _________________ the better qualities in ourselves ____________ expect to find them in others.

Ahave we developed; can we

Bwe have developed; that can we

Cwe have developed; can we

Dcan we develop; that we will

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共105分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


  On Christmas Day in 2003,Nancy Brown went to see the film Cheaper by the Dozen at an AMC movie theater.The theater was ___36___. When the film was over,Brown,then 63,folllowedthe large audience through the hall toward the  ___37___ . As she passed the Concession Stand(小卖部),she    ____38 ___  tripped and fell to the ground.

  About ten minutes ___39___ , an AMC employee had mopped up a spilled drink in the area and____40___  a sign saying Wet Floor over the spot.It was an A-flame sign—the kind used by  ___41___everywhere—made of bright yellow plastic,with CAUTION   ___42___  red capital letters across the top.

  The sign had.__43____一probably heavily stepped by the crowd_一and Brown hadn’t  seen it lying ____44____on the floor.“There were people all around me,”she explained.“___45____ I had been looking down,I probably ____46____  have run into them."Her left foot ____47____ in the handle of the sign,and she fell forward,hit her forehead on the floor.An ambulance _48_ her to the hospital.

  She had broken several bones in her left foot,so she had to_49_ a cast (石膏) for four months.

  Two years later,Brown had back surgery to rid _50_ of injuries she believed she’dsuffered in the fall.A month after the __51____ ,in December 2005,Brown and her husband__52____ AMC,claiming the movie—theater chain should__53____ for her injury caused by a “tripping risk”in an area that they knew would be“trafficked by customers.”The Browns __54____ $383,000 to cover pain and suffering and medical __55____  .  AMC’s lawyer,Christopher Ziegler,wondered,

  “Where else would you put a Wet Floor sign than where people are walking?’’

36.A.organized    B.deserted            C. crowded                D. furnished

37.A.exit            B. entrance            C. stage                D. window

38.A.simply        B.particularly        C. gradually            D. suddenly

39.A.earlier        B. later            C. sooner                D. longer

40.A.removed        B.placed              C. collected            D. hid

41.A.hotels        B. restaurants        C. businesses            D. offices

42.A.on            B. by                 C. through                D. in

43.A.got over        B. fallen over        C. run over                D. taken over

44.A.flat            B. open                C. close                D. quiet

45.A.When            B. After            C. If                    D. Unless

46.A.should            B. must            C. may            D. would

47.A.burst            B. caught        C. lost            D. pulled

48.A.ran                B. picked        C. rushed        D. dropped

49.A.wear                B.dress        C.hold            D. hang

50.A.themselves        B.herself        C.oneself        D. itself

51.A.operation        B.accident        C.fall           D. injury

52.A.challenged        B.accused        C.criticized   D. mentioned

53.A.stand            B. change        C.long            D. account

54.A.offered           B.refused        C.paid         D. demanded

55.A.profits            B.funds        C.expenses        D. fares

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  Alfred Nobel became a millionaire and changed the ways of mining, construction, and warfare as the inventor of dynamite(炸药). On April 12, 1888, Alfred's brother Ludwig died of heart a  __76__     . A major French newspaper m   __77___  his brother for him and carried an article a    __78__  that Alfred Nobel died. “The merchant of death is dead.” the article r   __79__   . “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.” Nobel was upset to find out  __80 _____   that he had died, but that he would be thought of only as one who  __81__ (受益) from death and destruction when his time was up.

  To make sure that he was remembered with love and respect, Nobel arranged in his   __82  _____ (遗嘱) to give the largest part of his money to establish the Nobel prizes, which would be a __83__ to people who made great c ____84__  to the causes of peace, literature, and the sciences. So basically, Nobel had to die before he realized  ____85__his life was really about.

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  Moby-Dick (1851) is a novel by Herman Melville, considered an outstanding work of Romanticism and the American Renaissance. Ishmael narrates the crazy quest of Ahab, captain of the whaler Pequod, for revenge(报仇) on Moby Dick, a white whale which on a previous voyage destroyed Ahab's ship and severed his leg at the knee.

  Our narrator, Ishmael, signs up as sailor on a whaling voyage to cure depression. On board the Pequod, Ishmael meets the mate − honest Starbuck. Captain Ahab remains in his cabin and never shows himself to the crew.

  Just when Ishmael’s curiosity about Ahab has reached a fever pitch, Ahab starts appearing on deck – and we find out that he’s missing one leg. When Starbuck asks if it was Moby Dick, the famous White Whale, that took off his leg, Ahab admits that it was and forces the entire crew to swear that they will help him hunt Moby Dick to the ends of the earth and take revenge for his injury.

  Despite first mate Starbuck’s worries and a variety of bad omens (e.g., all the navigational instruments break, a typhoon tries to push the ship backwards, and the Pequod encounters other ships that have lost crewmembers because of Moby Dick), Ahab insists on continuing to pursue the whale.

  Finally, just when we think the novel’s going to end without ever seeing this famous White Whale, Ahab sights him and the chase is on. For three days, Ahab pursues Moby Dick, sending whaling boat after whaling boat after him – only to see each one wrecked (使下沉)by the whale. Finally, at the end of the third day, the White Whale attacks the ship itself, and the Pequod goes down with all hands. 
      Even while his ship is sinking, Ahab, in his whaling boat, throws his harpoon at Moby Dick one last time. He misses, catching himself around the neck with the rope and causing his own drowning death.

72. We can infer from the passage that ________.

A. Ishmael signs up as sailor for making a fortune.

B. The crew on board the Pequod was unwilling to help the captain to hunt Moby Dick

C. The captain was very kind to the crew on board the Pequod

D. The captain successfully captured Moby Dick and returned home.

73. The underlined word “omens ”in paragraph 5 most probably means ________.

A. troubles

B. accidents

C. stories

D. signs

74. What does the author think of Captain Ahab?

A. Selfish

B. Knowledgeable

C. Considerate

D. Bad-tempered

75. In a newspaper, this passage is most probably in the section of ________.

A. Lifestyle

B. Travel

C. Career

D. Entertainment

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  Maya Angelou, the American poet and author, died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Wednesday. She was 86. Her son, Guy B Johnson, confirmed the news in a statement. He said Angelou "passed away quietly in her home" sometime before 8 am on Wednesday.

  Angelou’s failing health was reported as recently as Tuesday, when she canceled an appearance honoring her with a Beacon of Life Award for “health reasons”. The ceremony was part of the 2014 MLB Beacon Award Luncheon, in Houston, Texas, part of Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights Games. Last month, forced to cancel an appearance at a library in Arkansas, she wrote: "An unexpected condition put me into the hospital. I will be getting better and the time will come when I can receive another invitation from my state and you will recognize me for I shall be the tall Black lady smiling. "

  Angelou was born Marguerite Annie Johnson, in St Louis, Missouri, in 1928.She survived several personal trials: she was a child of the Depression, grew up in the segregated(种族隔离的) south, and gave birth as a teenager. She wrote seven autobiographies, including the 1969 memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and was a playwright, director and novelist.

  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was a condemnation(谴责) of the racial discrimination she experienced during her childhood. "If growing up is painful for the southern black girl," she wrote, "being aware of her displacement is the rust(铁锈) on the razor that threatens the throat. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” has had a wide appeal and continues to appear on school and university reading lists in the US and the UK.

  In 1993, she read her poem On the Pulse of the Morning at President Clinton's first inauguration(就职演说), a performance that made the poem a bestseller. The poem celebrates the diversity of ethnic groups in the US, and calls on the nation to leave behind cynicism and look forward to a new pride in itself, and a new belief for the country. Clinton on Wednesday said he would "always be grateful for all the years of friendship that followed. America has lost a national treasure, and Hillary and I a beloved friend."

  Angelou was a long-time Clinton supporter. One month before his inauguration, she told the New York Times: “Since the election, I have found it easier to wake up in the morning.” And her loyalty to Hillary Clinton has been steadfast, even as Barack Obama campaigned to be America's first black president.

  The mayor of Winston-Salem, Allen Joines, said the town would probably remember Angelou best for her commitment to health and theatre. She supported the founder of the National Black Theater Festival, and eventually became its first chairperson in 1989. In 2012, the Maya Angelou Women’s Health and Wellness Center opened in the city. Despite her many accomplishments, the mayor said small moments seemed to touch the poet. In April 2008, the town threw Angelou an 80th birthday party. Despite entertainers and speakers present at the party, the mayor said, “The thing that seemed to touch her the most was a group of little kids.”

68. Maya Angelou was ________ .

A. originally named Marguerite Annie Johnson and a black female poet.

B. first confirmed to be ill last month in Arkansas and put into hospital.

C. honored with Civil Rights Award in Major League Baseball Games.

D. described as the national treasure by the mayor of her hometown.

69. We can NOT infer from the passage that ________.

A. Angelou's unhappy experience as a black girl in the south inspired her writings.

B. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and On the Pulse of the Morning were among her most famous works.

C. Angelou supported Barack Obama when he campaigned to be President

D. Angelou died peacefully in her home on a Wednesday morning in 2014.

70. The underlined sentence "...being aware of her displacement is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat." implies that ________

A. Her being away from her parents is like a sharp razor that brings much pain.

B. Her realization that she doesn't belong here makes her feel emotionally painful.

C. People who think she is different from others threaten to kill her with a razor.

D. People's refusal to accept her makes her want to cut her throat with a razor.

71. Which one is true according to the passage?

A. In America, Angelou's accomplishments in health and theatre were best remembered.

B. Angelou was the founder and chairperson of the National Black Theater Festival.

C. A group of children moved her the most on her 80th birthday party.

D. Clinton's performance of the poem On the Pulse of the Morning made it a bestseller.

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  Why choose National Express?

  When you travel with us we want to ensure you're safe, comfortable and arrive at your destination on time. This is why we've made some significant improvements to our services and added new and exciting tools to make sure travelling with us is an easy and relaxing experience.

  You go there, we go there

  We go to hundreds of towns, cities and airports across the UK. We've over 550 coaches covering 70 million miles a year, so if there's somewhere you want to go, then chances are we go there too.

  Safe, modern coaches

  A total of 25 million pounds has been invested on over 100 coaches in the last year. Most of our coaches now have leather seats and headrests, ample legroom, power sockets for charging mobiles, tablets and laptops and a toilet on board. For your safety, all our coaches are fitted with the latest safety features as standard. Please turn to page 4-5 for more safety information.

  Coach Tracker

  Why not use Coach Tracker while travelling with us, or tell your friends and relatives to use it to track where your coaches is in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Simply visit nationalexpresss.com/coachtracker and follow the on-screen instructions.

  Assisted travel

  The majority of our coaches have an easy-access passenger lift at the front of the coach, providing step free access to wheelchair users and anyone with reduced mobility. We can also offer practical assistance along the way to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. Call 03717 818181 for more information.

  Greener journey

  Travelling by coaches is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport. Our coaches emit up to five times less CO2 per passenger, per kilometer than an average car.


  If you are looking to book a ticket on the go you can use our mobile site, which your smartphone or tablet will automatically direct you to when you visit our website.

  Satellite tracking

  We track the majority of our coaches using a satellite tracking system. We know exactly where our coaches are at any given time, and can reroute them should there be any avoidable traffic block. We're committed to getting you to your destination safely and on time.

  Thanks for choosing to travel with us. We've created this booklet to keep you up-to-date on our safety information and improvements. Whether you are travelling with us to the airport or visiting your favorite destination, sit back, relax and familiarize yourself with the safety features and facilities on board.

64. From the passage, we can know that ________

A. National Express invests 25 million on its coaches every year.

B. Disabled passengers have easy access to every National Express coach.

C. A National Express coach emits less CO2 than an average four-seat car.

D. Family members can have National Express passenger’s real-time location through Coach Tracker.

65. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The booklet on National Express has at least 5 pages.

B. You can call 03717 818181 for more information on mobility issues.

C. Most coaches now have leather seats, headsets, tablets and a toilet onboard.

D. Most coaches can change their route to avoid traffic jams by satellite tracking.

66. The passage is intended to _________ .

A. inform you of the safety features and latest improvements of the coaches

B. introduce the onboard facilities and tools for your safe and comfortable travel

C. keep you up-to-date on the safety information and improvements

D. promote and advertise the coach service offered by National Express

67. What is true about the National Express?

A. It is a company located in the US that offers coach service nationwide.

B. If you visit its website, a ticket will automatically be booked for you.

C. It aims to provide safe, relaxing and punctual service for its customers.

D. Its coach has step free lifts at both ends of the coach.

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  Television has changed the lifestyle of people in every industrialized country in the world. In the United States, where sociologists have studied the effects, some interesting observations have been made.

  Television, although not essential, has become an important part of most people’s lives. It alters people’s ways of seeing the world; in many ways, it supports and sustains (维持) modern life.

  Television has become a baby-sitter, an introducer of conversations, the major transmitter of culture, and a keeper of tradition. Yet when what can be seen on TV in one day is critically analyzed, it becomes evident that television is not a teacher but a sustainer; the poor quality of programming does not elevate (提高) people into greater understanding, but rather maintains and encourages the life as it exists.

  The primary reason for the lack of quality in American television is related to both the history of TV programming development and the economics of TV. Television in America began with the radio. Radio companies and their sponsors first experimented with television. Therefore, the close relationship which the advertisers had with radio programs became the system for American TV. Sponsors not only paid money for time within programs, but many actually produced the programs. Thus, in American society, television is primarily concerned with reflecting and attracting society rather than experimenting with new ideas. Advertisers want to attract the largest viewing audience possible. To do so requires that the programs be entertaining rather than educational, attractive rather than challenging.

  Television in America today remains, to a large extent, with the same organization and standards as it had thirty years ago. The hope for further development and true achievement toward improving society will require a change in the entire system.

60. According to the author, American television is poor in quality because _________.
A. it is controlled by radio companies
B. the programs have to be developed partly for economic reasons
C. advertisers are interested in experimenting with new ideas
D. it is still at an early stage of development, compared with the radio

61. In the author’s view, American TV should _________.
A. be entertaining and attractive
B. reflect society and attract society
C. attract as many viewers as possible
D. change with the development of society

62. Based on the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. TV has become a must in the American’s life.
B. One can expect to improve his understanding significantly from watching TV.
C. American TV is important to most people as it affects their life in many ways.
D. American TV nowadays has some different standards from the past.

63. The author’s attitude towards American television is _________.
A. negative

B. positive

C. indifferent

D. sympathetic

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  Merchant and passenger ships are generally required to have a life preserver for every person aboard and in many cases, a certain percentage of smaller sizes for children. According to United States requirements, life preservers must be simple in design, reversible( 可翻转的), capable of being quickly adjusted to fit the uninitiated individual, and must be so designed as to support the wearer in the water in an upright or slightly backward position.

  Sufficient buoyancy(浮力) to support the wearer should be retained by the life preserver after 48 hours in the water, and it should be reliable even after long period of storage. Thus it should be made of materials resistant to sunlight, gasoline, and oils, and it should be not easily set on fire. The position in which the life preserver will support a person who jumps or falls into the water is the most important thing, as is its tendency to turn the wearer in the water from a face-down position to an upright or slightly backward position, with his face clear of the water, even when the wearer is exhausted or unconscious.

  The method of adjustment to the body should be simple, and self-evident to uninitiated individuals even in the dark under the confused conditions, which follow a disaster. Thus, the life preserver should be reversible so that it is nearly impossible to set it on wrong. Catches, straps, and ties should be kept to a minimum. In addition, the life preserver must be adjustable to the wide variety of shapes and sizes of wearers, since this greatly affects the position of floating and the self-righting qualities. A suitable life preserver should also be comfortable to wear at all times, in and out of the water, not so heavy as to encourage to take it off on shipboard while the ship is in danger, nor so burdensome that it hinders a person in the water while trying to swim.

56. The passage is mainly about_____________.

A. the uses of life preservers

B. the design of life preservers

C. the materials for life preservers

D. the buoyancy of life preservers

57. According to the passage, a life preserver should be first of all, _________.

A . adjustable

B. comfortable

C. self-evident

D. self-righting

58. United States Coast Guard does NOT require the life preserver to be made ______.

A. with as few strings as possible

B. capable of being worn on both sides

C. according to each wearer's size

D. comfortable and light to wear

59. By “the uninitiated individual” (Para. 1, Line. 4) the author refers to the person ______.

A. who has not been instructed how to use a life preserver

B. who has a little experience in using a life preserver

C. who uses a life preserver without permission

D. who becomes nervous before a disaster

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请认真阅读下面的引语(quotation), 按要求写一篇短文。

Imagination is more important than knowledge. ——Albert Einstein



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