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单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

1. —Shall we put off the experiment till next week?

     —         . I don’t think our teacher will be happy with it.

ANever mind

BSure, go ahead

CYes, better not

DI’d rather not

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2. Most of his works didn’t gain the international           they deserved until his death.





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3. -Did you note down what the teacher said?

    -Sorry. I           my Iphone 6 just now.

Ahad played

Bhave played

Cwould play

Dwas playing

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4. The 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine was           to Chinese female scientist To Youyou, who discovered Qinghaosu in 2011.





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5. We have been told that the contract is           for one year starting from the fifteenth of June of this year.





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6.           a reply, he decided to write another letter to the personal manager about his job application.

ANot receiving

BReceiving not

CNot having received

DHaving not received

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7.           that developed countries want to limit the development of the developing countries in the climate conference in Copenhagen.

AIt is no possibility

BIt is no need

CThere is no denying

DThere is no chance

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8. The presidents of America and Canada hold regular meetings,           they can discuss ways to strengthen security cooperation between the two countries.





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9. Only under special circumstances           to take make-up tests.

Aare freshmen permitted

Bfreshmen are permitted

Cpermitted are freshmen

Dare permitted freshmen

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10.However frequently he          in doing the experiment, he never loses his confidence. 


Bgets defeated

Cwas defeated

Dwill defeat[来源:学*科*网Z*X*X*K]

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11. How I wish I that skirt when it was available! Ugh! I regret it every time.

Ahave bought


Chad bought

Dwould have bought

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12. Jim knows little about computer, so his wife thinks he can’t           the development of times.

Akeep pace with

Btake advantage of

Cthrow light on

Dput enthusiasm into

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13. When she was in trouble, I did what I could to help her.           my help, she wrote me a letter of thanks.

AIn honor of

BIn case of

CIn terms of

DIn return for

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14. —Sorry, Dad! I failed in the final examination.

      —Oh, it’s too bad. You           have made full preparations.





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15. After receiving the first prize for the Chinese Bridge in China, Mary went on           all the people who had helped in her Chinese study.


Bto thank

Chaving thanked

Dto have thanked

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。


Ever since my childhood, I wanted to grow up and do something good for society. Specifically, I had always dreamed of establishing houses for tramps(流浪汉). But I faced a big —I used to have trouble speaking freely with people—speaking to others always made

me nervous. I realized if I wanted to advance, being too was something that I must overcome in my life.

During my first week of college, I a LEAD orientation(培训) program. After the program, I learned about how so many students

are and becoming “leaders”. I saw the program as a opportunity. I joined because it was good for my growth. In LEAD, I completed projects. So many changes happened in me that people were convinced I really . One project was to collect old . I formed a team of 13 other “leaders”. My team and I every home and asked people to donate their second-hand clothes. We gave them to the homeless. My project was and the exciting result was even covered in newspaper. My success also 20 other students to LEAD.

The other project was to combine my singing talent with society. I conducted a singing competition for young children

to . These kids usually didn’t get much exposure to these activities, I wanted to give them a platform to show their talents. And later I realized my dream—I finally set up a house for the homeless.

LEAD made me open my mouth, and my heart. This helped me more friends. I’m really grateful for the support and from LEAD. Now, I feel proud of myself; I feel like I’ve done something in my life. I believe that as long as you are to practice, you will become stronger in life.





















































Aput down

Bdropped in at

Cpaid attention to

Dset about

















Aget through

Bmake up for

Cput up with

Dparticipate in


























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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2.5分,共12.5分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Welcome to Iceland, a land that comes across as being a unique and beautiful destination. It is open to visitors who like to study an unknown course, and everything about Iceland waits to be explored. Here are just a lot of places you can take on...


Dettifoss waterfalls, located 90 km from the town Húsavík , is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. You can access the waterfall either by hiking or driving down along the road leading to the falls. The access roads, however, remain closed during the winter months. That is from January to April.


Landmannalaugar or the people’s pools, is a major tourist attraction in Iceland. Known as the heart for hikers, the area is popular for hot springs. Open only during summers, it is accessible from Thorsmork Biking in this area. However, it is relatively difficult, and is recommended only for trained mountain bikers.


Reykjavik , which actually means “Steamy Bay”, got its name from the sight of steam rising from the geothermal hot springs, which attracted the Vikings when they landed at the bay. You can relax by hiking, or go fishing in the Elliea River. Don’t forget to go skinny-dipping in the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal(地热的) pool in the area.


Gotafoss, also known as the waterfall of the gods, is one of the most impressive attractions in Iceland. Located on the Skjalfandafljot river flowing south of road 1 or the Ring road, it is easily accessible, thus attracting tourists and divers alike. As the story goes, it was these falls that the Lawspeaker Thorgeir Ljosvetningagoti threw the statues of his Norse gods into, hence giving it the name Gotafoss.


Known to be a museum of ice sculptures, Jökulsárlón is a large glacier lake on the South Eastern border. The lake which is around 200 meters deep is home to some of the big icebergs. During the summer months, you can use boat rides that will take you face to face with the ice sculptures that melt away splendidly. In the winters, you will spot a number of seals and the great Skua at the lake.

36. The writer’s purpose in writing the passage is to .

Apraise the beauty of nature in Iceland

Bpersuade more people to visit the places in Iceland

Ctell people the culture and history of Iceland

Dattract more people to explore the fields in Iceland online

37. When you travel in Iceland, you will enjoy the natural attractions except .

Asplendid waterfall

Bice sculpture

Cstone beaches

Dhot springs

38. The name of Gotafoss is given .

Abecause of its surroundings

Bbecause of the people there

Cbecause of its location

Dbecause of a story

39. Which two places have the same attraction?

ADettifoss and Gotafoss

BJökulsárlón and Dettifoss

CGotafoss and Landmannalaugar

DLandmannalaugar and Jökulsárlón

40. It can be inferred from the passage that .

Awe can enjoy swimming in Reykjavik

BIceland now is totally powered by the sun

Cwe can see some attractions only in summer

Din winter we can drive down the road to visit waterfall

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2.5分,共12.5分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


I can tell you from experience, both private and public schools have one thing in common. Look around your school. What do you see? Beautiful buildings? Good teachers? I’ll tell you what I see: the need to have the most expensive clothing, newest phone, most expensive car, etc. Think about it. Do you find yourself wanting to one-up (胜过) your friends? Be honest. I know I have at some point in time.

In my school parking lot, for example, there are more BWM’s and Mercedes than one could possibly imagine. When I look at my 2006 Honda CRV, the butterflies in my stomach start flapping their wings wildly. Do people look at me differently because my car is old?

What about my phone? What about text messaging? Earlier this year in my statistics class my teacher asked our class how many texts each student received in the past 24 hours. My count was twelve. Twenty minutes later, people started to come up with the answers of 200 or more. I firmly believe that people were in competition with each other. Who could get the most texts? Having only twelve texts sent to me made me feel terrible. Was it bad that hardly anyone had texted me? My teacher would never have thought that his question which intended a better understanding of the course made me uncomfortable.

How about the difference between grade levels in high school? Come on. There is a distinct difference from being a senior and a freshman. At gatherings, the senior class boos(喝倒彩) every other grade, sometimes causing fights. Being a senior, I don’t want to make negative comments on people in other grade levels. High school is hard enough as it is. Freshman, sophomores and juniors don’t need four hundred students to remind them.

Trying to impress everyone is hard. Most of the stress we have as teens is living up to everyone else’s expectations. The only people we need to impress are ourselves. Be in competition with yourself and you’ll live a happier life.

41.What is the common thing between private and public schools according to the writer?

AGood teaching resources.

BHaving a beautiful environment.

CGreat need for advanced technology.

DStudents’ competition for material things.

42. How does a person feel if he has a butterfly in his stomach?





43. Why did the teacher ask the students about the number of the texts they received?

AHe wanted to learn about their social habits.

BHe wanted to make his class interesting.

CIt was connected with what he was teaching.

DHe tried to stop them texting in his class.

44. We can learn from the fourth paragraph that .[来源:学*科*网Z*X*X*K]

Athe writer is a considerate person

Bthe writer finds it hard to get on well with others

Cstudents in lower grades should be reminded to behave well

Dfights and quarrels are common between different grades

45. To live a happier life, teens are advised .

Ato stop buying expensive things

Bto stop competing with others

Cto do things as they are expected

Dto leave a good impression on others

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2.5分,共12.5分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


A study of school design has discovered that school design can influence a child’s development by as much as 25 percent—over the course of an academic year. The 751 pupils using 34 classrooms across seven primary schools in Blackpool were studied by the University of Salford. Standardized data—such as age, gender(性别) and academic performance—were collected on each child at the start and end of the year, while each classroom was evaluated for quality on ten different environmental factors, such as direction for natural light, shape, color and temperature.

The results, published in Building and the Environment, showed that the architecture and design of classrooms has an important role to play in influencing academic performance. Six of the environmental factors—color, choice, connection, complexity, flexibility and light—were clearly correlated with grade scores.

Architect Peter Barrett, the study’s head author, said, “This is the first time a whole assessment has been made that successfully links the overall impact directly to learning rates in schools. The impact identified is in fact greater than we imagined.” According to the results, once the differences between the “worst” and “best” designed classrooms in the study were taken into account, it was found that the influence that “best” designed classrooms bring is equivalent(相等的) to the progress that a typical pupil would be expected to make over a year.

The results are particularly interesting as the government has introduced a controversial series of standardized templates(模板) for new school buildings, with the purpose of reducing the costs of hiring architects. The opinion on a range of strictly-defined design features replaces the previous Labour government’s more architecturally luxurious Building Schools for the Future program, which was canceled by education secretary Michael Gove. He has claimed that his department’s new Priority School Building Program, and its basic plans, will put an end to a situation which he believes existed only to “make architects richer”.

46. It can be inferred that the standardized data .

Awere based on ten environmental factors

Bwere collected twice in an academic year

Cwere collected by the University of Salford in person

Dwere changeable because of the school environment

47. The underlined phrase “correlated with” has the closest meaning to .

Aassociated with

Bcompared to

Cunconcerned with

Dbased on

48. What did Peter Barrett think of the result of the study?

AIt was not believable.

BIt was wonderful.

CIt was arguable.

DIt was against his expectations.

49. Why did Michael Gove cancel the program?

ABecause the program didn’t reach the standard.

BBecause standardized templates were not finally decided.

CBecause the program was made by the previous government.

DBecause it was against the government’s demand for cost saving.

50. What’s the best title for the passage?

ASchool Design Can Greatly Affect Teachers’ Life

BSchool Design Can Greatly Affect Teachers’ Work

CSchool Design Can Greatly Affect Children’s Interest

DSchool Design Can Greatly Affect Children’s Grades

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2.5分,共12.5分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


To say that the child learns by imitation and that the way to teach is to set a good example oversimplifies. No child imitates every action he sees. Sometimes, the example the parent wants him to follow is ignored while he takes over contrary patterns from some other example. Therefore we must turn to a more subtle theory than “Monkey see, monkey do.”

Look at it from the child’s point of view. Here he is in a new situation, lacking a ready response. He is seeking a response which will gain certain ends. If he lacks a ready response for the situation, and cannot reason out what to do, he observes a model who seems able to get the right result. The child looks for an authority or expert who can show what to do.

There is a second element at work in this situation. The child may be able to attain his immediate goal only to find that his method brings criticism from people who observe him. When shouting across the house achieves his immediate end of delivering a message, he is told emphatically that such a racket(叫嚷) is unpleasant, that he should walk into the next room and say his say quietly. Thus, the desire to solve any objective situation is overlaid with the desire to solve it properly. One of the early things the child learns is that he gets more affection and approval when his parents like his response. Then other adults reward some actions and criticize others. If one is to maintain the support of others and his own self-respect, he must adopt responses his social group approves.

In finding trial responses, the learner does not choose models at random. He imitates the person who seems a good person to be like, rather than a person whose social status he wishes to avoid. If the pupil wants to be a good violinist, he will observe and try to copy the techniques of capable players; while some other person may most influence his approach to books.

Admiration of one quality often leads us to admire a person as a whole, and he becomes an identifying figure. We use some people as models over a wide range of situations, imitating much that they do. We learn that they are dependable and rewarding models because imitating them leads to success.

51. By the last sentence of the first paragraph, the author .

Acompares children’s behaviors to monkey’s

Btells us that children do not learn by imitation

Cthinks it is partial to regard imitation as “Monkey see, monkey do.”

Dmeans that children should not learn by imitating their parents

52. The first element at work when a child learns by imitation is .

Athe need to find a way to attain the desired goal

Bthe desire to be acknowledged by his social group

Cthe desire to find an expert and authority

Dthe need to find a way to avoid criticism

53. According to the third paragraph, besides achieving his goals, a child should also learn to .

Aattain his desired results as soon as possible

Bshow his love for his parents and friends

Ctalk in a low voice

Dbehave properly

54. It can be inferred that children usually imitate people .

Awho do not scold them

Bwho they want to be like

Cwho have a high social status

Dwho give them many rewards

55. The last two paragraphs are mainly about .

Ahow children learn by imitation

Bthe motive of children’s imitation

Chow children choose models

Dhow imitation influence children’s growth

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共10分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


16-year-old Laresce Brown has become the strongest schoolgirl in the UK. She says her success is due to a joint condition, which used to engender great pain.

Laresce has six British and World Champion power-lifting records under her belt. Yet until just two years ago, a condition called hypermobility left her in so much pain that she was unable to take part in sport. Rather than letting her illness limit her life, Laresce took inspiration from her father, and began weight-lifting. This put an end to her pain, and she became a champion in her field.

Laresce loves to dance and she was a keen Morris dancer at the age of eleven. After that, she had to face daily pain in her knees, elbows and hands. She was forced to miss several days of school each month, due to pain and the lack of sleep that caused.

However, she is now effectively cured, since taking up the sport of power-lifting 18 months ago.

Laresce’s position as Britain’s strongest power-lifter for her age is down to her spirit and determination. To ensure her success, Laresce must train for eight hours a week. “ I really enjoyed the feeling of power I got and the excitement of people encouraging me to do my best. Becoming a champion was a big surprise—I just started off for fun and I was not expecting anything. So to win six titles was amazing,” she said.

Laresce’s father said, “Being the father of such a high-achieving teen, I couldn’t be more proud. She’s truly the apple of my eye and has worked so hard to be where she is today. She’s made us all so happy, and I feel we all enjoy a bright future together thanks to her.”

56. What does the underlined word “engender” in Para. 1 probably mean? (1 word)

57. What achievements has Laresce got? (no more than 8 words)

58. What helped her defeat the illness? (no more than 8 words)

59. Why did she think winning six titles was amazing? (no more than 15 words)

60. What do you think of Laresce Brown? (no more than 25 words)

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书面表达 本大题共25分。


上周末,来自英国的交换学生Tim 随代表团到你们学校进行为期两天的访问,作为接待家庭,你参加了这次活动。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,介绍参加这次活动的完整过程,给学校英文投稿。

注意:1、文章开头已为你写好,不计入总词; 2、词数不少于100。

We had some British exchange students in our school last week. As a host brother, I’d like to share some happy experiences with you.

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