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If you're dreaming of a white Christmas,don't go to Key West. As winter spreads over the northern UnitedStates, Key West, Florida, with its tropical (热带的) weather, white sand beaches, and lively nightlife, is a popular escape.Conch Republic

A conch is a type of sea shell that has become a symbol of the Florida Keys. On April 23,

1982, part joke and part objection, the Florida Keys declared their "independence". They

surrendered (投降) after one minute. Although they were never independent, residents (居民) of

the Florida Keys celebrate their "independence day" every April 23rd.

Ernest Hemingway House

Key West's most famous resident was the brilliant but troubled writer Ernest Hemingway. Ernest

and his wife, Pauline, lived in a house in Key West from 1931 t0 1939. In this house, Hemingway

wrote some of his most famous stories, including "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and "To Have and

Have Not. "

Southernmost Point

A short walk from the Ernest Hemingway house is the most photographed site in Key West. It is

a marker showing the southernmost point in the United States. Tourists wait in long lines to take

pictures in front of the monument. It reads "90 miles to Cuba. " The Southern most Point reminds

Americans that Cuba is so close, but so far away. There have been no direct transport connections

between Key West and Cuba since the 1950s.

1. What's the purpose of people going to Key West?( )

ATo take a walk around the Hemingway house.

BTo enjoy a white Christmas with lively nightlife.

CTo get away from cold winters in northern US.

DTo collect a certain type of seashell named conch.

2. Residents of the Florida Keys celebrate their "independence day" ( )

Awhen they set up their own republic

Bin memory of a special event in their history

Cbecause they gained independence on the day

Dto play a joke on the US government

3. What does the author mean by describing Cuba as "far away" in the last paragraph? ( )

ACuba is 90 miles south to the US.

BCuba marks the southernmost point.

CPeople from US couldn't reach Cuba directly.

DPeople can't take photos of Cuba up close.

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Many people have long dreamed of being able to fly around as simply as riding a bicycle. Yetthe safety and strength of a flying bike was always a big problem.

Over the past 10 years, developments in technology have moved the dream of personal flying

vehicles closer to reality. Now, two groups of inventors say such vehicles may be available very soon.

Grant Stapleton from Malloy Aeronautics says the Hoverbike, which is able to get in and out of small spaces very quickly, will be a truly personal flying vehicle. "It can be moved across continents very quickly because it can be folded and packed," he adds.

Mr. Stapleton says safety was the company's main concern when developing the Hoverbike. He ays the designers solved the safety issue by using overlapping rotors (折叠旋翼) to power the vehicle. The company is testing both a one-third size model and a full-size prototype (原型) of theHoverbike.

Inventors say their Hoverbike will most likely be used first by the police and emergency rescueteams.

In New Zealand, the Martin Aircraft Company is also testing a full-size prototype of its personal flying bike, called Jetpack. It can fly for more than 30 minutes, up t0 1,000 meters high and reach a speed of 74 kilometers per hour.

Peter Coker is the CEO of Martin Aircraft Company. He said Jetpack "is built around safety from the start, " In his words, "reliability is the most important part of it. We have safety built into the actual structure itself, very similar to a Formula One racing car. "

Jetpack uses a gasoline-powered engine that produces two powerful jet streams. Mr. Coker says it also has a parachute (降落伞) that can be used should there be an emergency.

"It opens at a very low altitude and actually saves both the aircraft and the pilot in an

emergency," he adds.

4. Which of the following words can best describe the Hoverbike? ( )





5. What make(s) flying vehicles seem practical now? ( )

AModem technology.

BNew safety rules.

CLove of cycling.

DPublic concerns.

6. Who are expected to use the Hoverbike first? ( )

APeople who dream of flying.

BPeople who really love cycling.

CPeople who design the bike.

DPeople who serve public purposes.

7. What's the main concern the two companies share? ( )





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Fifty years ago, the well-loved musician Bob Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival and was widely booed (嘘声). The audience may have been unhappy but Dylan's performance helped change the direction of music and culture in the United States.

The mid-1960s were a time of great change. One such place of

change was the world of folk music. Bob Dylan became a symbol of

change when he moved from acoustic (原声的) to electric guitar.

Rock music historian Elijah Wald has written a new book about the change. It is called " Dylan Goes Electric. "

“There was a moment in the early 1960s when you could look at the Billboard charts and seven of the top 10 albums were folk records. And Joan Baez, Peter Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio, all had huge, huge, huge number-one records. "

And then this happened: The "British Invasion" introduced the world to the Beatles and grew

a huge fan base for rock music. That worried many folk musicians, says Elijah Wald.

They hoped that Bob Dylan would come to the rescue. However, a new Dylan sound came from the stage.

Bob Dylan had gone electric, and the followers of folk music were not pleased.

"When Dylan went electric, I think one of the issues was the feeling that - wait a minute,

he's gone over to the enemy. "

Folk lovers had looked to Bob Dylan to save their movement from rock and roll. But, author Wald says Dylan felt differently about the music.

" Dylan had always liked rock and roll and Dylan didn't think of rock and roll as stupid music. "

In fact, Dylan was a Beatles fan. He later said that from the first time he heard the Beatles he knew "they were pointing to the direction where music had to go. "

Beyond the music, Dylan's performance that night also marked a turn in American culture.

8. How did the audience feel when Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival? ( )





9. Which is TRUE about American music world in the early 1960s according to Elijah Wald? ( )

AGreat changes had taken place in folk music.

BPeople had grown sincere love for rock music.

CFolk music was once a huge mainstream pop trend.

DBob Dylan was the best American musician at that time.

10. What did folk musicians and followers expect Dylan to do? ( )

AChange folk music for better.

BRecover the glory of folk music.

CIntroduce the world to the Beatles.

DPlay rock and roll against the Beatles.

11. What will the author most probably talk about next? ( )

ADylan's deep love for the Beatles' rock and roll music.

BDylan's beliefs in the new direction music should go.

CDylan's music as a great contribution to American folk music.

DDylan's performance as a mark of a change in American culture.

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Disappearing Roots

I have fond memories of following my mother to the wet market in Ghim Moh area, walking around the jungle of 8tands, trying not to slip and fall in my slippers and carelessly getting nay feet wet from the water that dropped o行 from the fish counters and vegetable 8tands to the stone floor,listening to her bargain in Teochew to the vegetable seller who in the next minute would start talking to another customer in Malaysian.

The book store in Ghim Moh that my brother James and I visited frequently as kids, closed 4 years ago after over 30 years in business. I used to appreciate the fact that it had changed little over

the course of three decades, the shelves still stocking the same types of notebooks that I had bought

as a 7-year-old kid. It was our childhood landmark and it had allowed me to follow my childhood

footsteps on its same worn concrete floors.

I noticed that a big shady tree just outside of the Ghim Moh market had been removed and in its place stood a skinny tree that could not shade the little dog that was sitting under it, desperate for some shade in the hot mid-day sun.

Yes, in Singapore we have pictures in museums and books reminding us of our local heritage

(遗产) Many of our favorite places can only be read about nowadays in books or magazines.

We are physical beings. We make sense of our world and our relationship to our world through our senses. Sometimes, it's not enough to just read about it. We have to feel it, smell it, touch it so as to form our own memories of it, our own stories, and in turn share those experiences and stories with other people.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

12. What does the underlined word "Teochew" in Paragraph l probably refer to? ( )

AA language.

BAn attitude.

CA gesture.

DA shop.

13. Why does the author mention the book store in Paragraph 2? ( )

ATo show his anger.

BTo recall his brother.

CTo express his regret.

DTo applaud the change.

14. What has happened to many of people's favorite places in Ghim Moh? ( )

AThey have been preserved in museums.

BThey disappeared from where they belonged.

CThey serve as monuments to the old days.

DThey have become landmarks of the country,

15. What does the writer suggest we do in the last two paragraphs? ( )

AFeel and touch the world.

BHold on to our roots.

CShare our experiences with others.

DGet connected to our friends.

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The news “addition to the family’’ is a matter of celebration, but that isn't the case for some

_ (family) in China who find an unexpected trouble. That is the reaction of Little

Emperors or Little Empresses who don't want to share ‘‘their” parents _ a baby brother or sister. They declare: “I'm the only...and final!”

One girl in Wuhan _ (learn)that Mom was pregnant again and threatened to kill

_ .Her parents took the threat _ (serious),so the mother had an abortion. The strong reactions by those who _ (bear) first are not unusual. They don't like the change, _ may ruin all the family relationships. However, children are good at adapting and most soon accept the”new normal”. Parents can make this adapting easier by _ (inform) the first child ahead of the _ (arrive)of the new baby. Having one more brother or sister is wonderful. It's _ (close) than any friendship you could hope to have.











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Dear John,

    Thank you very much for your invitations to dinner in your home tomorrow evening.  It's been along time since that we last met.  Unfortunate, it is much to my regret that I cannot join you.1 will

be fully occupying in preparing for an importance lecture coming the day after tomorrow. I feel

terribly sorry for missing chance for a get-together, and I hope that you'll have a good timewith me. Maybe you and me can meet sometime next weekend. If so, please calling me when you

get this letter. I think it was great to have a long chat with you.

      Sorry again.



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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

People, like all living things, need food. Food gives us the nutrients our bodies need.

_ .Energy is needed to carry out the life processes.

Our bodies cannot use the nutrients or energy in food unless the food is changed. The changing

of food into a form the body can use is called digestion.

What does digestion do? _ Digestion also changes the chemicals of food. It changes

large, complex food molecules(微粒)into smaller, simpler ones.

_ Digestion takes place in the digestive tract. The digestive tract is a long, winding

tube in your body. If stretched out, the digestive tract would be more than 9 meters (10 feet) long.

What are the parts of the digestive tract? The parts of the digestive tract are: the mouth, the

food pipe , the stomach, the small intestine(肠),and the large intestine.

There are many organs along the digestive tracts, such as the liver. _ The digestive

tract and the other digestive organs make up your digestive system.

Food enters the body through the mouth. Waste materials (undigested food) leave the body

through the anus(肛门).The anus is at the end of the large intestine.

Digestion is a step-by-step process. _ It takes food from one to two days to pass

through the entire digestive tract.

AIt also gives us energy.

BIt does not take place quickly.

CWhere does digestion take place?

DDoes the food also give us much strength?

E Digestion breaks down large pieces of food into smaller pieces.

FThese organs are not part of the digestive tract, but they help in digestion.

GAlthough they don't belong to the digestive tract, they help us fight diseases.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

Tony was excited to see his friend Kevin, They had been friends since primary school _ hrough high school. When starting college, they headed their _ ways. Tony wanted to study n electrical engineering, and Kevin wanted to _ a doctor. Their career choices led them into ifferent _ ,but their friendship was still _ .

They had been good friend8 in _ .They 8tarted their friendship while performing; a small ainting _ . When Kevin noticed Tony painting a really nice rocket, Kevin _ him for it nd the two began talking about their interest in other things. _ really kept them together at at moment was when Tony acknowledged Kevin's reaction when Tony _ _ dropped his paints on the classroom floor. Tony was embarrassed and terrified, but Kevin wasn't _ . to help him out by cleaning it up.

_ , they shared similar interests. When in primary school, they _ a dream of becoming astronauts to discover unknown universe and unknown life _ . In middle school, they shared the dream of becoming famous basketball players. Then, in high school, they both had the _ to become famous rock stars.

It wasn't always a _ friendship. Sometimes, they fought and held different views about different things. _ their differences, they didn't _ their friendship apart. In moments of _ and doubts, they were there to support each other.

They have recently received their bachelor's degree. They have kept in contact up until now,

and have decided to get together and _ lost time. True friendship lasts forever.


Aall the same

Ball the way

Cin the way

Dall the time
























Chigh school

Dprimary school




Crole :























AStanding out

BBrought up

CGrowing up

DGrown up





































Akeep up with

Bcome up with

Cmake up for

Dwatch out for

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书面表达 本大题共25分。


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

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