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Many of you are studying hard because you have to compete with many others in the upcoming national college entrance exam. But it may not occur to you that one of your competitors is a robot. An artificial intelligence(AI) robot will take part in the 2017 National College Entrance Exam, reported China Daily.

“The robot will sit three exams: math, Chinese, and a comprehensive test of liberal arts (文科), which includes history, politics and geography,” Lin Hui, CEO of an AI company in Chengdu. Like the others who take the exam, the robot will have to finish the tests in the given time. But instead of taking exams together with other students, the robot will take its exams in a closed room without anyone else present, except for proctors(监考人)and a notary(公证人). It is expected to be totally disconnected from the Internet and solve the problems with its AI program.

It’s believed that Chinese and the test of its liberal arts skills, rather than its math skills, will give the robot its biggest challenges. Questions in math are objective with specific answers, while in the other test subjects there are some subjective questions that test skills such as reading comprehension and essay writing.

The robot aims to be enrolled in one of the first-class Chinese universities in 2017, and then try to get into the more famous universities of Tsinghua or Peking University in 2020.


21. The author wrote the passage in order to _________.

Alay more burden on Grade 3 students

Binform readers of the explosive news

Cintroduce the function of the robot

Dpredict what robots will do in the future

22. What’s the main idea of the second paragraph?

AThe differences between the robot and other candidates

BThe specific information about how the robot will take the exam

CThe ideal universities of the robot

DThe advantages the robot has

23. Which is one of the biggest challenges for the robot candidate?

AMath calculating

BObjective questions

CLiberal arts skills

DPhysics questions

24. Choose the correct one according to the passage.

AThe robot candidate will have its separate proctors

BThe robot will participate in Chinese, English, math and science

CThe robot is not designed to be admitted to universities

DThe robot connected from the Internet will sit for the college entrance exam

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Flying is fine if you want to save time, but nothing beats the railway for a relaxing and down-to-earth journey. The Zhengzhou---Xuzhou and Xi’an---Fuzhou high-speed railways put into operation in September mark a connection of high-speed railways in China’s eastern and middle-western regions, and they have brought out some of the country’s best landscapes and cuisines.

Here are four signature dishes(招牌菜)that you shouldn’t miss as you travel along the railways.

Yangrou Paomo, Xi’an

If one dish could represent Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi, locals would tell you without doubt that it’s Yangrou Paomo. It is a bowl of lamb soup served with hard flour “bread”, which is broken up and added to the soup. The soup is topped with slices of mutton, scallion(葱) and coriander(香菜). Then it is usually eaten with picked sweet garlic.

Soup Dumpling, Kaifeng

A popular snack in Kaifeng, Henan, the dish is made up of three things: skin, meat and soup. The skin is mad from flour, while the filling is usually pork. And just as its name suggests, the soup dumplings are filled with tasty soup. But how does the steaming hot soup get into the dumplings? It’s actually been cooled and cut into cubes, which fit easily into the dough(面团). Along with the pork, the cubes become liquid soup once they’re steamed.

Smelly Mandarin Fish, Huangshan

Despite its name, Smelly Mandarin Fish(臭鳜鱼)is known for its good taste. A lot of travelers who visit Huangshan in Anhui want to taste it because they have heard of its reputation. Once the skin has been removed, the fresh is preserved in salty water for six to seven days, then friend and cooked in soy sauce. Although salting gives the fish its special smell, the original tender flesh is preserved well and given a delicious and unique taste.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Fuzhou

The dish has enjoyed an over 100-year-long worldwide reputation since it was invented in Fuzhou, Fujian in the late Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). Fotiaoqiang, or Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, got its interesting name from a poem a customer wrote. The poem said the dish was so delicious that upon smelling it, monks in the neighboring temple would jump over the wall to come and get some. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is made up of many ingredients, including sea cucumber(海参), chicken, pork and mushroom. Because of these ingredients, it tastes extremely delicious while being highly nutritious at the same time.


25. You may probably read the passage from a _______.

Ascience journal

Bsports website

Ctraveling magazine

Dbulletin board

26. All of the following signature dishes are mentioned except________.

ABuddha Jumps Over the Wall

BBeijing Roast Duck

CSoup dumpling

DSmelly Mandarin Fish

27. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

APeople get the heated soup into the dough skillfully to make soup dumplings in Kaifeng

BThe Smelly Mandarin Fish is similar to Choudoufu both in smell and taste

CYangrou Paomo is a typical tasty food in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

DBuddha Jumps Over the Wall has got the name from literary works

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Famous people have a lot of influence on cultural trends, like it or not. When Amal Clooney wears a Stella McCarney dress, sales go way up. However, one trend that seems harmless---but is actually damaging—is the pressure on stars to have their photos taken with rare animals.

Famous people who are asked to have photos taken with wild animals for a magazine spread or who do so while on vacation always have good intentions and even love animals. This makes them easy targets for the often greedy amusement parks and fake animal centers. These businesspeople love the thought of sharing pictures of a star hugging a baby tiger or a whale. Kind people are naturally drawn to places that claim to offer rare animals safety and are eager to see elephants paint, to hug baby bear or to swim with dolphins. However, it has shown that many of these businessmen are breeders, dealers or exhibitors that are using Hollywood’s goodwill for their own ends.

At the recently closed Tiger Temple in Thailand, 40 dead tiger cubs(幼崽) were found in a freezer, secretly killed to make tiger wine and other folk medicine for sale on the black market. But it isn’t just the “tiger temples” that are being closed down. The number of tourist traps using word like “rescue” in their names has increased greatly in recent years.

Many businessmen continually breed the animals just so they’ll have a constant supply of young animals in order to charge money for photos to people. Of course the babies are cute but they grow fast, and within a few weeks they are too big to handle. They’ll spend the rest of their lives, sometimes decades, in small and empty cages — or even be killed.

In some Asian countries, elephants are kept in camps. A few camps are working to help elephants in trouble, but the vast majority are not, and training methods are cruel. As soon as the cameras are gone after someone like Prince William takes a photo with an elephant, the chains go back on.

Fans, tell the stars: Stay away from rare animal photos, and the animals will be grateful. Of course, you don’t have to be famous to make a difference. Whether right here at home or at a place abroad, every one of us must fight the temptation to take a photo with an elephant or hug a baby tiger.


28. The author intends to make an appeal that ________.

Aall people including stars should refuse to take photos with rare animals

Bmeasures should be taken to protect the rare animals

Cbans should be issued to limit celebrities’ behavior

Dwarns of wild animals should be given to the public

29. It can be inferred that __________.

Atiger wine and folk medicine made from tiger babies are sold in the supermarket

Bmost of the elephants in Asia are treated well in camps

Cpeople are attracted to amusement parks and fake animal centers where celebrities share photos

Dwhen the baby animals that take photos with tourists grow up, they will be set free

30. Businessmen use the following tricks to make profits EXCEPT________.

Ain the name of rescuing rare animals

Btake advantage of famous people to take photos with animals

Cclaim to offer rare animals safety

Dprotection of rare animals

31. Which of the following do you think is the best title?

ATell stars to stop!

BBe careful when sharing photos on media!

CNo sale, no killing!

DRescue the endangered animals!

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This time last year I entered two long-distance mass-participation swimming events, including the Jubilee River 10 km swim. At the last minute, just before both swims, I decided to pull out. The reality is, I live in fear of coming last.

Last year, before the two events, I realized that I couldn’t deal with coming last. I had looked at the swim times of those who had completed the previous year and calculated that, at my current swim pace, I would probably have come last. I just couldn’t face it. But when next year came around, I decided to enter those same events again.

For a few months, I trained hard, but I didn’t get any faster. Then it was June 5, the day of the Jubilee River 10 km. The event started at 9:30 am, and the swimmers were anxious and eager to start. As I swam along, the river was quiet and clean and everything was peaceful. The sun shone, Meadows (草地)rolled by and every now and then someone would wave at the scene unfolding in the water.

As the day wore on, somehow I didn’t mind that, predictably, almost everyone was ahead. There were at least some swimmers still near me, and although we shared the same river we quietly occupied our own spaces. As I concentrated on doing my own thing, watching the sky, the bank, the other swimming caps passing or not passing, I realized I was enjoying myself.

In the end, four hours and 29 minutes after I’d started, I staggered (摇摇晃晃地走)out of the water and was greeted with a smile and a “well done” from the race organizer. I glanced back over my shoulder toward the water and noticed that there were a small handful of swimmers who were still to finish, behind me, out of a field of around 300 swimmers. But it didn’t matter. I was just relieved, proud and happy to finish.

As I drove away, my thoughts turned to my next long race of the season and how much I was looking forward to it, my fears of coming last gently receding(渐渐远去).


32. The author intended to quit swimming mainly because _______.

Ashe feared that she couldn’t finish the two races

Bshe was afraid that she would let family members down

Cshe was unwilling to accept the possibility of finishing last

Dshe didn’t fully prepared for the two races

33. The author hopes to convey the message that ______.

Anever give up when facing challenges

Bit is process that matters most

Cfailure is the mother of success

Dwinners always take it all

34. What did the underlined sentence mean in the fifth paragraph?

AShe took pride in leaving all the other swimmers behind

BShe was proud that she was not the last one in the race

CShe was glad to finish the race and had a sense of relief

DShe was proud to be praised by the organizer

35. It can be inferred from the end that the author is likely to _______.

Aparticipate in another race without any hesitation

Banalyze the reason why she failed in the race

Close confidence completely

Ddecide whether she is suitable for the race

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___36 Moving from high school into college can be especially different because of the freedom students experience in college along with a new set of expectations.

In high school, students usually live at home, and their parents take care of all their physical needs such as food and housing. 37 Parents are also there to help with and make sure that the student’s homework is done. During the school day, students rarely have free time. They go directly from one class to another. Teachers are always around to tell the students what to do. 38 So students can often complete their homework and reading in a short time.

____39 They may be responsible for shopping, paying bills, and laundry. They also may have to cook their own meals. Their parents are not around to help with homework or even to check that it has been done. Contrary to students in high school, students in college may have a lot of free time between classes, but must discipline themselves to use this time productively or homework and other assignments. 40


A. Students do not usually have to shop for their food, take time to pay bills, or even do their own laundry.

B. High school students have to bury themselves in piles of papers

C. Finally, the work itself it not so challenging.

D. In contrast, in college, students often live away from home in dorms or apartments.

E. In college, students may apply to a bank loan and others will try to find part-time jobs.

F. Each new level of education brings new challenges and demands to students.

G. Most important, college requires a higher level of thinking and a lot more work than high school.

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Do you make friends 61 (easy)? Do a wall-sit test and you’ll find out.

Researchers at the University of Oxford did 62 study with 101 participants aged between 18 and 34. Participants first 63 (fill) out questionnaires about their social lives, and they were then asked 64 (press)against a wall with their 65 (knee) at right angles(直角)for as long as they could, 66 can be really painful.

The results showed that the longer participants held the position, the bigger 67 outer network---or distant friends they contacted once or twice a month—was. That was 68 the brain’s painkilling system is associated __69 both pain tolerance and social bonding, which means that the more active this system is, the 70 (good) you are at both.


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Dear girls,

The dream itself comes from hard work, some good luck and good timing. Here are some words of wisdom as you 41 your way in the world, from an entrepreneur(企业家)and your 42 .

In high school, I wanted to be a politician. I left my hometown for college in Washington DC. There, I 43 that I loved to support women. It taught me that I’m a creative, strong leader and great at marketing. 44 , I moved to be the head of a national healthcare nonprofit. Becoming a mother opened my mind to 45 a breast pump bag(储奶袋)business. Now I 46 a highly successful company that I started up on my own. 47 what you are good at and what you are passionate about. Keep an open mind.

Failure is 48 to your success. I won’t tell you to feel good about 49 . But I will tell you that every failure I’ve had along the way has absolutely made me 50 .

Failing the big math exam in high school was 51 . I eventually passed, and I’ve 52 failed an exam again. I learned from that 53 to ask for help. Now I ask for help in business 54 .

Being passed over for a significant job opportunity that I more than qualified 55 hurt me. I was so depressed __56 soon I got a big job at a national organization. It’s okay to get angry! Take that and 57 it into positive action.

I’m proud to be a role 58 to you as a mom and an entrepreneur. I hope I inspire you to believe that you can be __59 you want and you can have everything on your list. It will be my pleasure to watch your life 60 before my eyes.

































ACome out

BWork out

CHold out

DFigure out
































Aall the time

Bof all time

Cat a time

Din no time































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Dear Bob,

I’m sorry to tell you that I cannot go to the bookstore with you on this Sunday, because something unlucky occurred to me in the PE class yesterday.

I was playing basketball with my friends while I jumped highly to catch the ball. Another student struck me on a leg accidentally, that made me break my leg. The situation made everyone nervous. However, I was sent to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. The doctor suggested that I rested until next Friday. I hope the change will not cause you too much troubles.

Shall I go on next Saturday morning? We can set out early so that we’ll have more time read and select books.


Li Hua











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书面表达 本大题共25分。






  春节theSpring Festival     放焰火setoff fireworks

Dear Dave,

In your last letter, you asked me about the Spring Festival.____________________________________________


                                                                             Yours sincerely,

                                                                             Li Hua


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