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Stop, don't breathe. Hold it! OK, first pay 1.2 yuan ($0.17) if you want fresh air to reach your lungs. No, we not kidding. The most precious but free thing in the world air is now being bottled and sold on some e-commerce platforms in the country. The air comes from both home and abroad, priced from 5 yuan to more than 200 yuan.

"Want to breathe the most pure and fresh air? Then take a bottle of air from Weihai. No pollutants, absolutely pure. Either from seashore, or from mountain," an advertisement of an online store claims. A bottle of fresh air from Weihai, East China's Shandong province, is priced 5 yuan at an online outlet called "Weihai Hongyu Diaoju." The imported air is more expensive. For example, the bottled air branded Vitality Air from Canada costs 108 yuan a bottle of 7.2 liters, and the air from New Zealand 219 yuan a bottle of 7, 7 liters.

How to use the bottled air? Open the bottle and take a deep breath. The Vitality Air of Canada provides buyersmasks, and the bottle of New Zealand air has an injector(喷嘴).A bottle of New Zealand air could be used around 180 times. What about the shelf life? Seders of Weihai air claim it has a long shelf life, the Vitality Air has one year and the New Zealand air is valid if the bottle is not opened.

Are there buyers? The owner of "Weihai Hongyu Diaoju" said that no one has yet bought the air, and it was only to fulfill people's curiosity. A seller of the Vitality Air said that it was useless, but a novel product. But the seller still made five deals in a month. The Vitality Air said cm its official WeChat account, a Twitter-like service, the company sold 10,600 bottles in eight months since May 2015. So far, there are no standards on the bottled air in China, and what kind of product does the bottled air belong to? The seller of New Zealand air said that he did not know either. An official said China has no special laws on banning such product from entering the country. A Beijing lawyer on product quality and safety, said the imported air is related to safety problems because of the pressure container. The imported pressure container should get registered and approved by authorities.

【语篇导读】本文是 篇说明文,雾霾的频繁出现催生了 个新的商品交易——“卖空气”。“买卖空气”不是个冷笑话,而是沉重现实之下的尴尬选择。

32. How is the new product bottled air priced

AAccording to its package

BAccording to its purity

CAccording to its size

DAccording to its brand

33. The underlined expressions "shelf life" can best be replaced by_.

AThe length of time food can be kept

BThe length of time containers keep fresh

CA kind of device for breathing

DA kind of device for survival

34. The main reason for buyers to buy the bottled air is that_.

Athe bottled air is beneficial to his health

Bthe bottled air is more pure than common air

Cbreathing the bottled air makes him feel unique

Dthe bottled air satisfies his curiosity

35. What would be the best title for the text?

ABottled air: Rot air or real deal?

BA new commerce

CStop, don't breathe.

DControversy on bottled air

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Sometimes it takes many years for diseases   61 bd_blank   (find). Now there is   62 bd_blank    wav to look for them before someone is feeling sick. Some illnesses can be found and treated very early by having a body scan.

Body scans allow doctors to look into a person's body. By doing so, doctors can sometimes see 63 bd_blank healthy a person is. The person that 64 bd_blank (have) a family history of illness may want to have a body scan.Young and healthy people will probably not need   65 bd_blank .Some people have body scans,   66 bd_blank    makes them feel more secure. Many doctors do not think everyone should have body scans. Body scans are expensive.They are often not necessary. Sometimes body scans can be wrong. When this happens it can cause a lot of 67 bd_blank(necessary) worries.

Body scans can be very useful to doctors and 68 bd_blank (patient). They can help find diseases at early stages. If diseases are found early, they can be treated    69 bd_blank    (easy). It would be a good idea to talk to a doctor before70 bd_blank (spend) money on one.

【语篇导读】本文是说明文,介绍了 个及早发现疾病,以便及时治疗的方法。






66. 【分值】1.5





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   Looking for a summer camp that challenges your kids? Do you wonder ifthey can have fun and learn during the hot summer sun? Of course, they can!Find the perfect Atlanta area day camp or overnight summer camp in  Atlanta Moms' 2016 Summer Camp Guide.

l  Tumbletots Summer Camp

 Summer Camp Dates: May 31st August 31 st

 Spring Camp Dates: April 4th 8th (Choose your days for Spring BreakCamp)

 Times: 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 1:30-5:00 p.m.

 Special Features:

  0Art, music, stories and play

  0Fun indoor playground (includes moonwalk!)

  0Weekly themes such as Circus, Dinosaurs and Trains

 Reasonable rates: $50/week   10%discount for 3 or more weeks

 Ages served: 2-6

 Location: Norcross Peachtree Comers

  Formore information: call 770-729-9660

l  Shaolin Institute Oriental Culture Camp

   Shaolin Institute Summer Oriental Culture Camp is a 6-week program heldfrom June 6 through July 22, 2016.

   The "way of life" in character&inner strength is builtupon the core values of Integrity(诚实),Respect,Discipline&Perseverance.The camp programs of Oriental culture in Kung Fu, arts&crafts, musicappreciation,  Chinese language, are usedto stimulate the child's natural enthusiasm, creativity, and energy, whileleading them  to direct those skillstowards positive goals.

  Formore information: call 770-286-9808

  ▲$25 off when you mentionAtlantaMoms.com

l  Building Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp

   Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) is a summer program for middle schooland high school students

created to spawn(大量产生)future business owners. The5-week program will cultivate valuable writing,

networking, and presentation skills thatyour child can use throughout life. Students will discover their passion

and transform it into a true business planthat will be presented at the end of the summer before parents and a

group of professionals.

   Kiss your kids BYE for the summer!

   General Information

 Camp dates: 2016 dates coming soon!

   Camp rate: $150/week

  15%sibling(兄弟,姐妹)discount(2 kids per household max)

   For more information: call 404-923-0859

  ▲ Mention AtlantaMoms.com when you call and get 25% off the first week.

21 . What do Shaolin Institute Oriental Culture Camp and BYE Summer Camp have in common?

ABoth of them have a six-week duration.

BThey require campers to send in applications.

CThey are both meant for middle school and high school students.

DThey offer campers a discount when AtlantaMoms.com is mentioned.

22. If Mr. Darcy wants his son, aged 5 to join Tumbletots Summer Gamp and his daughter, aged 14 to join BYESummer Camp for 5 weeks, how much should he pay at least?





23. If parents want their kids to learn about Chinese culture, they should call_.





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Like any great city in the world, it is impossible to cover the greatest sites of Beijing in one day. If possible,do this on a weekend and mix with other tourists. It's a small price to pay for the experience of being among Chinese, many of whom are not tourists.

Any visit to Beijing is incomplete without a hike on the Great Wall. However, the Wall is thousands of mileslong and the Beijing section constitutes only a small part, despite the most touristy part. The general choice is Badaling, but I recommend Juyong Pass, which is less crowded but no less impressive. Depending on your health and preference, you can climb very steep steps or have a walk on the relatively flat areas. There are numerous locations for great photo opportunities. On a clear day, your eyes can reach the most remote beacon(烽火)tower.

A side trip to the Ming Tombs will take you into the underground palaces where 13 of the Ming Dynasty emperors were laid to rest. Only two of them are open to the public anyway at present. A sampling of Dingling, which is the tomb of the 10th emperor and his two empresses, should be enough.

The Olympic Green is an area Lying north of the Fourth Ring Road. The Forest Park to its north is twice the size of our Central Park in New York. But if you are on a tight schedule, the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube offer  he best concentration of must-see sights.

Inside  Beijing, the Lama Temple, though not a typical site of worship for most Chinese, lias a uniqueattraction. It is a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism(佛教).Buddhism is a major religion in China, with millions of temples dotting the nation's landscape.

The Temple of Heaven is where emperors used to hold ceremonies to pray to heaven, from which they thought their power came. Local Chinese find their enjoyment from group singing, dancing, tai chi and all kindsof recreation on a weekend morning.

【语篇导读】本文是 篇说明文,说明了北京 些主要景点的特点,包括长城(八达岭和居庸关)、明十三陵(定陵)、北京奥运公园、喇嘛寺、天坛和回音壁等,旨在让游客对这些著名景点有比较深入的了解。

24. The underlined word "constitute" in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by_.

Aholds up

Bputs up

Cmakes up

Dbuilds up

25. Many local people enjoyed themselves in the form of singing and dancing in_.

ABeijing Olympic Park

BMutianyu Great Wall

Cthe Dingling Tomb

DThe Temple of Heaven

26. It can be learned from the passage that_.

AWithin a tight schedule, a bike tour to Badaling is the best choice.

BThe Temple of Heaven is a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.

CCompared to the Forest Park, the Central Park in New York is smaller.

DAll the underground palaces in Ming Tombs are open to the public.

27. This passage is possibly a_·

Atour guide

Btourist brochure

Ctravel journal

Dgeographic analysis

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It is now close to four years since 1 last took a holiday. This is because I have come to the conclusion, over the course of my adult life, that I am not very good at it. You might think this sounds strange. What could possibly be difficult about the natural act of putting your working life on hold for a couple of weeks and going somewhere to do nothing?

The problems started during my twenties: a stoles tent and wallet at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995; a lightning strike and sudden 1,000-foot drop in altitude over the Channel in 1997; an ill-fated journey ended with the Calais police mistaking me for a drug smuggler(走私者).

But even if I manage to go away without being robbed or food poisoned, I now find that I can't really committt o the experience. A trip to the south of France was ended after just two days, mainly because I had an urge to check my e-mails.Similarly, my honeymoon was cut short by 48 hours not because my wife and l weren't enjoying ourselves, but because we were missing our cats.

So what is my problem? On the surface, I'm probably a bit of homebody. And I just find the pressure of beingon holiday too severe: it always feels like having a gun held to my head and being forced to have fun.  Somehow,packing a list of possessions and meeting a scheduled flight has none of the excitement of suddenly deciding to take a day off and driving somewhere for the fun of it.

Thankfully, I am not alone. This summer, most of my friends have decided not to have a break. And a recent survey highlighted the downside of holidays, with the results showing that nearly two thirds of people found that the calming effects of a holiday wore off within 24 hours, as stress levels returned to normal.

What interests me is what the concept of a "holiday" says about our lives. For me, the point of living is to have a life you enjoy for 52 weeks a year. The more I like my life and the better I structure it, the less I want to go away. Maybe I'm an unusual person for not likingholidays, but I just feel the time when I'm working is too valuable to waste on going away.

【语篇导读】本文是 篇记叙文,本文通过作者自己的度假经历,论述了作者对于度假的态度。

28. Why is it four years long since the author took his last holiday?

ABecause he had an urge to check his e-mails.

BBecause he would rather take breaks than holidays.

CBecause he is a bit of a homebody.

DBecause he doesn't want to go anywhere doing nothing.

29. From the events listed in the second paragraph, we can infer that the author_.

Alacks enthusiasm for being on holiday

Bhas tried hard to enjoy holidays

Cfears something bad when on holiday

Dbehaves badly when he is on holiday

30. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

AThe temptation of holidays outweighs the tension the author may feel.

BThe author feels content to slave away for 48 weeks a year and only get four off.

CThe possibility of a difficult journey can make holidays more rewarding,

DHolidays are less enjoyable than breaks that have not been planned in advance.

31.What is the author's attitude towards "taking a holiday"?





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 Justin couldn't believe it an assignment duethe day  before Thanksgiving! "Yourgratitude list is due  41 bd_blank   ,"said Mr. Scranton, "Write down onehundred things you are   42 bd_blank    for. The number you turn in 43 bd_blankyour grade. Ninety equals an A, eighty is a B, seventy is a C, and so on. Ithink all of you have A+ lives.""That is 44 bd_blank !”Justin looked at his average houseon his average street.

      45 bd_blank。Justin started his list on Sunday: family, friends, house, bike...when he   46 bd_blank   everything he could think of,he still had only thirty-seven. 47 bd_blank    ,he shut his notebook and climbed into his bed.

   On Monday, all the students were worried for not finding enough 48bd_blank .Mr. Scranton told the class,"Don't get discouraged. Look for49 bd_blank  things in your life.Over the years, People have worked hard to contribute to our society. All of us50 bd_blank    from that" Yes! Ideas came crowding inhis mind.

   Walking home, Justin saw his dad working in the garden, which 51bd_blankhim with the earth, trees, vegetables..."oh school? I'msupposed to be thankful for school?" Justin asked. His mother wasimpressed by him, "It's pretty amazing when you think about it." Inthis way, the list was now at ninety-three, Justin was    52bd_blank  to have an A. One more dayto    53 bd_blank one hundred before thedeadline.

   On Tuesday, Justin made little progress and his mother reminded him:"What about you? Are you grateful for you?" "For me?" heasked   54 bd_blank,"Does that   55 bd_blank   surely does." Mumadded, "By the way, you are 56 bd_blank  dinner tonight, for I'm not quite myselftoday."

   Justin's jaw dropped and had an idea, writing "Pizza    57bd_blank  ,,on the paper. One hundred. He hadan A+ 58 bd_blank     after all.

   Indeed, we are too busy to    59 bd_blank     them. If you stop and sense them with yourheart, you will find many things in our life    60bd_blank      our appreciation.




























Aput down

Bput forward

Cput up

Dput away
































Aaccount for

Bturn out

Cget to

Dtake up












Ain control of

Bin need of

Cin place of

Din charge of





















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71.假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每次错误仅涉及 个单词的增加、删除或修改。

增加:在缺词处加 个漏字符号(八),并在其下面写出该加的词。


修改:在错的词下画 横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

注意: 每处错误及其修改均仅限 词;只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

The person who touched me most is a unknown lady.

I study in a town school and live in a village 20 km away. One afternoon, I received a call from my family saying my mom was serious ill. I hurried to the bus station, only to find the last bus left. Feeling anxious, I decided to walk home. In the way a car stopped and the driver asked me that if I needed help. Worried about being

cheated, I said nothing. But she was such honest that I finally accepted her offer. When we arrived at my village, it was dark. Seen her car out of sight, I was in tear.

Whenever I think about him, I always feel grateful.

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

In the digitalage, copying someone else's words is easy, but getting caught copying is eveneasier.

When MelaniaTrump recently spoke at the Republican convention, she used some of the samewords the Michelle Obama had used at the Democratic convention.

Within hours,news spread around the world with the claim that Melania Trump had copiedMichelle Obama'speech.

      36 bd_blank  . They learn from their earlyyears in school that copying another writer's words is wrong.

  Why is copying a serious problem?

    Unkefer, manager of Academic WritingServices, says that when students first come to the university, they donotrealize how serious the problem is.   37bd_blank

  Academics are especially aware of the natureof plagiarism(票」窃),Unkefer says, because their work isessentiallythe creation of ideas and putting them into words.

Consequences ofplagiarism.

 American and Western European universitieshave strict rules about writing original work.  38 bd_blank

Stanford's rulesays plagiarism is "the use, without giving reasonable and appropriatecredit to acknowledging the author or source of another person's original work

  39 bd_blank.That is, they cannot handin the same work for more than one course without the permission otheirinstructors.

        40 bd_blank   Or at least, students mayfail a course or be given a letter of strong criticism that stays on thei schoolrecord.

AStudents and teachers at universities in the U.S. andelsewhere were shocked.

BOne of the possible punishments for plagiarism at U.S.universities is dismissal from the school

CHarvard even warns students about copying themselves.

DShe teaches new students the Latin root of the wordplagiarism to tell them how serious it is.

EThe students who plagiarize will be criticized bytheir teachers.

FAt Stanford University, the definition of plagiarismshows that it includes more than just words

GTrump's assistant said that she justincluded some words of Michelle Obama unconsciously.

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书面表达 本大题共25分。

72.假定你是李华,在某外国购物网站上买了 部手机,使用后发现有质量问题,你用英语写了 封投诉

信。给外教Smith写信,请他帮你修改所附材料的文字和格式(format) o

注意:词数100左右; 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;提示词:格式format

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