2015年高考权威预测卷 英语 (大纲全国卷)
简答题(综合题) 本大题共120分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。
分值: 8分


  Head held high, hands firmly gripping her walker, Mary Arnott, 99, walks slowly with dignity through the women's changing room at the Etobicoke Olympium pool, past the teenage girls who have been blow­drying their hair for half an hour, into the mist of the showers, then out of the door and first one into the heated pool. She jumps over to the shallow end, stopping to talk to friends—everyone knows Mary here; she swims twice a week and treats it as a job—about their children, the viciousness(谬误)of bridge and their health.

  In fact, Arnott is an exception to the exception. Not only has she lived 20 years past the average lifespan for Canadians, she's healthy, her mind is sharp and she lives independently.

  Born in Brooklyn on May 28, 1909, Arnott was raised on Staten Island. She survived scarlet fever(猩红热), helped bring up four siblings(兄弟姐妹)after her mother died in 1923 and worked as a secretary in New York City for 12 years, earning $35 a week and a $150 bonus at Christmas.

  Now she's happy living in a one­room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom in her daughter's house. She wears a hearing aid, does the cryptic crossword(有隐义的纵横字谜)with a magnifying glass, and can't really explain why she has lived so well so long.

  Until recently, she has still liked to drink red wine—she used to drink two glasses before supper each day. It’s more likely genes, she admits. Her interest in other people and life in general may have had something to do with it. Asked if a Star photographer can take her picture at the pool, Arnott seems cheerful.

  “I look good in a swimsuit,” she says, nodding her head firmly. “I look better in a swimsuit than I do in pants.”

(1)What can we learn from the first paragraph?

A.Mary Arnott likes to swim and is known to the local people.

B.Mary Arnott is afraid to swim at the swimming pool.

C.Mary Arnott can't swim but she likes water.

D.Mary Arnott just likes to talk to her friends at the bank of the swimming pool.

(2)Which of the following is TRUE as for Mary Arnott as an exception to the exception?

A.She has lived 30 years past the average lifespan for Canadians.

B.She's healthy and her mind is sharp.

C.She lives with her daughter.

D.She likes to live with her children and has a happy life.

(3)What may Mary Arnott think of her living alone?

A.Bitter.                      B.Happy.

C.Meaningless.              D.Boring.

(4)If someone asks about swimming, Mary Arnott may________.

A.like pants                   B.like swimsuit better

C.like to sit at the bank       D.like to swim with girls







(1)推理判断题。分析第一段可知,Mary Arnott喜欢游泳,当地人都认识她。


(3)细节理解题。分析第四段可知,Mary Arnott认为她的生活很幸福。


分值: 8分


  They crossed in front of me as I was driving out of the store parking lot (停车场).I would be delayed for a whole ten seconds. However,I realized that it was an elderly couple who were briefly delaying my departure (出发).No more anger.

  The man leaned on his wife who walked in front of him. He not only used her for support but it was obvious that he was blind. She was his eyes as well. The two of them worked as one—each needing the other to function in this fast­changing world.

  That little example of true strength that day changed my whole personal perception of life. Suddenly I wasn't so mad about having to work a few extra hours on Saturday. I had my strength,and I was still relatively young.

  That picture of those two elderly people walking with dignity and strength stayed with me the entire week. My life wasn't so bad after all. I had my health and a good job. My wife always gave me good advice whenever I needed it. I started to think—not only was I lucky to have it all,but so was that wonderful old couple,who,despite the trials and hardships of a long life,still had the love and support of each other to carry them through this world.

  There are so many people out there just like that couple. My wife and I sometimes picture ourselves in our old age,walking arm­in­arm into the sunset. That image always gives us a warm feeling of comfort. Just remember,none of us would be here if it weren't for our elders. We should spend an extra minute to listen and learn when it comes to helping our elder friends. They need it.

(1)What was the author's first reaction when he was stopped by the old couple?

A.He showed great pity for the couple.

B.He didn't mind at all.

C.He got angry at being delayed.

D.He waited patiently.

(2)Before meeting the old couple,the author had a(n)________attitude towards life.

A.energetic              B.enthusiastic    C.desperate               D.negative

(3)The main message that the author wants to get across in the last paragraph is that________.

A.everyone should live with dignity and strength

B.we should be patient when dealing with old people

C.old people can teach us many important lessons

D.happiness lies in a positive attitude towards life

(4)What do we know about the author?

A.He and his wife are in their old age.

B.He has a good but busy job.

C.His life is very bad actually.

D.He and his wife often walk arm­in­arm.







(1)细节推断题。根据第一段中的However,I realized...No more anger可以推断当作者意识到是一对年老的夫妇暂时挡住了自己的路,他就不再生气了。

(2)推理判断题。根据第三段中的Suddenly I wasn't so mad about having to work a few extra hours onSaturday可知这对老夫妇的行为改变了作者的生活态度,他不再因为周六加班而气愤,再由第四段中的My life wasn't so bad after all可以推断在此之前作者的生活态度并不是很积极的,故选negative(消极的)。

(3)深层理解题。由最后一段的We should spend an extra minute to listen and learn when it comes tohelping our elder friends. They need it可知作者想传递给读者的主要信息是:我们在对待老年人时要耐心一些。

(4)细节判断题。根据文章第三段中having to work a few extra hours on Saturday和第四段中I had my health and a good job可判断B项为正确答案。根据第三段最后一句话可判断A项错;根据第四段第二句话可判断C项错;根据第五段可知walk arm­in­arm是作者对以后生活的设想,故D项错。

分值: 25分







  Nice to hear from youagain! As you know, this summer vacation, at the end of July,2015,thewinners of NEPC will go to a four­day English Summer Camp in Dalian. Some Englishteachers fromChina, theUSA,EnglandandAustraliawill join us. In the camp, we will have some English speaking competition,watch some wonderful performances given by the students and visit some placesof interest in Dalian.Besides, we will exchange our English learning experience and talk about ourcolorful school life in English. I think this summer camp will greatly improvemy spoken English and I will make some new friends there. I do hope you willcome and join us.

  Best wishes.


  Li Hua



分值: 10分


  There are many factors which may have an influence on adults and children being able to lead a healthy life.

  __(1)__Often, both parents work outside the home. Children are expected to take on more responsibility at home to help their parents. They also have sporting and leisure activities as well as school expectations.

  The business also adds another factor:The need to use cars to get from one place to another quickly. __(2)__ Computers, DVDs, CDs, television, PlayStations and Xboxes have become major leisure activities, rather than traditional more active pursuits. This has led to a lifestyle of less exercise.

  __(3)__ Unfortunately,they also promote fast food which fits easily into busy lifestyles. It is much more convenient at times to buy a quick takeaway rather than prepare a meal. The  media constantly bombard(轰炸)their audience with “perfect” body images,the need to buy the most fashionable clothes,the most up­to­date computer games, the best places to visit and the best things to do.

  Environments vary. __(4)__ This can be harmful to people who suffer from breathing difficulties. Environments where passive smoking is unavoidable make it difficult to lead a healthy life.

  __(5)__ Any person who wants to be healthy will find a way to be healthy-if he/she is motivated enough!

A.The media provide entertainment and information.

B.Advertisements play an important role in people's life.

C.We may be exposed to pollution, such as cigarette smoke.

D.Nowadays,people are very busy.

E.People are living in a water­polluted environment.

F.The important one is motivation or the desire to be healthy.

G.Today, society places a lot of emphasis on technology.









(2)空格后面介绍Computers,DVDs, CDs, television与选项G中的technology形成呼应。

(3)空格在段首,是影响健康生活的一种因素,而下文描述的media bombard是影响因素。故选A。

(4)考查上下文的衔接,“Wemay be exposed to pollution, such as cigarette smoke.”与段后面的内容形成呼应。防止误选E。


分值: 30分


  I had arrived at the airport about 30 minutes before the check­in. It had been a very__(1)__three days for me with lots of meetings. So I was glad to have the__(2)__time to make my notes on what I__(3)__to do the following day. But then came the__(4)__that my flight had to be__(5)__because there was a problem with the plane.

  As I sat waiting for my__(6)__to be called, I reflected on my last meeting of the day. It was not a business meeting but rather a very enjoyable__(7)__with an old business friend I had not seen for over 12 years. Our lunch was spent recalling times gone by__(8)__filling each other in what had happened in our lives over the last 12 years. We both laughed and smiled as we recalled the good times and the great experiences we had__(9)__together.At the end of our time together, we both said how much we had__(10)__it and that we must do it again.

  It was great to have this additional time to replay in my__(11)__all that we had talked about. I realized just how important it was to have regular__(12)__of the good times in our life. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to take a short__(13)__and reflect on the good things that had happened in my life over 12 years.

  It was somewhat like looking at an old photo album__(14)__in a cupboard in your house. There before your eyes are lots of wonderful__(15)__that take you back to times and places, and most importantly to those people who are in the__(16)__.

  My flight home was finally__(17)__three hours later. I smiled as I__(18)__the plane and realized that I was not at all__(19)__about the delay in the flight, as I had been able to spend the time__(20)__on the good times from days gone by.

(1)A.important    B.busy    C.quick      D.useful

(2)A.pleasant     B.satisfying    C.happy      D.extra

(3)A.had      B.failed      C.needed      D.asked

(4)A.announcement    B.declaration    C.opening      D.speech

(5)A.waited      B.cancelled    C.taken      D.delayed

(6)A.flight      B.turn      C.name      D.order

(7)A.negotiation     B.lunch    C.party       D.discussion

(8)A.as well     B.except for    C.as well as      D.in addition

(9)A.spent      B.met      C.managed      D.shared

(10)A.got      B.enjoyed    C.made      D.paid

(11)A.thought     B.spirit    C.flight      D.mind

(12)A.time      B.plans      C.reminders      D.remains

(13)A.way      B.cut      C.method      D.break

(14)A.stored away     B.put on    C.set aside      D.given out

(15)A.celebrations     B.memories    C.awards       D.presents

(16)A.cupboard      B.books    C.childhood      D.photos

(17)A.shouted      B.phoned    C.called      D.commanded

(18)A.left      B.boarded    C.jumped       D.reached

(19)A.upset      B.happy      C.crazy      D.surprised

(20)A.taking      B.seizing    C.reflecting      D.bringing


(1)—(5)BDCAD  (6)—(10)ABCDB  

(11)—(15) DCDAB  (12)—(20)  DCBAC


(1)由with lots of meetings(有大量的会议)可知应是很繁忙的(busy)三天。








(9)we had...together为定语从句,修饰the good times and the great


(10)由“...we must do it again.”可知我们很满意那天的聚会。




(14)store away贮藏,保存;puton穿上;set aside留出;撤销;give out分发;用尽。分析句意,应为:这就有点像是在看储藏在家里柜子里的老相册一样。


(16)上文提到了photo album,显然文中说的应该是“照片”中的人物。呈现在你眼前的是许多精彩的回忆,它们带你回到过去的时光和场景,更重要的是,它们让你想起相片中的那些人。

(17)3小时后,回家的班机终于要起飞了。由第二段第一句话“As I sat waiting for my...to be called...”可知答案为called。

(18)飞机来了,作者要登机。board the plane登机,为正确答案。


(20)作者心情好的原因应是“有时间去回顾那些逝去的好时光”。第二段和第三段都提到reflect on这个短语,意思是“仔细考虑”。

分值: 6分


  NASA's Mars detector—Opportunity,succeeded in finding signs that water once existed on the planet. Opportunity landed on Mars in January. Scientists now believe that the planet could once have supported life.

  This discovery was chosen by Science,one of the world's leading magazines,as the most important scientific achievement of 2004 last Friday.

  “This little,wheeled,one­armed box goes around another planet and has done something no human has ever managed,” according to Science. “It has discovered another place in the universe where life could once have existed.”

  “Although we still can't say that life could have existed in the environment,it is now certain that there was water on Mars,” said Steve Squyres,one of the scientists working on the Mars mission.

  The evidence comes from pictures and chemical readings taken by Opportunity. It includes marks on rocks like those caused by flowing water on Earth and salty chemicals like those found in dried­out seabed. Scientists said the new evidence proved beyond doubt that water had existed on Mars. But it is still unknown whether the water on Mars was like an ocean or just ice.

  While Opportunity has not found any signs of life, the presence of water means life is possible. “In everything we know about life on Earth, there is no example without liquid water,” Squyres said. “So water is important for the search for life on Mars.”

  Researchers agree that a future mission should bring back physical samples. But some scientists worry about the risk that this could introduce dangerous foreign creatures to Earth.

  “The problem here is how to get the samples back,” Squyres replied. “I think it is our responsibility to limit any risk.”

(1)The best title of the passage should be________.

A.A Finding on Mars              B.Water Means Life

C.Water on Mars               D.The Sign of Water

(2)We can infer from the passage that________.

A.humans will find new creatures on Mars in near future

B.physical samples will surely be brought back to Earth someday in a way

without any risk

C.human beings can fight against the dangerous creatures from the Mars

D.more responsible researchers wanted to carry out the mission

(3)What does the underlined word “detector” mean?

A.An instrument which is used to discover something.

B.An astronaut who has been sent up into space.

C.A scientist who does research on Mars.

D.A spaceship which can land on other planets.









分值: 8分


  The chief problem in dealing with foreign motorists is not so much remembering that they are different from you, but that they are largely variable. Cross a frontier(边境) without adjusting and you can be in deep trouble.

  One of the greatest gulfs separating the driving nations is the Atlantic Ocean. Or rather, it is the mental distance between the European and the American motorist, particularly the South American motorist. Compare, for example, an English driver at a set of traffic lights with a Brazilian.

  Very rarely will an Englishman try to anticipate(预先准备) the green light by moving off. You will find the occasional someone who watches for the yellow light to come up on the set of lights. However, he will not go until he receives the lawful signal. Brazilians view the thing quite differently. If, in fact, they see traffic lights, they regard them as a kind of roadside decoration.

  The natives of North America are much more disciplined. They show this in their addiction to driving in one lane(车道) and sticking to it—even if it means settling behind some great truck for many miles.

  To prevent other drivers from falling into wrong ways, American motorists try always to stay close behind the vehicle in front which can make it impossible to make a real lane change. European visitors are always falling into this trap. They return to the Old World still waving their arms in disappointment because while driving in the State in their cars they kept failing to get off the highway when they wanted to and were swept along to the next city.

  However, one nation above all others lives cautiously by its traffic regulations — the Swiss. In Switzerland, if you were simply to anticipate a traffic light, the chances are that the motorist behind you would take your number and report you to the police. There are slight regional variations among the French, German and Italian speaking areas, but it is generally safe to assume that any car bearing a CH sticker will be driven with a high degree of discipline.

(1)How do American drivers behave on the road according to the passage?

A. They run the red light sometimes.

B. They drive close behind other drivers.

C. They care little about the traffic light.

D. They start their car at the yellow light.

(2)Which people take the traffic light most seriously?

A. The Swiss.                           B. The Brazilians.

C. The English.                          D. The French.

(3)The passage is mainly developed by ____.

A. analyzing causes                        B. describing changes

C. making comparisons                     D. pointing out similarities

(4)Which part of a newspaper is the passage probably taken from?

A. Culture.            B. Business.        C. Entertainment.        D. Geography.







(1)细节推断题。根据文中第2段的bout half a year after the last diseasebroke out in Korea可知上一次口蹄疫的发现到这一次口蹄疫发生大约半年的时间,再根据...infectedwith the deadly foot­and­mouth disease on Thursday, Nov.2, 2010,由此推断上一次发病时间在2010 年6月。




分值: 15分


  A couple had been married for over 60 years. They shared everything,talked about everything and kept no secrets __(1)__ each other except that the woman had a box in a drawer __(2)__ she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.

  He'd never thought about it ever since. One day __(3)__ woman got very sick and the doctor said she wouldn't recover. To sort out their affairs,the husband took down the box and __(4)__ (bring) it to his wife's bedside. She agreed it was time that he should know __(5)__ was in the box.

  __(6)__ (open) it,he found two small table mats and a sum of money totaling $25,000.He asked her about the contents. “When we were to be married,”she said,“my grandma told me the secret of happy __(7)__ (marry) was never to argue,and I should just keep quiet and make a mat __(8)__ I got angry with you.”

  The man was so _(9)__ (move) that he had to fight back tears. She had only been angry with him twice in all those years of living and loving!“Honey,”he said,“that explains the mats,but what about the money?Where did it come from?”

  “Oh,”she said,“that's the money I made from selling __(10)__ .”













(1)考查介词。固定搭配:keepsth from sb瞒着某人。句意:他们分享一切,谈论一切,彼此没有秘密。








(9)考查动词。用动词的过去分词作形容词表示the man的感受,moved:受感动的。

(10)考查代词。用them代替the mats。

分值: 10分







Dear Jim,

  I am so exciting thatyou will come toChina.I will free from December 18 and will have a plenty of time to be together withyou. I'll meet you at the airport and then you will take Bus No. 8 for my home.You worry about the weather here in your email. In fact, the weather here isquite different from it in your city. It isn't very cold, but you needn't bringmany clothes with you. During your stay here, I'll take you to some places ofinterests and you can taste some local snacks. I am sure we will have greatlyfun together.

  Looking forward tomeeting you soon.







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