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简答题(综合题) 本大题共45分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

You know how important your heart is, so it’s no wonder people worry when they hear someone has heart problems.

Heart disease, also called cardiovascular(心血管的) disease, mainly affects older people and means that there are problems with the heart and blood vessels(血管).You might know someone who has cardiovascular disease because more than 60 million Americans have some form of it. This disease includes a variety of problems, including high blood pressure, including high blood pressure, chest pain, heart attacks, and strokes(中风).

What Is Heart Disease?

The heart is the center of the cardiovascular system. Through the body's blood vessels, the heart pumps blood to all of the body's cells. The blood carries oxygen, which the cells need. Cardiovascular disease is a group of problems that occur when the heart and blood vessels aren't working the way they should.

How Do You Get Heart Disease?

Heart disease isn’t contagious(接触传染的)---you can’t catch it like you can the flu or a cold. Instead, certain things increase a person’s chances of getting cardiovascular disease. Doctors call these things risk factors. Some of these risk factors a person can’t do anything about, like being older and having other people in the family who have had the same problems. But people do have control over some risk factors-smoking, having blood pressure, being overwight and not exercising can increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

Can Kids Get Hear Disease?

Kids usually don’t have any symptoms of heart and blood vessel problems. But by starting heart-healthy habits right now, kids can reduce the chance they will ever need to worry about cardiovascular disease.

So what should you do? Don’t smoke, for one. And be sure to eat healthily, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. You heart and blood vessels will thank you later!

1. Which of the following about heart disease is wrong according to Paragraph2? ( )

AIt is also called cardiovascular disease

BIt merely has a great effect on old people

CIt means suffering problems with the heart and blood vessels

DMany Americans have the disease in some kinds of forms

2. Many risk factors can be controlled except( )

Abeing overweight

Bgetting older

Cnot exercising


3. What’s the main purpose of the text? ( )

ATo offer some information to protect our heart

BTo persuade us to live a healthy life

CTo tell us what is heart disease

DTo provide advice on how to treat heart disease

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Since the nineteen nineties, education has been required for all South Africans from age seven to fifteen. Last December, the government announced that seventy percent of students passed their final examination to finish high school. In 2008 the passage rate was about sixty---three percent. There have been increases each year since then.

Professor Shireen Motala at the University of Johannesburg say access to basic education is no longer the problem in South Africa. She says most children stay in school until they are about sixteen. The problem now, she says, is that large numbers of them leave without completing high school. Students take an examination known as the matric in grade twelve, their final or "matriculation" year. Professor Motala notes that less than half the children who started school in 2000 sat for the matric last year.

Educational researchers also point to another problem. They say South African schools do not produce braries at school. Ninety---two percent of the schools do not have libraries."

Also, education specialists say in many cases, teachers and school principals do not have the skills or training to do their jobs. In other cases, they are simply not doing their duty to provide an education. Professor Motala says a number of teachers were poorly trained during the system of apartheid(种族隔离), or racial separation in South Africa. Apartheid ended in 1994.

Secondly, she says, teachers have been confused by the many educational reform efforts in the last fifteen years. And, finally, she thinks language differences in the classroom have not gotten as much attention as they should.

South Africa's minister of basic education promises a number of improvements.

4. What does the underlined word “passage” mostly mean? ( )





5. What’s the Motala’s attitude towards the basic education for students in South Africa? ( )





6. From the passage we know the matric is( )

Aan examination difficult for students to pass

Ban examination for students in grade twelve

Cthe number of student leaving school

Dthe number of students taking exams

7. Students in South Africa find it hard to get improve in math and science because ( )

Athey drop out of school without finishing high school

Bteachers don’t have the abilities to teach them

Cmost schools can not provide enough equipment

Dthere aren’t such subjects in most schools

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Boredom(无聊)is such a large part of day-to-day existence. Perhaps because it’s common in our lives, scientists have been slow to explore it. John Eastwood is one of the first scholars to take an interest.

One of the most common false views is that “only boring people get bored”. Yet as Eastwood set about exploring the reasons for boredom, he found that there are two distinct types of personality that tend to suffer from the feeling of boredom, and neither are particularly dull themselves.

Boredom often goes among people who are constantly looking for new experiences. For these people, the steady path of life just isn’t enough to hold their attention. The second kind of bored people have almost exactly the opposite problem: the world is a fearful place, and so they try not to step outside their comfort zone. While this might offer some comfort, they are not always satisfied with the safety it offers-and boredom results.

Emotions should evolve(进化)for our benefit. “The very fact that boredom is a daily experience suggests it should be doing something useful,” says Heather Lench at Texas A$M University. Feelings like fear help us avoid danger, after all, while sadness might help prevent future mistakes. So, if true, what does boredom achieve?

Reviewing the evidence so far, Lench suspects that it lies behind one of our most important characters-curiosity. Boredom, she says, pushes us to try to seek new goals or explore new ideas which stimulate innovation(激发创新).

Eastwood is less enthusiastic about boredom’s benefits, but admits we should be cautious about looking for an immediate escape. “The feeling is so disgusting that people rush to remove it, he says.” I’m not going to join that war on boredom and come up with a cure, because we need to listen to the emotion and ask what it is trying to tell us to do.

12. What does John Eastwood’s study mainly focus on? ( )

AWhy people get bored

BThe benefits of boredom

CHow to deal with boredom

DThe types of boredom

13. According to Lench, boredom( )

Awould help us avoid mistakes

Bcannot be cured for the moment

Cmight be good for our creativity

Dcould make us get tired and lose focus

14. What’s Eastwood’ attitude towards finding a cure for boredom? ( )





15. What message can be concluded from the text? ( )

AEasier said than done

BHard work never killed a man

CPractice makes perfect

DEvery coin has two sides

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In recent years, internet voting has become increasingly _ (population)in China. People not only cast on-line votes _ (them), but also urge others to vote for _ (compete)like the “Most Beautiful Teacher” and the “Cutest Baby”.

Lin Yue, a high school student, is invited to vote in the “Best Police Officer”, _ (organize) by the local government to let the public have _ better understanding of police officers’ daily work. Lin Yue visits the website and reads all the stories. He is _ (deep) moved by their glorious deeds. He is already thinking of becoming a policeman himself in the future.

Wu Hua is _ (invite)by his uncle to vote for his cousin in the “Future Singer”. He has received three similar invitations so far. His uncle tells him _ if his cousin wins it, the family will win an overseas tour _ free. Wu Hua likes his cousin very much, _ he finds other singers perform even better . to vote, or not to vote? This is a question that troubles him very much.











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World leaders arrived at the G20 summit(峰会)in Australia this weekend to help resolve serious globoal crises(危机)---but they stayed for the koalas.

All heads of state at the summit, from the ‘leader of the free world’s President Obama to the ‘Iron Chancellor’ Angela Merkel, proved powerless against the lovely animals.

Even the usually stone---faced Valdimir Putin, was pictured cracking a smile while embracing (拥抱)a koala, who appeared to be trying to escape the Russian president’s iron grip.

President Obama was equally overjoyed to spend some quality time with a koala named ‘Jimbelung’. But Obama’s new furry friend did not seem very much impressed with the US commander-in-chief, and instead focused his attention on the koala in the arms of Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

At one point, the two furry creatures even exchanged a kiss, to the obvious delight of Obama and Abbott.

Meanwhile the ladies of the G20 were also treated to the unique Australian experience and were led by Mr. Abbott’s wife, Margie, through Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary(保护区) on Saturday.

The G20 leaders’ wives also got chances to hug some koalas and feed some Kangaroos. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife Laureen were among the first ladies who laughed nervously as a couple of large kangaroos walked slowly up to help themselves to the offered food.

But the “Koala diplomacy(外交)” could only carry the western leaders so far.

They say South African schools do not produce braries at school. Ninety---two percent of the schools do not have libraries

8. Where can we most probably find this passage? ( )

AIn a magazine

BIn a newspaper

CIn a science book

DIn a travel journal

9. What does the underlined part “Obama’s new furry friend” in Para 4. most probably mean? ( )

AAngela Merkel


CTony Abbott


10. Which of the following is TRUE according to this passage? ( )

AThe purpose of the G20 summit is to solve serious global crises

BNot all heads attending the Summit loved koalas

CThe G20 leaders’ wives didn’t love koalas at all

DPutin loves smiling from time to time

11. What is the best title for the passage? ( )

AThe G20 Summit

BLeaders Gathered in Australia

CKoala Diplomacy

DLovely Koala

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

Dear daughter,

“You’re my favorite person in the whole world “is not something you’re going to hear me say any” more. Not only is it _ to Daddy, but really won’t go over well with your baby sister, once she’s _ and learns to talk.

You’re the one who burst my _ wide open. You taught me what uncontrollable, unlimited, _ love feels like. You turned me into a mom. And _ you will no longer be my only child; you will always be my first.

You’re the first one to make me forget myself. You’re the first person I ever said “I love you” to more than 10 times in one day. You’re the first human whose _ I took. With , I first-time mom _ , like letting you _ the bed onto the floor.

Our baby’s coming soon, and while you may not be my _ child anymore. This _ gives me the guilts, but, your sister will have some advantages. I can’t imagine she will ever be _ or lovely for long-with you and your songs, dance moves, costumes, and magic tricks. I can’t _ to watch you watching her.

You were the one who _ to surprise me every day. you’re the brave _ who pulls me by the hand into the future.

So when you’re feeling _ because I’m nursing your sister _ playing dress-up, or because I might use _ words with you, but not her, or because I can’t stop talking about how _ she I, know that there is more than enough _ for both of you.

You will always be my _ .






















Aeven as

Beven though

Cas if

Donly if












Aroll off

Bput off

Cpay off

Dcut off





































Ainstead of

Bas far as

Cin view of

Dout of





















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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

You’d think the human race would have understood sleeping very well by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly. Part of the problem is that we have wrong information and beliefs about this important health need. Let’s set the facts straight. _

(1)More sleep is better for you.

There could be such a thing as too much sleep. The amount of sleep we need varies by person and also changes as we age. Harvard researchers found that a lot of sleep(9 hours or more) is linked with poor sleep quality. _ Aim for better sleep

(2) _

Alcohol can help most people fall asleep. However, it also can cause you to wake up more during the night, decreasing your keep sleep quality. Consider drinking non-alcoholic drink before bed instead.

(3) If you wake up in the middle of night, lie in bed until you eventually fall back asleep.

_ We all hope to quickly fall back asleep. So we tend to stay in bed hoping it’ll happen tat any minute now. If that doesn’t happen, though, within 15 minutes, most exporters recommend getting out of bed to do something that occupies our bodies and brains without over stimulating(刺激)us. Try not to check the clock either.

(4)You can catch up on sleep on weekends.

When we lose sleeping during the week, we accumulate a kind of sleep “debt”. _ Not so fact. This might actually make you sleepier the next week. Instead of waking up later on the weekends, you’d better go to sleep earlier or perhaps take a nap in the afternoon.

AAlcohol helps you sleep.

BHere are some things you might been told about sleeping but aren’t completely true

CEveryone should get 7-8 hours of sleep per night

DSo don’t aim for more sleep-even on the weekends

EWaking up in the middle of the night is the annoyance, but it happens to all of us.

FYou’ll have a better day and perhaps sleep better at night

GCan you pay that debt back by sleeping on Saturday or Sunday?

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填空题 本大题共1小题,每小题10分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

51.短文改错After school, I was about to enter into my apartment then I saw a little dirty dog lying beside the dustbin. He looked extremely weak. Immediate the homeless dog filled me with sympathy. So I decided to take him home. I gave him some food and bath. After the bath he looked energy and refreshed. What a lovely dog!

When my parents got home, I asked that I could keep the dog. To my surprised and joy, they agreed. Up to now, he has become a member of our family and everyone had enjoyed his company. Looked at the cute and happy dog today, I realize that I was right to help him. We offered him a shelter and he brought ourselves great happiness and laughter.

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书面表达 本大题共25分。


Dear Mr Brown,



                                                                            Yours sincerely,


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