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阅读理解 本大题共3小题,每小题2分,共6分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


In the past, friendships were greatly limited by time, space and attention; increasing home and workplace mobility has made it even harder to keep social relations over time. Through a combination of user controls, new technologies and changing standards of social behavior, Facebook is freeing us from these limitations, making friendships more accessible, pleasant and diverse than ever before.

First, Facebook allows you to find and rediscover friends and then reminds you of these connections, so that you are less likely to fall out of touch with the long-lost school friend, or the family member in a different country. 'Second, Facebook creates an environment that allows you to interact easily with others : you can share your photos,videos,links and thoughts with your friends, and respond to what they share in turn. Third, Facebook’s unique technical system helps you to discover your friends,most valuable stories. These technologies allow people to keep and enrich friendships that they might otherwise have been unable to keep.

The effect of this is very great. A recent study by Keith Hampton for the Pew Internet and American Life Project discovered that users of social networking websites have larger, more diverse social circles, online and offline. This outcome comes at no cost to one’s closest relationships, which are kept in person and over the phone. Instead, the hour that the average user spends each day socializing on Facebook comes at the expense of less social activities, such as the three or so hours a day the average person spends watching television.

Time may limit our ability to keep social ties, but our desire for social communication is limitless. Just as boats have allowed us to cross oceans and vehicles have allowed us to move mountains, Facebook is a tool that allows us to stay more deeply connected with a larger and more diverse set of friends.

29. What can you do with the help of Facebook according to the text?

AProtect the environment.

BFind a new house or workplace.

CRediscover long-lost classmates.

DChange the behavior towards your friends.

30. What will social networking websites do?

AIncrease the diversity of social relations.

BShare the hours of watching television.

CRestrict personal friendship.

DLimit social activities.

31. What is the author's attitude towards Facebook?





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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


The World Health Organization (WHO) said that processed meat may be carcipogenic(致癌). Do you still dare eat cancer-linked processed meat ? Here are some comments on the website.

Bill (Australia) I’d rather live a short, pleasant life than a long, unhappy one, denying(拒绝给予) myself tasty food just because some experts say it’s not healthy. We should all enjoy the one life we have ---if I had listened to every piece of health advice I would never go anywhere, eat anything or enjoy life in any way. So, I won’t change my habit. I am going to have bacon sandwich, glass of wine, burger, can of coke whenever I fell like it.

Tim (America) Is meat really as bad as smoking: I don’t think so. According to the WHO 34,000 people die worldwide per year because they eat processed meat. In 2012, 8.2 million people died of cancer worldwide. That means if you eat a lot of processed meat you have a chance of being among the 0.41 percent of people dying of cancer because of processed meat. I’ll take the chance.

Helen (Switzerland) The WHO doesn’t say that just one bite of meat causes cancer, it is rather saying that people should vary their diet. People who eat more meat often have other unhealthy habits. They usually eat fewer fruits and vegetables and they also often exercise less

Van (China) Perhaps this report will make people consider becoming vegetarians ( 素食者). So for your health, the environment and future generations, it is not difficult; it just needs a change of attitude. There is a vast variety of other delicious food available to enjoy.

32. What if Bill has to change his habit ?

AHe’ll feel unhappy.

BB. He’ll live a pleasant life.

CHe’ll go on a diet.

DHe’ll become a vegetarian.

33. What does Tim think about eating processed meat ?

AToo risky.

BB. Fairly safe.

CPopular worldwide.

DVery unhealthy.

34. What may be Helen a response to WHO’s warning ?

ACaring little about it.

BB. Eating whatever she likes.

CVarying the diet and doing exercise.

DTaking a diet without meat.

35. Who have the most similar viewpoints ?

ABill and Tim.

BB. Tim and Helen.

CHelen and Van.

DBill and Van.

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


At primary school in New Zealand, I was introduced to a school savings account run by one of the local banks. When our money box was full, we took it to the bank and watched with pride as our coins flowed across the counter. As a reward,we could choose our next money box from a small variety, and start the whole savings routine again. Every week I watched my parents sort out the housekeeping and “make ends meet”. Sometimes it was annoying to wait for things we really felt we needed.

Later, as a university student, I managed on an extremely small student allowance. Students were ignored by banks then, because we were so poor, and there was no way I could have gotten credit, even if I had tried. We collected our allowance three times each year, deposited it to the best advantage and withdrew it little by little to last until the next payout of the allowance.

When our daughter, Sophie, began to walk, we made a purposeful choice to encourage her to use money wisely. We often comment when the TV tells us “You owe it to yourself to borrow our money"—to whom do we really owe it? And what would happen if our income were reduced or dried up? Now, as a 12-year-old child, it’s almost embarrassing to see her tight “financial policy”,and wait for the unavoidable holiday sales to buy what she wants.

I agree that financial education in schools is very important. But the root of the problem lies with us and the way we behave as role models to those who follow.

25. What did the author learn from her parents?


AHow to become a banker.


B   Where to open a savings account.


C Where to choose a money box.


DHow to make ends meet.

26. How did the author manage the student allowance?

AHe applied for a credit card.


B    He spent it three times a year.


C He put it in the bank.


DHe seldom withdrew it.

27. What reflects Sophie’s tight “financial policy”?

AReducing her savings.               

B Buying things on sales.


CCanceling holiday plans.            

D Borrowing money from banks.

28. What’s the text mainly about?

A Parents,money problems.         

BStudents' school performance.


CChildren’s saving behavior.        

D Children’s financial education.

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


If you need to spend time on the road,it’s important to find ways to keep safe on your feet. Don’t suppose it's your right of way. Yes, you might be crossing at the right place, at the right time, within the crosswalk area, but you are still exposed to danger. It could be a distracted driver, or a cyclist with a loose sense of traffic rules, so you could still get hurt. You can be in the right legally, but that won’t be much help when you're in the hospital.

Follow pedestrian signals. Just as drivers aren’t supposed to speed up to beat a light when crossing through an intersection, pedestrians need to take the same care when obeying their own signals. If the hand is flashing and the countdown is into single digits (数字),stay where you are. Trying to outrun the flashing hand is unsafe,especially as cars try to clear the intersection before the light turns red.

Give drivers enough time to stop when crossing. Don’t suppose that drivers will jam on their brakes when you hit the crosswalk signals. Some provinces, such as Alberta, issue (发出)a ticket if you don’t give drivers enough time to brake.

Cross quickly. Once you’ve followed all of the other rules, and it is safe to cross the street, don’t then just wander along in front of six lanes (车道)of traffic. There’s no need to run or jog, but respect the drivers who respected you enough to stop for you.

21. Who is the text intended for?





22.What does the underlined word “distracted” in Paragraph 2 mean?

A Considerate.




23. In what case would pedestrians in Alberta be fined?      

A Racing against time with drivers. 

BFollowing crosswalk signals.     

CCrossing the crosswalk area.  

D  Walking outside six lane

24. What can be a suitable title for the text?

ARules for Traffic Police


B Tips to Keep Safe on Your Feet


C  Things Every Driver Should Know


DSignals for Both Pedestrians and Drivers

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

When you’re in high school, it can be difficult to find a job. You may not have much, or any, formal work experience and there aren’t many jobs available for teenagers. However, if you’re looking for a job,there are things you can do to help get your application noticed and help yourself get hired.   36 

l Don’tbe shy.

Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job. Manyjobs aren’t advertised and you may be able to get a good job lead from a friendor family member.

l   37 

One good way to get experience is to start by working for friends and neighbors. Babysitting, garden work, doing cleaning, and petsitting all can be included on your resume(简历).

l Keep an open mind.

  38   This is a tough market and you may not be able to find a job doing what you want to do. The more flexibility you have, the more opportunities you’ll be able to apply for. Plus, even if thejob wasn’t your first choice, it may turn out to be better than you expected.

l Check the rules.

There are only certain jobs you can do and hours you canwork.   39   The minimum age you can work at paid non-agricultural employment is14.

l Write a resume.

A resume may not be required by employers.   40   Even though you may not have much informationto include, a resume shows that you’re serious about your job search.

AA. Start close to home.

BA. Be always optimistic.

CA. You can count on the following chance.

DDon’t limit yourself to certain types of jobs.

EA. But it can help you stand out from the competition.

FA. These job search tips will help you get your job searchstarted.

GA. Check the Child Labor Law regulations to see how theyapply to you.

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共10分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


Last month, I find that my little brother looked up to me. I noticed he started copying way that I was dressed. He even began copying my ways of speaking and greet my friends. At first, I thought that he was play jokes. So I yelled at him, “Knock it off ”. Much with my surprise, he burst in to tear. Then I realized that what he was doing those things just because he admired me. To comfort my sadly brother, I took him to shop at the store of a blue shirt like me. Our mother smiled proud when we happily came back home in our shirts.

1.Last month, I find that my little brother looked up to me. I noticed he started copying way that I was dressed. 

2. He even began copying my ways of speaking and greet my friends. At first, I thought that he was play jokes. 

3.So I yelled at him, “Knock it off ”. Much with my surprise, he burst in to tear. 

4.Then I realized that what he was doing those things just because he admired me.

5.To comfort my sadly brother, I took him to shop at the store of a blue shirt like me. Our mother smiled proud when we happily came back home in our shirts.

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语法填空 本大题共10小题,每小题1.5分,共15分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Make your home a safer place

You probably think that your home is the one place where you are safe. That’s what I thought until last week. Now I knew our flat is full of accidents waiting  61   (happen). Next month we’ll look  62   my niece and nephew while their parents go away for  63   short break. We asked them to come and make sure that everything was  64   (total) OK. All of us got a few  65   (surprise).

We started in the spare bedroom, in  66   the children will sleep. Everybody knows you shouldn’t put children’s beds under a window in case a child  67   (try) to climb out. Next was the bathroom. We keep our medicines on a shelf above the washbasin. Never leave medicines somewhere children can find  68   (they). They might think they are sweets. Finally, the kitchen. This is the most  69   (danger) room in the house. Knives should be  70   (keep)in drawers children can’t reach, and all cleaning liquids in high cupboards. So we have three weeks to make our house safe. It’s not difficult...once you know how.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

Erik, an athletic child, lost his vision in his early teen. At first he 41 to use a walking stick or learn Braille (盲文), 42 he could do as well as any teenage. He finally came to 43 his disability, though. He couldn’t play the same 44 as he used to. But then he discovered wrestling, a sport 45 sight wasn’t as important as touch and 46 . Then, at 16, he discovered rock climbing was like wrestling in some ways. A wrestler and a rock climber 47 information through touch. Rock climbing 48 mountain climbing, the greatest challenge of his life.

Erik’s teammates say he isn’t different from a 49 mountaineer. The major difference is that he isn’t as thin as most climbers. 50 , his strong upper body, flexibility and mental toughness make him a(n) 51 climber. The only help for Erik’s blindness is to place 52 on his teammates’ jackets so that he can follow them 53 .

Climbing Mount Everest was 54 for every climber on every team. The    55   to the mountain air for Erik was the same as it was for his teammates: 56   of oxygen causes the heart to beat slower, and the brain doesn’t 57 as clearly as normal. In some ways, Erik had an advantage 58 his teammates:as they got near the top, the vision of all climbers was 59 . So at a certain altitude, all his teammates were like Erik--nearly 60 .

To climb Mount Everest is an achievement for any athlete. Erik showed his disability wasn’t as important as his ability.





































Afell behind

Blay in

Cdepend on

Dled to





























































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书面表达 本大题共25分。

假定你是李华,你的美国朋友Peter 想来中国旅行,他写信向你了解他到北京后乘坐何种交通工具旅行比较适宜。请你给他写封回信,建议他乘坐高铁。


1. 便捷,准点;

2. 舒适,安全;

3. 购票方便,价格适宜。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头语已为你写好。

参考词汇:中国高铁 CRH ( China Railway High-speed )

自助售票机 self-service ticket machine

Dear Peter,

I’m expecting youto come to China.                         







Li Hua

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