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简答题(综合题) 本大题共130分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


So many of    us    hold on    to little complaints that may have come from an argument,a    misunderstanding ,the way we were raised,or some other painful event. Stubbornly,we wait for someone else to reach out to us — believing this is the only way we can forgive or rekindle a friendship or family relationship.

 A friend of mine,recently told me that she hadn't spoken to her son in almost three years. She said that she and her son had had a disagreement about his wife and that she would't speak to him again unless he called first. When I suggested that she be the one to reach out,she said,“ I can't do that. He’s the one who should apologize. ” After a little gentle encouragement,however,she did de¬cide to be the first one to reach out. To her amazement,her son was grateful for her willingn ess to call and offered an apology  of his  own. As is usually the case,when someone takes the chance and rea¬ches out,everyone wins.

    Whenever  we hold on to our anger,we turn“ small stuff”问题)” into really “ big stuff” in our   minds. We start to believe that our positions are more important than our happiness. They are not. If you want to be a more peaceful person you must understand that being right is almost never more im-portant than allowing yourself to be happy. The way to be happy is to let go,and reach out. Let other people be right. This doesn't mean that you 're wrong. Everything will be fine. You'll experience the peace of letting go,as well as the joy of letting others be right.

     You'11 also notice that,as you reach out and let others be “right”,they will become less defen¬sive and more loving toward you. They might even reach back. But,if for some reason they don't, that's okay too. You '11 have the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part to create a more loving world,and certainly you'11 be more peaceful yourself.

21.The underlined word “ rekindle” in Paragraph 1 probably means “         ”.





22. In the    author's opinion,we    hold    on    to    our    anger often    because    we think       .

A. we can turn small issues into big ones

B. our    positions are higher than others

C. our    own opinions matter most

D. others will be less defensive

23. The best thing to do after a quarrel is to    .

A. let go of our own rights

B.realize  that you are wrong.

C. expect others to give in

D.apologize to others first.

24. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. People should keep peaceful when facing small stuff.

B. Reaching out and apologizing wins one peace and happiness.

C. We    should tell apart small and big stuff in our daily life.

D. It's necessary to enjoy ourfriendshipandfamily relationship.

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Cursive (手写体)is about to become extinct. Do we raise the red flag? To teach or not to teach cursive is the question that several state education departments are struggling with.

 Before you read this write-up $ do a simple exercise. Pick a pen and paper and start writing in cursive. Yes,that fancy handwriting that you learned in grade school. You may not have forgotten the good times you had while writing loopy Ps and Gs as well as curly Ms and Ns. However,the  chances   are you won't be able to write it as excellently as you used to. Some people are good at making the perfect loops and curls,while some are bad. I am still terrible at it.

     Cursive is hardly used by kids anymore as even adults don 't write in this style,unless they are using it for their s ignature. Learning this handwriting was a usual practice in school for several dec¬ades. However, in 2011, the Indiana Dep artment of Education made it optional (可选择的)for schools to  teach cursive writing to the students. In fact,there were  46 more states who have done the

same.There are some who believe that it is high time for cursive to retire from school curriculum. After all,if we don ’ t leave the past behind,we cannot make way for new things. If you walk into any classroom,you would find children using keyboards to communicate in written form. On the other   hand,fans of this cursive insist on its usefulness. They remind us that if we stop teaching and learn¬ing cursive in schools,very soon most of our historical documents will become hard to us.

    Where do we stand on this subject? Is it the right time to erase an almost forgotten handwriting and live in the keyboarding world? Or can we do both without compromising (妥协)on our school curriculum? Let me know your thoughts on this matter by leaving a comment in the section  below.

32.People use cursive when they

A. give their signature      

B. are    in Indiana

C. grow up as adults      

D. are    at school

33.In Indiana school,children .

A. must learn cursive          

B. are interested in cursive

C. can choose to learn cursive  

D. learn cursive everyday

34.It can beinferred that the author  

A. prefersto learn cursive

B. is a cursiveteacher

C. welcomespeople to show their opinions

D. is a veryfamous expert in education

35. Whatwould be the best title for the passage?

A. IsCursive Writing Necessary?

B. IsKeyboarding World Good?

C. AKeyboarding World

D. Advantagesof Cursive

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How Learning Habits Influence on Learning Results

 It's useful and necessary to discuss learning habits. There is a famous saying “ Good habits lead to good endings”,which shows the 61 (important)  of habits.

    “ An apple a day keeps a doctor  62 ” also shows how a healthy everyday habit helps  63  (build)  up our body. Thus, good learning habits can help us gain great learning results, 64  (include) high scores and abundant(丰富的) knowledge. At first,learnin g habits form our ways of thinking and attitudes to the content of our learning. 65 ( obvious),a good habit can help us to   speed up to reach our destinations. As we can see,developing a good habit is so important 66 I would like to introduce one kind of good learning habits — keep a learning diary every day. We can start the habit by 67 ( write) learning summaries and remember to record something 68 (im-press) and meaningful. Keep  69  in mind,we can gain  this  good  learning  habit  and benefit from it.

    What's more,I find out that I still have some bad learning habits as well. I can only concentrate on reading for a short time and I will conquer this problem by spending more effort 70 concentra¬tion practice in future.

I believe that through my efforts,I can gain good learning results by having good habits.

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1. It     (想到) to me to visit my teacher.

2.If the exercise causes     (不适),stop immediately.

3.I accepted the job without     (犹豫)

4.Taking     (责任)for something that went wrong is a mark of great maturity.

5.As we Joined the big crowd I got     (分离)from my friends.

6.She doesn' t      (勉强接受,将就)anything but the best

7.A negative attitude will                   (使你一事无成)

8.                   (记着)some people may need your help

9.Since 1949 these parks and buildings have been        (对大众开放)

10.It was with sincerity and faithfulness that we                                 (创造和谐的氛围)

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Dear Tom,How I    miss    you!    I'd like    to    introduce    the    layout    of  my school    to    you.

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While I will explain a bit about the science of stress and relaxation a little later r simple way to think about it is that our body 's stress response works like a car alarm. keep us    safe    by warning    us of the    presence    of    danger in    our    immediate    environment.

But instead of warning us with a loud and annoying sound,our body alarm system lets us know that something is wrong by creating changes in our neurochemistry (神经化学).If you've ever expe¬rienced pain in your stomach,periods of extreme anger,inability to focus or even insomnia (失眠),

chances are your body was paying the price in those moments for the brain chemistry of stress.

     So if it's so uncomfortable,why not just get rid of stress altogether?

     This  is not only impractical,it would be dangerous. Let's go back to the metaphor (比喻说法) of the car alarm. If the alarm is turned off altogether,the car is exposed to continual danger without there being any way of your knowing about it until it is too late. It would be like walking through the jungle without any fear signal in the presence of a poisonous snake or other dangerous animals — while it might feel “nice” to be so relaxed,your body actually needs the stress response not only to remind you of danger but also to offer extra adrenaline (肾上腺素) for your heart and extra blood and  oxygen for your arms and legs.

     However,if the car alarm goes off at any time,someone just looks at the car with a bit of an atti- tude,and it becomes equally useless. Not only do we stop paying attention to it,but it begins to drive us and everyone around us becomes a little bit crazy. In the case of our bodies,walking around in a constant state of alarm also has some pretty alarming health consequences,which we will explore in greater depth in the next chapter.

25.Our body's stress response is compared to a car alarm in that         .

A.they work all the time

B. they    both    give a    signal

C.they work in the same    way

D. they    both    produce a    sound

26.When our body alarm system works,         .

A.we feel calm

B.we feel excited

C.some changes happen in our brain

D.    some changes happen in our heart

27. What would happen if stress were got rid of completely?

A. We'11 be free of worries.

B. We'11 achieve a sense of safety.

C. We'11 reach a perfect state of mind.

D. We'11 fail to realize the possible danger.

28. What's    the    purpose    of giving    the    example    of walking  through    the    Jungle    in    Paragraph 4 ?

A. To show the harm of stress.

B. To show the effect of stress.

C. To explain the function of stress response.

D. To explain the necessity of stress response.

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At the Magazine we welcome your contributions! We love to publicize authors,bloggers and businesses. And there are several spots available for writers.

 Author Spot

     This is a regular page devoted to new and experienced authors. Click here to see the questions   and you simply reply as you wish. To appear on Author Spot,your book must be already published. Please enclose a color photo of yourself plus a color photo of your book cover.

     Top Tips

     Are you an expert in your field? We welcome “Top Tips” on any subjects such as working from home,building up a business,wr iting — please contact u s if you have an idea and look at the top tips posts  on this site to see how to craft your own.

     Press Releases

     Do you have some news about your business,company or charity? We are always on the look out for great press releases to publish on our site. Simply submit your press release here or email it to ali- son@ feature world. co. uk.

    Opinion pieces and Reviews

    Got a subject you feel strongly about? Or would you like to review a book for us? We are happy to look at all other opinion pieces or reviews as long as they fit with the general ethos (思想信仰)of the site.

    General Submission Guidelines

     Due to the number of submissions received we cannot guarantee that your submission will be pub¬lished. There might be a wait of a few weeks before your submission goes live.

     We reserve the right to edit submissions — although as they are personal to the writer,we en¬deavor not to do this.

     Any questions? Contact us here.

29. Which is a necessary requirement to contribute a book ? 

A.One photo of you and your book.

B.A book never published.

C.Answering some questions.

D. An expert in your field.

30. What does    the    underlined    part“ we endeavor not to do    this”    in    the    sentence    mean?

A. We try not to be personal.

B. We try not to change your writing.

C. We try not to reserve the right.

D. We try not to delay the publication.

31. Where does the passage come from?

A. A magazine.

B. A textbook.

C. A website .

D. A newspaper.

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How to Study for a Test or Final

 The end of the term is drawing near,and that means final exams are on the way. 36

     The most important thing you can do is give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Then follow this plan:

     Start Early

     Gather all the material you 've received during the term. Read through your class notes twice.

Some things will sound familiar and some things will sound unfamiliar. That's  normal.

     Estalish a Study Group  or  Partner.

    Schedule  at least one meeting time with a study partner or study group.If you  can't completely get tog ether,then exchange email addresses. 37

     Collect your old exams from the year ( or semester) and make a photocopy of each one. Write

out the test answers and copy each one again. Use Old Tests


    To get the best results,you should make several copies of each old exam and keep taking the

tests until you score perfectly on each one.

Build up Your Class Notes.

     Organize your notes by date and make note of any missing dates/pages. Get together with a study partner or group to compare  notes and fill in any missing material.  39   Everybody zones out once in a while. After you organize your new set of notes,underline any key words,formu las,themes,and con¬cepts.

      Make yourself a new practice test with fill-in sentences and term definitions. Print out several   tests and practice several times. 40  Then exchange.

      Make Use of Old Assignments.

Gather some old assignments and redo the exercises. Review tho  exercises until you can  every question easily.

A.Instant messages will work well,too.

B. Have a set of practice tests.

C. How can you give yourself  a chance to improve your scores?

D. You might find one that makes something clear for the first time.

E. Ask the members of your study group to make practice tests as well.

F. Don 't be too surprised if you missed key information from the lectures.

G. Have your friend or study partner raise questions and compare them.

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I loved working with my dad,but I hated a summer job he gave me. He owned a small 41 in Bank Street. In his shop,the most recently 42 person got the worst job,and the boss 'son was also  43    .

I didn 't want to spend hours 44 the frost on the ceiling of the walk-in freezer,and it was the Saturday afternoon ’ s job that I hated most. We recei ved fresh 45 every day. Chicken sat in wooden boxes and was 46 with crushed ice. During the week,the ice and the blood of the chick¬en slowly leaked into the container 47 the chicken,creating its bloody smell.

      There was only one 48 to get rid of the blood and wash the container : hold my 49 and carefully slide the container from under the chicken, as I tried not to 50 the contents over my   clothes,and then 51 into the drain (下水道).

     Soon, students who have cut  lawns, painted houses, worked in offices, 52  maybe even others will

53 to school. Some will have great memories 54   others  will come back with 55 ones.

    Looking  back ,I  think  my  father  could have  56  me from my weekly hell. However,my dad, who 'd dropped out of school to help support his family after his father died,was a teacher for me 57 . He knew treating me 58 from his other employees would be an unfair thing. Most im¬  portantl y ,he taught me to 59 those who do the ha rd and 60 tasks in life.

      For the next six summers, I returned not as the boss'son, but as one of other guys, and I cleaned  the  dirty  container  every  Saturday  afernoon.

41.A. grocery  B. butcher's  C.chain        D. Book

42.A. hired    B. invited    C. received    D. Received

43.A. interested    B. included    C. affected       D. Offered

44.A. looking into  B. tearing up  C. cleaning up    D. Grain

45.A. fruit         B. vegetable   C. chicken        D.grain

46.surrounded       B. impressed   C. accompanied    D. Cooked

47.A.above       B.beside        C.below         D.under

48.A.chance      B.way           C.place         D. Reason

49.A.arm         B.nose          C.breath        D. Head

50.A.touch       B.notice        C.find          D. Splash

51.A.break       B.divide        C.empty         D. Allow

52.A.and         B.so            C.but           D. Or

53.A.adapt       B.go            C.return        D. Apply

54.A.while      B.when          C.since         D. Because

55.A.exciting   B.good          C.amazing       D. Unpleasant

56.A.forced     B.spared        C.treated       D. Pushed

57.A.at heat    B.in fact       C.in case       D. at home

58.A.kindly     B.carefully     C.differently   D. Warmly

59.A.witness    B.appreciate    C.hurt          D. Influence

60.A.vital      B.dirty         C.easy          D. Funny

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假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处,每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加,删除或修改。




Dear Mandy, I'm   not    doing well    in my lessons    at    school,especial    in    maths.    My    dad    says    I must    try    hard because he wants me go to university. He thinks I'm lazy,but it's not true. I work really hard,often study late into the night! I've tried to talk to my mother,but she always said I have to work as hard like my    brother    does.My brother doesn't study  very    hard,and    he always    gets excellent    grades.    It's  not fair!The only thing I like it is art. My teacher says I'm the best student she's had for year. When I told my dad,all he said was,“ You mustn 't waste your time in art. You must focus your mind on your lessons! ”I'm feeling quite    puzzling  as    to    what to do now.    Would    you    please help  meout? Thanks a lot!

Yours sincerely, 


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