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单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

21. In this book, the word is used in its original sense unless _____ stated. ( )





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22. August always comes_____we remember nothing but clear skies, green fields, and sweet-smelling flowers. ( )





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23. It’s natural for there ________ a generation gap between parents and their children. ( )


Bhaving been

Cto be

Dto have been

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24. Lots of campaigns have occurred in China to defend the Nansha Islands recently. What is your _________ of the situation? ( )





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25. ----Anything special about this device?

----Well, it can ______ between the cancerous and the normal cells under certain conditions. ( )





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28. However occupied you are with study, try to ______ at least 15 minutes each day to have some exercise. ( )

Aput out

Bput through

Cput off

Dput aside

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27. — What do you think of Peter?

— He _____ be really difficult to get along with even though he’s a nice person in general. ( )





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26. It is reported that more than half of ________ surveyed on the website say they are content with their current life. ( )





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29. ______, a small advertisement held my attention, which read “Easy job. Good wages. No experience necessary.” ( )

ALooking through the newspaper

BWhile I was looking through the newspaper

CTo look through the newspaper

DI was looking through the newspaper

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30. I’m afraid we can’t finish the task as scheduled. Can we ask the boss to have the deadline    ? ( )





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31. Low-wage jobs---“either waiter or stuff like that”---are the only ones ____ to most migrants. ( )





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34. Life is full of ups and downs. that we are optimistic and take a positive attitude, we will be more likely to enjoy our life to the fullest. ( )





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33. —The manager has come back from his business trip. He is asking you for the report.

— Oh,my god ! I haven’t finished it yet. But he _____ back at the company tomorrow. ( )

Awas expected

Bwill expect


Dwill be expected

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32. On hearing the news, the girl rushed out without hesitation, ______ the luggage ______ on the floor, and ______ in the dark. ( )

Aleft, lied, disappeared

Bleaving, lying, disappeared

Cleaving, lie, disappeared

Dleft, lay, disappear

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35. — I’ve nothing on me except this ten yuan to donate, I’m afraid.

— Never mind. ________. We really appreciate your assistance. ( )

AEvery little helps

BThe more, the better

CIt’s better to give than to receive

DNo one is perfect.

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共80分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

Few Americans stay in one place for a lifetime. We bd_blank from the city to the suburbs, from high school to college in a different state, from a job in one region to a better job _, from the home where we _ our children to the home where we plan to live in _. With each move we are bd_blank making new friends, who become part of our new life.

For many of us the bd_blank is a special time for forming new friendships. Today, millions of Americans go on vocation _, and they go not only to see new sights but also -- in those places where they do not feel too _-- with the hope of meeting new people. No one really bd_blank a vacation trip to produce a close friend, but the beginning of a friendship is possible. Surely in every country people bd_blank friendship.

ZiyThe word “friend” to American people can be _ to a wide range of relationships -- to someone one has known for a few weeks in a new place, to a close business companion, to a childhood playmate, to a man or woman, to a _ colleague. There are real bd_blank among these relations for Americans -- a friendship may be _, casual, situational or deep and lasting. But to a European, who sees only our surface behavior, the differences are not clear.

As Europeans see it, all kinds of “friends” flow bd_blank of Americans' homes with little ceremony. They may be parents of the children's friends, house guests of neighbors, members of a committee, business associates from another town or even another country. bd_blank as a guest into an American home, the European visitor finds no _ differences. The atmosphere is bd_blank. Most people, old and young, are called bd_blank first names. Americans’ characteristic openness to different styles of relationship makes it possible for us to find new friends abroad with whom we feel bd_blank.









































































Ain and out

Bon and on

Cby and by

Dup and down






















Aat best

Bat home

Cat heart

Dat hand

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Two thieves came to a house to steal something. They dug a hole in the wall of the house. There lived many mice in the house. The woman in the moonlight saw a mouse crawl into the house.“Look!In comes one,”she said to the man in the house. The thief was so frightened that he hurriedly crawled out of the house and said to the one waiting outside,“She found me when I was just in.” But the thief outside didn’t believe him,so he said,“Let us two try to crawl into the house together.”At that time two mice happened to crawl into the house,too. The woman saw the mice and shouted,“In come two,catch them!” The two thieves were terribly frightened. The man in the house said,“You saw them come in but where are they? I will catch them tonight.”The two thieves started running away at once.

The two thieves wanted to make it clear whether they had been found or not the night before. The next day they acted as men selling sweet potatoes and came before the house. The man and the woman were ploughing in their fields.

The rein(缰绳)broke and the woman came home for a rope. She saw two men selling sweet potatoes

and wanted to buy some. She picked out two which looked like mice. At the time the man couldn’t wait for her any longer in the fields and he ran back from the fields to hurry her up. The woman showed the sweet potatoes to the man and said,“How they look like the two of last night.”The man said,“I asked you to fetch a rope,why don’t you hurry for it?”The two thieves ran away quickly without their sweet potatoes.


56. The two thieves failed to steal anything from the house because______.( )

Athey were found out

Bthey were frightened by what they had heard in the house

Cthey didn’t work together well with each other

Dmice stopped them from doing so

57.From the last paragraph,we know that ______.( )

Athe two thieves were famous selling sweet potatoes

Bthe woman recognized the two thieves

Cthe woman pretended to know nothing about the two thieves and made fun of them

DD.the two thieves didn’t know that they were not found at all

58.“______”is the best title for this passage. ( )

ATwo Clever Thieves

BTerrible Mice

CHit the Mark by a Fluke

DA Clever Couple

59. Which of the following statements is FALSE?( )

AThe two thieves not only failed to steal things but also lost their sweet potatoes.

BWhenever they found mice,the people in the house would try to catch them.

CThe two thieves ran away at once,because they thought the woman had seen them.

DThe man let the woman go home for a rope,which would be used for catching the thieves.

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The relationship between exercise and cancer has long both intrigued and puzzled oncologists and exercise physiologists.

Exercise is strongly associated with lowered risks for many types of cancer. At the same time, exercise involves biological stress, which typically leads to a short-term increase in inflammation(发炎)which can contribute to higher risks for many cancers.

Now, a new study in mice may offer some clues into the exercise-cancer paradox. It suggests that exercise may change how the immune system deals with cancer by boosting adrenaline(肾上腺素), certain immune cells and other chemicals that, together, can reduce the severity of cancer or fight it off altogether.

To try to better understand how exercise can both elevate inflammation and simultaneously protect the body against cancer, scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and other institutions decided to closely examine what happens inside mice at high risk for the disease.

So, for the new study, they began by gathering a group of adult lab mice. These animals generally like to run.

The scientists then implanted melanoma (黑素瘤) skin cancer cells into the mice before providing half of them with running wheels in their cages while the other animals remained sedentary. After four weeks, far fewer of the runners had developed full-blown melanoma than the sedentary mice and those that had been diagnosed with the disease showed fewer and smaller lesions.

They drew blood from both the exercising and sedentary animals and cells from any tumors in both groups. As expected, they found much higher levels of the hormone adrenaline in the blood of the exercising animals, especially right after they had been working out on the wheels but also at other times of the day. The body releases adrenaline in response to almost any type of stressful experience, including exercise.

They also found higher levels of interleukin-6 in the blood of the runners. This is a substance that is released by working muscles and is believed to both increase and decrease inflammation in the body, depending on where and how it goes to work.

Perhaps most important, they found much higher numbers in the bloodstreams of runners than in the sedentary mice of a type of immune cell named natural killer cells that are known to be strong cancer fighters.

So the scientists repeated their original experiment multiple times, inducing cancer while allowing some mice to run and others to sit. In some of these follow-up experiments, the scientists injected the runners with a substance that blocked the production of adrenaline and gave sedentary animals large doses of added adrenaline.

What they now found was that when running mice could not produce adrenaline, they developed cancer at the same rate as the sedentary animals, while the sedentary animals that had been injected with extra adrenaline fought off their tumors better than other sitting mice.

More remarkably, the scientists determined that adrenaline seemed to be sending biochemical signals to some of the animals’ IL-6 cells, making them physiologically more alert, so that when a tumor began to develop in the affected animal, those IL-6 cells in turn activated the natural killer cells in the bloodstream and actually directed them to the tumors, like minute guide fish.

With these results, “we show that voluntary wheel running in mice can reduce the growth of tumors, and we have identified an exercise-dependent mobilization of natural killer cells as the underlying cause of this protection,” said Pernille Hojman, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen who oversaw the new study. It perhaps provides one more incentive for us to get up and move.


68. In the first experiment, which one is the most important result the scientists found? ( )

AA. natural killer cells are much more in the bloodstreams of runners than in the sedentary mice.

Blevels of interleukin-6 are higher in the blood of the runners than in the sedentary mice.

Cexercise such as running seemed to help the mice fight against the cancer.

DD. adrenaline can reduce the severity of cancer or fight it off.

69.In the follow-up experiments, the scientists found__________ ? ( )

Athe hormone adrenaline has much higher levels in the blood of the exercising animals,

Bhow these elements in the runners — their increased adrenaline, IL-6, and natural killer immune cells fight against tumor.

Cinterleukin-6 can both increase and decrease inflammation in the body, depending on where and how it goes to work.

Dwhat happens inside mice at high risk for the disease.

70. According to the study, we can infer the fundamental substance to fight the cancer off is________( )



Cnatural killer cells


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A new argument has been put forward as to whether penguins are disturbed by the presence of tourists in Antarctica.

Previous research by scientists from Keil University in Germany monitored Adelie penguins and noted that the birds’ heart rates increased dramatically at the sight of a human as far as 30 meters away. But new research using an artificial egg, which is equipped to measure heart rates, disputes this. Scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge say that a slow moving human who does not approach the nest too closely, is not viewed as a threat by penguins.

The earlier findings have been used to partly explain the 20 per cent drop in populations of certain types of penguins near tourist sites. However, tour operators have continued to insist that their activities do not adversely affect wildlife in Antarctica, saying they encourage non-disruptive behavior in tourists, and that the decline in penguin numbers is caused by other factors.

Amanda Nimon of the Scott Polar Research Institute spent three southern hemisphere summers at Cuverville Island in Antarctica studying penguin behavior towards humans. “A nesting penguin will react very differently to a person rapidly and closely approaching the nest,” says Nimon. “First they exhibit large and prolonged(延长) heart rate changes and then they often flee the nest leaving it open for predators (掠夺者) to fly in and remove eggs or chicks.” The artificial egg, specially for the project, monitored both the parent who had been ‘disturbed’ when the egg was placed in the nest and the other parent as they both took it in turns to guard the nest.

However, Boris Culik, who monitored the Adelie penguins, believes that Nimon’s findings do not invalidate his own research. He points out that species behave differently – and Nimon’s work was with Gentoo penguins. Nimon and her colleagues believe that Culik’s research was methodologically flawed(使无效) because the monitoring of penguins’ responses needed capturing and restraining(控制) the birds and fitting them with heart-rate transmitters. Therefore, argues Nimon, it would not be surprising if they became stressed on seeing a human subsequently.


64.According to the passage, what overall message is presented? ( )

ANo firm conclusions are drawn.

BNeither Culik’s nor Nimon’s findings are of much value.

CPenguin reduction is closed related to tourist behavior.

DTourists are not responsible for the fall in penguin numbers.

65.Which ONE argument of the following is stated in the passage? ( )

APenguins are harder to research when they have young.

BTour operators should encourage tourists to avoid Antarctica.

CNot all penguins behave in the same way.

DPenguins need better protection from tourists.

66.What do you notice about the views presented in the passage? ( )

AThey are groundless.

BThey are factual.

CThey are descriptive.

DThey are conflicting.

67.What does the underlined word (final line) probably mean? ( )

Alater on



Din the same place

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India now leads the world in smartphone growth. It saw a 55% increase in the number of smartphones in 2014. The number of Web users increased by 37 %. Smartphones were the source of 65 % of its Internet traffic and 41 % of its e-commerce, according to a report by the analyst Mary Meeker, titled “Internet Trends 2015”.

India’s Internet boom has started. Within three or four years, almost every adult in India will own a smartphone. They will be used to order goods, read news, monitor crop growth and so on.

Indan adults will be very interested in these devices just as young Americans are. 87 % of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 who own smartphones say they never separate from these: “My smartphone never leaves my side.” Four out of five say that the first thing they do on waking is to reach for their smartphones. And three fifths believe that in the next five years everything will be done on mobile devices.

In the business world, the rise of mobile platforms is dramatically transforming many industries all over the world. What Indian software developers have to do is to start thinking about solutions to old problems by using all the features of these new devices. They need to take advantage of the unique properties of smartphones and tablets. As Indian software developers and enterprises master the smartphone, they will be able to export their solutions to the rest of the world.

This will make possible a new tech revolution that is greater than what created India’s IT industry in the 1980s and 1990s. We can expect the rapid transformation of India when a billion people become connected and have equal access to information and services.


60. Loads of numbers are used in Paragraph 1 to show _____________.( )

AIndia’s smartphones increase most rapidly in the world

BIndia has the most advanced IT industry in the world

CIndia will be a superpower pretty soon

DIndia will export new smartphones to the rest of the world

61. What will most young Americans do first the moment they wake up? ( )

ARead news.

BShop online.

CGet their smartphones.

DCheck e-mails.

62. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? ( )

AIndia is the largest mobile maker in the world.

BIndian farmers will probably use smartphones to monitor crop growth..

CIndian software developers have made great profits by selling their products abroad.

DIndia saw a great boom in IT industry some 30 years ago.

63. Which can be the best title of the text?( )

AMore people,more smartphones

BNo dream, every Indian owns a smartphone

CAt hand, India’s next tech revolution

DA small smartphone, a big use

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Online shopping is coming into fashion in most cities, where people are able to make full useof the rapidly-developed internet technology. Nowadays, can we find a person bd_blank hasn’t experienced online shopping? Definitely not.

Online shopping _ (welcome) by most people due to various reasons. From the perspective of

consumers, it can save some time for people who don’t have much spare time. Just click the mouse,

they can get _ they want while staying at home. For the retailers, it can custom costs for those who don’t have enough circulating funds. _ (compare) with the traditional trade mode, they

don’t have to spend money in renting a house. _, there are still some disadvantages in online

shopping. First, a face-to-face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. Second, people

will lose _ fun of bargain.

__is undeniable that shopping on the internet has become an irresistible trend in modern society. It’s_great urgency that we need to make the relative laws_the rapid growth of online

shopping. Only in this way can we enjoy the pleasure and_ (convenient) of online shopping

without the concern of being cheated.












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86.短文改错 Many of us are familiar to the World Cup, a football competition which is popular among people in almost all nation. Do you know there is another football competition that was well known worldwide? It’s calling the Super Bowl and is held every January in the USA. It is very different from the football we know. However, the more you know about them, the well you will like it. Each year the Super Bowl is played in different American city. This is of great important because it helps make sure that the game is fair. Now the Super Bowl is broadcast on TV all over the world. But if you want to see the Super Bowl lively, you had better to have a lot of money, since the ticket for the game is pretty expensive.

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Every student has tests when they are at school. But have you ever been so worried about the tests that you can’t fall asleep at night? Have you ever felt sick or had a headache during a test?

_ This worry in your mind can make your body feel bad. You may feel angry, frustrated, scared, or afraid, which can give you a stomachache or a headache.

bd_blank Good or normal stress might happen when you are called to answer a question in class or when you have to give a speech. This kind of stress can help you to get things better done. _

But bad stress can happen if the stressful feelings keep going over a long time. You may not feel well if your parents are fighting, if a family member is ill, if you are having problems at school, or if you are going through anything else that makes you upset every day. __

_ That means making good decision about how to spend your time. If you are only dealing with school stuff and have no time to play, you can get stressed. Make sure you keep your SELF in mind: Sleep, Exercise, Leisure and Food. If you take care of yourself and get enough sleep and food, and if you exercise and leave time for fun stuff, you will probably be less stressed out!


AHowever, there are two different kinds of stress.

BCan you tell a kind of stress from another one?

CThe best way to keep stress away is to have a balanced life.

DThat kind of stress isn’t going to help you, and it can actually make you sick.

ESince bad stress is harmful to us, you’d better try to change it into good stress.

FIf so, then you know what stress is. Stress is what you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something.

GFor example, you may do a better job on your test if the stress pushes you to prepare well before the test.

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书面表达 本大题共15分。


(3)时间:星期六晚六点;(4)地点:阳光俱乐部(The Sun Club)302房间;(5)路线:在你所住宾馆门口乘坐332路公共汽车可直达。

Dear Jane,

Congratulations on your passing all the exams.__________________________________________



Yours faithfully,

Li Hua

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