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简答题(综合题) 本大题共55分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


LEEDS, England—A Leeds University psychology professor is teaching a course to help dozens of Britons forgive their enemies.

“The hatred we hold within us is a tumor,” Professor Ken Hart said, adding that it can lead to problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

More than 70 people have become members in Hart’s first 20-week workshop in London—a course he says is the first of its kind in the world.

“These are people who are sick and tired of living with a memory. They realize their bitterness is a poison they think they can pour out, but they end up drinking it themselves,” said Canadian-born Hart.

The students meet in groups of eight to ten for a two-hour workshop with an adviser every fortnight.[:]

The course, ending in July, is expected to get rid of the tumor of hatred in these people. “People have lots of negative attitudes towards forgiveness,” he said, “People confuse forgiveness with forgetting. Forgiveness means changing from a negative attitude to a positive one."

Hart and his team have created instructions to provide the training needed.

“The main idea is to give you guidelines on how to look at various kinds of angers and how they affect you, and how to change your attitudes towards the person you are angry with," said Norman Claringbull, a senior expert on the forgiveness project.

Hart said he believes forgiveness is a skill that can be taught, as these people “want to get free of the past”.


25. From this passage we know that________.

Ahigh blood pressure and heart disease are caused by hatred

Bhigh blood pressure can only be cured by psychology professors

Cwithout hate, people will have less trouble connected with blood and heart

Dpeople who suffer from blood pressure and heart disease must have many enemies

26. According to the passage, if you are angry with somebody, you should________.

Ahave lots of negative attitudes towards him or her

Bnever meet him or her again

Cpersuade him or her to have a positive talk with you

Dtry to build up a positive attitude towards the person

27. What does the underlined word “tumor” probably mean?( )





28. The author wrote this passage in order to________.

Apersuade us to go to Hart’s workshop

Btell us the news about Hart’s workshop

Ctell us how to run a workshop like Hart’s

Dhelp us to look at various kinds of anger

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Recently some articles claims the word ‘‘selfie” as one of the most annoying words. But I’d like to offer that maybe it is not so bad.

The “selfie” is used to describe the self-taken photo, often from a smart phone. Women and men decorate their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with these pictures, sometimes with puckered (翘起) lips or large smiles. In fact, the selfie has become so widely known that over 31 million photos on Instagram are taken with the selfie.

Let’s think about it. Someone takes about 10 selfies each time they do, and they only end up posting one or two of those. They pick the one that they feel makes them look the best. Isn’t that beautiful? In that one picture, someone has given himself or herself confidence. Self-image is important. In society today, we are often so consumed with the feeling that what society tells us is perfect. But maybe, with that one selfie, we feel that we fit that bill. We feel handsome, beautiful, confident, smart, happy and content. For that moment, everything bad or terrible that has ever happened to us is erased (消除), because that smile or that pucker is what gives us the determination to love ourselves.    I saw a spoken word poem recently and the young man said: If I ask you what you love, the answers will most likely roll off your tongue. You love to read. You love to write. You love birds, music, your mom, your brother, your sister, your daughter, your best friend, your dog. How long do you think you can go on and on before you say “I love myself”.    That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve struggled with confidence all of my life. I still do. And in no way am I saying that taking a selfie is a gateway to that confidence. However, the selfie does deserve some credit for allowing individuals to express themselves. Pamela Rutledge agrees, stating, “There are many more photographs available now of real people than models.”



32. According to the author, selfie ______.

A is an annoying habit for people

B becomes a fashion among teenagers

Cmakes a person become self-centered

Dgives a person a sense of confidence

33. According to the writer, we live in a society where ______.

Abeing perfect is highly valued

Bpeople judge others by their appearance

Cconfidence is based on one’s self-images

Dbeauty almost decides everything

34.The author mentions a poem in the passage to stress ______.

Athe power of true love

Bthe need to love ourselves

C the kinds of love we have

Dthe endless love we get

35. The best title for the passage is ______.

AThe Meaning of Selfie

BA Fashion of Selfie

C A Praise of Selfie

DThe Criticism of Selfie

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Aesop (伊索) was a slave living around 550 BC. We call the stories he wrote fables, as every story has a moral. Almost all the fables he wrote are ____ (humor) and entertaining, appealing to people ___ all ages. Till now, Aesop’s fables ______ (translate) into many languages and are known all over the world. Not only _____ the fables themselves lived for nearly 1500 years, but the ______ (express) from them have entered various languages.

One fable, for instance, is about a farmer who was driving his cart along a country road. The cart got _____ (stick) in the mud, but the farmer made _______ effort to get it out. Instead, he began to pray to the gods for help. The god Hercules finally appeared and told ______ man to get busy and push ______. “Push your shoulder to the wheel.” Hercules advised.

The moral of the story is clear. We mustn’t rely on others for help. Another saying which has come from the fable is “God helps those _____ help themselves.”












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How is everything going with you? As for me, I have a great news to share—I will finally get to be in a book!

Last Saturday morning, Dad and I were eating breakfast while we heard a knock on the door. I rushed to open the door. It was our neighbor Miss Lydia, that draws pictures for children’s books. Miss Lydia greeted me with a smile, looking happily to see me. Remembering my best manner, I said, “Hello, Miss Lydia. Won’t you come in?” Miss Lydia came in, sitting at the breakfast table, and said to my dad that he would like both of us to be her models in one of her books! I jumped off my chair and run to give Miss Lydia a big hug.

I hope my first model experience will be both enjoyable or unforgettable. I’m looking forward to hearing you soon.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a personal motto. I wanted a saying that I could really try to live my life by. I mean all the humorous book and storybook heroes always have a personal principle they follow. Good manners! Courage! Keenness! But a part of me could never get myself to create my own motto because I never knew where to start and I never thought I could give one.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” is a quote by the great writer and philosopher, Voltaire. More familiar, it makes an appearance in the modern day movie performance of the superhero Spider-Man. This saying provides a sense of responsibility for those with actually limitless power.

“Be good to others and others will be good to you.” is another well-known proverb that has roots in almost all of the major religions. Although it is less practiced today than it is lectured, it is a powerful and good motto to live by. Kindness, in this sense, is the final power in judging every action.

My personal motto today has an idea – being efficient. Through my limited knowledge, I have come to find that this is simply the best way for me to give insight about who I am and what I believe in.

Efficiency is a quality that everyone desires for, right? Who doesn’t want to be able to not only work fast but to achieve great results? To some, it may appear to be a frightening journey. But to me, it means that I have a lifelong journey to improve the methods and ideas with which I come near my tasks.

Regardless of what motto you want to live by, I believe that everyone should have one, or two or more. These are all symbols of a perfect story of us, in our own view. And it immediately provides insight to the type of person we were, we are and what we strive to be. We are never meant to be perfect, but it is important to try and live by a belief that will help us reach our potential. All you have to do is know what your excitement is and live by it.


21. Why does the writer want a personal motto?( )

AHe can follow a belief to live his life.

BHe can behave like the heroes in storybooks.

CHe can have the courage to be enthusiastic.

DHe can know where to create his own motto.

22. In the eyes of the writer, Spider-Man mainly lives by _______.





23. What can we infer from the writer’s personal motto?( )

AHe desires for great results of his tasks.

BHe will spend a lifelong time on traveling.

CHe expects to work well without wasting time.

DHe will never find a journey discouraging.

24. The last paragraph implies that a motto _________.[:]

Ahelps you know your potential

Bcan tell us who we really are

Creflects what your passion is

Dwill prove you to be perfect

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Visitor Oyster cards are electronic smart cards that come fully charged with credit. Whether you’re making a one-off trip to London or you’re a regular visitor, using an Oyster travel smart card is the easiest way to travel around the city’s public transport network. Simply touch the card on the yellow card reader at the doors when you start and end your journey.

Advantages of a Visitor Oyster Card

A Visitor Oyster card is one of the cheapest ways to pay for single journeys on the bus, Tube, DLR, tram, London Overground and most National Rail services in London:

● Save time—your card is ready to use as soon as you arrive in London.

● It’s more than 50% cheaper than buying a paper travel card or single tickets with cash.

● There is a daily price cap—once you have reached this limit, you won’t pay any more.

● Enjoy special offers and promotions at leading London restaurants, shops and entertainment venues—plus discounts on the Emirates Air Line cable car and Thames Clippers river buses.

Buy a Visitor Oyster card

Buy a Visitor Oyster card before you visit London and get it delivered to your home address. A card costs£3 (non-refundable) plus postage. Order online and arrive with your Oyster in hand! You can also buy a Visitor Oyster card from Gatwick Express ticket offices at Gatwick Airport Station and on board Eurostar trains travelling to London.

Add Credit to Your Visitor Oyster Card

You can choose how much credit to add to your card. If you are visiting London for two days, you can start with £20 credit. If you run out of credit, add credit at the following locations:

● Touch screen ticket machines in Tube, DLR, London Overground and some National Rail stations.

● Around 4,000 Oyster Ticket Stops found in newsagents and small shops across London.

● TFL Visitor and Travel Information Centers.

● Tube and London Overground station ticket offices.

● Emirates Air Line terminals.

【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。作者介绍了到伦敦旅行是要用到的一种卡Visitor Oyster Card。作者详细介绍了这种卡的优势,怎么办理这种卡以及怎样往里面充值。

29. When can you use your Visitor Oyster Card?( )

AAfter you become a regular visitor.

BOnce you arrive in London.

COnly when you end your journey.

DBefore you leave home.

30. What can we learn about the Visitor Oyster card?( )

AIt can reach you before your journey to London.

BIt requires you to pay as much as the daily price cap.

CIt can provide you a 50% discount at a London shop.

DIt can be delivered to your home address free of charge.

31. Where can you add credit to your Visitor Oyster card?( )

AOn the Internet.

BOn Eurostar trains.

CAt a Tube station ticket office.

DAt Gatwick Express ticket offices.

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Trampolining  What’s more fun than standing still? Jumping up and down on a springy piece of fabric (织物)! This activity is known as trampolining and it’s sweeping the nation. The idea of trampolining is ancient. Eskimos have been throwing each other in the air for thousands of years. Firemen began using a life net to catch people jumping from buildings in 1887. ____    A gymnast named George Nissan and his coach Larry Griswold made the first modern trampoline in 1936. _______ They named their equipment after the Spanish word trampolín, which means diving board. The men wanted to share their idea with the whole world. In 1942 they began making trampolines to sell to the public.   Trampolines may be fun, but they can also be dangerous. _____ Clubs and gyms use large safety nets or other equipment to make it safer. Most trampoline injuries happen at home. Since trampolines are more affordable than ever, injuries are even more common. These injuries happen for many reasons. People may bounce too high and land out of the trampoline or onto the springs. _______ Perhaps the worst injuries happen when untrained people try to do flips (快速翻转). Landing on your neck or head can cause injuries or even kill you.  _______ There are many things that you can do to practice safe trampolining. Trampolines have been around for a while now. They have brought a lot of joy to many people. They can be a good source of exercise and activity. They can help people improve their balance and moves. But they can also be deadly. It is important to follow some professional guidance. Be sure that you are practicing safety while having a good time. Happy bouncing!


AThey found a winner when they performed a piece of spring across a steel frame.B. And in the early 1900s, circus performers began bouncing off a net to amuse audiences.

BInjuries also happen when many people are jumping at the same time.D. Experts find that more than 100,000 people hurt themselves while using one each year.E. You can surround your trampoline with a net so that people don’t fall off it. F. They got the idea by watching swing artists bouncing off a tight net at the circus.G. But don’t let all that bad news keep you down.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

One month ago, my daughter started kindergarten. As usual, I wished her success. I was telling a lie. What I actually wish for her is _______. I believe in the power of failure.

Success is ______ in a sense. Success is proving that you can do something that you already know you can do, or doing something correctly the first time, which can ______ be a problematic victory. First-time success is usually a fluke (侥幸). First-time failure, ____, is expected; it is the natural order of things.

Failure is how we learn. I have been told of an African phrase _____ a good cook as “she who has broken many pots”. If you have spent enough time in the ______ to have broken a lot of pots, probably you know a fair amount about ______. I once had a late dinner with a group of chefs, and they spent time _____ knife wounds and burn scars. They knew how much credibility (可信度) their _____ gave them.

I earn my _______ by writing a daily newspaper column. Each week I am _____ that one column is going to be the worst column of the week. I don’t just set out to write it; I try my best every day. ______, every week, one column is inferior (较差的) to the others, sometimes extremely so.

I have learned to _____ that column. A successful column usually means that I am treading (踏) on ____ ground, going with tricks that work, or dressing up popular ideas in fancy words. Often in my inferior columns, I am trying to ____ something I’ve never done before, something that I’m not even sure can be done.

My daughter is a perfectionist. She will feel her failures, and I will want to ______ her. But I will also, I hope, _______ her of what she learned, and how she can do ______ next time. I probably won’t tell her that failure is a good thing, because that’s not a(n) ____ you can learn when you’re five. I hope I can tell her, though, that it’s not the end of the world. Indeed, with luck, it is the ______.


















Ain addition

Bon purpose

Cby contrast

Din demand




















































Aget through

Bfigure out

Ccomment on

Dtake in


























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书面表达 本大题共25分。

72.假如你是学生会主席李华,你打算邀请外教Mr. Smith到你们学校作一个健康知识讲座,请你给他写封邀请信。要点如下:





注意:1) 词数100左右;



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