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简答题(综合题) 本大题共55分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


A lady and her husband stepped off the train in Boston. They walked without an appointment into the outer office of Harvard’s president. But they were stopped by his secretary and kept waiting. For hours, the secretary took no notice of them, hoping that the couple would finally become disappointed and go away. But they didn’t. The secretary finally decided to disturb the president, though unwillingly.

A few minutes later, the president walked towards the couple with a cold face. The lady told him, “We had a son that attended Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was happy here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to set up a memorial (纪念物) to him, somewhere on campus.”

The president wasn’t moved. Instead, he was shocked. “Madam,” he said, “we can’t put up a statue for every person who studied at Harvard and died. If we did, this people would look like a cemetery (墓地).” “Oh, no,” the lady explained quickly, “We don’t want to put up a statue. We would like to give a building to Harvard. “The president rolled his eyes and glanced at the couple and then exclaimed, “A building! Do you have any idea how much a building costs? We have spent over $ 7,500,000 on the campus building at Harvard.” For a moment the lady was silent. The president was pleased, because he could get rid of them now. Then the lady turned to her husband and said quietly. “Is that all it costs to start a university? Why don’t we just start our own?” Her husband nodded. Since their offer was turned down. Mr, and Mrs Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their name, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer cared about.


21. According to the first paragraph, we know that ______.

AThe headmaster knew the couple would come to his office

BThe couple saw the president very smoothly

CThe secretary was willing to help the couple

DThe couple didn’t become disappointed

22. What was the purpose of the couple when they came to see the president?

AThey wanted to tell their son’s story

BThey loved the school

CThey wanted to do something to honor his son

DThey were invited there

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Three Blocks of Stones Forest Park

Three Blocks of Stones Forest Park, located in the southeast of Fushun, is a high and beautiful mountain, on the top of which there are three large blocks of stones, accounting for its name. It is covered with thick and tall trees, with a clear and clean river flowing down it

Opening time: 8:30—16:30 (from April 1st to October 31st)

Admission ticket: 45 yuan (free for kids under 7 years old)

Telephone number : 13823011112

Fushun Royal Ocean World

Fushun Royal Ocean World, located in the west of Fushun, is made up of Aquarium, surf house, and water park in it. Here you can see many rare sea creatures and polar animals. And also you can have a good time surfing or playing in the water park

Opening time: 8:30---16:30

Admission ticket: 90 yuan/adult 50yuan/kid (free for kids under 5 years old, accompanied by at least one adult)

Telephone number :55556000

Hetuala City

Hetuala city is Manchurian, where the later jin was located. The ancestors of Nurhachi(努尔哈赤)used to live here, and the Nu Zhen nationality once settled here. This city, which lies in the far north of Fushun, is divided into two parts, the inner city and the outer city.

Opening time: 8:00---17:00

Admission ticket: 80 yuan(free for kids under 5 years old and the elderly over 70 years old)

Telephone number : 15904130413

Exhibition hall of Fushun war criminals

Exhibition hall of Fushun war criminals, was built in May 1986 Japanese war criminals were once put in prison here. The emperor of Manchukuo, Puyi and his ministers were also transformed into ordinary people here. In the exhibition hall over 800 historical pictures and more than 500 material objects are on display. It is a good patriotic education base for all the people, especially the students. Exhibition hall of Fushun war criminals is just in the center of Fushun.

Opening time : 8:30---16;00 (closed every Monday)

Admission ticket: 70 yuan( free for kids and all the primary and junior students and the elderly over 70. Free for all on September 18th)

Telephone number: 55918918


24. If a person is interested in nature and breathing fresh air, which number should he call?





25. A young couple with two children (one is 3 years old, the other is 10) go to Fushun Royal Ocean World, how much will they pay?

A135 yuan

B230 yuan

C240 yuan

D140 yuan

26. Which place can you go to on Monday if you want to enjoy some historical sights?

AThree Blocks of Stones Forest Park

BExhibition hall of Fushun war criminals

CFushun Royal Ocean World

DHetuala City

27. The four places have one thing in common, which is that ________.

Athey are open all the year

BThey are located in the same city

Cthey are all free for kids

Dthey all have something to do with history

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It may help you to know that there is no such thing as a perfect speech. As some point in every speech, every speaker says something that is not understood exactly as he has planned. Fortunately, such moments are usually not obvious to the listeners. Why? Because the listeners do not know what the speaker plans to say. They hear only what the speaker does say. If you lose your place for a moment, wrongly change the order of a couple of sentences, or forget to pause at a certain point, no one will be any the wiser. When such moments occur, don’t worry about them. Just continue as if nothing happened.

Even if you do make an obvious mistake during a speech, that don’t really matter. If you have ever listened to Martin Luther King’s famous speech – “ I have a dream”, you may notice that he stumble(结巴)over his words twice during the speech. Most likely, however, you don’t remember. Why? Because you were fixing your attention on its message rather than on his way of speech-making.

People care a lot about making mistakes in a speech because they regard speech-making as a kind of performance rather than as an act of communication. They feel the listeners are like judges in an ice-skating competition. But, in fact, the listeners are not looking for a perfect performer.They are looking for a well-thought-out speech that expresses the speaker’s ideas clearly and directly. Sometimes a mistake or two can actually increase a speaker’s attractiveness by making him more human.

As you work on your speech, don’t worry about being perfect. Once you free your mind of this, you will find it much easier to give your speech freely.


28. The underlined part in the first paragraph means that no one will ___________.

Abe smarter than you

Bknow what you are talking about

Cdo better than you

Dnotice your mistakes

29. You don’t remember obvious mistakes in a speech because ___________

Ayou find the way of speech-making more important

Byou don’t fully understand the speech

Cyou don’t know what the speaker plans to say

Dyour attention is on the content

30. From the last two paragraphs, the author means that ___________.

Agiving a speech is like giving a performance

Bthe listeners should pay more attention to how a speech is made

Cone to two mistakes in a speech may not be bad

Dthe more mistakes a speaker makes, the more attractive he will be

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I was desperately nervous about becoming car-free. But eight months ago our car was hit by a passing vehicle and it was destroyed. No problem, I thought: we’ll buy another. But the insurance payout didn’t even begin to cover the costs of buying a new car—I worked out that, with the loan we’d need plus petrol, insurance, parking permits and tax, we would make a payment as much as £600 a month.

And that’s when I had my fancy idea. Why not just give up having a car at all? I live in London. We have a railway station behind our house, a tube station 10 minutes’ walk away, and a bus stop at the end of the street. A new car club had just opened in our area, and one of its shiny little red Peugeots was parked nearby. If any family in Britain could live without a car, I reasoned, then surely we were that family.

But my new car-free idea, sadly, wasn’t shared by my family. My teenage daughters were horrified. What would their friends think about our family being “too poor to afford a car”? (I wasn’t that bothered what they thought, and I suggested the girls should take the same approach.)

My friends, too, were astonished at our plan. What would happen if someone got seriously ill overnight and needed to go to hospital? (an ambulance) How would the children get to and from their many events? (buses and trains) People smiled as though this was another of my mad ideas, before saying they were sure I’d soon realize that a car was a necessity.

Eight months on, I wonder whether we’ll ever own a car again. The idea that you “have to” own a car, especially if you live in a city, is all in the mind. I live—and many other citizens do too—in a place that has never been better served by public transport, and yet car ownership has never been higher. We worry about rising car costs, but we’d be better off asking something much more basic: do I really need a car? Certainly the answer is no, and I’m a lot richer because I dared to ask the question.


32. The author decided to live a car-free life partly because ______.

Amost families chose to go car-free

Bthe cost of a new car was too much

Che was hurt in a terrible car accident

Dthe traffic jam was unbearable for him

33. What is the attitude of the author’s family toward his plan?





34. What did the author suggest his daughters do about their friends’ opinion?

AArgue against it.

BTake their advice.

CLeave it alone.

DThink it over.

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第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)



If you are interested in getting university education in China and 61.___ bd blank ____(run) of the university program, you may need to register in the high school. Starting your education at high school level in China gives you an advantage since you will be well 62._ bd blank ___(prepare) before joining the university. You will have learnt Chinese Mandarin(普通话)63_____ bd blank ___will make your daily conversations smooth. You will also have familiarized with the surrounding, making 64.__ bd blank ____easy to get your way around.

With a high school admission, you will also 65.____ bd blank _____(introduce) to a Chinese way of learning and education at 66._____ bd blank __early age. Getting a high school 67.___ bd blank ____(admit) in China is easy. You only need to look for schools which are offering high school education to the international students. Most of them offer instructions both in English 68._____ bd blank ____Chinese. Choose a right environment that will allow you to learn the local language, choose an area that is 69.____ bd blank ___(convenience) to you and select a school that allows a foreign student to 70._____ bd blank ___(easy) adapt to a new culture.












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71.第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)





注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

I’d like to introduce Sarah to you. She is a good friend of me. Actually she is an exchange student from Ireland, which has been studying in my school for two month. Wanting to take an advantage of her short time here, Sarah works hardly. She had not studied Chinese before arriving here, but she has some difficulty communicating with people she woke up early morning to study a bit before class. I admire her independence for doing all of this while live so far away from her family. Besides, Sarah is in great help. Busy as she is, she often takes time help classmates with their English homework. A lovely girl, isn’t she?

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1. 5分,满分30分)


Many years ago, I drove my seven-six-old daughter to school in our car. This 41 bd blank day, we passed by many 42 bd blank people who were begging. She asked why the same people were 43 bd blank help every day and why no one was 44 bd blank .

I really didn’t have a(n) 45 bd blank answer to this question. So I decided to ask her how she thought she could help.

My little girl always had 46 bd blank ideas flowing out of her which I couldn’t keep 47 bd blank . The next day on the morning 48 bd blank to school, my daughter asked me to stop at each 49 bd blank where a homeless person stood. I asked why, but was quickly 50 bd blank to wait and see.

I 51 bd blank my window and asked the gentleman to 52 bd blank . My daughter handed him 50 cents 53 bd blank told him she would see him every morning. This went on for three blocks. I asked her where all of the money came 54 bd blank and she immediately informed me that her class mates took up a 55 bd blank of coins and love for her to pass on to the “people on the corner.”

Every school day for two more wonderful years we stopped and 56 bd blank coins or a good morning wish to the “people on the corner”. She could always get everyone to 57 bd blank even if just for a quick second.

Times have changed, and many people 58 bd blank of giving money to homeless people on the corner but everyone deserve to be 59 ,so my “people on the corner” get a “good morning and a smile” every day. I get the same 60__ bd blank --every day.













Aapologizing for

Bstanding for

Cworking for

Dasking for












Asuch many

Bsuch much

Cso many

Dso much


Aout of

Baway from

Cin touch

Dup with

















Arolled down

Bput down

Cbroken down

Dcut down


Afall over

Bgo over

Cturn over

Dcome over





































Ain return

Bby turns

Cin case

Dby accident

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)


Why is pink or purple a color for girls and blue or brown for boys? ___36_bd blank__To the Egyptians, green was a color that represented the hope and joy of spring, while for Muslims, it means heaven. Red is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. In China, children are given money in a red envelope to bring good fortune in the New Year. For many nations, blue is a symbol of protection and religious beliefs. ___37_ bd blank ___

People’s choice of colors is also influenced by their bodies’ reactions(反应) toward them. Green is said to be the most restful color. ___38_ bd blank __People who work in green environment have been found to have fewer stomach aches.

___39___ bd blank _ So many decorators will include different shades of red in the restaurant. Similarly, many commercial websites will have a red “Buy Now” button because red is a color that easily catches a person’s eye.

Blue is another calming color. Unlike red, blue can cause people to lose appetite. ___40_ bd blank ___

The next time you are deciding on what to wear or what color to decorate your room, think about the color carefully.


AIt has the ability to reduce pain and relax people both mentally and physically.

BRed can cause a person’s blood pressure to rise and increase people’s appetites(食欲).

CThe answer depends largely on cultural values as well as personal experiences.

DRed can cause people to be excited and encourage them to make a purchase.

EGreek people often wear a blue necklace hoping to protect themselves against evils.

FSo if you want to eat less, some suggest that eating from blue plates can help.

GBecause girls like pink or purple while boys blue or brown.

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书面表达 本大题共25分。

72.第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

加拿大高中生David在互联网上登出启事notice,希望结识一位中国朋友,以便学习中国的语言、文化。假设你是光明中学的李华,请在看到这则启事后,用英文给David发出一封电子邮件。主要内容包括: 1.你怎样得知他的愿望 2.你愿意成为他的朋友 3.你打算如何帮助他 4.你盼望他的回复

注意:1.词数100左右;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。

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