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简答题(综合题) 本大题共105分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


Researchers at the University of Kansas say that people can accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger's personality simply by looking at the person's shoes. “Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers,” the authors wrote in the new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality. “Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues (非语言暗示) with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear.”

Medical Daily notes that the number of detailed personality traits (特质) detected in the study include a person's general age, income, political tendency, and other personality traits, including someone's emotional stability. Lead researcher Omri Gillath said the judgments were based on the style, cost, color and condition of someone's shoes. In the study, 63 students from the University of Kansas looked at pictures showing 208 different pairs of shoes worn by the study's participants. Participants in the study were photographed in their most commonly worn shoes, and then filled out a personality questionnaire.

So, what do your shoes say about your personality? Some of the results were expected: people with higher incomes most commonly wore expensive shoes, and flashier footwear was typically worn by outgoing people. However, some of the more specific results are interesting. For example, “practical and functional” shoes were generally worn by more “friendly” people, while ankle boots were more closely connected with “aggressive” personalities. The strangest of all may be that those who wore “uncomfortable looking” shoes tend to have “calm” personalities.

And if you have several pairs of new shoes or take exceptional care of them, you may suffer from “attachment anxiety,” spending too much time worrying about what other people think of your appearance. There was even a political calculation in the mix with wearing “shabbier and less expensive” shoes.

The researchers noted that some people would choose shoe styles to mask their actual personality traits, but researchers pointed out that volunteers were also likely to be unaware that their footwear choices were revealing deep insights into their personalities.


1. By looking at a person’s shoes, it’s possible for people to_____.

Aknow the wearer thoroughly and accurately

Bform an opinion about the wearer’s character

Chave exact cues about the wearer’s social status

Djudge the wearer’s educational background

2. What can we know about the passage?()

AWealthy people tend to choose shiny shoes.

BFriendly people are likely to wear ankle boots.

CCalm people prefer shoes with uncomfortable appearance.

DOutgoing people always wear shoes with practical functions.

3. Taking exceptional care of new shoes shows that _____.

Athe owners care much about others’ opinions on their appearance

Bthe owners are in a relaxed state

Cthe owners are particular about their appearance

Dthe owners have too many shoes to choose from

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A man is in a serious condition after being bitten by a shark in northern NSW. The 52-year-old man from Evans Head, named in media reports as Craig Ison, is undergoing surgery after suffering injuries to his legs and hands when the shark attacked him at around 6a.m. on Friday.

Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay told reporters in Ballina the quick thinking of another surfer and beach walkers who stemmed the flow of blood may have saved Isons life.

Two surfers initially helped him, using towels and tourniquets until emergency services arrived at the beach.

Lindsay said Ison spotted the shark in the water and warned the other surfers.

As the group tried to paddle away from the animal it then attacked Ison, he said.

“He actually fought off the shark, we’re told, and has made it to the shore with the help of the other surfers,” he said.

Ison was then transported to Lismore hospital in an ambulance driven by a police officer as paramedics frantically work on him in the back.

The beach, south of Ballina, is not patrolled in winter and would remain closed, a Surf Life Saving NSW spokeswoman said.

Local resident Bart Easdown says in the past week locals have reported many sightings of four-meter and five-meter sharks near Ballina and Lennox Head. But he says nothing will stop surfers. “I’m not quite that brave, but they (local surfers) are, and they just love doing it,” Mr. Easdown told reporters. “The majority of people say they will be back in the water and that there is always something looming.”

On Sunday beaches around Ballina were closed after two sharks were spotted off the coast, a Surf Life Saving ZNSW spokeswoman said. Earlier this month a bodyboarder was mauled by a shark at Ballinas Lighthouse Beach, suffering serious injuries to his lower legs. In February, a large great white shark tore the legs off 41-year-old surfer, Tadashi Nakaharaa, in a fatal attack at neighbouring Shelly Beach.On Sunday a man was killed by a shark while diving for scallops with his daughter near Maria Island, off Tasmania’s east coast.


8. It is learned from the text that ____.

AIson was sent to the nearest hospital by surfers

Bother surfers had an easy escape from the shark

Cthe attack happened during surfing at noon

Dthe shark’s attack left Ison seriously hurt

9. According to Bart Easdown, we know that ____.

Athere are reported sightings of sharks

Bsharks appear in large numbers near Ballina

Clocals are brave enough to surf with sharks

Dthere are no enough guards near Ballina and Lennox Head

10. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about?()

AWhy sharks attacked.

BExamples of recent attacks.

CWhat caused sharks to attack.

DWhen different attacks happened.

11. What is the author’s purpose of writing the passage?()

ATo describe serious diving accidents.

BTo remind surfers of safety issues.

CTo report a surfer’s misfortune.

DTo call people’s attention to sharks.

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第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)


Ten years ago, we had a milkman delivering milk to our doorstep. His name was Mr. Basille. He bd blank a white hat and drove a white truck. As a boy, I couldn’t take my eyes

bd blank the coin changer(自动换币机) bd blank to his belt. He noticed this one day during a delivery bd blank gave me a quarter out of his coin changer.

Of course, he bd blank more than milk. There was cheese, eggs, and so on. If we needed to bd blank our order, my mother would write a note---- “Please add a bottle of buttermilk next delivery” ----and bd blank it in the box along with the bd blank bottles. And then, the bd blank would appear.

All of this was about more than convenience. There existed a bd blank relationship between us. Mr. Basille even had a key bd blank our house, when it was so cold outside that we put the box indoors, bd blank the milk wouldn’t bd blank. And I remember Mr. Basille form time to time taking a bd blank at our kitchen table, having a cup of tea.

There is sadly no home milk delivery today. Big companies make milk productions bd blank , making it bd blank for milkmen to live. Besides, milk is for sale bd blank , and it is unnecessary to have a delivery service.

Recently, an old milk box in the countryside bd blank my childhood memories. I took it home and planted it on the back yard. When my son’s friends ask bd blank on earth it is, I start telling stories about the milkman and the bd blank among us.


























































Aso that

Bsuch that





























Abrought in

Bbrought up

Cbrought down

Dbrought back











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The World Health Organization said(says) that 92 percent of the world’s population live in areas of high air pollution. Experts say much of that pollution comes from vehicles fueling(fueled) by diesel.

Many cities in Europe have called for end(ending) the production of diesel cars. They hope to replace them with electric vehicles but(as或because) their quality has improved. London is one of the most heavy(heavily) polluted cities in Europe. Levels of harmful gases in the city are regularly higher than limits set by the European Union. Martin Williams says pedestrians(行人) often do not realize how close they are to air pollution sources because(加of) they cannot see it(them). He says people across Great Britain have being(去掉) died too early because the pollution. Experts say electric cars could offer a(an) answer to air pollution in most city(cities). They add, however, that the electricity should be created using renewable energy.

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Papa, as a son of a dirt-poor farmer, left school early and went to work in a factory, for education was for the rich then. So, the world became his school. With great interest, he read everything he could lay his hands on, listened to the town elders and learned about the world beyond his tiny hometown. “There's so much to learn,” he'd say. “Though we're born stupid, only the stupid remain that way.” He was determined that none of his children would be denied an education.

Thus, Papa insisted that we learn at least one new thing each day. Though, as children, we thought this was crazy, it would never have occurred to us to deny Papa a request. And dinner time seemed perfect for sharing what we had learned. We would talk about the news of the day; no matter how insignificant, it was never taken lightly. Papa would listen carefully and was ready with some comment, always to the point.

Then came the moment—the time to share the day's new learning.

Papa would push back his chair and pour a glass of red wine, ready to listen.

“Felice,” he'd say, “tell me what you learned today.”

“I learned that the population of Nepal is ....”


Papa was thinking about what was said, as if the salvation of the world would depend upon it. “The population of Nepal. Hmm. Well .. . .” he'd say. “Get the map; let's see where Nepal is.” And the whole family went on a search for Nepal.

This same experience was repeated until each family member had a turn. Dinner ended only after we had a clear understanding of at least half a dozen such facts.

As children, we thought very little about these educational wonders. Our family, however, was growing together, sharing experiences and participating in one another's education. And by looking at us, listening to us, respecting our input, affirming(肯定) our value, giving us a sense of dignity, Papa was unquestionably our most influential teacher.

Later during my training as a future teacher I studied with some of the most famous educators. They were imparting(传授) what Papa had known all along—the value of continual learning. His technique has served me well all my life. Not a single day has been wasted, though I can never tell when knowing the population of Nepal might prove useful.


4. What do we know from the first paragraph?()

AThose born stupid could not change their life.

BThe author's father was born in a worker's family.

CThe poor could hardly afford school education.

DThe town elders wanted to learn about the world.

5. It can be learned from the passage that the author ____.

Aappreciated his father's educational technique

Bfelt regret about those wasted days

Cknew very well about Nepal

Denjoyed talking about news

6. What is the greatest value of "dinner time" to the author?()

AShowing talents.

BContinual learning.

CWinning Papa's approval.

DFamily get-together.

7. The author's father can be best described as ____.

Aa participant willing to share his knowledge

Ba teacher strict about everything his students did

Can educator expert at training future teachers

Da parent insistent on his children's education

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The brain, rather than our eyes, may be more important for sight, researchers studying fruit flies(果蝇) have discovered. The discovery could change the way we think about vision.

Researchers in the University of Virginia have found that the very simple eyes of fruit fly larva(幼虫), with only 24 total photoreceptors (the human eye contains more than 125 million), provide just enough light input to allow the animal’s large brain to make that input into images. Their discovery shows that vision may be less important to “seeing” than previously thought—and in fact it is the brain’s ability to process points of light into complex images that is key.

“It blows open how we think about vision.” said Barry Condron. “This tells us that visual input may not be as important to sight as the brain working behind it.”

Condron’s graduate students, Elizabeth Daubert, Nick Macedonia and Catherine Hamilton, conducted a series of experiments to test the vision of fruit fly larvae. They found that when a larva was tied to the bottom of a dish, other larvae were attracted to it as it attempted to free itself. After several further experiments to understand how they sensed the motion, the researchers learned that the nearly blind animals likely were seeing the action.

“The answer must be in the brain of these animals.” Condron said. “They are able to take just a couple dozen points of light and then process that into recognizable images, something like when an astronomer with a small telescope is able to use techniques to improve a limited image into useful information about a star.” Condron believes the animals are able to assemble useful images by rapidly scanning their heads and, in doing so, gather up enough light points to allow the brain to compose an image clear enough to “see”.

The researchers tested this by presenting larva with a video (therefore no sound and no smell), and found that the larvae still sensed and sought out the struggling larva on the video. This provides us with a good model for trying to understand the role that the brain plays in helping organisms, including humans, to process images, such as recognizing faces.


12. The writer mainly wants to tell us that ________.

Apeople should depend on brain rather than eyes for sight

Bthe brain may be more important for sight than people thought

Cusing the fruit fly larva to test the eyes is the best way

Dsome methods can keep our eyesight accurate and normal

13. Condron used the example of “an astronaut with a small telescope” in Para5 to show _____.

Ahow the larvae gather up enough light points

Bwhy the larvae moved their heads side-to-side

Chow we can get useful information about a star with a small telescope

Dthe brain helps process the light points into images

14. Why is a video used by the researchers?()

ABecause it helps to understand the part the brain plays.

BBecause it is able to provide certain sound and smell.

CBecause it turns visual inputs into a complete picture.

DBecause it makes the larvae seek out the struggling larva.

15. The underlined word “assemble” in the fifth paragraph may mean “_________”.

Achoose proper equipment

Breceive useful information

Cput together separate parts

Dobserve enough actions

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Sometimes we can get so caught up in the stress and worry of our personal lives that our minds become too messed up to operate effectively. This is especially dangerous in a test taking situation. After hours of reading and studying, our brains can lock up in a state of overload.

_bd blank . But when you’re tense, clearing your mind isn’t so easy! Try this relaxation technique if you think your brain has seized up(卡住) from information overload.

Set aside at least five minutes for quiet “clearing” time

_ bd blank . If necessary, set a watch or phone alarm or ask a friend to wake you up at a designated (指定的) time.

Think of a time or place that puts you into a complete state of peace

_ bd blank . Have you ever sat on the beach watching the waves come in and realized you’ve “zoned out” for a while? This is the sort of experience you’re looking for.

Cover your eyes and go to your “place”

_ bd blank . For some people, it may not be a good idea to put your head down. Because you might fall asleep!


Remember, this is not nap time. The point here is to re-energize(重新激活) your brain. bd blank . Stay relaxed and resist the urge to think about the things that are stressing you out or blocking you brain. Don’t let your brain go back to the state of stress.

Now go forward with your test or study session refreshed and ready!

A. Lie in bed late at night listening to good music.

B. If you’re at school, see if you can put your head down to sleep for a while somewhere or

find an empty room or quiet space.

C. If you are at school preparing for a test before class, you may simply rest your elbows on the desk and put your hands over your eyes.

D. Don’t let any thoughts run into your brain.

E. After five or ten minutes of clearing time, take a brisk walk or take a drink of water to re-energize your mind and body.

F. The time or place will be different for different people.

G. In a stressful situation it’s often necessary to clear your mind completely to allow your brain

to refresh itself and recalibrate(重新校准) all of its function.






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Women are starting to take power in more and more important positions in recent years.

bd blank to a new list made by AFP, the bd blank (world) 10 most powerful women who made their way above the “glass ceiling”, bd blank (include) the US’ first female presidential nominee(候选人) Hillary Clinton and Director General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan.

There is something interesting with the AFP list: A majority of the 10 women are over 60, the age bd blank some women become grandmothers. In fact, this might be the best proof of how aging ----a factor that has always been considered as a/an bd blank (advantage)---- has begun to turn into a strong point, for women.

The reasons behind the phenomenon may include that today’ s older women are bd blank (well)

educated and bd blank (experience) than any generations before.

It is also because of society’s changing opinion about bd blank women can achieve

----after their years raising kids and running family lives, older women are now more likely to start again instead of retiring into bd blank peaceful life of cooking and gardening.

In fact, this changing atmosphere in gender equality is spreading all over the world and across women bd blank all ages.












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书面表达 本大题共25分。

52.假定你是高中生李华,你校英语俱乐部将举办题为How to get along well with our parents?的英语演讲比赛,请根据以下要点写一份英语演讲稿:

(1)懂得感恩; (2) 懂得尊重; (3) 实际行动

注意: 1) 词数100 左右



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