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We meet in a week that could change the United Kingdom forever. Indeed, it could end the United Kingdom as we know it. On Thursday, Scotland votes, and the future of our country is at stake. On Friday, people could be living in a different country, with a different place in the world and a different future ahead of it.

This is a decision that could break up our family of nations, and rip(撕) Scotland from the rest of the UK. And we must be clear. There is no going back from this. No re-run. This is a once-and-for-all decision. If Scotland votes yes, the UK will split, and we will go our separate ways forever. When people vote on Thursday they are not just voting for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren and the generations beyond. So I want to speak directly to the people of this country today about what is at stake.

I speak for millions of people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland—and many in Scotland too who would be completely heart-broken by the break-up of the United Kingdom. Completely heart-broken to wake up on Friday morning to the end of the country we love, to know that Scots would no longer join with the English, Welsh and Northern Irish in our Army, Navy and Air Force, in our UK-wide celebrations, in UK sporting teams from the Olympics to the British lions. The United Kingdom would be no more. No UK pensions, no UK passports, no UK pound. It would be the end of a country that launched the Enlightenment (欧洲启蒙运动), that abolished slavery, that drove the industrial revolution, that defeated fascism(法西斯主义); the end of a country that people around the world respect and admire ; the end of a country that all of us call home.


1. According to the speech, what’s the influence of a Yes vote on the UK?

AIt promises a better future for the country.

BIt will protect the country from getting split.

CIt means a risky future for people of the country.

DIt will break up many families in the UK.

2. It can be inferred from paragraph 3 that _________.

Apeople in Scotland will be extremely happy to see a Yes vote

Bthe Prime Minister is very confident in a No vote

CEngland will get independent as a result of a Yes vote

Dthe UK is a country that made great contributions to the human history

3. The Prime Minister made the speech mainly to ________________.

Asupport the vote campaign

Bcall on people to vote Yes

Ckeep the UK united

Dexpress his regret over the vote

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Parents annoyed by their children’s picky eating habits have taken to social media to share a host of creative ways to deal with them in a new thread gaining popularity online. In these lunch box notes posted onto sites, mothers and fathers have used threats, persuasion and even little white lies to talk their youngsters into finishing their sandwiches.

One talented father created the tag “Dadfact” in an effort to persuade his child into eating their sandwiches using information that might not be completely reliable. He scribbled on a napkin, “Every time you don’t eat your sandwich a unicorn(独角兽) dies Dadfact Love, Dad”. A further technique from a separate note was a drawing of a scary monster, ordering the little one to, “Eat your food!”

Everyone knows coming to terms with bread crusts is a difficult job. One parent’s inspiring note encouraged their child to leave the world of crustless sandwiches behind. They wrote, “I left the crusts on. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Another cheered on their child with a note which read, “You can do it! Love yourself.” A father appeared to be laying down the law when he wrote, “New rule: I will keep packing this sandwich until you eat it. Good luck. Love, Dad.”

One youngster Julian retorted (反驳) with a handwritten moan of his own. When his mother wrote to him, saying, “Dear Julian, have a great day, love Mom”, he replied simply on the same piece of paper, in big letter, “I will not.”

But cheery parents shared more positive feelings on post— it’s attached to their children’s lunch. A mother wrote, “Have a great day! I love you.” Another simply put, “You are my sunshine.”

Other parents shared jokes in their children’s lunchbox to perk them up during the day. One included, “When do astronauts eat? At launch time.” And another shared, “Why did the student eat his homework? Because the teacher said it’s a piece of cake.”


7. What does the underlined phrase “perk...up” mean in the last paragraph?

Amake active

Bmake feel proud

Cgive promise

Dgive praise

8. By saying “Every time you don’t eat your sandwich a unicorn dies Dadfact Love, Dad”, the parents are actually giving their children ________.




Dwhite lies.

9. Most parents leave notes in their children’s lunch boxes by _____________.

Adrawing pictures

Bplaying word games

Cquoting sayings

Dusing further technique

10. How do the children respond to the notes according to the passage?

AThe children are very particular about the notes.

BThe children are greatly motivated by the encouraging notes.

CNot all children feel cheered and inspired at the notes.

DNone of the children are touched by the messages in the notes.

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The Edge office building in Amsterdam prides itself on good coffee, lots of natural light---no desk is far from a window — and a gym that allows you not just to get fit but also to contribute to the energy supply of the office.

It also cleans its toilets with rainwater, has a robot security guard that will challenge you if you wander around at night and a whole range of clever technology to make the building sustainable.

The developers behind it, Dutch firm OVG, likes it so much that they moved in when it was finished.

So is the office that has already been called the world’s greenest, really as smart as it seems?

The building, whose main tenant (租客) is consultancy firm Deloitte and was designed by London-based architects PLP Architecture, has “smart” ceilings equipped with 28000 sensors, which measure temperature, light, motion and humidity. The lighting, designed by Phillips, is also smart — each one of the LED panels is ultra-efficient and requires only a tiny amount of electricity.

Workers can control the temperature, lighting and blinds via a series of apps on their smartphones and work is ongoing to consist with them.

Users select the temperature they want from a sliding gauge (计量器) on their phone and it will in turn adjust the valves (阀门) in the pipes above their head. Each valve controls the temperature of around four desks so they do have to hope that the colleague sitting next to them is also happy with the change.

Facilities manager Wybe Van der Mey tells me, with some degree of pride, that in the first year of opening he only received a handful of complaints about the heating. In a traditional building that would be our headache number one,” he said.


4. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?

AOffice Building in the Future

BWell-equipped Office Building

CA Modern Building

DTomorrow’s Smart Building

5. It can be learned from the passage that in the office building _______.

Ano robbery will take place in the daytime

Bmore electricity will be required

Cusers complain a lot about the lighting problem

Dpeople will be able to work more efficiently

6. Phones used to control the temperature are mentioned in the text to show _______.

Ait is easy for people to communicate with each other

Bit is convenient for people to use the building

Cit is interesting to use phones sitting in the building

Dit is fun to check the progress of the ongoing work

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On peace of mind

Once, as a young man full of fancy, I undertook to draw up a catalogue of the acknowledged “goods” of life. As other men sometimes make a 16 of possessions they own or would like to own, I set 17 my desirables: health, love, beauty, talent, power, riches, and fame.
When my catalogue was completed I 18 showed it to a wise elder who had been the trusted guide and 19 model of my youth. Perhaps I was trying to 20 him with my forward wisdom. 21 , I handed him the list. “This”, I told him confidently, “is the sum of mortal(凡人的)goods. If a man could 22 them all, he would be as a god.”
At the corners of my friend’s old eyes, I saw wrinkles of amusement 23 in a patient net. “An excellent list,” he said, considering it 24 , “well digested and set down in not-unreasonable order. 25 it appears, my young friend, that you have 26 the most important element of all. You have forgotten the one important aspect, without 27 each possession becomes a terrifying misery.”
“And what,” I asked, raising my voice with 28 , “is that missing aspect?”
“With a pencil he 29 my entire schedule. Then, having destroyed my dream structure at a single blow, he wrote down three words: 30 of mind. “This is the gift that God 31 for His special Proteges (被保护者).” he said.
“Talent and beauty He gives to 32 . Wealth is commonplace, fame not 33 . But peace of mind that is His final 34 of approval, the fondest symbol of His love, He presented it with great caution. Most men are never blessed with it; others wait all their lives — yes, far into 35 age — for this gift to fall upon them.”





















































Aleft out

Bput forward

Cput away

Dtaken off












Acrossed out

Bcrossed over

Cbroke down

Dbroke up































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How often do you have something you want to achieve (e.g. lose weight, start a business, travel more) : — only to end up confused by all of the 36 (choose) in front of you and never make progress?

This upsets me 37 no end because while all the experts are busy 38 (debate) about which is the best, the people who want to improve their lives 39 (leave) confused. The end result is that we feel like we can’t focus or that we are focused on the wrong things, and so we take less action, make less progress and stay the same 40 we could be improving.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 41 you need to do is focus on one thing. You just need to get started. Starting before you feel ready is one of the habits of 42 (succeed) people. If you have somewhere you want to go, something you want 43 (accomplish), someone you want to become…start right now. If you are clear about where you want to go, the rest world will 44 help you get there or get out of 45 way.












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Ifyou want to have a garden full of life and motion, you have to attract somewildlife.

It’snot as difficult as it may sound. Your garden will attract insects, bugs, birdsand mammals.   11    Youwill make yourself happy and at the same time you will provide a living spacefor these beautiful creatures. All you need to do is to follow this advice andyou will have the garden of your dreams. If you think your garden has to bemessy and untidy, you’re wrong. You need waves and long-living plants and strong curves ofhedges(树篱) andpaths.    12    It’simportant to provide everything animals will need to live in your garden.

Providefood.   13    Planting native plants is what you have to doin order to attract wildlife. Plants like roses, honeysuckle and lavenderattract different insects like bees and butterflies. Hummingbirds are fans offuchsia and geraniums. Trees and shrubs that produce fruit, berries and seedare good sources of food for your little friends.

Providesome shelters for wildlife. You need to plant evergreen plants, too, becausethey are a suitable place for wildlife to take shelter.

Providewater. It’s important to provide water. Some animals can use evenyour pool to have a bath. Bees love shallow water.    14    It’s vital to change the water in your pondregularly to avoid breeding mosquitoes.

Providea place for wildlife to raise young. A birdhouse or a pile of brush can be anice place for wildlife to raise their young. It’s good to have climber-coveredwalls and fences to increase the possibilities not only for raising children,but also for feeding, nesting, roosting and hibernating.

   15    Some species will overtake your garden andmake it unfriendly. If there are wild cats that threaten thewildlife in your garden, it would be wise to take steps to keep those out.


AA.It’s advisable to have the grass.

BB.Keep invasive species away.

CC.Silence won’t bother you anymore and you won’t be alone.

DD. It’s reasonable to keep native species.

EE.Kill invasive species as soon as it appears.

FF.This can be as simple as placing a bird feeder.

GG. You can have a fountain and asmall artificial pond.

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书面表达 本大题共18分。


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书面表达 本大题共25分。

There are many benefits of public transportation. For example, public transportation makes it easier for people to get where they want and need to go. It also helps people save money, as the cost of maintaining a working vehicle is often much more than the cost associated with public transportation. The frequency of traffic jams and accidents may also be reduced when a person uses public transportation.

One of the main benefits of public transportation is the fact that it makes it easier for people to get around. Without public transportation, many people — especially those without cars — would be limited in where they could go and what they could do. With public transportation, however, people can get to school and work, get to the grocery store and to doctors’ offices, and visit relatives, even if they do not own vehicles. Public transportation serves people of all ages and from all walks of life, ranging from families, including their children, to business people on their way to the office, to the elderly.

Often, people complain about the cost of public transportation when the rates are raised. When compared to the cost of buying a car, many people find that choosing to ride public transportation is a much cheaper option.

When public transportation is available, many people choose to use it instead of driving to work and school. This is true even of many people who own cars, as they may prefer to ride to work on a bus or train rather than deal with traffic jams and parking frustrations each day. When people make this choice, the result is less traffic on the roadways, which means fewer traffic jams and less pollution. In fact, the choice many people make to ride public transportation may even translate into fewer car accidents and vehicle-related deaths and injuries. Additionally, the use of public transportation also means less gas is consumed each year.

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