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单选题 本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

21. When he was running after his brother, the boy lost his ___ and had a bad fall.





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22.He gave himself a new name to hide his ____ when he went to carry out the secret task.





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23.The team are working hard to ___ the problem so that they can find the best solution.





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24.In order not to be heard, she pointed her finger upwards to ____ that someone was moving about upstairs.





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25.There is no doubt that this candidate’s advantage _____ his ability to communicate with foreigners in English.

Aleaves out

Bgoes against

Clies in

Dmakes up

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26.Don’t worry. I’m sure your missing glasses will ______ sooner or later.

Astand out

Bbreak up

Cget out

Dturn up

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28.I don’t think what he said is _____ to the topic we are discussing . He has missed the point.





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27. Even though the conference hall is near his apartment, he has to hurry a little if he wants to be_____.





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29.The girl used to be shy, but is ____ getting active in group work and is more willing to express herself.





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30.This meeting room is a non-smoking area. I would like to warn you _____ that if you smoked here you would be fined.

Ain advance

Bin detail

Cin total

Din general

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.00分,共20分。


“Daily Star, sir” called Jason, carrying some newspapers under his arm. The little boy had been running up and down the street, but there were still twenty_31__left. His voice was almost gone and his heart was_32__. The shops would soon close, and all the people wouldgo home. He would have to go home too, carrying the papers__33_money. He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a__34_for his mother and some seeds for his bird. That was why he had bought the papers with all his money. He_35__as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers.

“You don’t know the __36_of selling papers. You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!” another newsboy Chad told Jason. “_37__it’s not in the paper at all,” replied Jason. “Just run away quickly__38__they have time to see, and you’ll__39_out and get your money,”Chad said.

It was a new _40__to Jason. He thought of his bird with no__41_and the cake he wanted to buy for his mother, but was__42_that he would not tell a lie. Though he was _43__ a poor newsboy, he had been_44__ some good things.

The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers_45__. Several boys were crowding around Chad, who declared with a__46_smile that he sold six dozen the day before. He added that Jason__47_money because he would not tell a lie. The boy _48__at Jason. “You wouldn’t tell a lie yesterday, my boy?” A gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason’s shoulder__49_.”You’re just the boy I am looking for.” A week later Jason started his new__50_. He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth.












Ainstead of

Bin return for

Cregardless of

Din exchange for







Agave in

Bbroke down

Cgot away

Dshowed up

















































Aat once

Bby chance

Cas usual

Don purpose


























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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。



“I see you’ve got a bit of water on your coat,” said the man at the petrol station. “Is it raining out there?”“No, it’s pretty nice,” I replied, checking my sleeve. “Oh, right. A pony(马驹) bit me earlier.”

As it happened, the bite was virtually painless: more the kind of small bite you might get from a naughty child. The pony responsible was queuing up for some ice cream in the car park near Haytor, and perhaps thought I’d jumped in ahead of him.

The reason why the ponies here are naughty is that Haytor is a tourist-heavy area and tourists are constantly feeding the ponies foods, despite sighs asking them not to. By feeding the ponies, tourists increase the risk of them getting hit by a car, and make them harder to gather during the area’s annual pony drift(迁移).

The purpose of a pony drift is to gather them up so their health can be checked, the baby ones can be stooped from feeding on their mother’s milk, and those who’ve gone beyond their limited area can be returned to their correct area. Some of them are also later sold, in order to limit the number of ponies according to the rules set by Natural England.

Three weeks ago, I witnessed a small near-disaster a few mils west of here. While walking, I noticed a pony roll over on his back. “Hello!” I said to him, assuming he was just rolling for fun, but he was very still and, as I got closer, I saw him kicking his legs in the air and breathing heavily. I began to properly worry about him. Fortunately, I managed to get in touch with a Dartmoor’s Livestock Protection officer and send her a photo. The officer immediately sent a local farmer out to check on the pony. The pony had actually been trapped between two rocks. The farmer freed him, and he began to run happily around again.

Dartmoor has 1,000 or so ponies, who play a critical role in creating the diversity of species in this area. Many people are working hard to preserve these ponies, and trying to come up with plans to find a sustainable(可持续的) future for one of Dartmoor’s most financially-troubled elements.

51.Why are tourists asked not to feed the ponies?

ATo protect the tourists from being bitten

BTo keep the ponies off the petrol station

CTo avoid putting the ponies in danger

DTo prevent the ponies from fighting

52.One of the purposes of the annual pony drift is ______________.

Ato feed baby ponies on milk

Bto control the number of ponies

Cto expand the habitat for ponies

Dto sell the ponies at a good price

53.What as the author’s first reaction when he saw a pony roll on its back?

AHe freed it from the trap

BHe called a protection officer

CHe worried about it very much

DHe thought of it as being naughty

54.What does the author imply about the preservation of Dartmoor’s ponies?

AIt lacks people’s involvement.

BIt costs a large amount of money

CIt will affect tourism in Dartmoor.

DIt has caused an imbalance of species


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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


What Theresa Loe is doing proves that a large farm isn’t prerequisite for a modern grow-your-own lifestyle. On a mere 1/10 of an acre in Los Angeles, Loe and her family grow, can(装罐)and preserve much of the food they consume.

Loe is a master food preserver, gardener and canning expert. She also operates a website, where she shares her tips and recipes, with the goal of demonstrating that every has the ability to control what’s on their plate.

Loe initially went to school to become an engineer, but she quickly learned that her enthusiasm was mainly about growing and preparing her own food. “I got into cooking my own food and started growing my own herbs (香草) and foods for that fresh flavor,”she said. Engineer by day, Loe learned cooking at night school. She ultimately purchased a small piece of land with her husband and began growing their own foods.

“I teach people how to live farm-fresh without a farm,” Loe said. Through her website Loe emphasizes that “anybody can do this anywhere.” Got an apartment with a balcony (阳台)? Plant some herbs. A window? Perfect spot for growing. Start with herbs, she recommends, because “they’re very forgiving.” Just a little of the herbs “can take your regular cooking to a whole new level,” she added. “I think it’s a great place to start.” “Then? Try growing something from a seed, she said, like a tomato or some tea.”

Canning is a natural extension of the planting she does. With every planted food. Loe noted, there’s a moment when it’s bursting with its absolute peak flavor. “I try and keep it in a time capsule in a canning jar,” Loe said. “Canning for me is about knowing what’s in your food, knowing where it comes from.”

In addition to being more in touch with the food she’s eating, another joy comes from passing this knowledge and this desire for good food to her children: “Influencing them and telling them your opinion on not only being careful what we eat but understanding the bigger picture,” she said, “that if we don’t take care of the earth, no will.”

55.The underlined word “prerequisite” (Pare. 1) is closest in meaning to “______”.





56.Why does Loe suggest starting with herbs?

AThey are used daily.

BThey are easy to grow.

CThey can grow very tall

DThey can be eaten uncooked

57.According to Loe, what is the benefit of canning her planted foods?

AIt can preserve their best flavor

BIt can promote her online sales

CIt can better her cooking skills

DIt can improve their nutrition[来源:Z,xx,k.Com]

58.What is the“the bigger picture” (Para. 6) that Loe wishes her children to understand?

AThe knowledge about good food

BThe way to live a grow-our-own life

CThe joy of getting in touch with foods

DThe responsibility to protect our earth

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


Hilversum is a medium-sized city between the major cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Gooi area of North Holland, the Netherlands. Unlike most of the Netherlands, Hilversum is actually in a hilly area with the soil mostly consisting of sand. Once called the Garden of Amsterdam, it still attracts travelers to come over to cycle and walk through the surrounding forests. They visit it for a relaxing day off from the urban madness. For Dutch people, Hilversum is all about textile (纺织) and media industries, and modern architecture.

In history, Hilversum was largely an agricultural area. Daily life was marked by farming, sheep raising and wool production. A railway link to Amsterdam in 1874 attracted rich traders from Amsterdam to Hilversum. They build themselves large villas (别墅) in the wooded surroundings of the town. One of the families moving in was the Brenninkmeijers, currently the wealthiest family of the Netherlands. They moved in after big success in the textile industry and aided a substantial textile industry in Hilversum. But the textile boom lasted only several decades. The last factory closed in the 1960s.

The change to a media economy started in 1920, when the Nederlandse Seintoestedllen Fabriek (NSF) established a radio factory in Hiversum. Most radio stations called in the large villas in the leafy areas of the town. Television gave another push to the local economy. Hilversum became the media capital of the Netherlands, and Dutch televison stars moved into the leafy neighborhoods surrounding the town.

In the early 1900s, modern architcts W.M. Dudok and J. Duiker placed hundreds of remarkable buildings in Hilversum. These modern architectural masterpieces (杰作) are so many that Hilversum almost feels like an open air museum. Dudok alone shaped most 20th century Hilversum and approximately 75 buildings in 1928-1931. It has wide international fame and is included in many architecture textbooks. The building has a remarkable shape and looks like a combination of “blocks”. Actually, one may start his journey of modern architecture by walking or biking the W.M. Dudok Architectural Route in Hilversum.

59.Hilversum is different from most of the Netherlands in that ______.

Ait has a large population

Bit is cut off from big cities

Cit has many beautiful gardens

Dit is in a hilly area with sandy soil

60.What was the greatest contribution of the Brenninkmeijers to Hilversum?

ABuilding a railway link to Amsterdam

BHelping its textile industry to develop

CConstructing large villas for the poor

DAssisting its agricultural industry

61.The beginning of the media industry in Hilversum was marked by the establishment of ______.

Aa radio factory

Bthe medial capital

Ca radio station

Da TV station

62.What is known about W.M. Dudok’s Hilversum Town Hall?

AIt consists of approximately 75 buildings

BIt looks like an open air museum in the city

CIt is a classic example in architecture textbooks

DIt has shaped most of 20th century Hilvesum.

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


The oddness of life in space never quite goes away. Here are some examples.

First consider something as simple as sleep. Its position presents its own challenges. The main question is whether you want your arms inside or outside the sleeping bag. If you leave your arms out, they float free in zero gravity, often giving a sleeping astronaut the look of a funny balled (芭蕾)dancer. “I’m an inside guy,” Mike Hopkins says, who returned from a six-month tour on the International Space Station. “I like to be wrapped up.”

On the station, the ordinary becomes strange. The exercise bike for the American astronauts has no handlebars. It also has no seat. With no gravity, it’s just as easy to pedal violently. You can watch a movie while you pedal by floating a microcomputer anywhere you want. But station residents have to be careful about staying in one place too long. Without gravity to help circulate air, the carbon dioxide you exhale (呼气) has a tendency to form an invisible (隐形的)cloud around you head. You can end up with what astronauts call a carbon-dioxide headache.

Leroy Chiao, 54, an American retired astronaut after four flights, describes what happens even before you float out of your seat,”Your inner ear thinks your’re falling . Meanwhile your eyes are telling you you’re standing straight. That can be annoying—that’s why some people feel sick.” Within a couple days —truly terrible days for some —astronauts’ brains learn to ignore the panicky signals from the inner ear, and space sickness disappears.

Space travel can be so delightful but at the same time invisibly dangerous. For instance, astronauts lose bone mass. That’s why exercise is considered so vital that National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) puts it right on the workday schedule. The focus on fitness is as much about science and the future as it is about keeping any individual astronauts return home, and, more importantly, how to maintain strength and fitness for the two and a half years or more that it would take to make a round-trip to Mars.

63.What is the major challenge to astronauts when they sleep in space?

ADeciding on a proper sleep position

BChoosing a comfortable sleeping bag

CSeeking a way to fall asleep quickly

DFinding a right time to go to sleep.

64.The astronauts will suffer from a carbon-dioxide headache when _____.

Athe y circle around on their bikes

Bthey use microcomputers without a stop

Cthey exercise in one place for a long time

Dthey watch a movie while pedaling

65.Some astronauts feel sick on the station during the first few days because _____.

Atheir senses stop working

Bthey have to stand up straight

Cthey float out of their seats unexpectedly

Dwhether they are able to go back to the station

66.One of the NASA’s major concerns about astronauts is _____.

Ahow much exercise they do on the station

Bhow they can remain healthy for long in space

Cwhether they can recover after returning home

Dwhether they are able to go back to the station

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


Science has a lot of uses. It can uncover laws of nature, cure diseseases, make bombs, and help bridges to stand up. Indeed science is so good at what it does that there’s always a temptation(诱惑) to drag it into problems where it may not be helpful. David Brooks, author of The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character,and Achievement, appears to be the latest in a long line of writers who have failed to resist the temptation.

Brooks gained fame for several books. His latest book The Social Animal, however, is more ambitious and serious than his earlier books. It is an attempt to deal with a set of weighty topics. The book focuses on big questions: What has science revealed about human nature? What are the sources of character? And why are some people happy and successful while others aren’t?

To answer these questions, Brooks surveys a wide range of disciplines(学科). Considering this, you might expect the book to be a dry recitation of facts. But Brooks has structured his book in an unorthodox(非常规的), and perhaps unfortunate, way. Instead of introduciing scientific theories, he tells a story, within which he tries to make his points, perhaps in order to keep the reader’s attention.So as Harold and Erica, the hero and heroine in his story, live through childhood, we hear about the science of child development and as they begin to date we hear about the theory of sexual attraction. Brooks carries this through to the death of one of his characters.

On the whole,Brooks’s story is acceptalbe if uninspired. As one would expect, his writing is mostly clear and, to be fair, some chapters stand out above the rest. I enjoyed, for instance, the chapter in which Harold discovers how to think on his own. While Harold and Erica are certainly not strong or memorable characters, the more serious problems with The Social Animal lie eslewhere. These problems partly involve Brooks’s attempt to translate his tale into science.[来源:学科网]

67.The author mentions the functions of science at the beginning of the passage to__________.

Aillustrate where science can be applied

Bdemonstrate the value of Brooks’s new book

Cremind the reader of the importance of science

Dexplain why many writers use science in their works

68.According to the author, which of the following could be a strength of the book?

AIts strong basis.

BIts convincing points.

CIts clear writing.[来源:学*科*网]

DIts memorable characters.

69.What is the author’s general attitude towards the book?



C. Cautious.


70.What is the author likely to write about after the last paragraph?

AProblems with the book.

BBrooks’s life experience.

CDeath of the characters.

DBrooks’s translation skills.

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翻译题 本大题共2分。

71.If she had been aware that the mushroom were poisonous, she ___them for dinner.(pick)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

72.___the beef being cooked on the stove,the mother pictured the whole family having meals together.(look)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

73.The director,___a dorm-room in the Film Academy, has already make four films.(share)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

75.____will not make any difference to our arrangements.(say)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

74.Into the complete silence of the waiting class____, “Good morning,children.”(come)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

76.We must act as quickly as possible now. Just tell us ___the task or not.(undertake).


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

77.The professor was delighted to find that two thirds of the project ___by the students independently.(finish)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

78.____that they found the long lost sword of the Ming Dynasty .(be)


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

79._____to only a few people here,his reputation abroad is very great.(know).


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翻译题 本大题共2分。

80.Many bad habits can be especially difficult to cure because they are likely ___at a very young age.(form).


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书面表达 本大题共30分。


Questioning is a bridge to learning. When you begin to doubt something and search for an answer,you will learn.

注意:1.无须写标题;2.除诗歌外,文体不限; 3.内容必须结合你生活中的具体事例;4.文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称;5.词数不少于120,如引用提示语则不计入总词数。


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