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单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

9.We______together for three years on a farm and has never lost touch since then.

Ahave worked

Bhad worked


Dwere working

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3.— I want to apply for this position, but I’m afraid that I won’t get it.

 —______. You never know until you try.

AForget it

BGo for it

CGood luck

DNever mind

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4.Many a patient has promised to______their organs after death to help the people in need.

Agive away

Bgive up

Cgive out

Dgive in

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11.Though______to find a job many times, he didn’t lose hope and finally found a job in a big company.


Bhaving failed



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12.This lovely pet dog just looks similar to______of your neighbor.





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13.— Why didn’t you stop Mary taking such a risk?

 — But what______otherwise? She wouldn’t follow my advice.

Acould I do

Bmust I have done

Ccould I have done

Dshould I do

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10.The wide use of many Chinese words such as “dama, square dancing” is the best______to showthat the stronger a country becomes, the more influential its language is.





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14.The 1111 Shopping Festival held by Taobao achieved great success,______a record of nearly 20 billion yuan within 24 hours.

Ato set



Dhaving set

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8.One of our school rules is that every student______wear school uniform while at school.





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5.— What caused so many deaths in this accident?

 —______the driver’s carelessness and hesitation.

AThere were

BBecause of

CThat was

DIt was

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6.Why don’t you have a face-to-face talk with your parents______you make the decision?





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7.It’s wise to do some research______when you’re buying a car of your own.

Ain need

Bin advance

Cin return

Din vain

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15.______color of your new shoes is really______good match for your skirt.

AA ;  the

BA ;  a

CThe ;  a

DThe ;  the

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16.After so many years, Mr. Wood remains______he used to be, modest and friendly.





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17.Nowadays, along with graduation______for most college students to look for a job!

Acomes the need

Bdoes the need come

Cthe need comes

Dis the need come

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共135分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

1. 从A,B,C,D四个选项中,选出其画线部分与所给单词的画线部分读音相同的选项,并将答案写在答题卡上。


























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W:Hello, Jack. You’re getting ready for tomorrow’s lessons, aren’t you?

M:Yes, I’m a bit nervous.(1)_______.

W:I understand how you’re feeling. You’ll make a lot of friends very soon.

M:Thank you. I’ll try my best to get used to my new school life as soon as possible. (2)_______.

W:At 8 o’clock.(3)_______.

M:Say it, please.

W:Before class we have 10 minutes to hand in homework and then 20 minutes for morning reading.

M:That’s to say, we must go to school at 7 : 25. Five minutes later we’d hand in homework. Right?


M:Well, I hear that lunch time is nearly 12 o’clock and I’ll be starving by then.

W:Don’t worry.(5)_______.

M:That’s great.

A.So I suggest you get up before 7:00.

B.By the way, what time does the first class begin?

C.How long will it take us to finish our homework?

D.But there is some other suggested time you should remember.

E.During the break after the second class, we can buy something to eat.

F.I have no idea what’ll happen in class and how I’ll get along with my classmates.

G.I really don’t know what to do after class.

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  One sunny afternoon, a seven-year-old girl went for a walk. She crossed a large area of grassland into the woods(1)_______she realized that she was lost.

  Sitting on a rock and(2)_______what to do, she began crying. After a while, she(3)_______   to walk along a wide path line with tall trees and thick bushes.(4)_______it was getting dark, she saw a small, dark wooden house. She opened the door and(5)_______stepped in. Suddenly, she heard a strange noise, and she ran out the door and back to the(6)_______. Cold and tired, she fell asleep near a(7)_______.

  The girl’s parents were out and her dog, Laddy, was at home, Laddy(8)_______that his mistress(女主人)was in danger. He jumped(9)_______a window, breaking the glass. He looked in the fields, but he couldn’t find his mistress anywhere. However, from the ground came a(10)_______scent(气味)as he lowered his head. He(11)_______the scent and walked across the grassland. Barking(12)_______into the air, the dog(13)_______through the woods until he found the(14)_______. But the girl was not there, so he headed back to the woods. Much to his(15)_______, he saw his mistress’ blue shirt in the distance. He(16)_______over some bushes and saw the little stream, where the girl was(17)_______.

  When she opened her eyes and(18)_______her dog standing beside her, the girl said, “you

  (19)_______me, Laddy,” and she kissed him several times. Seeing their daughter and dog coming back, the parents burst into tears of(20)_______. That night Laddy had a hero’s supper: a huge meal of steak.

(1)A.before B.since C.while D.as

(2)A.wondering B.forgetting C.remembering D.regretting

(3)A.preferred B.expected C.failed D.decided

(4)A.When B.Until C.If D.Because

(5)A.carelessly B.cautiously C.hopelessly D.unwillingly

(6)A.trees B.bushes C.woods D.grasses

(7)A.stream B.rock C.tree D.house

(8)A.found B.sensed C.heard D.smelt

(9)A.at B.through C.in D.onto

(10)A.terrible B.strange C.pleasant D.familiar

(11)A.missed B.discovered C.followed D.ignored

(12)A.calmly B.loudly C.merrily D.gently

(13)A.searched B.wandered C.looked D.travelled

(14)A.window B.girl C.house D.hero

(15)A.satisfaction B.disappointment C.embarrassment D.delight

(16)A.jumped B.climbed C.walked D.flew

(17)A.awake B.abandoned C.available D.asleep

(18)A.spotted B.watched C.observed D.saw

(19)A.disturbed B.comforted C.rescued D.scared

(20)A.pain B.shock C.sorrow D.relief

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  I remembered little of the journey which started so early in the morning. I only knew that the day seemed extremely long, and that we appeared to travel over hundreds of miles. Calmed by the sound of the carriage wheels, I fell asleep. But I had not slept long when the carriage stopped, the door was opened, and I saw a servant standing there.

  “Is there a little girl called Jane Eyre here?” she asked. I answered “Yes,” and was then lifted out. I could see a house with many windows. There was lights burning in some of them. We went up a wide path, and were admitted at a door. Then the servant led me through a passage through a passage into a room where she left me. I stood and warmed my frozen fingers at the fire and looked around. There was no candle, but the light from the fire showed walls, a carpet, curtains and furniture. Then the door opened, and a tall lady entered followed by another who looked younger. “The child is very young to be sent alone,” she said, putting her candle down on the table.

  Led by the young lady, Miss Miller, through passage after passage, we came, at last to a long, wide room filled with many voices. There were many tables, and seated all round on benches were a large number of girls aged from nine to twenty. Seen in the dim(昏暗的)light of the candles, their number appeared above eighty. Each was dressed in a brown old fashioned dress of cheap material. It was their hour of study.

  Miss Miller signed to me to sit on a bench near the door, and then walking up to the top of the long room she cried out “Monitors, collect the lesson-books and put them away!”

  Four tall girls arose and went round, gathered the books and removed them. Miss Miller again ordered, “ Monitors, fetch the supper-trays(托盘)!” Then tall girls went out and returned soon, each carrying a big tray. The food was handed round and everyone drank from the same mug. When it came to my turn, I drank too, for I was thirsty, but I did not touch the food. From there I was taken to my hard bed where I thankfully fell asleep immediately.

(1)What is the best title for the passage?

A. Jane Eyre’s First Day at School

B. Jane Eyre’s Long Journey to School

C. Jane Eyre’s First Meal at School

D. Jane Eyre’s First Impression of the School

(2)Jane remembered little of the journey partly because_______.

A. she was asleep on the way

B. she traveled over hundreds of miles

C. the day seemed very long

D. she was calmed by the sound of the wheels

(3)Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Jane was led to the wide room by the tall lady

B. Miss Miller helped put the books away

C. The monitors were tall and strong

D. There were about 50 girls in the room

(4)We can learn from the passage that_______.

A. the school accepted both boys and girls

B. the living conditions for students were poor

C. the classroom was also used as a meeting room

D. the students there needed to fetch food themselves

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  The best way to experience the Web,email,photos,video and other features.

  All of the built­in programs on iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large multi­touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad. And they work in any orientation. So you can do things with these programs that you can't do on any other device.


  iPad is the best way to experience the Web. View whole pages in portrait or landscape on the large multi­touch screen. And let your fingers do the surfing. All iPad models come with built­in Wi­Fi,and safari can make iPad connected to the Web via high­speed Wi­Fi. And when you're away from a Wi­Fi network,you should choose iPad with Wi­Fi+3G,which will make you surf the Internet anywhere,and sign up for access to 3G data service.


  There's nothing like the mail program on iPad. With a split­screen view,and expensive onscreen keyboard, it lets you see and touch your email in ways you never could before.


  A vivid LED­backlit IPS display (显示器)makes viewing photos on iPad extraordinary. Open albums with a tap. Flip through your pictures one by one. Or play a slideshow and share your photos.


  You can do just about anything on your iPad. With multitasking,you can do even more. Be more productive as your work,have more fun as you play,or do a little of both.

  Find My iPad

  You keep all sorts of valuable data on your iPad. If you happen to misplace it,find My iPad helps you locate it on a map,remotely set a passcode lock,display a message,and more.

  A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price. Starting at $499,get your own iPad at the nearest Apple retail store,at as reseller(with 0.05% product tax),at the Apple online store or in a shopping centre.

(1)If you lost your iPad,what can you do?

A. Nothing could be done.

B. Report it to the 3G service company to lock the iPad.

C. Report it to the police.

D. Find it via one of its features.

(2)You can get an iPad at the following stores at the same price except ________.

A. a reseller

B. the Apple retail store

C. a shopping mall

D. the Apple online store

(3) According to the passage,which description about iPad is TRUE?

A. Every iPad can make you surf the Internet anywhere.

B. If you want to write email,you need an extra keyboard.

C. iPad can make you run more than one program.

D. Each iPad will cost you only$499.

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  Chinese writer Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize for Literature might ignite an explosion of global interest in Chinese literature and lead to more titles translated into English, European experts say.

  “Hopefully, the award means more people will read Chinese literature and more works will get translated,” says Michel Hockx, professor of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia from University of London. “Many very good Chinese writers have been accepted globally for a long time already. Mo Yan is probably the most translated Chinese writer alive, with at least five of his novels made available in English over the past 20 years.”

  Jonathan Ruppin, web editor of bookseller Foyles, says Mo’s win coincides with growing interest in Chinese literature and recognizes the talents of a distinctive and visionary(富于幻想的)writer. “We are very excited by the fact that English translations of more of his books should now become available,” Ruppin says. He made the comment after Mo became the first Chinesse citizen to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in its century- long history.

  As East- West cultural exchange has been booming, Chinese literature has been attracting growing attention in recent years. Hockx explains, “It’s mainly because there are many more opportunities for Chinese writers to visit other countries, to publish their works outside China and to interact with readers abroad. At the same time, more and more people globally are learning Chinese and taking an interest in the Chinese language and culture.”

  University of Oxford lecturer in modern Chinese literature Margaret Hillenbrand says, “The obvious reason for the growing global presence of Chinese literature is the growing global presence of China itself. People have come to realize that there is a serious knowledge deficit(缺少)between China and its international counterparts - in particular, China knows incomparably(无比地)more about Europe and America than the other way round - and reading Chinese literature is an effective, simple means of solving that gap.”

(1)The underlined word “ignite” in Paragraph 1 probably means_______.

A. start out

B. burn up

C. set off

D. appeal to

(2)Chinese literature has been attracting growing attention mainly because_______.

A. Chinese writers have been writing more and more books in English.

B. the Chinese language has become the most widely used language in the world.

C. the Chinese government attaches great importance to literature.

D. the cultural communication between China and western countries has developed.

(3)Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. The Nobel Prize for Literature has a history of hundreds of years.

B. Chinese literature has spread with the development of China.

C. In the past, no Chinese writers were accepted outside China.

D. Foreigners know about China mainly by reading Mo Yan’s works.

(4)How do you understand the underlined sentence in the last paragraph?

A. China knows more about Europe and America than before.

B. Compared with America, China knows more about Europe.

C. China, Europe and America know one another more than before.

D. China knows more about Europe and America than they know China.

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A. Find and be a mentor

B. Be responsible

C. Find a full-time job

D. Get the job done

E. Education is your first priority

F. Take the opportunity

  Following are five guidelines parents can share with their college-bound kids to put the whole experience in perspective.


  As soon as you arrive on campus, there will be competing interests. Feel free to check them out but always remember that you are there first and foremost for your education. Go to class prepared and on time. Be engaged during class. Make sure your professor knows you and realizes that you care.


  There are many layers of responsibility. Do what you say you will do and, if you can’t, own up to it early and communicate clearly. But being responsible isn’t just about meeting your commitments; it is also about taking care of you, your body, and your friends. For example, more than 1800 college students die annually from alcohol-related injuries. Look out for yourself and other people. Make moderate, sensible decisions so you aren’t reeling from the consequences later.


  Incredible opportunities will present themselves: studying abroad, interning at a unique place, trying new things. Don’t let fear prevent you from taking advantage of them. There may never be so much time or as many resources devoted to your betterment again in your life. Say yes to opportunities that will help you grow.


  Some of the best lessons available to us can come outside of the classroom in the form of a mentor. One of the most powerful growth opportunities is being a mentor. Early on, find someone on campus who you feel can help you grow and develop a relationship with him or her. Also find someone for you to mentor. You will reinforce and enrich your own learning experience by teaching someone else.


  It is natural to occasionally feel you want to quit, when it makes more sense to you to go find a full-time job. Resist that urge. As Jocelyn Negron-Rios, a mother of two, who is currently completing her degree, advises, “No matter how difficult it seems, keep at it because however insurmountable(难以处理的) it feels now multiply that by 10,000 and that is how it feels when you are in your thirties with a full-time job and a family and are trying to pursue a degree.”

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  Experts believe that storms and severe weather in North America and Asia have disrupted bird flight paths across the world and swept huge numbers of bird species towards the British Isles.

  Birds flying to the other side of the Atlantic or to the Pacific to lay their eggs have been trapped in Britain and Ireland, adding their numbers to native species, and causing great excitement in the bird-watching community.

  Local birdwatchers have already observed a total of 442 species in the British Isles this year. The highest number ever seen in one year is 445, in 2008.

  “We only need four more to break our record,” said Lee Evans, who runs the British Birding Association. “With three months to go, I’m sure we’ll do it.”

  Last month an extremely rare Siberian Rubythroat bird was seen in Scotland, sending hundreds of birdwatchers north in the hope of catching a glimpse of this colourful Asian beauty. Another very uncommon bird, the bufflehead duck was cited in Cornwell and caused similar excitement. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Evans. “The poor thing was completely knackered. It must have been blown to England by the storms while trying to fly from Canada to the southern United States for the winter. That’s 3000 miles!”

  Evans said that global warming over the past decade was playing a key role in transforming bird movements across the world. In addition, melting Arctic sea ice may also be opening up bird flight paths over the North Pole, making it easier for birds from the Pacific—such as the slaty-backed gull and tufted puffin, both of which appeared in London earlier this year—to reach Britain.

  Bird-watching is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among all age groups, added Evans. “A fifth of our members are under 18. This is a round-the-year hobby that you can enjoy from the kitchen window or from a car. More and more people are bird-watching, and as a result, more and more unexpected species are being spotted in the British Isles.”

(1)What is the passage mainly about?

A. The results of global warming.

B. Changes in the British bird population.

C. Increasing environmental pollution.

D. Worsening British weather.

(2)The underlined word “knackered” is closest in meaning to_______.

A. bored

B. knocked

C. spotted

D. tired

(3)According to the passage, which of the following birds comes from Asia?

A. Slaty-backed gull.

B. Bufflehead.

C. Rubythroat.

D.Tufted puffin.

(4)Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible reason for seeing more bird species in Britain?

A. An increase in the number of birdwatchers.

B. A growth in the number of native species.

C. Storms due to global warming.

D. The melting Arctic ice cap.

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  Dear Editor ,

  I live in Xi’an City. Near my home there is the famous temple, which dated back to the late Ming Dynasty. On the walls of the temple is many pictures, which show us how people at that time live. The temple is great artistic value. I am worried about it because some of the pictures are damaged by air pollution, which comes from human beings.

  Hundred of tourists visit the temple every day. The carbon dioxide from their breath is destroyed the pictures. I think one way to solve the problem is put glass walls in front of the pictures. Second, a number of visitors should be limited. And we should build a website where people can look at the pictures and the temple there.

  Yours sincerely ,

  Li Hua

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(1)If you practise it_______(反复) , you will have a good command of it .

(2)Christmas is one of the main_______(节日)in the Christian Calendar.

(3)_______(失业)among graduates is increasing because they lack work experience.

(4)Many people are_______(野餐)on the river bank.

(5)Look at the children playing over there. They are so_______(精力旺盛的)that they never feel tired.

(6)The government founded the charity in_______(纪念)of his career.

(7)If a box_______(装着)things, those things are inside it.

(8)He climbed up the tree and hid among the_______(树枝) , so we didn’t see him.

(9)He switched on the light and examined his_______(周围环境).

(10)To our surprise, they have two English classes on_______(星期四).

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