• 2015年高考真题 英语 (湖南卷)
单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

21. It was when we were returning home __________ I realized what a good feeling it was to have helped someone in trouble.





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22. As you go through this book, you __________ that each of the millions of people who lived through World War II had a different experience.

Awill find


Chad found

Dhave found

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23. Only after talking to two students __________ that having strong motivation is one of the biggest factors in reaching goals.

AI did discover

Bdid I discover

CI discovered


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24. Video games can be a poor influence if __________ in the wrong hands.

Ato leave




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25. I wasn't able to hide my eagerness when I __________, "What do you wish me to do now?"


Bhave asked

Cam asking


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26. You have to know __________ you're going if you are to plan the best way of getting there.





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29. It is a truly delightful place, __________ looks the same as it must have done 100 years ago with its winding streets and pretty cottages..





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28. He must have sensed that I __________ him. He suddenly glanced at me and said quietly, "Why are you staring at me like that?"

Awould look at

Blooked at

Cwas looking at

Dam looking at

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27. It is important to remember that success __________ a sum of small efforts made each day and often __________ years of achieve.

Ais; takes

Bare; takes

Care; take

Dis; take

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30. When the clerk saw a kind face wrinkled in an apologetic smile, she stood rooted to the ground, __________ whether to stay or leave.



Cto wonder


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31. Always __________ in mind that your main task is to get this company running smoothly.

Ato keep

Bto have kept


Dhave kept

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34. Sometimes I act as a listening ear for fellow students __________ what is bothering them.

Ato take over

Btalked over

Ctalk over

Dhaving talked over

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33. __________ the job takes a significant amount of time, most students agree that the experience is worth it.

AIf only



DIn case

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32. I had a strong desire to reach in and play with the toy, but __________ thankfully by the shop window.

Aam held back

Bheld back

Chold back

Dwas held back

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35. That’s why I help brighten people’s days. If you __________, who is to say that another person will?





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完型填空 本大题共12小题,每小题 1.50分,共18分。

It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be ___36___, but in vain. my panic was rising and I could feel my heart beating wildly. This was the ___37___ of my job as a music teacher, I thought -- teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one would notice that I was 38 inside, I threw my voice as far as it would reach: "Put your heads on the desks and close your 39 ! We are going on a journey." 40 , the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" I thought to myself. Reaching over to my collection of CDs, I blindly 41 , put it in the machine and played it.

Obediently (顺从地), my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes

and 42 . When the music started, the room as filled with the most beautiful tones and musical colors I could have ever imagined. All the children were 43 . When the music finished, I asked them all to raise their ___44___ slowly so that we could share our musical journey.

At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to learn how to 45 . The music allow me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the 46 and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that ___47___ in the classroom could have.



























Apassed one on

Bgave one back

Cturned one in

Dtook one out































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语法填空 本大题共8小题,每小题1.5分,共12分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Research has become both simpler and more complex. It's simpler because, 48 you have computer, you can find information you need by searching the Internet. For all you information, you don't have to go to 49 library to find the relevant resource and take notes on it. Instead, you can find some sources from the Internet 50 print the copies needed. Remember, however, that you should usually consult different types of sources. That is,

you 51 always rely just on the Internet for you research.

While finding information is easier than ever, at the same time, researching has

become ___52___ complex. There is a lot more material available, which means you may be overwhelmed ___53___ the amount of information. You need to learn 54 to sort through and find the relevant information for your particular project. Also, 55 need to check the accuracy of it.

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


56. Michael Horan wrote the letter mainly to show that ___________.

Adrivers should be polite to cyclists

Broad accidents can actually be avoided

Csine pedestrians are a threat to road safety

Dwalking while using phones hurts one's eyes

57. Carol Harvey suggests that cyclists should ___________.

Abe provided with enough roads

Bbe asked to ride on their own lanes

Cbe made to pay less tax for cycling

Dbe fined for laughing at policemen

58. What is a complaint of JML?

AVery few drivers are insured.

BCyclists ride fast on pavements.

CPedestrians go through red traffic lights.

DHorse riders disrespect other road users.

59. The underlined word "they" in the third letter refers to ___________.





60. The three letters present viewpoints on ___________.

Areal source of road danger

Bways to improve road facilities

Cmeasures to punish road offences

Dincreased awareness of road rules

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


Have your parents ever inspected your room to see if you cleaned it properly? Imagine having your entire houses, garage, and yard inspected at any time -- with no warning. Inspections were a regular part of lighthouse (灯塔) living, and a keeper's reputation depended on results. A few times each year, an inspector arrived to look over the entire light station. The inspections were supposed to be a surprise, but keeper sometimes had advance notice.

Once lighthouses had telephones, keepers would call each other to warn that the inspector was approaching. After boats began flying special flags noting the inspector aboard, the keeper's family made it a game to see who could notice the boat first. As soon as someone spotted the boat, everyone would do last-minute tidying and change into fancy clothes. The keeper then scurried to put on his dress uniform and cap. Children of keepers remember inspectors wearing white gloves to run their fingers over door frames and windowsills looking for dust.

Despite the serious nature of inspections, they resulted in some funny moments. Betty Byrnes remembered when her mother did not have time to wash all the dishes before an inspection. At the time, people did not have dishwashers in their homes. In an effort to clean up quickly, Mrs. Byrnes tossed all the dishes into a big bread pan, covered them with a cloth and stuck them in the oven. If the inspector opened the oven door, it would look like bread was baking. he never did.

One day, Glenn Furst’s mother put oil on the kitchen floor just before the inspector entered their house. Like floor wax, the oil made the floors shiny and helped protect the wood. This time, though, she used a little too much oil. When the inspector extended his hand to greet Glenn's mother, he slipped on the freshly oiled surface. "He came across that floor waving his arms like a young bird attempting its first flight," Glenn late wrote. After he steadied himself, he shook Glenn's mother's hand, and the inspection continued as though nothing had happened.

66. What does Paragraph I tell us about the inspection at the light station?

AIt was carried out once a year.

BIt was often announced in advance.

CIt was important for the keeper's fame.

DIt was focused on the garage and yard.

67. The family began making preparations immediately after ___________.

Aone of the members saw the boat

Ba warning call reached the lighthouse

Cthe keeper put on the dress uniform and cap

Dthe inspector flew special flags in the distance

68. Mrs. Byrnes put the dishes in the oven because this would ___________.

Aresult in some fun

Bspeed up washing them

Cmake her home look tidy

Dbe a demand from the inspector

69. If the inspector had opened the oven door, he would have seen ___________.

Aan empty pan

Bmany clean dishes

Cpieces of baked bread

Da cloth covering something

70. The inspector waved his arms ___________.

Ato try his best to keep steady

Bto show his satisfaction with the floor

Cto extend a warm greeting to Glenn's mother

Dto express his intention to continue the inspection

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阅读理解 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。


In its early history, Chicago had floods frequently, especially in the spring, making the streets so muddy that people, horses, and carts got stuck. An old joke that was popular at the time went something like this: A man is stuck up to his waist in a muddy Chicago street. Asked if he needs help, he replies, "No, thanks. I've got a good horse under me."

The city planner decided to build an underground drainage (排水) system, but there simply wasn't enough difference between the height of the ground level and the water level. The only two options were to lower the Chicago River or raise the city.

An engineer named Ellis Chesbrough convinced me the city that it had no choice but to build the pipes above ground and then cover them with dirt. This raised the level of the city's streets by as much as 12 feet.

This of course created a new problem: dirt practically buried the first floors of every building in Chicago. Building owners were faced with a choice: either change the first floors of their buildings into basements, and the second stories into main floors, or hoist the entire buildings to meet the new street level. Small wood-frame buildings could be lifted fairly easily. But what about large, heavy structures like Tremont Hotel, which was a six-story brick building?

That's where George Pullman came in. He had developed some house-moving skills successfully. To lift a big structure like the Tremont Hotel, Pullman would place thousands of jackscrews (螺旋千斤顶) beneath the building's foundation. One man was assigned to operate each section of roughly 10 jackscrews. At Pullman's signal each man turned his jackscrew the same amount at the same time, thereby raising the building slowly and evenly. Astonishingly, the Tremont Hotel stay open during the entire operation, and many of its guests didn't even notice anything was happening. Some people like to say that every problem has a solution. But in Chicago's early history, every engineering solution seemed to create a new problem. Now that Chicago's waste water was draining efficiently into the Chicago River, the city's next step was to clean the polluted river.

61. The author mentions the joke to show ______.

Ahorses were fairly useful in Chicago

BChicago's streets were extremely muddy

CChicago was very dangerous in the spring

Dthe Chicago people were particularly humorous

62. The city planners were convinced by Ellis Chesbrough to_______.

Aget rid of the street dirt

Blower the Chicago River

Cfight against heavy floods

Dbuild the pipes above ground

63. The underlined word "hoist" in Paragraph 4 means "_______".





64. What can we conclude about the moving operation of the Tremont Hotel?

AIt went on smoothly as intended.

BIt interrupted the business of the hotel.

CIt involved Pullman turning ten jackscrews.

DIt separated the building from its foundation.

65. The passage is mainly about the early Chicago's ______.

Apopular life styles and their influences

Benvironmental disasters and their causes

Cengineering problems and their solutions

Dsuccessful businessmen and their achievements

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简答题(综合题) 本大题共20分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

71.Not all print dictionaries are the same, as you will notice when you select one. To make a wise selection, you should know how to distinguish among three kinds of print dictionaries: pocket, desk, and unabridged. You should also know the copyright date of your dictionary, and check is special features.

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Walk Out of the Comfort Zone and Try New Things

For most high school students, free periods are useless. From what I have seen, few do homework, instead many are on their phones and talking, making it impossible for those who actually want to do work to complete any. As a senior next year, I think extra periods should be used to take optional subjects.

Our school offers many classes. Now is the time to experiment in different fields of study. We will never know if we are interested or talented in a subject if we don't try it.

In my 8th grade, I was told that I had to take an art class as a graduation requirement; so in the 9th grade I took Studio and Art. One of the projects was to build a clay pot, but I built mine incorrectly, so it broke in the kiln (窑). I found out that I have no artistic ability at all, and now I know for sure that I do not want to be an artist. However, the class was one of my favorites that year. I was able to try new activities and test my ability.

Walk out of our comfort zone and try new things! College is when we should focus on a specific major, but high school is when we have to figure it out.

Half of all college students change their major at some point. By doing that hundreds of dollars are wasted on classes that they would have never needed to take. So use our extra periods to find out what we want to do in college. The classes we choose can impact us in future. Taking optional subjects will enrich our mind. It will also show colleges we are diverse students.

72. How should we use our extra periods in the author's opinion?

(No more than 9 words) (2 marks)

73. Why does the author think we should experiment in different fields of study?

(No more than 17 words) (2 marks)

74. Why did the clay pot show the author's lack of artistic ability?

(No more than 10 words) (3 marks)

75.According to the author, how will taking optional subjects impact up in the future?

(No more than 13 words) (3 marks)


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书面表达 本大题共25分。


注意:1. 将所有句子写在答题卡上;2. 续写词数不少于120个;3. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。

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