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简答题(综合题) 本大题共95分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


Lately, everywhere you look, people are running around with fitness trackers (健身追踪器)on their wrists. Along with a smartphone and an accompanying app, these trackers can report how many calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve traveled. Still curious about yourself? You can also learn the number of stairs you’ve climbed and steps you’ve taken.

Not one to resist peer pressure, however, I paid $100 for a Fitbit Flex. I chose that brand on the basis of intense research: asking my friend Sari which tracker she was using.

The Fitbit website offered instructions on setting up my new tracker. I entered my height and gender (性别) and certain information I considered none of its business: birth date and weight. Then, I established goals. The American Heart Association recommends that we all walk 10,000 steps a day—about five miles, and so does Fitbit. I decided 6,000 steps was a good place for me to start.

I changed my tune when, on Day 1, I hit 6,000 steps and tiny LED lights flashed on my wristband. Confident enough now, I went back to my phone and upped my goal to 8,000 steps. So, I got a little obsessed(着迷). On Day 5 at a department store, I decided to check my progress. My target number was just 275 steps away! I walked around the dress apartment watching my smartphone register each step I took. I hate to tell you how much pleasure this gave me.

Now I always wear my tracker, not because I've grown to love fitness but because I like being trendy and self-absorbed. Last night I was leaving a restaurant when Fitbit emailed to congratulate me on walking more than 10, 000 steps. Who wouldn’t love a gadget (小装置) that turns your every footstep into an accomplishment?


25. Why do people wear fitness trackers while running?

ATo email information to others.

BTo follow the healthy trend.

CTo report the amount of exercise.

DTo tell them the right direction.


26. Why did the author start from 6,000 steps when using the new tracker?

AIt is the best choice for beginners.

BThe author wasn’t confident at first.

CIt is the suggestion from Fitbit Flex.

DThrilling and relaxing.


27. What does the author think of the experience of using the tracker?

AJoyful and encouraging.

BTiring and changeable.

CPainful and challenging.

DThrilling and relaxing.


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Yesterday I was walking along a busy road when I noticed a young man standing near the pedestrian crossing, selling toys.

Usually I would bd blank and hurry past such sellers before being approached to buy something. But I found this young man was bd blank , so I stood for some time without crossing the street. I wanted to see bd blank he sold his toys.

bd blank , a young mother with a small child came by and the child was bd blank by one of the toys in a large box that made a noise. The young mother asked for the bd blank and it was charged only one dollar. She bd blank a 10-dollar note from her purse and told the young man that she was giving him 10 dollars and wanted the bd blank back. I was wondering how he was going to give it back. He told the young mother to put the money in the bag bd blank his neck and take out bd blank change he owed her. She then out her hand into the bag and took out the balance while I was bd blank her like a hawk(鹰).

I realized that this young man depended on bd blank people not to cheat him. There was no bd blank of him knowing if someone took out more than they should have done. I was so bd blank by how this disabled man believed in people that I bought a toy from him I didn’t bd blank at all.

He said it cost one dollar and I, too. told him that I had only a 10-dollar note. He told me to do the bd blank thing. So I put my 10 dollars in his bd blank . I put my hand in, but didn’t take any change. I hope he will find that he has more bd blank than he should when he gets home. As I walked down the street, I saw another kid walking with his father, bd blank I gave him the little toy. Then, I walked on, hoping that two people would have a bd blank smile on their faces that day.
































Asearched for

Bpulled out

Cpicked up

Demptied out







Atied to

Bdropping from

Ccarried on

Dhanging around
























































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阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项 ,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。


Dear Alcohol,

You’ve been around forever. I can remember all the pain you’ve caused me.

Do you remember the night when you almost took my father’s life? I do. He loves you. Sometimes I think he loves you more than he loves me. He's addicted to you, to the way you promise to rid him of his problems only to cause more of them. You just sat back and laughed as his car went turning through the street, crashing into two other cars. He wasn't the only one badly hurt by you that night.
Do you remember the night of my first high school party? My friends were intrigued by you. They treated you as if they were never going to see you again, drinking all of you that they could. I spent two hours that night helping my friends who had fallen head over heels for you. "I'm so embarrassed," they said as I held their hair back so that they could throw up. "I'm sorry," they said when I called taxis for them, walking them out and paying the driver in advance. "This won't happen again," they said as they were sent to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped. Two 15-year-old girls slept in hospital beds that night due to you.
Do you remember the night when you took advantage of my 17-year-old neighbor who had to drive to pick up his sister from her dance lessons? Do you know how we all felt when he hit another car head-on and killed two people in the other car? He died the next morning too. His sister walked home from her dance lesson, and passed police cars and a crowd of people gathering on the sidewalk just two blocks away from the dance studio. She didn't realize her brother was among them at all. She never saw him again. And it was all your fault.
I wish you'd walk out of my life forever. I don't want anything to do with you. Look at all the pain you've caused. Sure, you've made people happy too from time to time. But the damage you've caused in the lives of millions is not excusable. Stop attracting the people I love! Stop hurting me, please.



21. What did Alcohol do to the author’s father that night?

AIt made him drunken and took his life away.

BIt made him kill two other people when driving.

CIt got him into a car accident and badly injured.

DIt got him into trouble and got his stomach pumped.

22. What does the underlined phrase “were intrigued by” probably mean in the letter?

Awere interested in

Bwere satisfied with

Cwere familiar with

Dwere disappointed by

23. What is the author’s purpose in writing this letter?

ATo warn people not to drive after drinking.

BTo persuade people to get away from alcohol.

CTo tell people three sad stories about alcohol.

DTo warn people against the pain caused by alcohol.


24. How was the author feeling while writing his letter?





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Today, we’re sending Sally away for a week of summer camp. She never actually asked to go. It was all my idea to sign(报名)her up. She’s nearly 12, and I notice that I’m with my child nearly 24 hours a day.

Living on a farm without any neighbors, I’ve chosen a life that is quieter than a typical family’s But rather than longing for space away from me, Sally has become increasingly dependent on my presence.

What frightens me most is that she has become a “mini-me”. She pursues my hobbies, my dreams and my opinions. And that’s why I pulled her to the summer camp: a nearby wilderness camp called Hawk Circle.

After we ate, we drove to Hawk Circle. Once there, we got a tour of the grounds and were introduced to Sally’s fellow campers. Sally stood by the group of children, holding my hand, horror in her eyes, trying to work up the courage to join in a game of soccer.

“I need you for a few more minutes,” she told me, holding my hand tightly.

I pulled away and walked up to one of the camp workers. “Excuse me,” I said loudly. “I’d like to introduce my daughter to you. Maybe you could help her meet a few of these kids.” He came over to talk to Sally, and I kissed on her cheek·and then my husband and I disappeared before Sally realized we were gone.

It was not until that drive home that I finally felt it. A piece of my soul had been taken from my body. I began to shake. Tears streamed down my face. It took every bit of my strength to keep driving forward.

When we arrived home, I calmed down and reminded myself why I chose this path. I want Sally to have a chance to find herself out of shadow. I don’t want to see only myself in my child. I want to learn who she is. After 12 years of constantly being together, I want to finally meet my daughter for the first time.


28. Why did the author sign her daughter up for the summer camp?

ACamp training we something new to here daughter.

BHer daughter had longed to go to the summer camp.

CShe expected her daughter to make some new friends.

DShe wanted to help build up her daughter’s independence.


29. What happened when they arrived at the summer camp?

ASally enjoyed meeting her fellow campers very much.

BSally found the other campers were not easy to get along with.

CSally felt frightened but her parents left her with a camp worker.

DSally gathered the courage to join in a soccer game immediately.


30. How did the author feel after leaving the camp?

AShe was worried about her daughter’s health.

BShe was regretful for sending her daughter away.

CShe was upset but confident of her right decision.

DShe was proud that she had done something correct.


31. What does the author intend to tell us in the passage?

AKids should often be exposed to summer camps.

BSometimes parents need to let go of their children,

CParents shouldn’t influence their children too much.

DChildren are usually a real reflection of their parents.


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Can you figure out someone’s name just by looking at him or her?

The answer may not be a definite “yes”, but a study by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, found that you would at least have a clue, since people with certain names tend to share similar facial appearances.

For example, if someone is named Bob, he’s likely to have a round and joyful face, while someone named Tim tends to have a narrower face and a more serious look.

People have long been associating names with certain cultural expectations, which may be responsible for the study’s results. For example, a woman named Katherine is usually considered to be more reliable than a girl named Bonnie. Previous studies also found that people with traditionally African-American names such as DeShawn and Jamal are more likely to be seen as dangerous and violent by their teachers and are less likely to be hired in jobs.

These stereotypes(固定模式)have become so widespread that they’ve even affected how people look at themselves. In fact, people tend to subconsciously(下意识地)change their own personalities to fit into these stereotypes—Katherines may try hard to be trustworthy and Bonnies may care less about the mistakes they make.

“We develop the personality that other people expect us to exhibit,” said lead researcher Youat Zwebner, according to The Telegraph. In other words, it’s not that names change people, but people try to live up to their names.

And our faces may even change over time, based on these stereotypes.

“Usually, we think that faces are very fixed but now we show that they’re not,” the study’s co-author Ruth Mayo told UK’s iNews.

According to Mayo, the use of different facial expressions can allow people to develop different looks. “If you smile a lot, you have different wrinkles around your eyes and your mouth from if you frown(皱眉)a lot,” she said.


32. Why did the author use the names Bob and Tim as an example?

ATo prove the influence of names on our emotions.

BTo present the cultural expectations of certain names.

CTo show the correct method of guessing someone’s name.

DTo explain the possible connections between names and looks.


33. Which of the following are considered cultural stereotypes by the author?

AA boy name Tim tends to be cautious.

BA boy named Jamal tends to be violent.

CA boy named DeShawn appears dangerous.

DA girl named Bonnie is likely to be seen as joyful.


34. Which of the following would Yonat Zwebner probably agree with?

APeople’s faces become fixed as they grow into adults.

BThe way people are looked at changes their personalities.

CPeople could change their personalities by using different names.

DPeople should focus on sound and meaning when choosing names.


35. What might be the best title for the passage?

AName may make looks

BName can change people

CAppearance may affect jobs

DAppearance can carry culture.


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Self-talk helps us all

Talking to yourself may seem a little shameful. If you’ve ever been overheard criticizing yourself for a foolish mistake or practicing a speech, you’ll know the social problems it can cause. bd blank Talking to ourselves, whether out loud or silently in our heads, is valuable. Far from being a sign of madness, self-talk allows us to plan what we are going to do, manage our activities and control our emotions.

Psychologists call self-talk private speech-language that is spoken out loud but directed at yourself. We do a lot of it when we are young. As children, we use private speech to control our actions in the same way that we use public speech to control the behavior of others. bd blank

Psychological experiments have shown that this so-called inner speech can improve our performance in tasks like telling what other people are thinking. One recent study suggests that self-talk is the most effective when we talk to ourselves in the second person: as “you” rather than “I” .

We keep the private speech we use as children inside—but we never truly put away the out-loud version. bd blank You’re sure to see an athlete shouting at himself or herself.

bd blank Hearing different points of view means our thoughts can end up in different places, leading to a solution to a problem, just like a regular dialogue, and might turn out to be one of the keys to human creativity.

Both kinds of self-talk-silent and out loud-seem to bring many different benefits to our thinking. bd blank

A. But there’s no need for embarrassment.

B. If you want proof, turn on a sports channel.

C. As we grow older, we keep this system inside.

D. Take a trip to any preschool and watch a small child playing with toys.

E. Words to the self, spoken silently or aloud, are so much more than just chatter.

F. According to the well-known saying, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

G. Self-talk seems to be a very good way of solving problems and working through ideas.







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Being raised in a family of teachers, I bd blank (get) plenty of chances to connect with literature since a young age. So I have many stories about me and reading.

It was my father who took me on the road to reading and made me appreciate bd blank (it) beauty. When I was a little girl, he bought me a book bd blank (name) The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I was too young to read this difficult work, so my father explained it to me bd blank (patient). From then on, I started to enjoy reading books.

When I became a middle school student, I began to read some simplified English classics on my own. Sometimes, I would write down my thoughts and bd blank (feel) and share them with my father. Among all the books that I read during my middle school years, Jane Eyre left the bd blank (deep) impression on me. I was having some difficulties with my studies at that time, bd blank Jane Eyre’s persistence (坚持) and courage inspired me a lot. Thanks to my reading habit, I managed bd blank (overcome) the difficulty of my studies.

Now, I’m a senior high school student and very busy with my studies. But I still keep on reading in my spare time. My mother told me that I should be absorbed bd blank my studies, but in my point of view, I regard reading as an oasis(绿洲) that can make me relax.

Recently, I thought about the benefits bd blank reading could bring us. Reading can clear our minds and motivate us. In addition, we may broaden our horizons and gain more knowledge through reading. I hope that my story can inspire you to start your own reading adventure.











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书面表达 本大题共25分。






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