2024年高考真题 英语 (全国甲卷)
填空题 本大题共1小题,每小题7.5分,共7.5分。把答案填写在题中横线上。
分值: 7.5分

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A 、B 、C 、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。


Each ARTS FIRST festival is a unique annual celebration of the Harvard community’s artistic creativity. We invite you to join us for the coming ARTS FIRST. We look forward to welcoming you as we showcase the creativity of the Harvard arts community through performances, art exhibitions and art-making activities. The festival is a public event for Harvard and community members of all ages.

Light Awash in Watercolor

Learn about the materials and qualities of watercolor paint with experts from the Harvard Art Museums Materials Lab. Try your hand at some of the painting tricks used by artists whose works will be in the upcoming exhibition of American Watercolors, 1880-1990: Into the Light.

Spineless Artists:Invertebrate Creativity

From webs to cocoons, invertebrates (无脊椎动物) create some of nature’s most delicate and beautiful designs. Join Javier Marin from the Harvard Museum of Natural History to learn how insects and other invertebrates dance, inspire fashion and create art, while making your own spineless artists out of craft (手工艺) materials.

Wheel Throwing

Join instructors from the Ceramics Program and great potters from Quincy,  Cabot and Mather Houses for demonstrations using the potter’s wheel. Then create your own masterpiece!

Knitting and Pom-Pom Making

Join the Harvard Undergraduate Knitting Circle to make pom-poms and tassels out of thread, or pick up a pair of needles and learn to knit (编织).

第一小题 What do we know about ARTS FIRST?

A. It is an exhibition of oil paintings.

B. It offers art courses for all ages.

C. It presents recreational activities.

D. It is a major tourist attraction.

第二小题Which program will you join if you’re interested in drawing pictures?

A. Light Awash in Watercolor.

B. Spineless Artists: Invertebrate Creativity.

C. Wheel Throwing.

D. Knitting and Pom-Pom Making.

第三小题What can you do together with Javier Marin?

A. Practice a traditional dance.

B. Make handcrafts.

C. Visit a local museum

D. Feed invertebrates.









细节理解题。由第一段中“We look forward to welcoming you as we showcase the creativity of the Harvard arts community through performances,art exhibitions and art-making activities.”可知,ARTS FIRST 艺术节展示了哈佛艺术社区的创造力,通过表演、艺术展览和艺术创作活动等多种形式呈现。因此,可以确定它是一个展示娱乐活动的艺术节,故选 C 项。

细节理解题。由第二段中“Light Awash in Watercolor...Try your hand at some of the

painting tricks used by artists”可知,“Light Awash in Watercolor”这个活动涉及绘画技巧的实践和体验。如果你对绘画感兴趣,可以选择这个活动,故选 A 项。


由第三段中“...while making your own spineless artists out of craft

materials.”可知,Javier Marin 的活动包括用手工艺材料制作无脊椎动物。因此,可以确定你可以和 Javier Marin 一起制作手工艺品,故选 B 项。

简答题(综合题) 本大题共97.5分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。
分值: 10分


Animals can express their needs using a lot of ways. For instance,almost all animals have distinct vocals (声音) that they rely on to either ask for help, scare away any dangerous animals or look for shelter. But cats are special creatures who possess amazing vocalization skills. They are able to have entire conversations with humans using meows and you’re able to interpret it. If a pet cat is hungry, it will keep meowing to attract attention and find food. However, when a cat is looking for affection, they tend to produce stretched and soft meows. Meowing starts as soon as a baby cat is brought to life and uses it to get the mother’s attention and be fed.

Cats have many heightened senses, but their sense of smell is quite impressive. They use their noses to assess their environment and look out for any signs of danger. They will sniff out specific areas before they choose a place to relax. However, another way the cats are able to distinguish between situations is by looking for familiar smells. Your cat will likely smell your face and store the smell in its memory and use it to recognize you in the future. That’s why most pet cats are able to tell immediately if their owners were around any other cats, which they don't usually like.

Dogs are known for their impressive fetching habit, but cats take this behavior up a notch. Many cats will find random objects outside and bring them to their owners. This is a very old habit that’s been present in all kinds of predators (食肉动物). Cats bring gifts for their owners to show they love you. These adorable little hunters are just doing something that it’s been in their nature since the beginning of time. So just go along with it!

第一小题 What can be learned about cats’ meowing from the first paragraph?

A. It’s a survival skill.

B. It’s taught by mother cats.

C. It’s hard to interpret.

D. It’s getting louder with age.

第二小题 How does a pet cat assess different situations?

A. By listening for sounds.

B. By touching familiar objects.

C. By checking on smells.

D. By communicating with other cats.

第三小题 Which best explains the phrase “take ... up notch” in paragraph 3?

A. Perform appropriately.

B. Move faster.

C. Act strangely.

D. Do better.

第四小题What is a suitable title for the text?

A. Tips on Finding a Smart Cat

B. Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

C. Have Fun with Your Cat

D. How to Keep Your Cat Healthy











细节理解题。由第一段内容可知,猫通过不同的叫声表达自己的需求,如求助、驱赶危险动物或寻找住所等,表明猫的叫声是一种生存技能,故选 A 项。

细节理解题。由第二段内容可知,猫通过嗅觉来评估环境和寻找危险的迹象,它们会在选择放松的地方之前嗅闻特定区域。因此,猫通过嗅觉来评估不同的情况,故选 C 项。

词义猜测题。由第三段中“Dogs are known for their impressive fetching habit,but cats take this behavior up a notch.”以及接下来的描述可知,猫通过带回物品给主人来表示爱意,这种行为比狗的取物行为更进一步,即做得更好,故选 D 项。

标题归纳题。文章主要介绍了猫的行为及其背后的原因,帮助读者更好地理解猫的行为,因此最合适的标题是“理解你的猫的行为”,故选 B 项。

分值: 10分


The Saint Lukas train doesn’t accept passengers -it accepts only the sick. The Saint Lukas is one of five government-sponsored medical trains that travel to remote towns in central and eastern Russia. Each stop lasts an average of two days, and during that time the doctors and nurses on board provide rural (乡村) populations with basic medical care, X-ray scans and prescriptions.

“People started queuing to make an appointment early in the morning,” says Emile Ducke, a German photographer who traveled with the staff of the Saint Lukas for a two-week trip in November through the vast regions (区域) of Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia.

Russia’s public health care service has been in serious need of modernization. The government has struggled to come up with measures to address the problem, particularly in the poorer, rural areas east of the Volga River, including arranging doctor’s appointments by video chat and expanding financial aid programs to motivate doctors to practice medicine in remote parts of the country like Krasnoyarsk.

The annual arrival of the Saint Lukas is another attempt to improve the situation. For 10 months every year, the train stops at about eight stations over two weeks, before returning to the regional capital to refuel and restock (补给). Then it starts all over again the next month. Most stations wait about a year between visits.

Doctors see up to 150 patients every day. The train’s equipment allows for basic checkups. “I was very impressed by the doctors and their assistants working and living in such little space but still staying focused and very concerned,” says

Ducke. “They were the best chance for many rural people to get the treatment they want.”

第一小题 How is the Saint Lukas different from other trains?

A. It runs across countries.

B. It reserves seats for the seniors.

C. It functions as a hospital.

D. It travels along a river.

第二小题What can we infer from paragraph 3 about Krasnoyarsk?

A. It is heavily populated.

B. It offers training for doctors.

C. It is a modern city.

D. It needs medical aid.

第三小题 How long can the Saint Lukas work with one supply?

A. About a year.

B. About ten months.

C. About two months.

D. About two weeks.

第四小题What is Ducke’s attitude toward the Saint Lukas’ services?

A. Appreciative.

B. Doubtful

C. Ambiguous.

D. Cautious.











细节理解题。由第一段内容可知,圣卢卡斯火车不接受普通乘客,只接收病人,并为乡村人口提供基本的医疗服务。因此,它的功能类似于医院,故选C 项。

推理判断题。由第三段内容可知,俄罗斯政府在贫困的农村地区,如伏尔加河以东的克拉斯诺亚尔斯克,采取了一些措施来解决公共医疗服务现代化的问题,包括视频预约医生和扩展财政援助项目以激励医生在偏远地区行医。这表明克拉斯诺亚尔斯克需要医疗援助,故选 D 项。

细节理解题。由第四段中“For 10 months every year,the train stops at about eight stations over two weeks,before returning to the regional capital to refuel and restock.”可知,圣卢卡斯火车每次补给可以持续大约两周的工作,故选 D 项。

观点态度题。由第五段 Ducke 的话“I was very impressed by the doctors and their assistants working and living in such little space but still staying focused and very concerned...They were the best chance for many rural people to get the treatment they want.”可知,Ducke 对圣卢卡斯火车提供的服务表示赞赏,故选 A 项。

分值: 10分


“I didn’t like the ending,” I said to my favorite college professor. It was my junior year of undergraduate, and I was doing an independent study on Victorian literature. I had just finished reading The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, and I was heartbroken with the ending. Prof. Gracie, with all his patience, asked me to think about it beyond whether I liked it or not. He suggested I think about the difference between endings that I wanted for the characters and endings that were right for the characters, endings that satisfied the story even if they didn’t have a traditionally positive outcome. Of course, I would have preferred a different ending for Tom and Maggie Tulliver, but the ending they got did make the most sense for them.

This was an aha moment for me, and I never thought about endings the same way again. From then on, if I wanted to read an ending guaranteed to be happy, I’d pick up a love romance. If I wanted an ending I couldn’t guess, I’d pick up a mystery (悬疑小说). One where I kind of knew what was going to happen, historical fiction. Choosing what to read became easier.

But writing the end—that’s hard. It’s hard for writers because endings carry so much weight with readers. You have to balance creating an ending that’s unpredictable, but doesn’t seem to come from nowhere, one that fits what’s right for the characters.

That's why this issue (期) of Writer’s Digest aims to help you figure out how to write the best ending for whatever kind of writing you’re doing. If it’s short stories, Peter Mountford breaks down six techniques you can try to see which one helps you stick the landing. Elizabeth Sims analyzes the final chapters of five great novels to see what key points they include and how you can adapt them for your work.

This issue won’t tell you what your ending should be—that’s up to you and the story you’re telling—but it might provide what you need to get there.

第一小题Why did the author go to Prof. Gracie?

A. To discuss a novel.

B. To submit a book report.

C. To argue for a writer.

D. To ask for a reading list.

第二小题What did the author realize after seeing Prof Gracie?

A. Writing is a matter of personal preferences.

B. Readers are often carried away by characters

C. Each type of literature has its unique ending

D.A story which begins well will end well

第三小题 What is expected of a good ending?

A. It satisfies readers’ taste.

B. It fits with the story development.

C. It is usually positive.

D. It is open for imagination.

第四小题 Why does the author mention Peter Mountford and Elizabeth Sims?

A. To give examples of great novelists.

B. To stress the theme of this issue.

C. To encourage writing for the magazine.

D. To recommend their new books.











细节理解题。由第一段内容可知,作者在大学三年级时正在进行一项关于维多利亚文学的独立研究,并刚刚读完乔治·艾略特的《弗洛斯河上的磨坊》。他去找教授讨论小说的结局,故选 A 项。

推理判断题。由第二段内容可知,作者在教授的启发下意识到,不同类型的文学作品有其特有的结局。如果想要读一个结局保证是幸福的,就读爱情小说;如果想要一个猜不出的结局,就读悬疑小说。每种类型的文学作品都有其独特的结局,故选 C 项。

细节理解题。由第三段内容可知,一个好的结局需要平衡创造性和不可预测性,同时又不能显得突兀,还需要符合角色的发展。故选 B 项。

推理判断题。由第四段内容可知,作者提到 Peter Mountford 和 Elizabeth Sims 是为了说明本期《Writer’s Digest》杂志的主题,即帮助读者了解如何写出一个好的结尾。故选B项。

分值: 12.5分


What is moderation (适度)? Basically,it means eating only as much food as your body needs. You should feel satisfied at the end of a meal, but not too full. ____36____ But it doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the foods you love.

Take your time. It’s important to slow down and think about food as something nutritious rather than just something to eat in between meetings.____37____ It actually takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough food, so eat slowly and stop eating before you feel full.

Eat with others whenever possible. Eating alone, specially in front of the TV or computer, often leads to mindless overeating. And be careful about the foods you keep at hand. It’s more challenging to eat in moderation if you have unhealthy snacks at the ready, like cookies. ____38____

Control emotional (情绪的) eating. ____39____ Many of us also turn to food to deal with unpleasant emotions such as sadness, loneliness, or boredom. But by learning healthier ways to manage emotions, you can regain control over the food you eat and your feelings.

____40____ A healthy breakfast can start your metabolism (新陈代谢), while eating small, healthy meals keeps your energy up all day. Avoid eating late at night. Try to eat dinner earlier and fast for 14—16 hours until breakfast the next morning. Studies suggest that eating only when you’re most active and giving your digestive system a long break each day may help to regulate weight.

A. Eat properly throughout the day.

B. We don’t always eat just to satisfy hunger.

C. Don’t swallow a meal on the way to work.

D. Most of us need to double the amount we eat.

E. Instead, surround yourself with healthy choices.

F. For many of us, moderation means eating less than we do now.

G. That won’t lead to cheating or giving up on your new eating plan.


36F 37C 38E 39B 40A


前文提到,适度饮食意味着只吃身体需要的食物,餐后感觉满足但不过量。选项 F“对我们大多数人来说,适度意味着比现在吃得少。”进一步解释了适度饮食的含义,符合语境。

前文提到,吃饭时要慢下来,并把食物看作是营养而不仅仅是填饱肚子的东西。选项 C“不要在去工作的路上吞下饭。”提醒人们不要匆忙吃饭,符合语境。

前文提到,在电脑或电视前独自进食容易导致无意识的暴饮暴食,建议谨慎选择随手可得的食物。选项 E“相反,要让自己周围都是健康的选择。”提供了一个具体的建议,帮助避免暴饮暴食,符合语境。

前文提到,情绪进食需要控制。选项 B“我们并不总是为了满足饥饿而吃。”解释了为什么人们会进行情绪进食,符合语境。

前文提到,通过学习更健康的情绪管理方法,可以控制饮食和情绪。选项 A“一天 中要合理饮食。”提供了合理饮食的建议,与下文内容紧密衔接,进一步说明了健康饮食的重要性,符合语境。

分值: 30分

阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项。

One day, we had a family dinner. While the adults were busy with their serious talk outside, I was left alone in the ____41____ to help my grandmother wash dishes. ____42____ my grandmother would tell me stories about her childhood.

Born just before WWI, my grandmother ____43____ an entirely different childhood lifestyle from mine. She did not have a chance to go to ____44____. Like in typical families, where boys were ____45____ much more than girls, my grandma had to stay at home to do ____46____. The only opportunity (机会) she could seize to ____47____ was when her brother was having Chinese ____48____ with the family tutor. She would sit quietly at the far end of the long dinner table, listening ____49____. This training taught her to read and write her

Chinese upside down—a skill that has turned out to be quite ____50____, especially whenever we share the newspaper. On most weekends, my grandmother, a young girl then,and her brother would go to the ____51____. There, they would walk through deep water, sit down cross-legged underwater and hold their ____52____ while they watched all action going on around them. This is something I ____53____ —her ability to open her ____54____ underwater and still sit comfortably on the seabed.

My childhood is quite ____55____ compared with hers. I am ____56____ that I did not need to ____57____ the hardships like she did. I’ve never faced the problem of ____58____. I guess our different childhood background is what makes my grandmother such an amazing person to ____59____ to: her stories always make my history textbooks ____60____.

41.A.sitting room  B.kitchen        C.yard              D.dining hall

42.A.As always  B.By the way      C.For example      D.Here and now

43.A.adjusted    B.promoted       C.achieved         D.experienced

44.A.work       B.school         C.court            D.press

45.A.favored     B.tolerated       C.trusted           D.acknowledged

46.A.gardening    B.homework    C.business          D.housework

47.A.exercise      B.study        C.explore           D.teach

48.A.food         B.guests       C.lessons            D.tea

49.A.closely      B.directly       C.nervously          D.freely

50.A.professional     B.awkward   C.simple               D.practical

51.A.market   B.mountain         C.beach                D.class

52.A.secret     B.breath           C.view                 D.tongue

53.A.admire    B.notice           C.adopt                 D.value

54.A.hands     B.mouth           C.eyes                 D.arms

55.A.difficult   B.complex         C.happy                D.similar

56.A.grateful    B.surprised        C.convinced            D.regretful

57.A.reflect upon  B.go through     C.ask about             D.prepare for

58.A.unemployment  B.health      C.education         D.communication

59.A.attend        B.refer          C.lead                 D.talk

60.A.come true     B.come round    C.come out           D.come alive


41B 42A 43D 44B 45A 46D 47B 48C 49A 50D 51C 52B 53A 54C 55C 56A 57B 58C 59D 60D


41选项:sitting room 客厅;kitchen 厨房;yard 院子;dining hall 餐厅。结合“help my grandmother wash dishes”可知,作者是帮助奶奶洗碗,所以是在厨房(kitchen),故选 B 项。

42选项:As always 像往常一样;By the way 顺便说一句;For example 例如;Here and now 现在。由下文讲述奶奶讲故事的内容可知,这是奶奶经常做的事情,因此选择“As always” 符合语境,故选 A 项。

43选项:adjusted 调整;promoted 提升;achieved 取得;experienced 经历。结合上下文可知,作者奶奶经历了与作者完全不同的童年生活,故选 D 项。

44选项:work 工作;school 学校;court 法院;press 出版社。由上下文可知,作者奶奶童年没有上学机会,故选 B 项。

45选项:favored 偏爱;tolerated 容忍;trusted 信任;acknowledged 承认。在典型的家庭中,男孩往往比女孩受到更多的偏爱(favored),故选 A 项。

46选项:gardening 园艺;homework 家庭作业;business 生意;housework 家务。结合上下文可知,奶奶当时需要留在家里做家务,故选 D 项。

47选项:exercise 锻炼;study 学习;explore 探索;teach 教。结合上下文可知,奶奶唯一能学习(study)的机会是通过旁听她哥哥的课,故选 B 项。

48选项:food 食物;guests 客人;lessons 课;tea 茶。由上下文可知,这里指的是奶奶哥哥和家庭教师一起上课(lessons),故选 C 项。

49选项:closely 紧密地;directly 直接地;nervously 紧张地;freely 自由地。结合上下文可知,奶奶会静静地坐在餐桌的远端仔细地听(closely),故选 A 项。

50选项:professional 专业的;awkward 尴尬的;simple 简单的;practical 实用的。结合上下文可知,这项技能在他们分享报纸时显得非常实用(practical),故选 D 项。

51选项:market 市场;mountain 山;beach 海滩;class 课堂。结合上下文可知,奶奶和她的哥哥会去海滩(beach),故选 C 项。

52选项:secret 秘密;breath 呼吸;view 视野;tongue 舌头。结合上下文可知,他们会屏住呼吸(breath),故选 B 项。

53选项:admire 钦佩;notice 注意;adopt 采用;value 重视。结合上下文可知,作者钦佩奶奶能在水下睁开眼睛并舒适地坐在海床上的能力,故选 A 项。

54选项:hands 手;mouth 嘴;eyes 眼睛;arms 胳膊。结合上下文可知,奶奶能够在水下睁开眼睛(eyes),故选 C 项。

55选项:difficult 困难的;complex 复杂的;happy 快乐的;similar 相似的。结合上下文可知,作者的童年和奶奶的童年相比是快乐的,故选 C 项。

56选项:grateful 感激的;surprised 惊讶的;convinced 确信的;regretful 遗憾的。结合上下文可知,作者感激(grateful)自己没有经历过像奶奶那样的艰辛,故选 A 项。

57选项:reflect upon 反思;go through 经历;ask about 询问;prepare for 准备。结合上下文可知,作者没有经历过(go through)像奶奶那样的艰辛,故选 B 项。

58选项:unemployment 失业;health 健康;education 教育;communication 交流。结合上下文可知,作者从未面临过教育(education)问题,故选 C 项。

59选项:attend 参加;refer 提及;lead 引导;talk 谈论。结合上下文可知,作者认为奶奶是一个很棒的谈话对象(talk),故选 D 项。

60选项:come true 成真;come round 苏醒;come out 出现;come alive 变得生动。结合上下文可知,奶奶的故事总是让作者的历史课本变得生动起来(come alive),故选 D 项。

分值: 15分


Although parks of all sizes and types exist at any level, the national parks, in particular, tend ____61____ (catch) our attention because of their large size and variety. They are ____62____ (treasure) of American heritage (遗产). How did the national park system come about? On a cool, starry night in mid-September 1870, four men relaxed before a campfire along the Firehole River in ____63____ is now northwestern Wyoming. They ____64____ (be) part of a 15-member exploring party that had spent almost five awesome weeks in witness of the natural beauties there.

What should ____65____ (do) with such a beautiful place? They wondered out loud. This area, with____66____ (it) unique and breathtaking natural beauty, must be well preserved ____67____ all people of the nation to enjoy—as a national park. They all agreed and vowed (承诺) to promote the idea at the____68____ (complete ) of their journey. Their promotional work paid off. Two years later, 18 years before Wyoming became a state, Yellowstone became the first national park in the United States and the world. Yellowstone was the ____69____ (large) United States national park—2.2 million acres—until Wrangell-Saint Elias in southern Alaska, ____70____ became a national monument in 1978, took the honors as a national park in 1980 with 12.3 million acres.


61to catch 62treasures 63what 64were 65be done 66its 67for 68completion 69largest 70which


61考查动词不定式。句意:国家公园尤其容易引起我们的注意。tend to do sth.为固定搭配,表示“倾向于做某事”。因此,此处应填入动词不定式形式 to catch。

62考查名词复数。句意:它们是美国遗产的瑰宝。结合句意和上下文,这里指的是国家公园作为美国遗产的一部分,应使用复数形式的名词 treasures。

63考查连词。句意:在现在的怀俄明州西北部的火洞河边的营火前放松。他们是 15 人探险队的一部分。结合句意,这里需要填入一个关系代词来引导从句,“what”在此处表示 “什么”。所以,填入 what。

64考查动词的时态。句意:他们是 15 人探险队的一部分,这里描述的是过去的情况,主语是 they,谓语动词用复数形式,因此填 were。

65考查非谓语动词。句意:应该怎么处理这么美丽的地方?这是一个省略主语的被动结构,“be done”表示“被做”。



68考查名词。句意:在他们的旅程结束时,他们都同意并发誓要宣传这个想法。at the completion of...是一个固定搭配,表示“在...结束时”。



分值: 10分

短文改错 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。

增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号 (∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。

删除:把多余的词用斜线 (\)划掉。



(1) 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

(2)只允许修改10处,多者 (从第11处起)不计分。

Last week, I saw a program about Chongqing hotpot on TV. I was curious but planned a special one-day trip there with a friend of me. Our fast train was packing with passengers. A attendant gave us some travel brochures about Chongqing. When we arrived, we went straight a famous restaurant and ordered dishes, which tasted greatly. The atmosphere here made the meal all the more enjoyed. Hotpot is meant for families and friends to sit together, dip everything they like this in one pot, and shared friendship and love.






(5)straight a→straight to a




(9)把 like 后的 this 去掉



(1)原文:I was curious but planned a special one-day trip there with a friend of me.分析:由上下文语境可知,作者先是好奇,然后计划了一次特别的旅行,两者之间为顺承关系,因此用and连接。

(2)原文:I was curious but planned a special one-day trip there with a friend of me.分析:此处应使用"my friend"或"friend of mine"表明所属关系。

(3)原文:Our fast train was packing with passengers.分析:这里要表示“我们的高铁挤满了乘客”,应使用过去分词packed作表语。

(4)原文:A attendant gave us some travel brochures about Chongqing.分析:attendant的首字母为元音,冠词应使用an。

(5)原文:When we arrived, we went straight a famous restaurant and ordered dishes.分析:“go straight to”是固定搭配,应在straight和a之间加上介词to。

(6)原文:...and ordered dishes,which tasted greatly.分析:taste作连系动词时,后接形容词作表语,应改为great。

(7)原文:The atmosphere here made the meal all the more enjoyed.分析:根据句意,描述的是刚到达的餐馆,应使用there指代上文提到的地方。

(8)原文:The atmosphere here made the meal all the more enjoyed.分析:“使…更加享受”应使用形容词作表语,改为enjoyable。

(9)此处they like为省略了that的定语从句,先行词是everything,this在此处多余,应去掉。

(10)原文:...dip everything they like this in one pot,and shared friendship and love.分析:句子描述的是火锅的目的,应使用一般现在时态,动词应改为share。

书面表达 本大题共25分。
分值: 25分

英语课要求做课堂展示,请你根据所给图片,以Development of Transport in China为题写一篇发言稿。


(1) 词数100左右;

(2) 题目和首句已为你写好。

Development of Transport in China

From the vehicle of horses to today’s convenient transport, Chinese transport has an enormous development.



范文一Development of Transport in China

From the vehicle of horses to today's convenient transport,Chinese transport has an enormous development.The popularity of shared bicycles offers green and affordable short-distance travel,while high-speed trains connect distant cities with remarkable speed and efficiency.Meanwhile,the rise of new energy vehicles is revolutionizing the automotive industry,signaling a shift towards sustainable transportation.These advancements not only enhance mobility but also decrease pollution,portraying a promising future for China's transport landscape.

范文二Development of Transport in China

From the vehicle of horses to today's convenient transport,Chinese transport has an enormous development.The popularity of shared bicycles offers green and affordable short-distance travel solutions.High-speed trains connect distant cities like beads on a string,shortening travel time dramatically.Meanwhile,the emergence of new energy vehicles advocates for a low-carbon lifestyle and contributes to smog-free urban environments.These advancements not only enhance mobility but also demonstrate China's commitment to innovation and sustainability.As we look to the future,these transformative modes of transport will continue to shape the landscape of Chinese infrastructure and improve the quality of life for its people.

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