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Philip’s Complete Road Atlas Britain and Ireland

Voted Britain's clearest and most detailed road atlas(地图集)in a consumer survey, the 2016 edition of Philip’s Complete Road Atlas Britain and Ireland contains 160 pages of road maps and clearly marked service areas. It also includes 10 big city approach maps and 64 extra-detailed town and city plans.

Paperback, 248 pages.£9.99

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect

The nation’s best-loved home cook invites you to share the secrets of her favorite dishes. Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect features an all-new collection of 100 mouth-watering, simple recipes for any occasion. From delicious dinners such as Slow-Roast Shoulder of Lamb or Cottage Pie with Dauphinoise Potato Topping to special summer lunches such as Fiery Red Rice Salad and Summer Pudding, this is the perfect kitchen companion.

Hardback, 320 pages.£20.00   £16.99

Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary

Anne Bradford has been editing her Crossword Solver’s Dictionary since 1957, so this latest edition is based on over 50 years of crossword solving! Every word in this dictionary has appeared as a solution to a real crossword clue. With easy-to-read clear text design, this is an invaluable reference for both difficult and quick crosswords.

Paperback, 896 pages.£12.99   £9.99

Computing for Seniors

This leading computer guide explains in easy steps how to use the Internet, email, Skype and online shopping, plus how to manage your computer settings safely and securely. Updated for Windows 8 and Office 2013, it also sets out to make Tablet PCs, touchscreens and apps easier to be used, to give you confidence in your computing skills.

Paperback, 240 pages.£10.99   £9.99

21. What can be expected from Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect?

A. Easy cooking instructions.            

B. How to make a perfect kitchen.

C. Tasty dishes from across the world.

D. How to cook a dinner in a secret way.

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Last year I ruined my summer vacation by bringing along a modern convenience that was too convenient for my own good: the iPad. Instead of looking at nature, I checked my e-mail. Instead of paddling a small boat, I followed my Twitter feed(推特简讯). Instead of reading great novels, I stuck to reading four newspapers each morning. I was behaving as if I were still in the office. My body was on vacation, but my head wasn’t.

So this year I made up my mind to try something different: withdrawal(退出)from the Internet. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, since I’m bad at self-control.  But I was determined.  I started by giving the iPad to my wife.

The cellphone signal at our house was worse than in the past, making my attempts at cheating an experience in frustration (沮丧). I was trapped, forced to go through with my plan. Largely cut off from e-mail, Twitter and my favorite newspaper websites, I had few ways to connect to the world except for the radio—and how much radio can one listen to, really? I had to do what I had planned to do all along: read books.

This experience has had a happy ending. With determination and the strong support of my wife, I won in my vacation straggle against the Internet, realizing finally that it was I, not the iPad, that was the problem. I knew I had won when we passed a Starbucks and my wife asked if I wanted to stop to use the Wi-Fi. “I don’t need it,” I said.

However, as we return to post-vacation life, a harder test begins: Can I continue when I’m back at work?There are times when the need to know what’s being said right now is great.  

I have no intention of giving up my convenience completely. But I hope to resist the temptation (诱惑)to check my e-mail every five minutes, which leads to checking my Twitter feed and a website ortwo.

I think a vacation is supposed to help you reset your brain to become more productive. Here I hope this one worked.

24. What do we know about the author’s last summer vacation?

A. He was determined to enjoy the beautiful view.

B. His iPad ruined his plan of finishing a great novel.

C. He felt satisfied that he had stuck to his usual timetable.

D. He hated himself for acting as if he were working on vacation.

25. What did the author do to keep away from the Internet this year?

A. He handed his iPad to his wife.        

B. He cut off his cellphone signal.

C. He refused to cheat in his house.       

D. He listened to the radio most of the time

26. When back at work, the author will probably choose to ________.

A. stay away from the Internet for ever    

B. continue to read more and more books

C. keep control of when and how to use the Internet

D. stop checking what is being said right now completely

27. What is the author’s opinion of a great vacation in the passage?

A. A vacation is having nothing to do but read all day.

B. A vacation proves that a life of pleasure is overvalued.

C. A vacation is a period of time to do whatever one wishes to.

D. A vacation means a change of pace to make one more creative.

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Every scientific field uses the scientific method to conduct experiments. Performing experiments is very important in the field of psychology (心理学). Before beginning a study, however, any scientist who wishes to perform an experiment should be familiar with the steps of the scientific method.  36  

◆ Form a hypothesis (假设). It is an educated guess about what will happen during the study.  37   Coming up with a hypothesis before you start can help guide your experiment. 

◆ Plan out a study. Planning out the experiment is essential because the psychologist needs to know if they have time, materials, and testing area prepared beforehand. This step also helps the scientist to determine if they will be performing descriptive or experimental research. The ideal situation is to always perform experimental research.  38   Descriptive research simply collects data regarding the problem and forms a hypothesis according to the data. 

◆ Collect data.  39   If the data collected is not recorded and organized, the entire efforts of the study may be wasted. The best way to do this may be to record the proceedings so that no details are lost.

◆ Analyze the data.  Once all the data has been collected and organized, it must be analyzed. Using previous research or scientific information about the problem, the psychologist must apply the new data gathered.

◆ Publish the information learned. The final step of the scientific method in psychology is publishing the results of the study.  40   Most psychological experiments are published in scientific journals.

A. It is based on scientific facts, not just opinions.

B. Read on to find out how to use the scientific method in psychology.

C. Before psychologists start the experiment, they must plan out the steps.

D. This helps other psychologists to learn about and use the new information.

E. The scientific method has proved to be an effective way to conduct research.

F. To fully understand the study, each part of the experiment must be recorded.

G. Sometimes, however, this is impossible and descriptive research will have to be used.

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I always walk to my husband’s office after work, wait for him and then we drive home together every day.One day, while I was waiting for him, a beautiful Cadillac(凯迪拉克轿车)  41   near me. I was busy  42   the car when I noticed the driver.  43  , she was probably the most  44__   woman I had ever seen outside of a movie screen. Her eyes were as blue as the sea, and she had teeth like pearls. Minutes later, a man walked over and they drove off. Sitting there, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, I wanted to  45  .  “Why is it so  46   that some people have it all?” I thought.The next week I saw her again, and after that it almost became my  47   to see her. I would  __48   if she and her husband ate out a lot and where they went. I wanted her to get out of the car so that I could see her in  49   length.A few weeks later, this question was  50   for me. I was waiting at my usual spot and the lady’s husband came over to their car. He opened the door. The pretty woman  51   walked around to the passenger side—leaning on a walking cane. She  52   one leg with her hands and then the other. She had an artificial limb (假肢)on her left leg and a brace on her right one.As they drove away, I began to cry. When my husband arrived, I told him about what had  __53  . He said that he knew her husband and that, when the lady was twelve years old, she had been  54   in a car that got stuck on the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, both her parents were killed. The rail company made a large  55   with her because the crossing had no  56  . That’s  57   she owns such a nice car now.For weeks I have  58   this woman and her way of life, but now I realize how  59   I am. When you meet a person who seems to be much better off than you, don’t be fooled by   __60  .

41. A. drove in    B. pulled up    C. sped by    D. turned away

42. A. cleaning    B. taking    C. expecting    D. admiring

43. A. Honestly    B. Sincerely    C. Surprisingly    D. Obviously

44. A. peaceful    B. typical    C. beautiful    D. patient

45. A. cry    B. argue    C. escape    D. ask

46. A. unbearable    B. unusual    C. unfair    D. unbelievable

47. A. chance    B. wonder    C. regret    D. routine

48. A. imagine    B. wonder    C. guess    D. doubt

49. A. great    B. equal    C. full    D. standard

50. A. raised    B. answered    C. presented    D. checked

51. A. slowly    B. firmly    C. quickly    D. hurriedly

52. A. bent    B. spread    C. crossed    D. lifted

53. A. changed    B. happened    C. passed    D. hidden

54. A. discovered    B. protected    C. left    D. trapped

55. A. settlement    B. exchange    C. promise    D. arrangemen

56. A. stops    B. notices    C. signals    D. lights

57. A. why    B. when    C. because    D. where

58. A. respected    B. observed    C. accepted    D. envied

59. A. boring    B. mature    C. lucky    D. confident

60. A. collections    B. appearances    C. backgrounds    D. descriptions

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I can still remember I was once asked to make speech before the whole class at the age of 9. You can imagine how shy I was when I thought of that with so many eyes fixed to me. I had no more choice but to prepare for it, though. The hardest part was my oral presentation from my memory, for reading from the paper wasn’t allowing. The real moment began before I stood on the platform with my legs trembling or my mind blank.  But my listeners were waiting patient. Gradually, I found me back, giving my speech at last. After what seemed to be a long time, I heard all the listeners applauding loudly. Ever since then, my fear of speak before a big audience had disappeared. Actually, now I’ve become a great speaker!

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There are a growing number of pet owners who feed their pets on raw, which means, “uncooked” meat and bones.  William Burk, a pet food specialist from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), believes that feeding raw meat to pets is against its goal of protecting the public from health dangers, and that raw meat and bones do not have all the required nutrition that a pet needs every day.

Recognizing how popular these foods are, the FDA has provided guidelines for producers of pet foods which contain uncooked meat for dogs, cats and other pets. The guidelines give rules to protect pet owners and pets from dangers about food safety and lack of nutrition.

Pet owners who feed raw meat and bones to their pets should deal with these products very carefully to protect themselves against possible dangers, says Burk.  Just as when you are preparing foods for human beings, use hot water and soap to wash your hands, containers, and surfaces that come into contact with the food. Don’t put your hands near your mouth until you have washed them, and don’t allow your pet to touch your face right after it has eaten raw meat.

“If pet owners choose to feed bones to their pets, they should watch their pets carefully when they are eating bones,” Burk says. “If a pet eats a big piece of bone that won’t pass through its digestive system(消化系统), it is likely to kill the pet.”

28. What does William Burk think of feeding pets on raw meat?

 A. It’ll make the pet owners sick.         

B. It’ll keep the pets’ wild nature.

C. It’s against the policy of tile FDA.      

D. It’s dangerous and lack of nutrition.

29. The FDA has provided guidelines for producers of pet foods with raw meat because ________.

A. pet safety is a serious problem         

B. most pets are lack of nutrition

C. feeding pets on raw is popular         

D. the quality of pet foods is dropping

30. Those who feed pets on raw should do some necessary cleaning when ________.

A. preparing raw meat for pets           

B. touching the food containers

C. taking their pets out for a walk         

D. preparing foods for human beings

31. What suggestion is given to pet owners in the last paragraph?

A. Pets should be forbidden to eat raw bones.

B. Pets should be kept away from the raw meat.

C. Pets should be checked on their digestive system.

D. Pets should be watched carefully while eating bones.

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Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is a mixture of different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways. The simple reason for this is that there are more different ways of looking at things present in the first kind of society. There are more ideas, more disagreements in interest, and more groups and organizations with different beliefs. In addition, there is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance in mixed societies. All these factors (因素)tend to promote social change by opening more areas of life to decision. In a society where people are similar in many ways, there are fewer situations for people to see the need or the chance for change because everything seems to be the same. And although conditions may not be satisfactory, they are at least customary and clear.

Within a society, social change is also likely to occur more frequently and more readily in the material aspects of the culture than in the non-material aspects, for example, in technology rather than in values; in what has been learned later in life rather than what was learned early; in the simple elements(要素)rather than in the complex ones; and in elements that are acceptable to the culture rather than in strange ones.

Besides, social change is easier if it is gradual. For example, it comes more readily in human relations on a continuous scale rather than one with a sharp division. This is one reason why change has not come more quickly to Black Americans as compared to other American minorities, because of the sharp difference in appearance between them and their white fellows.

32. The underlined part “greater tolerance” in Paragraph 1 probably refers to “________”.

A. quicker adaptation to changing conditions

B. greater willingness to accept social change

C. more respect for different beliefs and behavior

D. greater readiness to agree to different conditions

33. Why is social change less likely to occur in a society where people are similar in many ways?

A. They are so conservative that they tend to slow down social change.

B. They can easily get what they want in the material aspect of society.

C. They are so used to their conditions that they seldom want to change.

D. They have similar needs that can be satisfied without much difficulty.

34. Which of the following factors probably tends to promote social change fast?

A. Different points of view.             

B. Traditional values.

C. Sharp divisions in relations.          

D. Similar appearances.

35. What is this passage mainly discussing? 

A. Two different kinds of society.        

B. Consequences of social change.

C. The importance of social change.      

D. Certain factors affecting social change.

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eadly disease called malaria (疟疾). Tu Youyou  62  (be)the woman who uses the plant’s special power to save millions of lives. The Chinese scientist won a Nobel Prize because of her great contribution.On October 5, Tu was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. She shared the prize with two other scientists from the US and Japan. Tu is the first native Chinese person  __63  (receive)a Nobel Prize in natural sciences.Tu was modest about receiving the award: “It’s a success for the whole research team.” She also thinks  64   is scientists’ duty to fight for the health of all humans.When Tu joined the national research team to find the medicine  65   could fight against malaria in the 1960s and 1970s, things were hard. The team didn’t have advanced equipment back then. Tu used to test  66   (medicine) by eating them herself. Her team searched old Chinese medicine books  67   hand and tested over 2,000 traditional recipes.Once Tu  68  (return)home after traveling for six months. Her little daughter didn’t recognize her and hid from the “strange woman”. To do research, Tu also had to move around a lot.Finally, Tu found artemisinin (青蒿素)in sweet wormwood in 1971. She spent the next decades  69  (try) to improve the medicine. According to World Health Organization, about 200 million people suffer  70   malaria around the world, and about haft a million die each year. Artemisinin is stir the most effective treatment against malaria known today.Tu never complains about how hard she works. “I feel more rewarded when I see so many cured patients,” she said.

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注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.文中不得透露个人真实姓名和学校名称;4.开头语和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数。参考词汇:host family 接待家庭

Dear Sir / Madam,



Yours faithfully,

Li Hua

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