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简答题(综合题) 本大题共55分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

Free Wi-Fi has become very important to us: many stores and shopping malls offer it, restaurants use it to attract customers, and for libraries and coffee shops it is a must-have service.

Even when people are traveling, they scan for free Wi-Fi. When selecting or rating a hotel, six in ten travelers believe that unlimited Wi-Fi is the most important factor.

“Today, people will never forget to pack their smart phones, tablets and laptops into the suitcase,” said the Daily Mail. “We rely on free Wi-Fi heavily when traveling—especially when it comes to checking social media, checking out travel tips, and accessing websites.”

However, despite the opportunities that free Wi-Fi gives us, “our over-reliance on technology has come at a price, with travelers feeling unable to escape social media”, said Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide brand.

Anita Isalska, Lonely Planet editor and tech addict, was forced to unplug when in an isolated (隔绝的)camp in Greenland recently. “Adjusting to this slower pace, I began to realize that: social media had changed into a habit,” she wrote. “I had believed I was capturing (捕捉) moments, but in reality my busy fingers were preventing me enjoying travel’s deepest pleasures. How fully can you appreciate a huge glacier or wild flowers when your brain is selecting the right photo filter (滤镜) or the perfect six seconds to take photos”

In September, Lonely Planet released 10 predictions for the future of global travel. One of them was that true escapes will be highly valued in future, so remote hotels will start to make their lack of the Internet into an appealing feature. Would you like to have an unplugged holiday?


28. According to the passage, people nowadays tend to do the following EXCEPT  . ( )

Agetting out of a library that has no access to the Internet

Bthinking ill of a hotel without Wi-Fi

Cmaking travel plans via the Internet

Denjoying travelling without Hi-Tech equipment

29.Through the fourth paragraph, the author intends to . ( )

Agive more evidence to the view mentioned

Bshow a different opinion on the topic

Cget into another topic

Dsummarize the previous paragraphs

30. What has Anita Isalska realized in Greenland ? ( )

ATravelers cannot survive without Hi-Tech.

BTaking pictures doesn’t affect appreciating nature.

CHer over-reliance on technology has come at a price.

DHer fingers are not flexible enough to take enough pictures.

31. What does “an unplugged holiday” mean in the last paragraph ? ( )

AA camping holiday.

BA holiday in a remote hotel.

CA holiday without Wi-Fi.

DA holiday without taking pictures.

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In the United States, as in any country, people who must decide whether _ (move) to a different city to accept a promotion or a new job face difficult choices. Like Harry and Susan Bennett, they have to weigh many factors in making their _ (decide).

Harry and Susan _ least had a choice.   _(general), employers want to move an employee to a company operation in another city or another country. Then the only choice the employee has is _ making the move or leaving the company to look for another job. During the last twenty years in the United States, many big corporations _ (transfer) their businesses from big cities to the suburbs, _ rents are lower. The employees of those corporations have had no choice: If they haven’t moved, they have lost their jobs.

Imagine the life of a professional baseball player. Most players _ (trade) to another team at least three times in their careers. Some players (and employees of companies) insist that their employers _(sign) a contract (合同) stating that they will not have to move for _ certain number of years.












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We moved to a small university town in Illinois and found ourselves living next to a lot of young students. Almost every morning, as Dede would walk me to my school, we’d walk through the students’ party wasteland covered with things I was too young to know about and Dede was too old to care about.

One day, a group of guys started shouting “Ali Baba” at us and laughing. I turned red and begged Dede to cross the street with me. But she refused. Instead, she laughed in her usual way, yelled “Ali Baba” and waved at them as we walked by. They just watched us in shocked silence and never said anything to us again.

Dede set an example for me that day and forever after, because she taught me to be always proud of who I was.

Her stories were like a movie that was rich and imaginative and she never sugarcoated anything. While Dede preferred the Queen’s English, her vocabulary was just as alive. The landscapes she created in her stories were so vibrant(充满活力的) and filled with a wild cast of characters.

Almost every day, I would interrupt Dede, whatever she was busy with, and beg her to tell me a story. She would silently stare at me through the large glasses that took up half of her face. Whether it was only 10 minutes or several hours, I would barely speak as Dede took me to places I never wanted to come back from.

My mother died while I was a child. Without the care and guidance of Dede in every aspect of life, I couldn’t have lived happily. Dede taught me so much, not only in daily life, but also in her attitude to dealing with unpleasant things that I don’t want to confront.

【语篇导读】本文是一篇记叙文。作者介绍了管家Dede 对自己的照顾和影响。

21. How did the author feel when the boys shouted “Ali Baba” at them? ( )





22. Why was the author always asking Dede to tell stories? ( )

AHer stories were lively and interesting.

BThe author had no friends and felt lonely.

CThe author liked Dede to speak in the Queen’s English.

DShe could make a dull landscape seem beautiful.

23. From the text, we can infer that Dede was the author’s_________.( )





24. We can learn from the text that the author__________.( )

Aappreciated Dede very much

Bdidn’t like her father

Cwas very selfish

Dthought of Dede as her teacher

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Passport Control

If you are arriving at London Heathrow Airport and are not transferring to another flight outside Britain or Northern Ireland, you must pass through Passport Control and Customs immediately after leaving your plane. If you are not British or a citizen of the European Community, you must fill out a special form before your passport is examined. This form is called a landing card and should be given to you during the flight to London.

After landing, follow the AKRIVALS signs. Make sure you are in the right channel when you reach Passport Control. There is one channel for holders of European Community passports, and a second channel marked "Other Passports".

Baggage Reclaim (行李领取) Area

After passing through Passport Control, follow the signs to the Baggage Reclaim Area. If you have luggage which was carried in the aircraft: along with other cargo, it will be delivered to you in the Baggage Reclaim Area. Look for the sign with your flight number. If you have only hand luggage, go directly through the Baggage Reclaim Area to Customs.


All passengers must pass through Customs after Passport Control. There is a choice of two channels, Green and Red. If you have nothing to declare, go through the Green Channel. If you are not sure about your Duty Free allowances (免税额), or if you have something to declare, go through the Red Channel. Information about Duty Free allowances can be found on special notice-boards in the Baggage Reclaim Area. You should study this information carefully whether you are going through the Red Channel or not. Please note that if you go through the Green Channel, you may be stopped and asked to open your luggage for inspection.


25. When a Chinese traveller is arriving at Heathrow Airport for a trip in London, he must _______.( )

Afill out a landing card first

Bpass through Customs before Passport Control

Cwalk through the Red Channel

Dimmediately reclaim his baggage after landing

26. Those who are not sure about their Duty Free allowances ________.( )

Acan do as those who have nothing to declare

Bneed to go through the Green Channel

Cwill be asked to open the luggage for inspection

Dcan check the information in the Baggage Reclaim Area

27. Which of the following travellers DO NOT have to go through Passport Control and Customs? ( )

APeople travelling straight to London.

BHolders of European Community passports.

CPassengers transferring to a city in Ireland.

DPassengers only with some hand luggage.

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In summer, millions of people will head for the beach. And while the ocean can be a great place to swim and play, it may also be useful in another way. Some scientists think that waves could help make electricity.

“Have you ever been on a surfboard or boat and felt yourself being lifted up by a wave? Or have you jumped in the water and felt the energy as waves crashed over you?” asked Jamie Taylor of the Wave Energy Group at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. “There is certainly a lot of energy in waves.”

Scientists are working on using that energy to make electricity. Most waves are created when winds blow across the ocean. “The winds start out by making little ripples (波纹) in the water, but if they keep on blowing, those ripples get bigger and bigger and turn into waves,” Taylor said.“Waves are one of nature’s ways of picking up energy and then sending it off on a journey.”

When waves come towards the shore, people can set up dams or other barricades to block the water and send it through a large wheel called a turbine (涡轮). The turbine can then power an electrical generator (发电机).

The United States and a few other countries have started doing research on wave energy, and it is already being used in Scotland.

The resource is huge. We will never run out of wave power, besides, wave energy does not create the same pollution as other energy sources, such as oil and coal.

Oceans cover three quarters of the earth’s surface. That would make wave power seem perfect for creating energy around the world. There are some drawbacks, however.

Jamie Taylor said that wave power still cost too much money. He said that its effects on animals in the sea were still unknown. Plus, wave power would get in the way of fishing and boat traffic.

With more research, however, “many of these problems might be overcome,” Taylor said. “Demand for energy to power our TVs and computers, drive our cars, and heat and cool our homes is growing quickly throughout the world. Finding more energy sources is very important, for traditional sources of energy like oil and gas may run out some day. ”

In the future, when you turn on a light switch, an ocean wave could be providing the electricity!


32. Which of the following is NOT true?  ( )

AWave power costs too much money.

BWave energy creates pollution like other energy sources.

CWave power affects fishing and boat traffic.

DWave power may affect marine animals.

33.We can infer from the passage that ______. ( )

Afinding new energy sources like wave energy is important

Bwave energy is a resource that will never run out and is used all over the world

Cwave power is perfect for creating energy around the world

Dwave power doesn’t create any pollution

34. The underlined word “drawbacks” in the seventh paragraph probably means______( )





35. What can be the best title for the passage? ( )

AHow to Get Electricity by Waves

BA Huge Resource of Energy.

CCan Waves Make Electricity?

DThe Disadvantages of Wave Energy

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71.短文改错Dear Lucy,

I am very excited to learn that you’re coming to Xi’an for travel. Both my parents missed you a lot. So is our friend, Ruby. April is best time of the year to visit Xi’an. There is only a few rain and the weather is neither too hot or too cold. There are so many place of interest I wanted to take you to after I finish my work like a volunteer in the local charity. When you come, you can stay with ourselves. My house is about three kilometers far away from Xi’an Moslem Street where is full of local foods.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

For the last few years of college I worked as a barista(咖啡师)in a café. As my college career came to a _, there was a lot of pressure from family and friends to find a _ in line with my degree. I searched for months and _ for many different positions, but I _ that I was truly enthusiastic about becoming an expert barista.

I decided to _ to applying for other barista positions with more opportunities for _. There was a four-month period in which I was working two jobs to make ends meet. Three months in, I was _ at both jobs. One café was focused on coffee, while the other was a yogurt shop that _ coffee as well. When I got the two promotions, I had to make a choice. I couldn’t _ both jobs full time with greater responsibilities. The yogurt shop offered me a salaried position, _ the coffee shop offered me a lower hourly wage. The security of a salaried position was appealing. However, I was not _ about the yogurt and coffee wouldn’t have been my main focus if I’d taken the promotion in the yogurt shop. I _ my resignation letter at the yogurt shop and went to work at the coffee shop full time _ the assistant manager.

I am a firm believer in _ what you love, but I wasn’t confident that I had made the right decision. Four months later, I was promoted to a (n) _ manager of the coffee shop. Not only was I given a pay raise and a _, but I was also given many opportunities to learn and grow _. Although I was young, the _, learning experiences and opportunities this position has given me have made me _ look forward to all that I can _ in the future.


























































Aset aside

Bwrote down

Cput in

Dpicked out









































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书面表达 本大题共25分。


注意: 1. 词数100左右; 2. 开头语和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数。

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Most of you love watching movies. They can be funny, sad, imaginative, inspiring, and so much more! There are so many possibilities and so many great movies to watch!

The making of a movie usually begins with a script (剧本). _ The producer is the person who is responsible for coordinating(协调) aspects of the film like budget and scheduling. The producer plans out how the project will be carried out and he usually starts by hiring a director!

_The director will usually identify themes or feelings that he or she wants the movie to convey to its audience and will then assemble(聚集) all the other people who will be needed, such as costume-designers, makeup artists, special effects crew, stuntmen, cameramen, and, of course, actors!

Next, shooting begins! _ Often a director will want to get several “takes” (versions) of a scene or moment and usually only a few minutes of the movie are finished in one day’s work. _ So once filming is completed, the director must then work with editors to piece them all together, deciding which takes to use and adding in any special effects or touch-ups.

The entire process from acquiring the script to editing the scenes generally takes months or even years! Once it’s ready, the finished movie is then distributed to movie theatres. _


A Scenes are also usually not shot in order.

B The actual filming can be a slow process.

C The way that movies are made has changed a lot over time.

D It gets bought by a movie studio or a producer.

E The producer plays a very important role in making a movie.

F In movies, the director’s job is to bring the script to life on camera.

G People can watch and enjoy it in the theatre.

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