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阅读理解 本大题共3小题,每小题2分,共6分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。

Guided Walking Week April 2016

Dates: April 30th-May 7th 2016

Location: Abdet, Costa Blanca

A week of guided walking in the mountains around Abdet. Highlights include the climbing of Valencia’s highest summit (Sierra de Aitana), traveling completely around the impressive Puig Campana, and several explorations in the Sierra de Aitana. Ancient trails lead through spectacular canyons(峡谷) to abandoned settlements situated high in the mountains. You will discover the snow trader routes which lead from the incredible snow holes high in the mountains down to the villages and towns on the coast. These years, golden eagles have made a return to this area, and you may also see other animals—wild goats, foxes, wild pigs and red squirrels.

As part of the week you are invited to help clear some local walking paths. This involves clearing collapsed walls and rocks, cutting back fallen trees. This is of course optional and is just for half a day, it’s actually great fun!



      Accommodation in the beautiful mountain village of Abdet

      All food-good home cooking

      Beer, wine, soft drinks

      Snacks and post walk treats

      Packed lunches & drinks(except café/bar visits)

      Expert guiding

      Photos/Videos of your days in the mountains

      Airport pick-up/return $25 each way(fly to Alicante)

      Single room supplement $75

To book or get further information, please contact info@abdet.com.

21. What will you find during the guided walking?

AClimbing Sierra de Aitana is the most exciting

BAncient trails have changed into highways.

CThe environment in Abdet is getting better.

DTraders live in incredible snow holes.

22. What may you enjoy if you pay $499?

APacked lunches including bar visits.

BGood home cooking breakfast only.

CBus stop pick-up/return each way.

DPictures and professional guiding

23. What do the details presented in the ad suggest?

AClearing walking paths is a must

BPeople can book the walking online.

CAccommodation conditions are tough.

DThe walking ends on April 30th 2016

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。

It was a hot, humid day, and my brother Walt and I had decided that the only way to survive it would be to go swimming in a deep swimming hole across Mr.Blickez’s pasture(牧场) and through some woods.

The only problem with our plan was that this pasture was guarded by a huge, mean Hereford bull. Mr.Blickez had told us that Elsie was the meanest bull in the township, maybe even the county, and we believed him. But the hotter it got, the more we thought there was something fishy about his claim. For one thing, we remembered Mr.Blickez liked telling tall tales; for another, Elsie seemed like an odd name for a bull.

Finally, I talked Mom into asking permission for us to walk through the pasture, but then another problem surfaced. Mom said she would talk to Mr.Blickez if we would take our cousin Joanie along with us. Joanie was almost two years older than me and a head taller. If her teasing ever got around my grade school, it would be all over for me. In fact, I still had a headache from a quarrel with her that morning. “I’m not going swimming with that dumb girl cousin.” I told my mom.

“Either Joanie goes with, or you stay home alone,” Mom said in her serious tone. I gave in and we set out. On our way across the pasture, Walt yelled suddenly. Elsie had approached him quietly and was licking(舔) his back. Joanie and I dove under the wire fence, but while I was on the ground I looked up and saw that Elsie wasn’t a big mean bull after all. She was going to keep licking my brother’s back as long as he stood still.

We had many good days growing up and visiting our secret swimming hole guarded by the so-called “big mean bull”. And as it turned out, for a girl cousin, Joanie hasn’t been too bad. She’s been one of my best friends over the years.

24. What’s the meaning of the underline word “fishy” in Paragraph 2?





25. What’s the second problem the author has to face?

AHis mother insisted on his cousin going with him.

BHis cousin made jokes on him in his grade school.

CHe quarreled with his cousin and had a headache.

DHis mother failed to ask permission for him.

26. What does the author think of Elsie in the end?





27. What’s the passage mainly about?

AThe bull guarding Mr.Blickez’s farm.

BThe story of visiting the swimming hole.

CHow friendly the so-called mean bull was.

DHow the author changed his attitude to Joanie.

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。

Last year my summer holiday was spoiled by my bringing along a modern convenience that was too convenient for my own good: the iPad. Instead of looking at nature, I checked my e-mail. Instead of paddling a small boat, I followed my Twitter feed(推特简讯). Instead of reading great novels, I stuck to reading four newspapers each morning. I was behaving as if I were still in the office. My body was on vacation, but my head wasn’t.

So this year I made up my mind to try something different: withdrawal from the Internet. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, since I’m bad at self-control.  But I was determined.  I started by giving the iPad to my wife.

The cellphone signal at our house was worse than in the past, making my attempts at cheating an experience in frustration (沮丧). I was trapped, forced to go through with my plan. Largely breaking away from e-mail, Twitter and my favorite newspaper websites, I had few ways to connect to the world except for the radio—and how much radio can one listen to, really? I had to do what I had planned to do all along: read books.

This experience has had a happy ending. With determination and the strong support of my wife, I won in my vacation struggle against the Internet, realizing finally that it was I, not the iPad, that was the problem. I knew I had won when we passed a Starbucks and my wife asked if I wanted to stop to use the Wi-Fi. “I don’t need it,” I said.

However, as we return to post-vacation life, a harder test begins: Can I continue when I’m back at work?

There are times when the need to know what’s being said right now is great.  I have no intention of giving up my convenience completely. But I hope to resist the temptation to check my e-mail every five minutes, which leads to checking my Twitter feed and a website or two.

I think a vacation is supposed to help you rest your brain to become more productive. Here I hope this one worked.

28. What do we know about the author’s last summer vacation?

AHe was determined to enjoy the beautiful view.

BHis iPad ruined his plan of finishing a great novel.

CHe hated himself for acting as if he were working on vacation.

DHe felt satisfied that he had stuck to his usual timetable.

29 What did the author do to keep away from the Internet this year?

AHe cut off his cellphone signal.

BHe handed his iPad to his wife.

CHe refused to cheat in his house.

DHe listened to the radio most of the time.

30. When back at work, the author will probably choose to ________.

Akeep control of when and how to use the Internet

Bcontinue to road more and more books

Cstay away from the Internet for ever

Dstop checking what is being said right now completely

31. What is the author’s opinion of a great vacation in the passage?

AA vacation is having nothing to do but read all day.

BA vacation proves that a life of pleasure is overvalued.

CA vacation means a change of pace to make one more creative.

DA vacation is a period of time to do whatever one wishes to.

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阅读理解 本大题共4小题,每小题2分,共8分。阅读短文,完成下列小题。

Before I studied psychology, I used to think that people would laugh when funny things occurred. While I was right about that, I discovered there are lots of other psychological factors that make people laugh other than the funny part of a joke. When someone laughs at a joke, there will usually be more than one reason that makes him laugh—and the more reasons there are, the more powerful the joke will be.

I was attending a stand-up comedy show in Egypt, and when the man started to make fun of pedestrians crossing streets, everyone laughed their hearts out. The main reason those people strongly laughed was that almost all of them felt angry towards pedestrians who crossed streets carelessly. The joke wasn’t only funny, it also made the audience feel that they were right about being angry at those pedestrians. That is, people were laughing both because of the funny joke and because of the happiness experienced as a result of the psychological support they got.

The better a joke makes a person feel, and the more it includes other psychological factors, the more the person will like it. For example, if you envy one of your friends, and someone tells a joke that is funny and, at the same time, makes your friend seem stupid, then you will probably laugh at it louder than if you weren’t jealous of him.

In short, we don’t laugh only when we hear something funny; we also laugh when we experience some kind of happiness that results from the other psychological factors involved in the joke. I strongly discourage making fun of anyone or belittling someone to make someone else laugh. All I want to explain is that if your joke supports a person’s emotions, he will certainly like it a lot.

32.   What did the author find out after studying psychology?

AOnly good jokes make people laugh

BMany factors lead to people laughing.

CFunny things can make people laugh

DLaughter can make people healthy.

33. Why did the audience laugh loud at the pedestrians?

AThey played a trick on the pedestrians.

BThe pedestrians behaved in a funny way.

CThey could feel the pedestrians’ happiness.

DTheir emotion was approved of by the show.

34. What does the underlined word “belittling” probably mean?



CLook down on  

DMake up to

35. Which of the following best shows the structure of the passage?





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简答题(综合题) 本大题共26.5分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

High school can be quite the stressful time for any student. There are numerous stresses to deal with and the pressure can be more intense as you enter your senior year. ______36______ The answer is as follows.

______37______ Adjust your approach to your specific situation. For instance, if you’re active in your community and your school and have a large family, you may feel depressed by having all these people involved in your life on a daily basis. ______38______ You just may need a moment to be alone and collect your thoughts before moving on to the challenges that face you.

______39______ If your stress persists and you can’t figure out a way to handle it, you may want to try speaking to your school counselor(顾问). If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your counselor, try getting some other types of counseling.

Realize your limits, and plan around them. Don’t take on more than you can handle. If you take on too many things, you will be spread too thin and won’t be able to perform at your best in anything. _______40______ You will definitely feel more at ease!

36. A.Seek professional counseling.

AWhy does the stress come into being?

BTry thinking of alternative ways to deal with stress.

CWhen you feel relieved, you can have a happier life.

DTaking some time out to be alone may be the best way to handle such stress.

EBut how on earth can you reduce some of the stress?

FEvaluate what tasks and activities are most important and leave others behind.

37. A.Seek professional counseling.

AWhy does the stress come into being?

BTry thinking of alternative ways to deal with stress.

CWhen you feel relieved, you can have a happier life.

DTaking some time out to be alone may be the best way to handle such stress.

EBut how on earth can you reduce some of the stress?

FEvaluate what tasks and activities are most important and leave others behind.

38. A.Seek professional counseling.

AWhy does the stress come into being?

BTry thinking of alternative ways to deal with stress.

CWhen you feel relieved, you can have a happier life.

DTaking some time out to be alone may be the best way to handle such stress.

EBut how on earth can you reduce some of the stress?

FEvaluate what tasks and activities are most important and leave others behind.

40. A.Seek professional counseling.

AWhy does the stress come into being?

BTry thinking of alternative ways to deal with stress.

CWhen you feel relieved, you can have a happier life.

DTaking some time out to be alone may be the best way to handle such stress.

EBut how on earth can you reduce some of the stress?

FEvaluate what tasks and activities are most important and leave others behind.

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It is natural that young people are often   61  (comfort) when they are with their parents.

They say that their parents don’t understand them. They often think that their parents are out of touch with modern ways,  62   they are too serious and too strict with their children, and that they seldom give their children a free hand.

Parents often find  63   difficult to win their children’s trust and they always forget how they themselves felt when young.

Young people like to act without much thinking. It is one of their ways to show that they have grown up and they can face any difficult situation. Adults worry  64   (much) easily. Most of them plan things ahead.

Young people make their parents angry with their   65  (choose) in clothes, in entertainment and in music. But they do not mean to cause any trouble: It just shows that they feel cut off   66   the adult’s world, and they have not yet been accepted into their world. That’s why young people want to make a new culture of   67   own. And if their parents do not like their music or entertainment or clothes or their way of speech, this will make the young people very happy.

Sometimes you are so proud of yourself that you do not want your parents to say “yes” to what you do. All you want is   68  (leave) alone and do what you like. It is natural enough, after  69  (be)a child for so many years, when you were completely under your parents’ control.

If you plan to control your life, you’d better win your parents. If your parents see that you have  70   high sense of responsibility, they will give you the right to do what you want to do.











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As is often the case, when people are attending to meetings, having meals or waiting for buses, you can always find them addicting to their phones, completely ignoring others.This is really a common phenomena in our life. The reason is why smart phones nowadays can be used for people to play mobile games and kept in touch with friends through QQ and WeChat. Therefore, too much exposure to phones are bad for people in terms of health. Moreover, people involved in phones fail to communicate well with these around them.As far as I am concerned, people should wisely make use of their phones to help their work and study. Meanwhile, care much about their family and friends rather than mobile phones.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

When I was eighteen, I couldn’t wait to get my first job, which meant I made the first step toward adulthood.

But it was difficult to get a work permit. One day I was dropped off by my parents at the , where applicants took their physical tests for work permits. Although I had night blindness, my vision was clearer during the day, which helped me walk   by myself. Then the doctor began the  . He looked into my eyes with a bright light. “I  suggest your parents take you to an eye specialist,” he said, “I   you have a retinal(视网膜) disease. If you do, you’ll never   a day in your life…”

My parents did take me to specialists. After much time and money spent seeking an    result, it was determined that I had an eye disease that slowly   a person of sight. But still, during daylight, I could walk without   . I could read, but not for hours. My eyes began to   and words slipped off the page when I read more than a few pages. However, no matter how tired my eyes became, I never gave up reading. I knew the  of great writers as well as the most popular music stars. Their words were powerful, which   me to try writing. Soon writing brought me a lot of   each time I completed a paper.

Then an important phone call from an editor changed my life. An article I   appeared in a local newspaper. The newspaper, to my   , continued to print my work. Next, a book series published several of my essays. I got interested in writing and up with each acceptance. On the pages, readers never knew of my blindness I chose to present it. For me, finding my voice through writing gave me the pride and satisfaction I  so many years ago. Now, I have numerous essays and articles in    .

Should I be thanking that misguided doctor? By falsely predicting that I could never work a day, he fueled my     into success. He set the bar too    and focused on what I wouldn’t be able to do. Yet I proved what I could do.





































































































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注意:1、 字数不少于100;2、适当加入细节,使内容充实、行文连贯。

Dear Martin,

I’m very glad to have read the post that you put on the English Forum.______________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                          Yours,Li Hua

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