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简答题(综合题) 本大题共120分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


A dentist’s office may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday destination. But a growing number of people are traveling abroad for medical treatment, (25) ______ (create) a fast-growing market that is still largely undeveloped by traditional tour operators.The global medical tourism market is worth $40 billion to $60 billion and (26) ______ (grow) at about 20 percent per year, according to Helmut Wachowiak, an expert on tourism management.Some countries such as Germany market themselves as a destination for medical tourism. According to the German National Tourist Board, about 77,000 foreign patients (27) ______ (treat) in the country in 2010, spending 930 million euros.(28) ______ Hospital Operator Helios can do is to help organize visas, hotels and sight-seeing trips for patients coming to Germany for treatment, mostly from Russian-speaking countries and the Middle East. “Many patients specifically choose a city (29) _______ they can enjoy what the place has to offer alongside the treatment,” Helios manager Stefan Boeckle said.Some people travel abroad for medical treatment because it’s much (30) ______(cheap). A 42-year-old physical therapist from Berlin, for example, chose to go to a dentist in Budapest, (31) ______ (draw) by hundreds of euros in savings compared with the same treatment in Germany.The relatively new trend is not likely to stop growing anytime soon. “I think booking numbers (32) ______ rise quickly in coming years,” said Claudia Staedele, a board member of German medical tourism company Dr. Holiday. “There is still incredible room to grow.”

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Remember that doll you had as a kid—the one whose eyes open when it is upright and close when it’s laid down? Or maybe you were the kid that went around popping limbs off Barbies and teddy bears.Either way, it turns out that these broken toys need not worry, (33)______ Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital exists. And this year, it celebrates 100 years of (34)______ (fix) up dolls, teddy bears, rocking horses, umbrellas and more.The doll hospital was founded by Harold Chapman Sr. (35)______ part of his general store, thanks to a shipping error. His brother was in the business of importing celluloid (合成树脂) dolls from Japan but the rubber bands (36)_____ held them together would often break and the dolls would be destroyed. It was Mr. Chapman Sr. (37)______ came up with a way to repair them. And then from such a small beginning grew quite a successful business as demand for doll repairs increased.The business was taken over in (38)______ 1930s by Harold’s son, Harold Chapman Jr. (39)______ (expand) the business, Harold Chapman Jr. relocated the Doll Hospital and included repairs to other toys, leather goods, umbrellas, etc.Now the hospital has been passed onto the third generation of the Chapman family, with Harold Jr.’s son, Geoff, now in charge. (40)_____ many modern children are more interested in the latest gadgets(小玩意) or computer games, the business is still going strong, with dolls sent from all over Australia and even across the sea from New Zealand for repair.

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SEATTLE—For the more than 10 million Americans with colorblindness, there’s never been a treatment, let alone a cure, for the condition that leaves them unable to distinguish certain colors.

Now, for the first time, two University of Washington professors have teamed with a California biotech firm to develop what they say may be a ___41___: a single shot in the eye that can reveal the world in full color.

Jay and Maureen Neitz, who have studied the vision disorder for years, have found a new way to deliver genes that can replace missing color-producing proteins in certain cells, called cones, in the eyes. 

The trouble will ___42___ when people are born without one or more of the three types of color-sensing proteins normally present in the cones of the retina(视网膜). The most common type is red-green colorblindness, followed by blue-yellow colorblindness. A very small proportion of the population is ___43___ colorblind, seeing only shades of gray.

Colorblindness is often a/an ___44___ disorder. It affects mostly men, who can inherit a mutation(变异) on the X chromosome(染色体) that weakens their perception of red and green. A much smaller part of cases are in women, who have two X chromosomes, which gives them a better chance of avoiding effects of any genetic imperfection.

Most people think of colorblindness as a/an ___45___ or disability, mainly causing problems with unmatched shirts and socks. But the Neitzes say the condition can have profound impacts—limiting choices for education or careers, making driving dangerous, and forcing continual ___46___ to a world designed for color vision.

“There are an awful lot of people who feel like their life is ___47___ because they don’t see color,” said Jay Neitz, 61, a professor, who confirmed in 1989 that dogs are colorblind, too.

People may not ___48___ as commercial pilots, for instance, if they’re colorblind. Other careers that can be ___49___ include those of chefs, decorators, electricians and house painters, all of which require detailed color vision.

Undoubtedly, the Neitzes’ findings have brought great benefits to those who are born unable to distinguish between red and green. But that technique is ___50___, requiring surgery, so the Neitzes are looking for another way to do the job.

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Many of us have found ourselves trying to explain to friends and colleagues, “No, business travel isn’t as fun and fascinating as it seems.” Finally, there could be ___51___ to back this up. Researchers at the University of Surrey, in Britain, and Linnaeus University, in Sweden, have published a new study highlighting what they call “a ___52___ side of hypermobility(常飞行)”. The study, which combines existing research on the ___53___ of frequent travel, finds three types of consequence: physiological, psychological and emotional, and social. The physiological ones are the most obvious. Jet lag is the suffering travellers know best, although they may not ___54___ some of its more terrible potential effects, like speeding ageing or increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Then there’s the danger of deep-vein thrombosis(深静脉血栓), ___55___ to germs and radiation. And finally, of course, business travellers tend to get less exercise and eat less healthily than people who stay in place.The psychological and emotional damage of business travel is more abstract, but just as real. Frequent flyers experience “travel disorientation” from ___56___ places and time zones so often. They also ___57___ mounting stress, given that “time spent travelling will rarely be balanced through a reduced workload, and that there may be anxieties ___58___ with work continuing to pile up while being away”. ___59___ the absence from family and friends, “hypermobility is frequently a/an ___60___ experience,” the authors write. The accumulated impact can be astonishing and great. Finally, there are the ___61___ effects. Marriages suffer from the time apart, as does children’s behaviour. What is more, relationships tend to become more ___62___, as the partner who stays at home is forced to take on more ___63___ duties. There’s a gender inequality here, since most business travellers are men. Friendships also suffer, as business travellers often “sacrifice local collective activities and instead ___64___ their immediate families when returning from trips”.Of course, these impacts are moderated by the fact that they fall disproportionately on a small part of the population that is already doing rather well. The “mobile elite(精英)” tend to have higher incomes and ___65___ to better health care than the population at large. So these may be problems of the 1% (or the 3%, or the 5%). But they’re real enough regardless. By all means feel jealous of acquaintances' Instagram photos of exotic meals and faraway attractions. But harbour a small amount of concern as well. 

51. A. travel            

B. proof         

C. damage            

D. consequence

52. A. brighter        

B. wiser            

C. darker             

D. lazier 

53. A. effects            

B. benefits         

C. limits                

D. costs 

54. A. impose            

B. foresee         

C. declare            

D. memorize

55. A. connection        

B. adaptation     

C. exposure            

D. familiarity 

56. A. changing         

B. leaving         

C. taking             

D. pursuing 

57. A. handle            

B. relieve        

C. suffer                

D. lay

58. A. infected        

B. associated        

C. greeted            

D. packed 

59. A. Due to            

B. According to     

C. Regardless of         

D. In case of 

60. A. surprising         

B. relaxing         

C. fulfilling            

D. isolating

61. A. cultural        

B. conscious         

C. social             

D. negative 

62. A. unequal        

B. invisible         

C. pleasant             

D. permanent 

63. A. personal         

B. related         

C. professional        

D. domestic 

64. A. prioritize        

B. mobilize         

C. seek                 

D. support

65. A. devotion         

B. objection        

C. response            

D. access

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Travelling Brochure

Travelling Information in Melbourne, Australia

Tour Name: Phillip Island, Penguins, Koalas and Kangaroos

Price: Starting from AUD $115 per person       

Tour Highlights

Visit Warrook, a working cattle farm. Enjoy the opportunity to pat and feed kangaroos, wallabies and host of farm animals.

Watch koalas in their natural habitat at the Koala Conservation Centre. 

View impressive coastal scenery at Nobbies. From the walkway, see Australia’s largest population of fur seals living along the southern coastline.

Visit the educational and interesting Phillip Island Visitors Information Centre. 

Viewing Platform Penguin Plus — More personalized wildlife viewing limited to 130 people providing closer viewing of the penguin arrival than the main viewing stand. 

Additional info

This tour must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of your travel date. 

Confirmation for this product will be received within 24 hours, subject to availability.

Please remember to bring warm, waterproof clothing on this tour. You may also wish to bring a towel or a rug to sit on at the Penguin Parade viewing platform.

Pricing Policy

Children aged between 3 and 14 years inclusive qualify for child rate.

Kids aged 2 years and under travel free of charge, providing they don’t occupy a coach seat.

Please download Travel Voucher from this website. For every confirmed booking you will be required to print a voucher which is presented at the destination. You will receive a link to your voucher by email once your booking is confirmed.

70. The visitors will go to all the following places EXCEPT ______.

A. Warrook Cattle farm.                       

B. Australian Eastern coastline.     

C. Koala Conservation Centre.            

D.Phillip Island Visitors Information Centre.

71. Which of the following groups needs to pay $58 per person?

A. Adult tourists.                       

B. 2-year-old kids.     

C. Kids between 3 and 14.                

D. Babies in arms. 

72. Tourists are reminded to bring a towel or a rug because _____.

A. they will lie on the coast              

B. they may want to sit on the platform

C. it makes them warm                  

D. they will swim during the tour

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In a class this past December, after I wrote some directions on the board for students about their final examination, one young woman quickly took a picture of the board using her smart phone. When I looked in her direction, she apologized, “Sorry. Was it wrong to take a picture?”

“I can’t read my own handwriting,” the young woman explained. “It’s best if I take a picture of your writing so I can understand the notes.”

That remark started a class-wide conversation about taking a picture instead of taking notes. For those in the photo-taking camp, motivations extended beyond their inability to comprehend their own handwriting. Some took pictures of notes because they knew their phone was a safe place to store material. They might lose paper, they reasoned, but they wouldn’t lose their phones. Some took photos because they wanted to record exactly the manner in which I had noted information on the board. Others told me that during class they liked to be able to listen to the discussion attentively.

Yet the use of cameras as note takers, though it may be convenient, does raise significant questions for the classroom. Is a picture an effective replacement for the process of note-taking?

Instructors encourage students to take notes because the act of doing so is more than merely recording necessary information—it helps prepare the way for understanding. Encouraging students to take notes may be an old-fashioned instructional method, but just because a method has a long history doesn’t mean it’s out of date. Writing things down engages a student’s brain in listening, visual, and kinesthetic(触觉的) learning—a view supported by a longstanding research. The act of writing down information enables a person to begin committing it to memory, and to process and combine it, establishing the building blocks of learning new concepts.

Taking a picture does indeed record the information, but it deletes some of the necessary mental engagement that taking notes employs. So can the two be equally effective?

66. The woman apologized in the class because she_________.

A. had the bad handwriting              

B. missed the teachers’ directions

C. took a picture of the board             

D. disturbed other students’ learning

67. According to the passage, which of the following may NOT explainstudents’reluctance to take notes?

A. They lack proper techniques for taking notes.  

B. They want to listen more attentively in class.

C. They believe smart phones are much safer for storing notes.

D. They want to have the exact version of the notes on the board.

68. According to the passage, taking notes by hand__________.

A. requires students to think independently   

B. helps students actively participate in learning 

C. proves to be an old and useless learning method

D. seems unsuitable for students to learn new ideas

68. According to the passage, taking notes by hand__________.

A. requires students to think independently   

B. helps students actively participate in learning 

C. proves to be an old and useless learning method

D. seems unsuitable for students to learn new ideas

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The family does not feature heavily in the culture of the Ik of Northern Uganda. In fact, as far as the Ik are concerned, the family means very little. This is because the Ik face a daily struggle to survive in the face of drought, famine and starvation. Anyone who cannot take care of himself or herself is regarded as a useless burden by the Ik and a threat to the survival of the others. So the old are abandoned to die. Sick and disabled children too are abandoned. The Ik attitude is that, as long as you keep the breeding group alive, you can always get more children.

Ik mothers throw their children out of the village compound when they are 3 years old, to defend for themselves. I imagine children must be rather relieved to be thrown out, for in the process of being cared for, he or she is reluctantly carried about in a hide sling(背婴儿带) wherever the mother goes. Whenever the mother is in her field, she loosens the sling and lets the baby to the ground none too slowly, and laughs if it is hurt. Then she goes about her business, leaving the child there, almost hoping that some fierce animals will come along and carry it off. This sometimes happens. Such behaviour does not endear children to their parents or parents to their children.

Many of you probably reacted to the Ik with some horror and shock. It is very tempting to conclude that these people are primitive, savage and inhuman, and that their concept of the ‘family’ is deeply wrong. However, sociologists argue that it is wrong to simply judge such societies and their family arrangements as unnatural and untypical. We need to understand that such arrangements may have positive functions. In the case of the Ik, with the exceptional circumstances they find themselves in—drought and famine—their family arrangements help ensure the survival of the tribe.

Moreover, some of you may have concluded that British family life and the Ik have some things in common. British family is not universally experienced as positive for all family members. For some members of our own society—for young and old alike—family life may be characterized by violence, abuse and isolation.

The problem with studying the family is that we all think we are experts. This is not surprising, considering that most of us are born in families and socialized into family roles and responsibilities. It is an institution most of us feel very comfortable with and regard as ‘natural’. For many of us, it is a cornerstone of our social world, a place to which we can retreat and take refuge from the stresses of the outside world. It is the place in which we are loved for who we are, rather than what we are. Family living and family events are probably the most important aspects of our lives. It is no wonder that we tend to hold very fierce, emotional, and perhaps irrational, views about family life and how it ought to be organized. Such ‘taken for granted’ views make it very difficult for us to objectively examine family arrangements that differ from our own experience—such as those of the Ik—without making critical judgements.

73. Which of the following ideas do the Ik hold according to the passage?

A. The family is the centre of their life.

B. The old are the luxuries they should treasure.

C. Their children should be abandoned when born.

D. The survival of the tribe is what they should strive for.

74. Which of the following will the author probably agree with in the case of Ik?

A. The children are a great burden to their family.

B. Mothers prefer to carry their children here and there.

C. The children enjoy warm relationship with their parents.

D. Many children should be left at the mercy of fierce animals in the field.

75. According to the author, both British family life and that of the Ik ______.

A. contain negative elements                

B. ensure longevity

C. experience ups and downs                

D. endear family members

76. All of the following statements support “family is the cornerstone” EXCEPT that ______.

A. we turn to family as our harbour in heart

B. we find we love and are loved in the family

C. we believe family is the top priority in our life

D. we pour our bad mood upon our family members

77. The author writes this passage to tell us ______.

A. family life has various positive functions

B. the idea of family is universally accepted

C. the family is evolving with the time at a high speed

D. we should examine the concept of family objectively

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The carmaker is in the pioneer of a materials revolution, which is powered by a growing understanding of the properties of substances at the smallest scale. In roughly five years from now, scientists will have set out what some call the “materials genome”—a database with the properties of all known and predicted compounds. Instead of searching for materials that have the right qualities for a job—a quest(探索) that has usually depended mostly on trial and error—researchers will first define what they want, and their computers will then develop a list of materials that seem to fit the bill.

78.What is the driving force of the materials revolution according to the first paragraph?

79. New materials will revolutionise not only products but also ____________________. 

80.Instead of contracting overseas, Nike is able to ____________________ with its special knitting machines and materials available.

81. In contrast to Internet companies which build business on intangibles, new materials companies aim at _____________________________

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4.照片的展出非常成功,一个月后约翰就辞职做了专职摄影师, 实现了他的梦想。(So...) 


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