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简答题(综合题) 本大题共40分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。

Join Traveling Stories for a Night Out So They Can Read! On Friday, November 7th, Traveling Stories will be holding the Night out So They Can Read event at the Moniker Warehouse in San Diego’s East Village from 7pm to 10pm. Participants will be able to enjoy drinks and tasty food from a few of San Diego’s amazing restaurants!

The event, hosted by a famous author Michael Anderson, will benefit both Traveling Stories’ local and international literacy (读写) programs. Many activities will take place during the night. IDW Publishing will be hosting a Children’s Art Show, where everyone will be able to walk through the gallery and get to know the inspiring stories of all the children influenced by the Story Tent program. There will also be silent auction (拍卖) tables, as well as a fun group quiz to see who really is smarter than a 3rd grader!

Don’t miss out! This night is going to be lots of fun! It is our hope that through the Night Out So They Can Read event, Traveling Stories will be able to increase the number of children who form a habit of reading. Help us make this goal possible!

Tickets for the event are only $42 a piece until October 20th! Act fast and get the Early Bird special! Once it ends, tickets go up to $47 a piece. There are also VIP tickets available for $52 (price increases to $55 after Oct 20th)! The VIP ticket includes access to a Mixology Class presented by St. Petersburg Vodka at 4:30pm, and reserved parking in the Moniker Lot.

Please visit our TICKETS EVENT PAGE or the EVENT PAGE on TravelingStories.org in order to learn more, as well as purchase tickets!

1. What’s the main idea of the passage?( )

AMore books for children will come out.

BAn organization stresses the importance of reading.

CTraveling Stories will hold a reading event for children.

DChildren are called on to donate books to Traveling Stories.

2.Which of the following activities is NOT included in the event?( )

ADonating books

BTaking a fun quiz

CAttending an art show

DEnjoying delicious food

3. What’s the main goal of the event?( )

ATo sell books to children.

BTo advertise for a new website.

CTo introduce some new programs.

DTo encourage more children to read.

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In my memory, my dad always encouraged me to be my best self, explore the world, and believe in those who cared and loved me, which helped to make me who I am today. Besides, I’ve grown up with a pretty good model that my father always was.

One year, my father nearly lost his life. He was twenty-seven years old then. For several months, he’d been suffering from stomach pains. My dad was a former track star, so he knew how to handle pain. Convinced it was nothing serious, he just made a face until it was over whenever it flared up. My mom and dad were visiting his parents in Englewood, New Jersey when extreme pain struck my dad again. However, that time, the pain didn’t fade away although my father tried to take control of it. Meanwhile, my dad developed a high fever. My grandparents rushed him to a nearby hospital. The doctors in the emergency room were confused about his condition. My dad’s symptoms seemed consistent with appendicitis (阑尾炎), but the pain wasn’t localized to the lower part of his stomach, where the appendix (阑尾) is located. While they were debating what to do, a 33-year-old surgeon named Dr. Ibrahim, spoke up. “It must be an appendix.” Dr. Ibrahim guessed it was a rare condition and insisted that my dad should receive an operation immediately, although others were against his decision.

Dr. Ibrahim turned out to be very correct. My dad was wheeled into surgery and his appendix was removed just before it could burst and cause a deadly infection. At last, he got rid of danger.

What if my father hadn’t been in Englewood that day? What if young Dr. Ibrahim hadn’t been there to point out what the older and more experienced doctors hadn’t considered? He was in the right place at the right time, and it saved his life. Now I am a father of two children. Like my father I will never forget Dr. Ibrahim.

4. What can we know about the author’s father?( )

AHe set a good example for the author.

BHe was in poor health in his younger days.

CHe seldom helped the author overcome troubles.

DHe liked to learn from others to improve himself.

5. Why did the author mention that his father was a former sports star?( )

ATo show off his father’s achievements.

BTo prove his father’s strong will power.

CTo explain why his father always suffered pains.

DTo emphasize the importance of taking exercise.

6. Which can best replace the underlined phrase “flared up” in Paragraph 2?( )

Aslid quickly

Bstayed for a while

Cdisappeared gradually

Dbroke out suddenly

7. What’s the passage mainly about?( )

AA terrible family travel experience.

BThe determination of the author’s father.

CA timely operation on the author’s father.

DThe importance of learning from experience.

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The biggest challenge faced by travelers especially those who like to have a backpacking trip is how to ensure a steady supply of clean clothes. Now, thanks to a great invention called Scrubba Wash Pack, that worry may be a thing of the past.

The portable washing machine was invented by Ash Newland in 2010, while planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Struck by the limited packing space, he got inspiration from traditional washboards to create a bag that could be used to clean clothes. Then he quitted his career as a lawyer and focused on perfecting the bag’s design. By 2012, the bag was ready for the public. It weighed only 180 grams and required very little storage space, making it perfect for anyone wishing to travel light.

Not surprisingly, the bag worth 55 dollars was in instant hit with travelers, university students and even passengers. However, Newland was not satisfied. He still saw a disadvantage with his invention—dirty clothes had to be carried around in a separate bag! The recently introduced Scrubba Wash Pack solves that problem.

In order to make the pack active, dirty clothes are placed inside the bag along with two or three liters of water. The bag is then shut tightly to ensure all air is squeezed out and the clothes are massaged for a few minutes. After a quick wash, they are clean and ready to be dried. According to Newland, the pack can clean anything from jeans to smelly socks! What’s even more amazing is that with a capacity to hold 13-liters of water, it can be used to wash more clothes at a time.

The best part is that the 99-dollar pack that will be available for sale later this year, only weighs 300 grams and is completely foldable, making it easy to store when it’s not in use. With the Scrubba Wash Pack, wandering through foreign cities searching for a washing shop, or paying for washing machines may soon be a thing of the past!

8. What led Ash Newland to create the Scrubba Wash Pack?( )

AHis job requirements

Ba traditional washboard

CHis interest in invention

DHis personal experience

9. Why wasn’t Ash Newland satisfied with his former invention?( )

AClothes couldn’t be washed well.

BThe invention was not so convenient.

CThe bag couldn’t contain enough water.

DThe cost of the invention was very high..

10. It can be inferred that the improved Wash Pack ( ).

Aturns to be much environmentally friendlier

Bwill replace the traditional washing machines

Cwill be widely used by more travelers in the future

Dcan encourage more people to travel a long distance

11. What is the purpose of this passage?( )

ATo introduce a great new invention.

BTo explain the development of backpack

CTo list some common problems for travelers

DTo compare two kinds of washing machines

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(After successfully serving their term for four years, military service men and women are given the choice to stay in the military or return to civilian life.

For some, having to readjust to civilian life is one of the most challenging assignments our returning soldiers and marines(水兵) will ever have to undertake. While people may think that readjusting should be simple, they must take into consideration all the physical and mental stress our serviceman went through.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder(创伤后应激障碍), or PTSD, is a mental disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of life-threatening events such as military combat.

Most survivors of trauma return to normal given a little time. In the military, the marines are given a two-week course on how to return to civilian life.

Unfortunately, some will have stress reactions that do not go away on their own, or may even get worse over time. These individuals may develop PTSD. People who suffer from PTSD have difficulty sleeping because they are often reliving the experience through nightmares and flashbacks, and feel deserted or often stand off, and these symptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to significantly damage the person’s daily life.

Fullerton College, like most college, has its own Veteran’s(老兵) Office. Ray Bustos has been running the office for 3 years. Bustos acts as a liaison(联络) for the school and the veteran students. He makes sure the veterans returning to school get the right benefits. There are various types of financial aid for soldiers and marines. He strongly encourages the use of the Veterans Affairs website. The website is very informative and extremely helpful for veterans as well as for friends and relatives of veterans who want to learn more.


12. One purpose of the writer in writing this passage is ( ).

Ato introduce some methods to cure PTSD

Bto instruct PTSD patients to return to civilian life

Cto recommend a website for veterans and people concerned

Dto give military service men and women advice on civilian life

13. What problem will some returning soldiers and marines meet with?( )

AHow to get rid of mental diseases.

BHow to readjust to civilian life.

CHow to get along with PTSD patients.

DHow to return to school for benefits.

14. Which of the following is true about Ray Bustos?( )

AHe is in charge of an office dealing with veteran affairs.

BHe runs Fullerton College with a veteran office.

CHe is a veteran who has just come back from a military combat

DHe provides a lot of financial aid for soldiers and marines.

15. The best title for the passage is ( ).

APTSD: Killer of A Civilian Life

BThe Last Assignment for All Military Persons

CHow to Overcome PTSD

DReady for A Civilian Life?

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51.短文改错  Today we had the honor of invite Professor Hudson, a foreign teacher from Beijing University, to give us an English lesson. All of us were deeply impressing by this unforgettable English lesson. The professor began the class in an amusing English story, which attracted our attention at once. He spoke slowly and clearly so that we could follow him well. Great inspired, most of us took active part in classroom activities. After class, many students being interviewed spoke highly of him. They said never before have they experienced such interesting a class. From his lesson, we came to a conclusion what it is not so difficult to learn English whether we find a good way.

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补全信息 本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

The holiday season isn’t just about shopping and gifts. _ However, holiday travel can be more expensive than the gifts. Fortunately, the following tips will help keep your travel spending under control.

· Plan ahead. The earlier you book your travel, from airfare to hotels, the easier it is to find good deals. _ Your best prices on airfare come when you book three weeks before the plane leaves for domestic flights. For international flights, consider booking about 30 days in advance. Many experts point out that you should book travel between one month and three months out for high-traffic holidays.

· Book your air travel on cheaper days. Traveling by air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays often costs less than traveling on Fridays and Sundays. During the holidays, it’s not just about a specific day of the week. You also need to consider the days surrounding the holiday but days immediately before and after a holiday can be expensive. One of the best ways to save is to plan your air travel on the day of the holiday. _

· Consider traveling overnight. Red-eye flights and overnight flights often cost less than those at more convenient times. _ Traveling overnight can help you avoid a night in the hotel, as well as save your money on travel to your destination.

· _ You can’t bring liquids with you on the airline, but you can bring sandwiches and other snacks. When you’re on the road, you can buy food at local groceries to make your own meals. If you are staying in a hotel long-term, consider cooking your own food, especially if you have access to a microwave.


ABring your own food.

BConsider affordable accommodations.

CTraveling by plane is not the best choice.

DAlso, booking earlier can save your money.

EFor instance, traveling on Christmas Day might be a great deal.

FA great deal of travel also takes place during this time of year.

GOther alternatives include sleeper trains, as well as overnight ferries.

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完型填空 本大题共20小题,每小题 1.50分,共30分。

It was an unforgettable weekend. I had a great time at the _ . However, after I reached home, I noticed my owl necklace was _ . I was so worried that I _ every room in the house, but my efforts were in  _ . Then I decided to head back to the beach. My husband thought I was _ , as the huge beach was nine miles from our home. How could I _ one tiny necklace? What if it came off in the ocean? I was _ to even consider that as a possibility. I knew I had to try.

After searching for several hours at the beach, I _ an elderly man with metal detector (探测器) in his hand. I raced up to him and asked _ he had come across a necklace. He opened his hand and showed me his _ --some coins. He said if the saw my necklace he would _ return it to me. I also wanted him to have enough _ to mail it so I gave him a $5 bill and told him my name and my address. Then I left.

My husband _ me that he would buy me a new one. But I turned down his nice _ , as that necklace couldn’t be  _ . It was my dad who had found a special way to give me that _ necklace. There had been a yard sale in my community. Among the things that were put on _ he found the necklace. Unable to _ it, my dad offered to build a bookshelf for the owner as a(n) _ .

Unexpectedly, three days later, I _ a package. Inside were a $5 bill and my owl necklace. The moment I saw the necklace, I couldn’t help crying.





































































































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书面表达 本大题共25分。

52.假定你是高三学生李华, 想给你的美国朋友Tom发邮件,交流你所参加的新年期间庆祝活动以及对于2017年的打算。邮件应该包括以下内容:





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语法填空 本大题共10小题,每小题1.5分,共15分。把答案填写在题中横线上。

Many people travel during the holiday season but do not make sure that their houses and homes _ (protect). Crimes go up _ (rapid) during the winter and summer holiday seasons. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you go on holiday.

Always give _ (strange) the feeling that you are at home. Have the snow _ (clean) off your stairs or out of your driveway during the winter season. You might ask someone to park _car in your driveway.

Tell your newspaper deliverer that you are not at home._ (have) a pile of newspapers and other mail on your doorsteps tells people that you are not at home, so you could also have a neighbor _a relative get your mail every day.

Fix a timer(定时器) in some of your rooms _turns lights on and _during different time of the day. Some TVs also come with a timer that you could set to be turned on during certain time. Have motion(运动)sensitive lights outside your house that keep thieves away _you are not at home.

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