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简答题(综合题) 本大题共104分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。


Growing roses is quite a difficult task without knowing the right way. If you are attracted by the beauty of roses and need some tips for growing them, read on for some tips about taking care of rose plants.

● You have to buy a good plant, preferably around two years old.

● While most rose plants can tolerate around six hours of sunlight every day, some varieties need eight hours of sunlight exposure. The shade-loving roses need only four hours of sunlight.

● You will have to soak(浸泡) the roots overnight, before planting. If you plant it in a container, then the watering should be done daily, whereas garden roses need water once or twice a week.

● The next point is the application of fertilizers(肥料), which is mainly needed by rose plants in containers. Most of the varieties do not need fertilizers, as they can feed on the nutrients that exist in the soil. There is no need of fertilization during November and December, and the frequency of fertilization can be reduced during the summers, especially after April. It can be restarted in September and has to be increased during the growing periods.

● Cutting the stems promotes the growth of the plant and also aids flowering. It should be done regularly to remove dead or diseased leaves and stems.

Rose plants can be successfully grown by beginners too! With some care and consideration, all your efforts would definitely be worth it once you smell the fragrance of beautiful roses.


21. You can put shade-loving roses in the sun as long as ______.

A2 hours

B4 hours

C6 hours

D8 hours

22. You should stop fertilizing rose plants in _______.





23. To grow a rose in a garden, you should _______.

Aprevent cutting the stems

Bwater the plant every day

Cavoid removing the diseased leaves

Dmake the roots soaked for a night before planting

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“Now stretch(伸展) over your right leg!” my dance teacher yells over the music. “If it doesn't hurt, you're not trying hard enough. Hold that stretch for 30 seconds!" My dance teacher works hard to form us into the dancers we desire to be. In order for this to occur, we stretch hard a lot!

Dancing is a real passion of many people, including me. I work hard to make myself better, and prove that I am good enough. Performing a dance routine is more than just a performance. Dancers tell stories when they dance. It is a way for us to express our personal feelings. Just letting go and letting your body move with the music can create your emotions. Dance tells us things that our mind secretly hides.

“Get up and do it again! You need to keep your spirits up!” Even though I am completely worn out after my dances, I love to hear those words. It gives me a sense of relief knowing that I can again express my feelings out on the floor.

“Practice makes perfect! Come on. We have a competition this weekend, and we need to work harder!” Competitions are the best possible example of fun. For a dancer, life cannot get better than competitions. The thrill of losing yourself onstage is a rush of energy rushing through your body! The feeling is unexplainable. As you sit there putting on your makeup, fixing your hair, and putting on your costume, the rush just gradually grows until it is ready to be released onstage.

Finally the time comes to tell your story. Standing backstage waiting for your name to be called is one of the scariest moments. You are ready to show the world what you are capable of and what you have been perfecting for a while. Once your number is called, you walk out onstage. The applause at the end tells each dancer that their story has been received, an


24. What does the author's dance teacher require her to do during the dance class?

ABuild up her confidence.

BKeep encouraged and cheerful.

CTrain her body to the fullest.

DUnderstand the music.

25. How does the author understand dancing according to the text?

AIt is a good way to release stress.

BIt takes talent, confidence and patience to dance well.

CIt is no more than a performance with our bodies.

DIt is a way to show our personal emotions.

26. As far as the author is concerned, a dance competition means____

Aan improvement in her life.

Ban opportunity to have fun.

Ca reflection of her perfect thoughts.

Da way to experience the scariest moment

27. What would be the best title for the text?

ABringing dance to life

BTraining for competitions

CDancers' special feelings

DEncouragement from my teacher

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We live in a culture that sends out very mixed messages about mistakes: We're told we learn by making them, but we work hard to avoid them. So the result is that most of us know that we are going to make mistakes, but deep down, we feel we shouldn't.

Experiments with schoolchildren who did well on a given test show that those who were praised for being smart and then offered a more challenging or less challenging task afterward usually chose the easier one. On the other hand, children praised for trying hard— rather than being smart—far more often selected the more difficult task.

If we try hard to avoid mistakes, we aren't open to getting the information we need in order to do better. In a writing study, experiments showed that those who are so scared to make mistakes perform worse in writing tasks than those who aren't as worried about being perfect. They fear receiving any kind of negative feedback, so they don't learn where they went wrong and how to get better.

We don't just learn more when we're open to mistakes, we learn deeper. Research tells us that if we're only concerned about getting the right answer, we don't always learn the underlying concepts that help us truly understand whatever we're trying to figure out. Mistakes need to be seen not as a failure to learn, but as a guide to what still needs to be learned. As Thomas Edison said, “I am not discouraged, because every abandoned wrong attempt is another step forward."

Furthermore, we often make mistakes because we try new things—we wander away from accepted paths. Teflon, penicillin—these are examples of great discoveries made by mistake. Take a page from Albert Einstein, who said, "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. "


28. What will happen to students praised for being smart in face of choosing tasks compared to students praised for working hard?

AHe will ask his teachers for advice.

BHe will hide his mistakes from his teachers.

CHe will work harder to avoid mistakes.

DHe will choose a less challenging task.

29. Which of the following statements is NOT acceptable according to the passage?

AThe more mistakes we make, the more we learn.

BMistakes can be used as a positive factor for success.

CBeing open to mistakes help you understand the truth.

DA step forward may come from mistakes you've made.

30. What does the last paragraph want to tell us?

AOne must follow a correct path to avoid mistakes.

BTo become an Einstein, you should make mistakes.

CMaking mistakes is not a disadvantage in a way.

DYou can't make mistakes unless you try new things.

31. What's the main idea of the passage?

AWe can never avoid making mistakes when we work.

BSuccess can't be achieved without making mistakes.

CTry every means to avoid mistakes in our daily life.

DMistakes should be treated with a correct attitude.

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In summer, millions of people will head for the beach.And while the ocean can be a great place to swim and play, it may also be useful in another way. Some scientists think that waves could help make electricity.
“Have you ever been on a surfboard or boat and felt yourself being lifted up by a wave? Or have you jumped in the water and felt the energy as waves crashed over you?” asked Jamie Taylor of the Wave Energy Group at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.“There is certainly a lot of energy in waves.”
Scientists are working on using that energy to make electricity.Most waves are created when winds blow across the ocean.“The winds start out by making little ripples (波纹) in the water, but if they keep on blowing , those ripples get bigger and bigger and turn into waves, ” Taylor said.“Waves are one of nature’s ways of picking up energy and then sending it off on a journey.”
When waves come towards the shore, people can set up dams or other barricades to block the water and send it through a large wheel called a turbine (涡轮) .The turbine can then power an electrical generator (发电机) .
The United States and a few other countries have started doing research on wave energy , and it is already being used in Scotland.
The resource is huge.We will never run out of wave power, besides, wave energy does not create the same pollution as other energy sources, such as oil and coal.
Oceans cover three quarters of the earth’s surface.That would make wave power seem perfect for creating energy around the world.There are some drawbacks, however.
Jamie Taylor said that wave power still cost too much money.He said that its effects on animals in the sea were still unknown.Plus, wave power would get in the way of fishing and boat traffic.
With more research, however, “many of these problems might be overcome,” Taylor said.“Demand for energy to power our TVs and computers, drive our cars, and heat and cool our homes is growing quickly throughout the world.Finding more energy sources is very important, for traditional sources of energy like oil and gas may run out some day.”
In the future, when you turn on a light switch, an ocean wave could be providing the electricity!

32.Which of the following is NOT true? 
A.Wave power costs too much money.
B.Wave energy creates the same amount of pollution as other energy sources.
C.Wave power affects fishing and boat traffic.
D.Wave power may affect marine animals.


33.We can infer from the passage that ______.
A.finding new energy sources like wave energy is important
B.wave energy is a resource that will never run out and is used all over the world
C.wave power is perfect for creating energy around the world
D.wave power doesn’t create any pollution

34.The underlined word “drawbacks” in the seventh paragraph probably means______.





35.What can be the best title for the passage?

AHow to Get Electricity by Waves.

BA Huge Resource of Energy.

CCan Waves Make Electricity?

DThe Disadvantages of Wave Energy.

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  36 bd_blank We achieve it activelyby direct experience, by testing and proving an idea, or by reasoning. Weachieve knowledge passively by being told by someone else. Most of the learningthat takes place in the classroom and the kind that happens when we watch TV orread newspapers or magazines is passive. Conditioned as we are to passivelearning, it’s not surprising that we depend on it in our everydaycommunication with friends and co-workers.    37 bd_blank    It makes us tend to accept what we aretold even when it is little more than hearsay and rumor.

    Did you ever play the game Rumor? It beginswhen one person writes down a message but doesn’t show it to anyone. Then theperson whispers it, word for word, to another person. That person, in turn,whispers it to still another, and so on, through all the people playing thegame. The last person writes down the message word for word as he or she hearsit. Then the two written statements are compared.    38 bd_blank   

       39 bd_blank     The simple fact that people repeat a story intheir own words changes the story. Then, too, most people listen imperfectly.And many enjoy adding their own creative touch to a story, trying to improve onit, stamping it with their own personal style. Yet those who hear it think theyknow.

      40 bd_blank     A statement of opinion by one writer may berestated as a fact by another, who may in turn be quoted by yet another; andthis process may continue, unless it occurs to someone to question the facts onwhich the original writer based his opinion or to challenge the interpretationhe placed upon those facts.

A. Typically, theoriginal message has changed.

B. Finally everybodygets the meaning.

C. Unfortunately,passive learning has a serious problem.

D. Knowledge is passeddown from generation to generation.

E. That’s what happensin daily life.

F. This process is alsofound among scholars and authors.

G. We can achieveknowledge either actively or passively.






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第二节 语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,满分15分)


Once a group of 50 people was attending a seminar. Halfway     61bd_blank    his talk, the speaker stopped and decided    62 bd_blank   (create) a group activity. He went around the hall and gave each person a balloon. Each one was asked to write his or her name on the balloon    63 bd_blank   (use) a marker pen. Then all the balloons     64 bd_blank   (collect) and put in another room.

The speaker then led the group to the room full of balloons and asked them to find the balloon that had their name     65 bd_blank    (write) on within five minutes.  Everyone was    66 _ (hurry) searching for their name, bumping into each other, pushing each other around. It was chaos. At the end of the five minutes no one could find their own balloon.

Now each person was asked to randomly collect    67 bd_blank    balloon and give it to the person whose name was on it. Within two minutes everyone had their own balloon. When everyone quieted down, the speaker began to talk, saying that this is exactly    68 bd_blank   was happening in our lives.

We may like to think of    69 bd_blank   (us) more important than others, but our happiness sometimes lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness  70 bd_blank    you will get your own happiness.












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第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

第一节  完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


Value Now No Longer Missed

John, a famous musician, took his priceless antique zither(齐特琴)and played it in the crowded subway station. The music emanating from the zither was delicately streaming 41 _ the whole station. However, during the one-hour play, only six or seven people were truly  42 _ the charming music. John only got 52 dollars for his work that day.

However, in normal days, when John is about to hold a  43 _ , one ticket can be sold at more than 100 dollars and it is extremely  44 _ to buy a ticket even at such a high price. Therefore, later, many passers-by in the station that day felt deeply  45 _ for not recognizing the famous musician and missing such a valuable but  46 _ music feast.

I have a very  47 _ friend who had totally changed after knowing that his wife  48 _ an acute illness. He cooked by himself for the family and took a walk with his wife every day. Nonetheless, his wife still did not manage to  49 _ the illness and passed away after three months. After that, he often sighed  50 _ that due to his past busy life, he had missed a lot of beautiful time with his wife. But now, it is 51 _ to make up for it.

It is no use crying over spilt milk. We have  52 _ a lot of precious things in our life without knowing how to  53 _ them. Actually, I also missed something  54 _ before. The reason is simple: we had thought that we could still own them tomorrow.

Nevertheless, tomorrow is actually  55 _ reliable. There was a famous Buddhist monk saying that in many people’s lives, they have only done two things: waiting and  56 _ . The result is that they were always too late to cherish  57 _ they had before they lost it. We would often claim to do something when we  58 _ , or when we have money or when we become old, etc. However, when we reach the  59 _ , we could no longer realize our  60 _ , because we have lost it by then.






































Aput up with

Bcame down with

Ccame up with

Dend up with
































Ato some degree

Bon the way

Cat all times

Dby no means












Aget up

Bset up

Cgrow up

Dmake up











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第一节:短文改错 (共10小题每小题1分,满分10分)





注意:(1)每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;                                        (2)只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Yesterday our club held an English speech contest, which theme was “Challenge Myself”. A large number of students attended to the contest and showed their wonderful performances. In the stage, though face great pressure, the speakers bravely overcame it and challenged them to achieve great success. Moreover, they impressed us deep with their unusual confidences and performances.

Through such activity, we know a lot more about our students but we have gained much, such as self-confidence and bravery. Besides, our club was growing stronger.


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书面表达 本大题共25分。

第二节 书面表达(25分)

请你写一篇文章,介绍我校为学生创立的校刊 “Xinghai Stones”,并谈谈自己的感想。内容包括:


(2)校刊优势:专业的心理指导 。

(3)校刊内容:专业的建议,学生的心声, 你的感想。

注意:(1)字数100 左右。(2)开头已给,不计入总数。

Our school has set up a school magazine called “Xinghai Stones” for us students.

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