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单选题 本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分。在每小题给出的4个选项中,有且只有一项是符合题目要求。

22. __________not for the support of the teachers,the student could not overcome her difficulty.

AIt  were

BWere  it

CIt was

DWas  it

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24.The publication of Great Expectations,which_________both widely reviewed and highly praised,strengthened Dickens,status as a leading novelist.





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25.Working with the medical team in Africa has_________the best in her as a doctor.

Aheld out

Bbrought out

Cpicked out

Dgiven out

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26.We choose this hotel because the price for a night here is down to $20,half of_________it used to charge.





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29.Only five years after Steve Jobs’ death ,smart –phones defeated _________PCs in sales.





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30.A quick review of successes and failures at the end of year will help _________your year ahead.





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21.Many Chinese brands, __________their reputations over centuries,are facing new challenges from the modern market.

Ahaving developed

Bbeing developed



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23.Located_________the Belt meets the Road, Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction.





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27.He hurried home,never once looking back to see if he_________.

Awas being followed

Bwas following

Chad been followed


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28.In 1963 the UN set up the World Food Programme,one of_____purposes is to relieve worldwide starvation.





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32.Determining where we are _________our surroundings remains an essential skill for our survival.

Ain contrast to

Bin defense of

Cin face of

Din relation to

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33.——What does the stuff on your T-shirt mean ?

——it’s nothing .Just something _________.

Aas clear as day

Boff the top of my head

Cunder my nose

Dbeyond my wildest dreams

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35. ——Going to watch the Women’s Volleyball Match on Wednesday?

——!Will you go with me ?

AYou there

BYou bet

CYou got me

DYou know better

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31.He’s been informed that he _________for the scholarship because of his academic background.

Ahasn’t qualified

Bhadn’t qualified

Cdoesn’t qualify

Dwasn’t qualifying

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34.The disappearance of dinosaurs is not necessarily caused by astronomical incidents .But _________explanations

are hard to find .





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简答题(综合题) 本大题共60分。简答应写出文字说明、证明过程或演算步骤。



Fora long time Gabriel didn’t want to be involved in music at all. In his firstyears of high school,Gabriel would look pityingly at music students,    36  acrossthe campus with their heavy instrument cases.   37   atschool for practice hours   38   anyone else had to be there.He swore tohimself to 39 music,as he hated getting to school extra early.

__40___,one day,in the music class thatwas __41_of his school’s standard curriculurn,he was playing idly (随意地)on the piano and found it____42___to pick out tunes.With a sinking feeling,he realized that he actually__43__doing it.He tried to hide his __44__pleasure from the music teather,whohad __45__over to listen.He might not have this particularly well,__46__theteacher told Gabriel that he had a good___47__and suggested that Gabriel gointo the music store-room ti see if any of the instruments there__48__him.There he decided to give the cello(大提琴)a __49__.When he began practicing,hetook it very __50__.But he quickly found that he loved playing thisinstrument,and was __51__to practicing it so that within a couple of months hewas playing reasonably well.

  This __52__,ofcourse,that he arrived at school early in the morning,__53__his heavyinstrument case across the campus to the __54__looks of the non-musicians hehad left__55__.

(36)A.travelling         B.marching         C.pacing        D.struggling

(37) A.rising up        B.coming up        C.driving up     D.turning up

(38) A.before          B.after             C.until         D.since

(39) A.betray          B.accept            C.avoid         D.appreciate

(40) A.Therefore       B.However          C.Thus         D.Moreover

(41) A.part            B.nature            C.basis         D.spirit

(42) A.complicate      B.safe              C.confusing      D.easy

(43) A.missed         B.disliked           C.enjoyed       D.denied

(44)A.transparent      B.obvious            C.false         D.similar

(45) A.run            B.jogged             C.jumped       D.wandered

(46) A.because        B.but                C.though       D.so

(47)A.ear            B.taste           C.heart        D.voice

(48) A.occurred       B.took to         C.appealed     D.held to

(49) A.change        B.chance         C.mission      D.function

(50) A.seriously              B.proudly             C.casually          D.natrually

(51) A.committed            B.used                  C.limited            D.admitted

(52) A.proved                 B.showed             C.stressed          D.meant

(53) A.pushing                B.dragging                 C.lifting             D.rushing

(54) A.admiring              B.pitying              C.annoying        D.teasing

(55) A.over                     B.aside                       C.behind            D.out

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——The Unbelievable Yearsthat Defined History


     In 105AD paper was invented in China?

 WhenColumbus discovered the New World?

 TheBritish Museum opened in 1759?

CHRONOLOGICA is a fascinating journeythrough time,from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the internet.Alongthe way are tales of kings and queens,hot air balloons…and monkeys in space.

Travel through 100 of the most unbelievable years inworld history and ledrn why being a Roman Emperor wasn’t always as good as itsounds,how the Hundred Years’ War didn’t actually last for 100 years and whySpencer Perceval holds a rather unfortunate record.

CHRONOLOGICA is an informative andentertaining tour into history,beautifully illustrated and full of unbelievablefacts.While CHRONOLOGICA tells the stories of famous people in history such asThomas Edison and Alexander the Great,this book also gives ab account of thelives of lesser-known individuals including the exploeer Mungo Park andsculptor Gutzon Borglum.

This complete but brief historicalcollection is certain to entertain readers young and old,and guaranteed topresent even the biggest history lover with somgthing new!



(56)What is CHRONOLOGICA according to the next?A.A biography.   B.A travel guide.C.A history book.    D.A science fiction. 

(57)How does the writer recommend CHRONOLOGICA to readers?A.By giving details of its collection.B.By introducing some of its contents. C.By telling stories at the beginning. D.By comparing it with other books.

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Beforebirth,babies can tell the difference between loud sounds and voices.They caneven distinguish their mother’s voice from that of a female stranger.But whenit comes to embryonic learning(胎教),birds could rule the roost.As recently reported in TheAuk:Ornithological Adrances,some mother birds may teach their young to singeven before they hatch(孵化)。New-born chicks can then imitate their mom’s call within a few days ofenering the world.

  This educational method was first observed in2012 by Sonia Kieindorfer,a biologist at Flinders University in SouthAustralia,and her collcagues.Femake Australian superb fairy wrens were found torepeat one sound over and over again while hatching their errs,When the errswere hatched,the baby birds made the similar chirp to their mothers—asound thatserved as their regular “feed me!”call.

Tofind out if the special quality was more widespread in birds,the researcherssought the red-backed fairy wren,another species of Australian songbird.Firstthey collected sound datd from 67 nests in four sites in Queenslang before andafter hatching,Then they identified begging calls by analyzing the order and numberof notes.A computer analysis blindly compared calls produced by mothers andchicks,ranking them by similarity.

  It turns out that baby red-backed fairy wrensalso emerge chirping like their moms. And the more frequently mothers hadcalled to their errs,the more similar were the babies’ begging calls. Inaddition,the team set up a separate experiment that suggested that the babybirds that most closely imitated their mom’s voice were rewarded with the mostfood.

Thisobservation hints that effective embryonic learning could signal neurological(神经系统的)strengths of children toparents.An evolutionary inference can then be drawn.”As a parent,do you investin quality children,or do you invest in children that are in need?”Kleindorferasks.”Our results suggest that they might be going for quality.”

(58)The underlined phrase in Paragraph 1 means“     ”.A.be the

worst                B.be the best C.be the as bad                 D.be just as good

(59)What are Kleindorfer’s findings basedon?A.Similarities between the calls moms and chicks.B.The observation of fairywrens across Australia. C.The data collected from Queensland’slocals.D.Controlled experiments on wrens and other birds.

(60)Embryonic learning helps mother birds to identify the baby birdswhich       .A.can receive quality signals     B.are in need of training C.fit theenvironment better            D.make theloudest call

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Old Problem,New Approaches

      While clean energy is increasingly used in our daily life,global warning willcontinue for some decades after CO2 emissions(排放)peak. So even if emissionwere to begin decrease today,we would still face the challenge of adapting to climate. Here I willstress some smarter and more creative examples of climate adaptation.

      When it comes to adaptation,it is important to understand thatclimate change is a process. We are therefore not talking about adapting to anew standard,but to a constantlyshifting set of conditions. This is why in part at least,the US National ClimateAssessment says that:”there is no ‘one-size fit all’ adaptation.” Nevertheless,there are some actionsthat offer much and carry little risk or cost.

     Aroundthe world people are adapting in surprising ways,especially in some poor countries,Floods have some moredamaging in Bangladesh in recent decades. Mohammed Rezwan saw opportunity whereothers saw only disaster. His not-for-profit organization runs 100 river boatsthat server as floating libraries,scbools,and health clinics,and are equipment withsolar panels and other communication facilities. Rezwan is creating floatingconnecticity(连体) to replace flooded roadsand highways. But he is also working at a far more fundamental level:his staff people how tomake floating gardens fish ponds prevent atarcation during the wet season.

Aroundthe world, people are adapting in surprising ways, especially in some poorcountries, Fllods have become more damaging in Bangladesh in recent decades.Mobammed Rezwan saw opportunily where others saw only disaster. Hisnot-for-profit organization runs 100 river boats that serve as floatinglibraries, schoods, and health clinics, and are equipped with solar panels andother communicating facilities. Rezwan is creating floating conmetivity(连接) to replace flooded roadsand highways. But he is also working at a far more fundamental level: his staffshow people how to make floating gardens and fish ponds to prevent starvationduring the wet season.

Elsewherein Asia even more astonishing actions are being taken. Chewang. Nophel lives ina mountaionous region in India, where he is known as the Ice Man. The loss ofglaciers(冰川) there due to globalwarming represents an enormous threat to agriculture. Without the glaciers,water will arrive in the rivers at times when it can damage crops. Norphel’sinspiration come from seeing the waste of water over winter, when it was notneeded. He directed the wasted water into shallow basins where it froze, andwas stored until the spring. His fields of ice supply perfectly timedirrigation(灌溉) water. Having creatednine such ice reserves. Nophel calculates that he has stored about 200, 000m3  of water. Climate change is acontinuing process, so Norhel’s ice reserves will not last forever. Warmingwill overtake them. But he is providing a few years during which the farmerswill, perhaps, be able to find other means of adapting.

Increasing Earth’sreflectiveness can cool the planet. In southern Spain the sudden increase ofgreenhouses (which reflect light back to space) has changed the warming trendlocally, and actually cooled the region. While Spain as a whole is heating upquickly, temperatures near the greenhouses have decreased. This example shouldact as an inspiration for all cities. By painting buildings white, cities mayslow down the warming process.

In Peni, local farmersaround a mountain with a glacier that has already fallen victim to climatechange have begun painting the entire mountain peak white in the hope that theadded reflectiveness will restore the life-giving ice. The outcome is still farfrom clear, But the World Bank has included the project on its of ‘100 ideas tosave the planet”.

More ordinary forms ofadaptation are happening everywhere. A friend of mine owns an area of land inwestern Victoria. Over five generations the land has been too wet for cropping.But during the past decade declining rainfall has allows him to plant highlyprofitable crops. Farmers in many countries are also adapting like this—eitherby growing new produce, or by growing the same things differently. This iscommon sense, But some suggestions for adapting are not. When the pollutingindustries argue that we’ve lost the battle to control carbon pollution andhave no choice but to adapt, it’s a nonsense designed to make the case forbusiness as usual.

Humanbeings will continue to adapt to the changing climate in both ordinary andastonishing ways. But the most sensible form of adaptation is surely to adaptour energy systems to emit less carbon pollution. After all, if we adapt in theway, we may avoid the need to change in so many others.

(65) The underlined partin Paragraph 2 implies        .A.adaptation is an ever-changing processB. the cost of adaptation varies withtimeC. global warming affects adaptation formsD. adaptation to climate changeis challenging

(66) What is special withregard to Rezwan’s project?A. The project receives government support.B.Different organizations work with each other.C. His organization makes the bestof a bad situation.D. The project connects flooded roads and highways.

(67) What did the Ice Mando to reduce the effect of global warming?A. Storing ice for future use.B.Protecting the glaciers from melting.C. Changing the irrigation time.D.Postponing the melting of the glaciers.

(68) What do we learn fromthe Peru example?A. White paint is usually safe for buildings.B. The global warmingtread cannot be stopped.C. This country is heating up too quickly.D. Sunlightreflection may relieve global warming.

(69) According to theauthor, polluting industries should       .A. adapt to carbon pollutionB. planthighly profitable cropsC. leave carbon emission aloneD. fight against carbonpollution

(70) What’s the author’spreferred solution to global warming?A. setting up a new standard.B. Readucingcarbon emission.C. Adapting to climate change.D. Monitoring pollutingindustries.

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Anew commodity brings about a highly profitable,fast-growing industry,urgingantitrust(反垄断)regulators to step in tocheck those who control its flow. A century ago ,the resource in question wasoil. Now similar concerns ares being raised by the giants(巨头)that deal in data, the oilof the digital age. The most valuable firms are Google,Amazon, Facebook andMicrosoft. All look unstoppable.

Such situations have ledto calls for the tech giants to be broken up. But size alone is not a crime,Thegiants' success has benefited consumers. Few want to live without searchengines or a quick delivery, Far from charging consumers high prices, many ofthese services are free (users pay, in effect, by handing over yet more data).And the appearance of new-born giants suggests that newcomers can make waves,too.

     But there is cause for concern. The internethas made data abundant, all-present and far more valuable, changing the natureof data and competition. Google initially used the data collected from users totarget advertising better. But recently it has discovered that data can beturned into new services: translation and visual recognition, to be sold toother companies. Internet companies’ control of data gives them enormous power.So they have a “God’s eye view” of activities in their own markets and beyond.

This nature of data makesthe antitrust measures of the past less useful. Breaking up firms like Googleinto five small ones would not stop remaking themselves: in time, one of themwould become great again. A rethink is required—and as a new approach starts tobecome apparent, two ideas stand out.

The first is thatantitrust authorities need to move form the industrial age into the 21stcentury. When considering a merger(兼并),for example, they havetraditionally used size to determine when to step in. They now need to takeinto account the extent of firms'data assets(资产) when assessing the impact of deals.The purchase price could also be a signal that an established company is buyinga new-borm threat. When this takes place, especially when a new-born companyhas no revenue to speak of, the regulators should raise red flags.

      The second principle is to loosen the control that providers of on-line services have over data and give more to those who supply them.Companies could be forced to consumers what information they hold and how many money they make form it.Govemments could order the sharing of certain kinds of data,with users' consent.

Restarting antitrust for the information age will not be easy But if govemments don't wants a data oconomy by a few giants,they must act soon. 

(61)Why is there a call to break up giants?A. Theyhave controlled the data marketB. They collect enormous private dataC. They nolonger provide free servicesD. They dismissed some new-born giants

(62)What does the technological innovation inParagraph 3 indicate?A. Data giants’ technology is very expensiveB. Google’sidea is popular among data firmsC. Data can strengthen giants’ controllingpositionD. Data can be turned into new services or products

(63)By paying attention to firms’ data assets,antitrust regulators could        .A. kill a new threatB. avoid the sizetrapC. favour bigger firmsD. charge higher prices

(64)What is the purpose of loosening the giants’control of data?A. Big companies could relieve data security pressure.B.Governments could relieve their financial pressure.C. Consumers could betterprotect their privacy.D. Small companies could get more opportunities.

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Population Change

Why is the world’s population growing?The answer is not what you might think.The reason for the explosion is not that people have been reproducing like rabbits,but that people have stopped dropping dead like flies.In 1900,people died at the average age of 30.By 2000 the average age was 65.But while increasing health was a tupical feature of the 20th century,declining birth rate could be a defining one of the 21st.

Statistics show that the average number of births per woman has fallen from 4.9 in the early 1960s to 2.5 owadays.Furthermore,around 50% of the world’s population live in regions where the figure is now below the replacement level(i.e.2.1 births per woman)and almost all developed nations are experiencing sub-repalanement birth rate.You might think that developing nations would make up the loss(especially since80% of the world’s people now live in such nations),but you’d be wrong,Declining birth rate is a major problem in many developing regions too,which might cause catastrophic global shortages of work force within a few decades.

Agreat decline in young work force is likely to occur in China,for instance.Whatdoes it imply?First,China needs to undergo rapid economic development before apopulation decline hits the country.Sencond,if other factors such as technologyremain constant,economic growth and material expectations will fall well belowrecent standards and this could invite trouble.

Russiais another country with population problems that could break its economicpromise.Since 1992 the number of people dying has been biggen than that ofthose being born by a massive 50%,Indeed official figures suggest the countryhas shrunk by 5% since 1993 and people in Russia live a shorter life now thanthose in 1961.Why is this occurring?Nobody is quite sure,but poor diet an aboveall long-time alcoholism have much to do with it.If current trends don’t bend.Russia’spopulation will be about the size of Yemen’s by the year 2050.

Inthe north of india,the population is booming due to high birth rates,but in thesouth,where most econmoic development is taking place,birth rate is fallingrapidly.In a further twist,birth rate is highest in poorly educated ruralarceas an lowest in highly educated urban areas.In total,25% of India’sworking-age population has no education.In 2030,a sixth of the country’spotential work force could be totally uneducated.

Onesolution is obviously to import foreign workers via immigration.As for theUSA,it is almost unique among developed nations in having a population that isexpected to grow by 20% from 2010-2030,Moreover,the USA has a track record ofsuccessfully accepting immigrants.As a result it’s likely to see a rise in thesize of its working-age population and to witness strong economic growth overthe longer term.

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书面表达 本大题共25分。


(81)请认真阅读下面有关我国电影票房收入(box-office income)的柱状图及相关文字,并按照要求用英语写一篇150词左右的文章。

Saturday Afternoon.In aShopping Center.

Li Jiang:Hi,Su Hua.Which movie shall we see?

Su Hua:Whatever.We’er got so many choice,Kung Fu Yoga,

Journey to the West…….Each sounds great!

Li Jiang:Yeah!And some movie stars are fantastic.

Su Hua: And the high-tech!...

Li Jiang:Perfect!Let’s get ome food first.We only have 20 minutes left.

Su Hua:No hurry.The cinema is on the same floor.

One Day in 2016.At Home.

Son:Mum,shall we go and see a film to night?

Mother:Why bother?We can stay at home and watch films online.It’s convenient with our new and faster network

Son:But it feels good in a cinema.

Mother:And the price..We have to pay 50 yuan a ticket

Son:Only 10 yuan more than last year.

Mother:But still we cannot get the money’s worth.Some films are just boring…





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